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Two Months

Request: friend zoning shawn to the point where he is begging to get out #request but rly u were too scared to let shawn in

a/n: HI!! i’ve been working on this one for quite a while and it’s finally done!! yay!!! thanks for being so patient with me everytime i pushed the upload date back lol but anyway, i hope you enjoy!! random side note - my family and i ate 5 pounds of potatoes at dinner tonight lol 

okay now enjoy reading and tell me what you think when you’re done!!

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- 8 months ago –

          Most people would think that sitting in a back room would be the most unentertaining thing in the world.  But when this back room happens to be filled with three of your closest, and backstage at the LA Staples center, a back room sounds more entertaining than any other room.

           “How long did he say the meet and greet lasted?”  Brian piped up as he threw a red skittle up into the air.  The skittle bounced off his nose and landed on the ground.

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Y’all ever think about how much more comfortable Pyro has become on his channel within the past year? Yeah, me too.

anonymous asked:

i have a pynch prompt!!!! the first time they act all coupley in front of the gangsey and everyone’s reactions :)

Okay this is a short one because I have to go to work in an hour, but I hope you like it anyways :) ♥ 

prompt me, guys! it’s the weekend! 

Ronan and Adam aren’t the kind of couple who hold hands or are into PDA. The most they do is call each other nicknames which are borderline insults. They even still call each other by their last names more often than not, a fact that makes Gansey shake his heads and roll his eyes. 

“Everyone calls you by your last name as well.”, Blue will say, and Gansey will huff and reply that that’s an entirely different matter.

Ronan and Adam aren’t the most cutesy and lovey-dovey couple. So, when the following happens, Gansey, Blue and Henry freeze in their spots. 

It’s a morning at Monmouth, after a movie/party/drinking night, and everyone is a little rumpled. Adam, back home from college for the weekend, sits on the couch, feet curled under, thousand yard stare in his eyes and mug of coffee in his hands. Blue is curled into a ball on the other end of the couch, Henry is lounging in Gansey’s bed still, legs sticking out from under the covers (for some reason he only wears one sock), Gansey is in the kitchen-bathroom, retrieving his third cup of coffee in hopes that it will help with his hangover while Ronan is in his old room, apparently changing into a fresh set of clothes because he spilled beer on his muscle shirt last night. 

When he comes out, he slams the door just a little bit, very atypical for Ronan “slams everything” Lynch. Even his headache must be bad enough. Which is no miracle since he may have drunken a whole bottle of schnaps by himself last night.

“Morning.”, Gansey greets from the doorway of the kitchen, trying his best to smile at Ronan. His temple stings when he does. 

Ronan just grunts, walks over to the couch, and then throws himself at Adam. Adam does not seem surprised at all about this, uncurling his legs, opening his arms so Ronan can snuggle against him. 

There’s a long moment of silence in which Henry, Blue and Gansey just stare, eyes wide in surprise. 

Then Blue murmurs: “Holy shit.”, Gansey’s smile makes a reappearance, this time more beaming (stinging pain be damned- this sight is worth it) and Henry just whispers “Be still, my beating heart.” 

“Fuck the shut up.”, Ronan growls. Adam snorts. 

“That was intentional.”, Ronan grumbles, even though it clearly was not. 

Gansey exchanges a long glance with Blue, and then with Henry, before he beams at Adam who meets his eyes and gives him the smallest lopsided grin. 

Gansey sighs into his coffee, still smiling. The morning is a little better now. 

magical, truly

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

summary: You find solace in the huge library in Avengers HQ and it’s always just you there, which is partly why you love it so much. One day, you find Bucky in the library, and you quickly decide the library’s much nicer with him in it. 

word count: 900ish

warnings: just fluff boyz

a/n: this is a little something for my love Anika’s birthday! I hope your day was as amazing as you are @avengerofyourheart

Originally posted by seabasschino

You walked into the library, fully expecting it to be empty like it always is. You weren’t prepared for the sight of  Bucky Barnes, sitting on the hardwood floor, surrounded by books. Tony would’ve seriously lost it at the sight. Good thing he rarely came down here.

You observed the soldier for a little while, taking advantage of the fact that he hadn’t yet noticed your presence. He’d only been with the team for two months, so you hadn’t had too many encounters with him. Not enough to know more than the basics about him. You knew enough, though, to know that him being this relaxed and unguarded, enough to not have sensed your presence, was a rare occurrence.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I never pegged you for a reader.“ 

The way his head snapped up towards you further solidified the fact that he’d just been in his own little world. You felt kind of bad for disturbing him but you didn’t want him to think you were creepily spying on him or something when he inevitably noticed you standing there and watching him.  He chuckled and seemed to relax a little when he realized it was you. That was a relief. 

 "Well, I’ve always been more of a poetry guy.”

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