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Aerith Gainsborough & Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

I was just browsing my dashboard when I saw a gifset of Luna’s death in FFXV. It wasn’t the first ever gifset I saw of Luna’s farewell to Noctis, but somehow it was at that moment when I saw Aerith’s burial scene overlapping with it. And from there, I got to thinking of everything Aerith and Luna had in common.

1. Luna as the Oracle, Aerith as the last Cetra.

The Oracle can commune with The Six, gods of the FFXV Universe; the Cetra can hear the voice of the Planet, are connected to the afterlife, the Promised Land, and are also believed to be able to lead the souls of the dead there. Both are somehow spiritual/faith/priestess roles in a sense.

2. Luna and Aerith were both heal others.

Both were given the ability to heal those afflicted with a plague. Luna’s powers as the Oracle enabled her to heal people with the Starscourge. Aerith, in turn, was able to heal those who have been afflicted with Geostigma.

3. Both have staves as their weapons.

Luna with her Trident, Aerith with her magical staff.

4. Despite the danger of losing their lives, Luna and Aerith gave their all in order to support their beloved, Noctis and Cloud - it was their greatest sacrifice.

Luna sought out the astrals in order to convince them to help Noctis with his mission, and Aerith prayed in the Temple of the Ancients for Holy, bolstered by her resolve to keep Cloud and everyone on the Planet safe from Meteor, even though she knew her interference would cost her dearly.

5. They both die by the blades of the enemy before their loved one’s very eyes.

Noctis witnessed Luna getting stabbed by Ardyn. Aerith as was run through by Sephiroth’s sword before Cloud’s very eyes.

6. Flowers and water became an icon of their deaths.

Luna’s farewell scene began in a field of flowers where she was able to converse with Noctis one final time, seemingly before Luna’s spirit went into the afterlife. Aerith, the flower girl, was able to interact with Cloud as they stood in a field of flowers, the credits sequence with the song “Calling” for AC also had Aerith standing in a field of flowers, as if she was waiting for someone. Additionally, whenever the Promised Land was mentioned, a field of flowers is sure to follow, referencing Aerith yet again.

While Luna’s farewell with Noctis started in a flower field, the scene ends underwater, showing Luna falling deeper into the depths after she passed the ring to Noctis. Similarly, Aerith’s burial had Cloud laying her to rest in the lake of the Forgotten City. Her body was also shown to be submerging deeper into the lake.

Bonus: Both women had kept their hair in a braided style, though Luna’s was an updo while Aerith let it down. Their death scenes showed their hair free and unbound underwater.

7. Even in the afterlife, both women were still able to have an influence, especially if it served to help their beloved.

Luna’s spirit was able to help Noctis during the final confrontation with Ardyn. Aerith’s abilities as a Cetra enabled her to guide Tifa inside Cloud’s conscious to help validate his memories and get him to recover his real self in order to go on.

The hand that reached out to Cloud from the Lifestream near the end of the game was also implied to be Aerith’s.

I may have left something else out, but these are the most obvious ones to me.

hewwo!! good morning everyone!!

i managed to sleep like 6 hours after last night’s ep, so that’s not too bad considering how long it took me to fall asleep. i’m gonna download the episode today so i might make a few gifsets and edits, although i can’t promise anything because i’m still really shaken about it.

also i know everyone is focused on hugh right now, but i think some attention shouls be given to lorca as well because that scene wirh him at the end was genuinely disgusting. i’m not lorca’s biggest fan, but honestly all i want is for the guy to retire from starfleet and go live on a farm somewhere nice and quite and see a psychiatrist like 2x a week and maybe raise some alien poneys or take up painting or some shit. lorca has been through enough, goddamn, and seeinf him be so violently tortured along those other people had me feeling physically sick. it was way too much.

also i don’t wanna discuss the ash scenes. i just. nope. not today.


Jemma, Daisy, and Mace in 4x09: Broken Promises