last gifset of this scene i promise


I can’t stop gifing this scene. The look on his face when he’s thinking “I need to tell her now. She needs to know. This might be the last chance I have to tell her. She needs to know she’s loved. She needs to know that I love her.” and him just going for it, with tears in his eyes. It still takes my breath away.


Jemma, Daisy, and Mace in 4x09: Broken Promises


E. Morse A - Z [3/3]

“You’re alright actually, aren’t you? Most of the lads’ve got you down as a bit of a queer fish. Standoffish, rude.”

10x11 "There's No Place Like Home"

“He’s better. I mean, he has calmed down now.”

There were a few of these tiny moments in the episode, that made me really happy. Not only because Cas was very present in the episode even though not physically. I loved all these scenes of Sam talking to Cas on the phone. I just really really like that they are bonding and together focus all their attention on Dean to help him. Overall I am just really enamored by how Sam and Cas are growing closer through their shared worry about Dean.

hey lovelies, christmas is upon us and as it is a time for sharing, i’d love to share the people and their lovely blogs that have been a pleasure to follow this year. i’m so grateful for all of you as you have made my 2015 even better! i wish everyone reading this an amazing christmas and an exciting 2016 with unforgettable fun moments ahead.

p.s. look how cute carl and judith are in the gifset, imagine a scene with them playing in the snow, i might just cry. also apologies if i’ve missed anyone, i am completely awful with thinking from the top of my head.

special shoutout to @greenegifs: sophia, just after christmas last year, we first started talking and you have been a major part of my 2015 and i’m so lucky to have an amazing friend like you who shares so many of the same interests, humour, etc as i do. i’m also so happy that we were also able to meet in the summer, that was honestly one of the highlights of 2015, i promise to make 2016 a year where i learn some navigation skills haha. thank you so much for being an awesome friend and always being way too kid to me. wishing you all the best for 2016 and here’s to another year of friendship!

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