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Hidden Figures (2016) dir. Theodore Melfi


Kinda angsty baby comfort fic that just came outta nowhere…

It’s in the way he laughs just a little too loud. And how he doesn’t complain when she has grilled cheese three nights in a row. She sees it in the spotless sheen of their kitchen counter, the trash bags never hitting more than half full before they end up in the outside bin. But most of all she sees it in his eyes, in the tiny slips when he doesn’t realize she can see. When he stops trying so hard to make everything perfect and takes a quiet, calming breath.

He’s scared. He’s fighting against the hands of her fate by trying to control everything within his grasp. He’s exhausted.

Finding him in the kitchen she’s not surprised to see the meticulous placement of the plates in the dishwasher, all aligned with precision without a speck of food to be found. His back is to her at the sink, his hook hanging by his side as his hand scrubs with the sponge at something by the drain she can’t even see. Reaching around him, she presses her chest along his back and absorbs the startled tightening of his muscles at her sudden appearance. He relaxes almost immediately, but not completely.

“I’m almost finished, love.”

She presses a light kiss to the back of his neck as her hand slides down his arm and gently pries the sponge from his fingers. He grunts in protest when she tosses it on the counter, but she weaves her fingers between his and he falls quiet. She holds him like this for a minute, with one arm tight around his waist and the other cradling their joined hands against his chest and she feels a little part of her start to fall apart. She wants to cry at how unfair this is, curse whatever prophecy set her on this path. But she needs to be strong right now so he doesn’t have to be.

When he begins to turn in her arms, she lets him and soon she’s tucked up against his chest and his hand is in her hair as the day old scruff beneath his jaw tickles her forehead. Her heart breaks a little as he practically folds his body over hers, the breath he expels against her shoulder like a levee failing in an overwhelming storm. He doesn’t cry or even speak, just surrenders to the strength of her spine and the love she holds in the arms wrapping him tight. She whispers “I love you” and his fingers disappear further into her hair and his hook digs just a little too hard into the small of her back. 

When he eventually pulls back she doesn’t let him get far, chasing his lips for a quick kiss that he deepens, eventually dragging her from the kitchen and upstairs to their room. The dishwasher stays open and the trash doesn’t get taken out and for the first night in weeks Killian falls asleep first. 


episode 64 - the frigid doom | percy “thanks” scanlan for trying to “improve [his] life”


We have a good reason to smile :) our precious Hae was born today!! Happy Birthday, Lee Donghae.. We love you so so much ♡