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“You still haven’t cracked yet, Y/N. I’m impressed.” You stared up at Agent Camp, shrugging your shoulders. “You know, most people in your position would have gone crazy by now and started talking but not you. Anyway, I came here with news. Dean and Sam…they were found dead in their prison cells today and then vanished into thin air. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

You still didn’t speak, trying not to laugh in his face. “You’ll talk to me Y/N. Sooner or later.” He glared down at you one last time and shook his head, starting to walk away.

“I’m not alone, you know.” You smirked, standing up and walking around the Agent in circles. “I haven’t been alone since I got here. That’s why your little isolation plan never worked. It never will work. I’m never alone.” 

“You’re crazier than I thought.” Camp said, furrowing his eyebrows at you. “You’ll crack soon enough, Y/N. I’ll be here waiting when you do.” 



“Yeah…yeah.” Dean spoke quickly, trying to relay the information he needed to. “We just broke out. Listen, Sam and I are out but we need you to get here as soon as you can. We’re somewhere near Rocky Mountain National Park. And I wanna talk to Y/N. She’s not answering her phone. Where is she?” 

“Y/N isn’t with us.” Cas answered. “She was arrested with you.” 

“I know that.” Dean snapped. “I thought…we searched the whole place for her and she’s not here. I thought she escaped on the road or something!” 

“I haven’t heard from her since all of you were taken.” Cas explained. “Not a word. None of her covert messages. Nothing.” 

“Fuck!” Dean screamed into the phone. “What did they do to them?!” 

“Mary and I will be there soon, Dean.” Cas said. “Hang on, ok?” 

“Yeah.” Dean nodded and hung up, turning to face Sam who looked confused.

“Them?” Sam questioned. “You said what did they do to them, not her.” Dean swallowed, nodding his head. Cas already knew, of course. He sensed it right away, but you hadn’t told Sam. 

“Y/N’s pregnant.” Dean sighed, running a hand through his hair. “We hadn’t really found the right time to tell anyone yet but that’s why she’s been doing all the research lately.” 

Sam’s eyes went wide and he stepped forward, grabbing Dean in a tight hug. “We’ll find her. Them. We’ll find them.” 

“Daddy’s comin’ little one.” You ran your hand over your barely there bump, standing beside the door with the gun you’d stolen from Agent Camp’s holster, unbeknownst to him. “We just gotta get outta here so he can find us.” You clipped the security badge to your prison coveralls and started to scream, waiting for the guards to come and open the door. “We’re not stuck in here with them. They’re stuck in here with us.” 

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Imagine your water breaking while arguing with Chris.

A/N: Part 4, yo. Hehe, even the cutest of couples fight. Read the previous parts of this chapter here (‘Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3’), and the first two chapters of the whole series here ('Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’) Enjoooooy. X

You strolled to the kitchen with Dodger trailing behind you, tail wagging excitedly for his breakfast. You looked down at him and smiled, but that smile faltered when you entered the kitchen. You walked in and immediately sighed; Chris’ little get together with his friends last night left the kitchen and the living room- where Chris had spent his night- a complete mess.

You should have been used to it by now, it was always the same deal when the game was on; Chris and his buddies will drink a little too much, eat a bunch of crap, and yell at the TV until their wives/girlfriends called them home, and in Chris’ case- until he passed out on the couch. Usually you’d help with the clean up, make some coffee and breakfast to help him with his hangover, but today you weren’t having any of it.

In your defense, you were nine months pregnant and due any day now; your feet were swollen, your back was aching, and you were just- tired of being pregnant. The last thing you needed was a messy house to deal with, especially when it wasn’t your mess to clean.

“Get up,” you tossed a roll of garbage bags at Chris and he groaned, rolling from his stomach onto his back. “I don’t care how hungover you are, you’re going to get up and clean your mess up.” He opened his eyes and quickly winced at the sunlight peeking through the curtains, groaning louder than before. “I mean it, get up.” You struggled but you managed to nudge him with your foot.

“What time is it?” He mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his hands.

“Time to get up and clean,” you bit with narrowed eyes. “How can four guys can make such a huge mess?” You looked around and shook your head, annoyed and disgusted. “I mean- is it really that hard to put your beer bottles and burger wrappers in the bin as soon as you’re done with them?” You continued to lecture your husband, who had sighed and sat up. “It’s not even that far away, Chris. You guys do this almost every weekend and I’m sick of it, either tighten up or go to a bar and watch the game.”

“Sweetheart-” Chris tried to reason with you but you didn’t give him much of a chance.

“Don’t call me sweetheart until you clean up your mess,” you stormed out of the living room, leaving him and Dodger behind. “Now, Chris!” You called as you made your way up the stairs so you didn’t have to look at the chaos that was your house.

“If she kills me, buddy,” Chris whispered softly to Dodger. “Just know that I love you.” He reached out and tried to pet Dodger but got barked at instead; the pup was on your side, as he’d been since the day he met you. “Seriously?” He frowned at Dodger who padded out of the living room to join you upstairs. “You know you’re my dog, right?” He called after Dodger then sighed and grabbed the roll of garbage bags you’d thrown at him earlier. 

• • • • • • • • 

Chris made sure he made downstairs spotless before he went upstairs to you and Dodger; the two of you sat on the bed while you work on your latest script. You didn’t have to look up to see Chris standing in the doorway, trying to assess your mood before he approached. You spoke without taking your eye off your laptop, “is my kitchen a kitchen again?”

“Is my wife my wife again?” He retorted, trying to be cute but coming off more smart-assy than cute. You looked up and shot him a dirty look; he pressed his lips together and winced. “Sorry,” he mumbled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

“I don’t know if you realize this, Chris, but I am pregnant.” You began, closing the lid of your laptop. “It is an incredibly exhausting thing to be, not that you’d know.” You bit and he sighed. “The worst part is- I’m not doing this for myself.” You blurted out before you could stop yourself; it wasn’t true but you were just incredibly wound up. “You’re the reason I’m having a child, the least you can do is be a little more considerate.”

“Hold up,” he frowned as he pushed himself off the doorframe. “Did you seriously just say that?” You did, and you didn’t mean it, but you were too stubborn to take it back. “I’m not the one who made the call, Y/N. I told you I wanted a child but not if you weren’t ready for it. I was fine waiting until you were, and you told me you were and now you’re suddenly 'not doing this for yourself’? Are you kidding me?”

“Ugh,” you groaned as you rose to your feet, “shut up, Chris. Aren’t you just the perfect gentleman? I’ll wait until you’re ready, Y/N,” you mocked him. “You and my mom manipulated me into being ready, I was still thinking but you kept pushing and pushing until I couldn’t take it anymore. Why else would a person like me agree to have a child?!”

“A person like you?” He chuckled and scoffed at the same time. “What is that even suppose to mean? You don’t even hate children, Y/N. I know you, a lot better than you know yourself, and being pregnant has made you happier than I’ve ever seen you before. You want this, you were just too afraid of change as per usual.”

“You know me better than I know myself?” You quizzed rhetorically. “If that is so, you wouldn’t have left the house the way you left it.” You bit and he groaned. “Oh stop groaning, you jerk. This fight is your fault, if you’d just cleaned up last night then we wouldn’t even be having this fight.”

“What’s the difference, Y/N?” He narrowed his eyes at you. “It’s not like I was going to just disappear the next morning. And I’ve already clean it all up, so why are you still yelling at me? I get it, okay? I was inconsiderate. You’re pregnant and tired and you shouldn’t have to deal with all of it. I’m sorry, I won’t leave the house like that anymore. Happy now?”

“Happy now?” You scoffed. “You call that an apology? Oh my God, you’ll be the-” You were cut off when you felt and heard a soft pop, then a gush of warm fluid rushing down your legs. “Oh no,” your hand moved to touch your belly. “No no no,” you breathed and looked up at your husband.

“What is it?” His tone softened as he took a step towards you, taking your hands in his as his eyes narrowed with deep concern. “Are you in pain?” You shook your head with your lips slightly parted, still unable to speak because you were in shock. “Hey, talk to me.”

“My water just broke.”

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Not On My Watch

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Title: Not On My Watch

Characters: DiNozzo, McGee, Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 901

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @jez-zolnierz: being a probie, DiNozzo always mocking you and Gibbs treats you like his own daughter and always protecting you, even from DiNozzo jokes :) 

Since you were the new “Probie” on the team, you knew there would be some slight teasing.  It was nothing you couldn’t handle, but some days it could wear you a little thin.  You had been subjected to jokes and pranks all day.  Gibbs could tell you were near your breaking point.

“Okay McGoo, one last prank,” Tony mused, rubbing his hands together.  “This one is gonna be the best.”  Tony dug into his desk drawer, pulling out a screwdriver.  The agent leapt up from his chair, walking behind your desk.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing,” McGee said, narrowing his eyes at his partner.  “I’m not sure that’s a good idea Tony.  [Y/N] has been through enough of our pranks today, don’t you think?  I think we should drop the pranks altogether.  She’s been here for almost a year now.”

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Night in the woods again :P, seems to be my thing now. Wonder what I’ll be doing anddrawing after Jack finishes the game. Watching this in the evening before going to sleep is my safe place. I love the voices, colours, dialogues, character’s and the game in general even more every episode.
Really liked the last one! It was so calming and yet still scary. This part was probably my favourite because it was just so thoughtful, that’s why I drew it obvs. Jack as Mae today cause he really identified with her last episode. We all kinda do. (Especially since she’s bi/pan. Like how awesome is that! I love this game for showing how normal being queer is. Gregg and Angus and now Mae :3)
I hope Jack gets better soon and am looking forward to the next episode!

The Moon - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: The reader is dating Luke Alvez but has recently been hooking up with Spencer Reid.

Y/N - Your Name

Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name

Warnings: slight panic attack, cheating.

Word Count: 1435

AN: Hey guys! I know I have like three requests to do and another chapter to Camo but I managed to do this in my spare time between finals. Tomorrow is the last day, so I’ll be updating much sooner than I have been!

You hadn’t planned for this to happen. Really, you hadn’t. You weren’t the type of girl to sneak around. Luke was such a sweet boyfriend to you and was honestly was everything you could ever want.

Except there was a slight problem, Spencer. The two of you had been close friends since you started working at the BAU but he never seemed interested to be more. So eventually once Luke became your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but still be curious about Spencer.

The flirting started out subtle. Accidentally brushing his leg, sending goofy barely clothed snapchats, and always adding snarky comments on to entice him.

It was fun until the two of you ended up alone in the elevator. You had no idea that he would actually act on what you had been doing, truly you believed he was too dumbfounded to notice. Those fifteen seconds proved you to be very very wrong.

As you stepped into the elevator you couldn’t help but feel awkward. You flashed a smile as the doors were closing just to be friendly but before you could say a word Spencer had backed you into the hand railing.

“Wanna explain yourself Y/N? Because to me, you’re just playing with fire.” Spencer gave you a slight smirk before leaning in just close enough that you could feel his breath on your neck.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Playing dumb wasn’t your strong suit, but fuck it.

Spencer let out a laugh and laced his hand up your arm and onto your shoulder, just light enough to give you goosebumps,“What was that?”

“K-kiss me Spence.” you mumbled under your breath.

Once his lips connected with yours, that was it.

Although it was only one kiss that day, it had started a forest fire. As much as you knew you should stop, you only wanted more.

The nights you went out with your friends had been ending at Spencer’s place. Except it wasn’t always sex that you wanted, sometimes all you wanted was to be around him.

Luke had made a habit of coming over before work with breakfast around sevenish, so sneaking in at six became the new normal. Except today you managed to slip up.

You shot up in bed once Spencer’s alarm had began to go off. 6:45 a.m. Oh fuck. You usually would set your alarm a couple hours before his went off, but you had completely forgotten your phone at home last night.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” Spencer rubbed his eyes trying to regain some strength and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I forgot I didn’t have my phone so I completely slept in and now Luke is going to be there without me. I’m screwed.”

“Baby stop, stop. It’ll be okay, just say you stayed at Y/F/N’s house. He won’t know the difference.”

You nodded thinking that could possibly work as you were putting on your clothes that were scattered on the floor.

As you were getting ready to leave you stopped and sighed, “I’m sorry I’m so complicated Spence.”

Spencer shook his head and walked towards you, “You are not complicated Y/N. The circumstances are just hard. I’m the moon, he’s your sun.”

Once you pulled into the driveway you saw Luke’s truck parked in front of your garage. You were so scared this wasn’t going to work.

As you opened the door you could feel your heart in the pit of your stomach. Luke was sitting at the kitchen table with a bag that could only be donuts when you walked in. It didn’t look like he had been there that long but you couldn’t tell.

Once you made eye contact he budged a little in the chair, “Could we talk Y/N?”

You nodded as you walked toward the seat across from him and sat down, “I’m sorry about last night. It was late so I just crashed at Y/F/N’s house.”

Luke rolled his eyes at your comments and slid your phone across the table. “Wanna go ahead and read those texts from last night?“

Spencer Reid: 1:30 a.m

“Are you coming over?”

Spencer Reid: 1:45 a.m


Spencer Reid: 1:50 a.m

“Just text me when you can so I know you’re okay..”

You couldn’t breathe. Luke knew about you and Spencer and nothing could have prepared you for this moment. You looked up at Luke and couldn’t form the words to apologize.

Once a few seconds passed you started to open your mouth when Luke shook his head as if whatever you had to say meant nothing, “Don’t Y/N.”

“Luke.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen I swear.” you choked out.

Luke laughed and stood up from the table to grab his glass of orange juice, throwing it full speed at the wall and shattering into hundreds of pieces, “How long has it been going on?”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had escaped down your cheeks. This was the first time Luke had been angry at you, which consequently made you feel like 100 degrees sitting there.

“Not gonna tell me? That’s okay. I’ll just ask your good friend Spencer.” Luke reached for your cell phone off the table.

“Stop Luke, please. Leave him out of this.” your tears had turned into heavy sobs by this point and there was no use trying to calm down. This was a nightmare.

You could barely hear Luke interrogating Spencer about the two of you over your crying. Without realizing your breathing had become hard and catching your breath felt nearly impossible while Luke was still going off.

Once Luke hung up the room was silent for a few seconds until you heard a quiet “we’re done” out of Luke’s mouth and heard him walk out.

It wasn’t five minutes that you were alone before Spencer was in your driveway.

Luke had managed to leave your front door wide open which let Spencer walk right in. Frantically he looked around the front of the house for you, “Y/N?”

A few seconds later Spencer stuck his head into the kitchen and saw you sitting at the table. You had put your head on your lap trying to catch your breath to calm down but were failing miserably.

The second Spencer saw you he ran in front of you crouching down,“Hey hey hey.. baby look at me.”

You gripped Spencer’s hand that was placed on your knee and looked up at him. Spencer quickly noticed how sweaty your palms were and diagnosed your breathing patterns.

“You’re hyperventilating, match my breaths, okay?”

You nodded and took a deep breath once he had. Five seconds inhaling, holding it for a couple, and slowly exhaling for seven. Spencer repeated this process with you until you felt your heart stop racing.

After about five minutes you were able to sit up and breath normally but Spencer was still eyeballing you unsure of your state.

As you wiped your eyes you realized your makeup from the previous night had run down your face. You must’ve looked like a clown, and let Spencer see you like this? Great.

“I’m sorry about all of this. Especially the part where I look like Bobo the clown.”

He shook his head at your comment not finding any humor in it, “You don’t need to apologize for anything but you do not look like a clown, you’ll always be so beautiful to me Y/N.”

You sniffled at that, “If that’s true, why didn’t you show any interest when I did? I wouldn’t have gotten tangled up with Luke. I just wanted you.”

“I just.. I didn’t want to mess anything up. I’m sorry I took too long realizing you were what I wanted.” Spencer looked down at your floor hoping you’d say it wasn’t too late or that you’d give him another shot.

You sighed and nodded, “So what do we do? Or, what do you want to do? About us, I mean.”

“I want you Y/N. I truly do. That is if you could give me a chance to be your only man. I can’t sneak around anymore.”

You shook your head, “Luke and I are over for good Spence. You don’t have to worry about that, but about what you said earlier about being my moon? You’ll always be both my sun and moon.”

Spencer took your hands in his and smiled, knowing this was all he’d been wanting for months. Both of your smiles radiated as he placed your lips on his.



Reader is best friends with Grayson and Ethan, and gets one fleeting day to meet them for the first time, during which time Grayson struggles with the fact that he is helplessly in love with her.

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Funnily enough, you had met Grayson online. You’d messaged him expecting no response, but for some reason, he did reply. And then he replied again, and again, and now you were best friends, who until today, had never met. He was on tour at the moment, and as much as you’d told him you were so excited for him, a part of you did feel heartbroken knowing that there was no way the twins would ever stop where you lived, nobody ever did. But after the international dates were released, your city had been sneakily added after the release of the list, and it would be the last stop.

You were first meeting them at their meet and greet, which meant that all your past months worth of wishful longing were coming true, and you were going to have to mask your bubbling joy and act semi-normal. The girl in front of you finished her turn, and Ethan and Grayson waved her off politely before spinning in sync to meet the next person, you. They had to play it off like you were any other fan, but it didn’t take a genius to see their dumb grins grow twice the size when they saw you. You zoomed forward, both twins opening their arms for you at the same time, the conflict startling you momentarily, but you went for Gray first. Grayson slinked his arms tightly around your waist, pushing you firmly into his rippled chest, your face buried into the crook of his bronzed neck. He smelt of fresh laundry and overpowering cologne, his breath tingling of mint.

“I wanted to say thank you in person,” you whispered faintly into his ear.

“What do you mean?” Grayson said through a clenched smile, swaying the hug left to right.

“I know you added this tour stop for me,” you smiled into his skin.

Sure, fans in your city had been thrilled to hear they were coming, but the fanbase itself certainly wasn’t booming almost nearly as much as at their other stops, it just seemed a little odd.

Grayson’s cheeks flushed faintly as he squeezed your waist, “I wanted to see you, so why not add another stop?”

You giggled and released him, “We-”

“Are you gonna talk to Grayson all day, should I just give up now?” Ethan said, his arms still weakly outstretched, his lips pouting.

You snorted and leaped into his arms, your legs coming snugly around his waist. 

“Sorry E,” you smiled.

Ethan’s pout faltered a little, “I’ll forgive you if you gimme a ki-”

You shut him up and dropped a kiss on his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed as you felt him smile under your lips.

“Forgiven,” Ethan did his ‘I’m hilarious’ grin, and plopped you back down, his eyes lifting and his smile wavering for a second.

You raised an eyebrow in confusion and turned to G, swearing for a second that you glimpsed…jealousy? Oh well, you shook it off quickly.

You took your picture and and got a hug goodbye, parting with an almost inaudible whisper, “See you soon.”


By the time the show was all packed up, you were passed out at home on your sofa from exhaustion. You heard a knock at your door, and blindly stumbled over to let two extremely hyped boys into your place. 

“Let’s get a pizzaaaa!” Grayson bounced up on the couch, his earring jumping up and down. 

“TWO PIZZAS,” Ethan yelled.

You rubbed your eyes and slapped yourself awake, “O-o-” you yawned wide, “Okay.”

“Are you tired? We can go if you want,” Grayson said, catching on to your sleepiness.

“NO!” you jumped, his words waking you right up, “This is the one time I get to see you two idiots!”

“Why thank you,” Ethan smiled.

You giggled and clawed at your face, “You’re gonna have to hook me up with some of your sugar high.”

“Buy an extra large coke with that pizza then,” Grayson winked.

Those pizzas,” Ethan corrected.

The rest of the night was a blur of stories, coca cola burps, and excessive singing to overplayed songs. Three hours after arriving, one sad piece of cheese pizza remained.

“Who wants?” you groaned out, your belly full of bubbles and pizza dough.

“Share with me,” Grayson smiled wide.

“Gray, I’m gonna explode.”

“Oh come on,” Ethan mumbled sleepily, “couples do it all the time.”

“Couples?” You laughed out loud.

Grayson laughed awkwardly, shoving his fist into Ethan’s belly, “You’re so funny,” he growled.

You plopped down beside Grayson, stretching your legs out onto the couch and resting your head into his ‘Post Show Comfy Sweatpants.’

Grayson looked down at you, his startled expression molding into a satisfied little smile, his brown eyes crinkling.

Grayson lowered the piece of the pizza down into your open mouth, and you quickly swallowed a piece of it, clutching at your stomach in protest.

“Sooo cute,” Ethan mocked before promptly passing out.

“He’s right, you are cute,” you giggled up at Grayson.

“Not as cute as you,” Grayson mumbled affectionately, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear and drawing a pattern across you skin with his thumb.

Well, that was new.

You blinked up at Grayson, struggling to keep your eyes open.

“Gray?” you said.


“I’m so beyond happy to have seen you today. I’m so beyond happy that you exist. I love you so much,” you breathed, your eyelids drooping.

Grayson closed his eyes, his teeth grinding together lightly, his hand coming down to rest on your cheek.

“Y/N?” he struggled.

“Yeah?” you managed.

“I love you.”

He said it weakly, barely forcing the words out his lips, and you held onto those three sweet words as you sunk down into your slumber, not realizing the intention behind them.

The next morning

You knew you were too late as soon as you awoke.

The boys were leaving first thing in the morning, and you had slept right through their departure. The only trace of them ever having come was a note.

“You drool when you sleep. Also I’ll miss you, I guess”

- Ethan

Grayson hadn’t written anything, that kind of hurt.

You grabbed your phone, quickly dialing Grayson, who didn’t pick up, so you tried Ethan instead.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” he said.

You laughed sadly, annoyed at yourself for wanting to cry.

“Hi Ethan, where are you?” you laughed softly.

“In a cab,” he said, “We didn’t want to wake you up,”

“I miss you already,” you smiled sadly, wiping away a small teardrop.

“We miss you too.”

“I don’t think Grayson does,” you mumbled bitterly.

Ethan coughed uncomfortably, taking a second to respond. “I think he misses you a lot, actually.”

You heard Grayson snap something, to which Ethan hissed, “Well maybe if you weren’t such a cowar-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Only if you cut the bullshit and tell her-”

“I don’t have to do sh-”

The line went dead.

Your mouth hung open and you dropped the phone down carelessly, sinking down onto the floor and starting to cry. Crystal droplets trickled down your cheeks as you sobbed into your knees without caring even a little bit. You couldn’t comprehend why Grayson had just turned against you with no cause.

You don’t know how long you stayed like that, but you ended up sinking into a restless silence, which was abrupted who knows when, by a quick knock at the door. You brought yourself up, confused as you dawdled over to the door. You pulled it open, your eyed red and cheeks stained.

“Y/N,” Grayson started.

You stared at him, unable to piece together a response, so you started to close the door on him.

“Please, Y/N,” he begged his large hand forcing the door open.

“I don’t feel like hearing your shitty excuse as to why you pretended to be my friend.”

Grayson swallowed, your words sinking in, and he looked beyond hurt.

He pushed the door open, and before you could say anything, he grabbed your waist roughly and pulled you straight into his warm chest. You wanted to protest, but god, it felt good in his arms.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye?” you wept into the soft fabric of his tee.

“Because saying goodbye hurts,” he whispered, his eyes moist as  he nuzzled into your hair. “It hurts so much,” his voice broke, “and it was easier to let go this way.”

“Tell me why,” you begged, ungluing yourself from his body and blinking up at him through your bleary vision.

Grayson shook his head and laughed pathetically, swiping up your tears with his thumb, “Don’t you get it? I already told you why.”

You shook your head in confusion.

“I love you, Y/N, I told myself it was nothing, that I didn’t come here just for you, but who am I kidding? I love you so damn much and I was stupid to think for even a second that by seeing you, these feelings would go away. Being with you yesterday just made me it worse, looking into your eyes and knowing that you don’t feel how I feel. You think I won’t miss you?! No..I’m going to miss you so much that I couldn’t even say goodbye. And it’s been destroying me piece by piece, because every fibre of my being just wants to hold you like this forever, and I love you so much, and it hurts, Y/N.” 

Your heart froze in your chest, and you momentarily forgot how to breathe.

“I just, needed you to know, I’m sorry,” Grayson sighed, letting you go.

“Gray-” you stuttered.

“I have a plane to catch,” he turned.

“Grayson,” you commanded, but he ignored you.

“GRAYSON,” you snapped, grabbing him by the shoulder and forcing his back into the wall.

He blinked down at you in shock.

“You think you’re the only one who gets to talk, you jackass?” you hissed.

“Well what do you have to say to me!?” Grayson said, his jew clenched in frustration, his eyes dark.


You grabbed Grayson by his jaw and forced his lips down into yours. They were soft and full, sweet like cotton candy, and right now, they were all yours. His scent consumed you, the feeling of his lips molding against yours flaring a fiery spark in your chest. Grayson’s chest heaved heavily against yours in the heat, his hands dropping to your hips and his lips responding quickly. His nails dug into your tender skin, flipping you around and pressing your back hard into the wall as he towered over you, arching his body into your chest, his lips devouring yours. You moaned softly into his lips, sending little vibrations into Grayson’s, your hands grabbing the back of his hair and tugging him into you as you urged for more. He squeezed at your hips, his tongue entering your mouth, and you followed his lead, letting yourself explore him. Your head spun, knees weak from the taste of him that you knew you would never get enough of, and it consumed you like a drug.

Grayson detached his lips from yours, his eyes closed, his heavy breath tickling your skin.

“Y/N…” he mumbled faintly, his hands moving gently to hold your wrists, which fit easily in his grip.

“I always loved you, Grayson Dolan.”

Gray opened his eyes, scanning you over carefully.

“Maybe it took me this many I love you’s to finally get it right, and maybe ‘I love you,’ means something different to me now than before, but Grayson, I-”

Grayson silenced you with his lips, pressing them to yours for a fleeting second.

“This is all I ever wanted,” he breathed, placing his nose to yours.

“You’re all I ever wanted,” you smiled softly.

Suddenly, Grayson released you, his expression saddening.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

“In a way, this is worse.”

“Hm?” you questioned.

“In a way, saying goodbye… is even worse now,” he sighed.

You stared blankly at him, the silence ringing in your ears, your answer falling easily off your lips.

“Then don’t say goodbye.”

Imagine a young Severus Snape being your potions tutor.

Severus Snape was a few years older than you and hadn’t smiled since his 5th year. You were a fellow Slytherin and had asked him to help you in potions.

“Severus, I’m going to make you smile before I die, like it’s number one on my bucket list.” You said breaking the silence.

“What?” He said without even looking up. “Who cares if I smile or not. Anyway I think we are done for today.” Severus got up to walk off but not before he looked down at where you were sitting to make sure you didn’t have any last questions.

You looked up and Severus and made the funnest face you could. Severus just rolled his eyes.

“Really? I think I’ll go now.” He turned to go and as he did James Potter walked in, Severus stopped in the doorway and watched James walk over to you.

“Hey y/n!” James said as he put his arm around you.

“Oh shut up and get your hands off me you filthy animal.” You said with a scowl.

“What did I do to you cutie?” He asked with a wink.

“You were born.” You quickly got up and followed after Severus…..who was chuckling?!?!

“Did I?! Are you?! You were laughing!!” You said quite excitedly to Severus as he noticed your presence. He took a moment to compose himself.

“Am not.” He turned to you, his face now as somber as it was before.

“You’re a liar Severus Snape! I made you chuckle! I can die a happy girl.” You said closely examining Severus’s face. The corners of his lips turned upward ever so slightly.

You had made Severus Snape laugh. You hadn’t heard a cuter noise in your life.

(Yes I like Tom Hiddleston playing a young adult Snape, sorry not sorry)

Are You Done?

Countless times I had worked with the Winchesters whenever they needed a little back-up. Countless times I was put on research duty or sent to a hospital to ask questions. Countless times I was there at the final boss battle, backing them up when needed. 

And countless times, when I would go to leave, I always expected a little something more from Dean. But I was always disappointed. There were always stolen glances, lingering touches and flirty comments, but nothing ever happened.

This time, I was sure, was going to be no different.

“As always, Y/N, thanks for your help,” Sam smiled as he embraced me in a quick hug. “I’ll meet you in the car, Dean.”

Dean nodded toward his brother, then sighed and gave me a soft smile, “You know we really appreciate it, Y/N. You saved our butts back there.”

I smiled and looked down at my feet, “Well, you know. I can’t have you boys go dying on me, now can I?”

Dean didn’t say anything, just wrapped me in his arms and kissed me lightly on my temple, sending the butterflies in my stomach in all different directions. I took in a deep breath, wondering if I should just make a move first. This was the twenty-first century for crying out loud, women were allowed to take a stand, weren’t they?

As Dean pulled away, then gave me a small wave as he walked toward his car, I tapped my foot, making a last minute decision.

“That’s it?!” I yelled, causing him to stop and turn around with a confused look on his face. I was getting so sick of this. He knew I liked him, and I knew he felt a little something for me, too. Why couldn’t he man up? As I stomped towards him, his look of confusion only grew. “After years of calling me when you all need help, I’m still there as soon as I can be. And while I’m with you, you like to torture me, Dean! You look at me like I’m tonight’s dessert, you let your hand linger on mine just a little bit longer and it fucking sucks, Dean, because you never do anything about it! And I’m getting really fucking tired of it.”

“Are you done?” He smiled and I just glared at him, then nodded slowly, folding my arms across my chest in annoyance. “Look, Y/N. I never thought you wanted anything more…at least that was the impression I got. You’re a tough, bad-ass girl that I don’t deserve and I think you can do a hell of a lot better.”

I gave him a weak smile, then shook my head and forced his head down to mine with my hands on the back of his neck, and then I did it. I gave him a kiss that said so much in such a small amount of time. And when I pulled away, I rested my forehead against his. “You think way too low of yourself, Dean Winchester.”

“And you really need to raise your standards, Y/N Y/L/N,” He smiled down at me with those beautiful green eyes, and I knew I was never going to let Dean go. “So you want to stick with us from now on? I don’t really know how this should work.”

I chuckled, “Well I packed up all of my stuff just in case. I was hoping this would be the last time I would have to say bye to you, Dean. I was hoping one of us would grow some balls today.”

“Well, that was most certainly you today, Sweetheart,” He smiled and leaned down to kiss me once more, then took my hand, “Let’s go home.”

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“Is the rain going to stop soon?”
“Well, it’s certainly become weaker since morning.”
“Hotaru-kun, do you hate rain?”
“No. I don’t hate it.”
(But he looks so dejected)
“Hotaru-kun, is something wrong today?”
“I’m waiting for it to stop.”
“It may last through the night.”
“No, I want it to stop. I want it to stop soon.”

“It stopped…”
“Ah! Look look!”
“The rainbow… it’s beautiful, Hotaru.”
“Un! Because it’s beautiful I wanted to show it to you.”
(He looks so happy)
“But it’s even more beautiful now that we see it together, MC.”

*from Hotaru and the rain special natsumatsuri story. I’m drowning in excitement waiting for his MS in Tenka Tsuki.

Benny’s Gotcha

gif is not mine

Title: Benny’s Gotcha

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 1,126

Warnings: slight angst, fluff

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3 <3

When you returned to the bunker you could barely walk.  Blood stained your clothes and your skin from head to toe.  You had cuts and bruises, and you most likely had a broken arm.  You were lucky to live with Sam and Dean who were used to getting this hurt.  You were also lucky to have Benny.  He would often take care of you after you were all patched up.

You closed the bunker’s metal door behind you, leaning against it for a few minutes.  It was hard enough getting inside, now you had to get down the stairs somehow.  You weren’t sure how you were going to get down the stairs without hurting yourself.  

The first few steps down the stairs went perfectly fine, but after the fourth step, you tumbled down the stairs.  You landed on your back at the bottom of the stairs, cursing at yourself for not being more careful.

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Stuffed Nose

Summary: One where the reader is sick and her boyfriend Chris has to take care of her, of course being cute and giving her lots of love. 

Warnings: Nah, this one’s cute. 

Words: 1502

Notes: Hate me for writing this, I know I do.

Can you imagine having your weekend with your boyfriend Chris ruined when you catch a cold and being a sweetheart he takes up the challenge of taking care of you?

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I’m With Him Now - peter hale

Prompt - reader was Derek’s girlfriend but months after they split she falls for Peter and Derek gets jealous, and wants her back
A/N-  italics flack back or memory! bold texts or notes

Pairing - Derek x reader (past) Peter x Reader (present)

Warnings - swearing, jealousy 

Story - 

Sat reading a message Stiles had sent, begging you to come to the hale loft, the was a pack meeting and they needed you. “why don’t you want to go today” peter questioned looking over to the text, knowing I’d been avoiding meetings lately. I rolled my eyes at him snuggling more into him. “is it because you think your going to see him there? I hear he’s back in town” he continued teasing voice as he lightly ran his nose up your shoulder and neck. ignoring his question giggling at his touch “why would I go when I can stay here with you” you say sounding flirty. peter gave you a small kiss on the nose “because they will start to ask what’s wrong and come looking for you” he said smoothly. “and you don’t what them finding out our little secret now” he said kissing your neck making you move so he had more access.

Peter was the only person you could be yourself with. he always knew what to say when you was feeling down or angry, he also knew when words wasn’t needed and hold you until you felt better again. about a month ago you and Peter started dating in secret, you wanted to wait before telling the rest of the pack, Peter wasn’t the pacts favourite person and you know they would ask questions over why your going out with him and try and talk you out of it, also they would say it’s strange because of Derek being peters nephew, peter agreed with you but personally you thought peter wanted to speak to Derek first before Scott or stiles told him, although he never said it. you and Derek was together for 2 years before splitting up 8 months ago after Derek cheated on you.
After the break up with Derek, you and Peter had become a closer friends, until one night last month having a drinks watching a movie you both had a play argument over who’s turn it was to get up and get the refill’s and snacks. Poking and tickling each other you leaned in and kissed him, which lead to more, both of you believed was long overdue. At first it was awkward nether if you expected it to happen, wanted it to but didn’t expect it would, after a few days you both admitted you like it and each other spending more and more time together.

Peter held your face looking you in the eyes keeping a straight face “they are your friends y/n, and I’m not going to let you use me or Derek as an excuse not to see them” his lips cornered into a smile “now go get dressed, go see what trouble beacon hills is in today” pouting with a hint of a smile you get up to get dressed, Peter always had a way of talking you into something you didn’t want to do.

Looking up at the loft you felt your heart sink, you hadn’t been to the loft since ending your relationship with green eyed wolf. Whenever you saw the pack it was at Scott’s or stiles home even that was rarely. Getting to the loft door you took another deep breath, Thinking of the last time you walked through the big steel door “der, I got” you stopped talking when you saw Derek in the arms of Jennifer Blake kissing each other as he removed her top. Shaking the memory out your head you pulled the door open wide, Stiles was stood at the table almost surprised to see you standing there. “what’s so important you called me here?” you say with venom in your voice to being dragged to Derek’s. “erm.. well er” stiles fumbled thinking of an answer for you. “were still waiting for Scott” he covered. A few minuets later Scott came in battered and cut you run sitting him down, “what happened to you” you cried as his wounds slowly started to heal. “we was coming back here when we got attacked” he said still a little sore “wait! why are you here?” Scott asked confused to my presence, my head snapped to stiles. “I’d like to know what she’s doing here as well” a voice boomed behind you. 

Derek entered the loft looking as battered as Scott, his shirt ripped reveling his toned muscled torso his gaze fixated on you, making you blush and feel nervous all at the same time. looking back at stiles he started rubbing the back of his head “well you don’t come to see us anymore y/n so I thought if you and Derek talked and made up, you would be part of the pack again” he said nervously. You started to feel angry stiles had set you up, making you face Derek after he had done. “I was always part of the pack Stiles I didn’t need Derek to make that happen” you say. Lydia was the one to change the subject “so what happened to you two?” she asked pointed to Derek and Scott. “alphas the have Boyd and Erica, we got Issac he’s in the hospital with my mum” Scott said.
Feeling uncomfortable with Derek looking at you in a hardened gaze, and also being in the loft full stop. Your phone bleeped, it was Peter hope your okay sweetheart miss you hurry back.

Smiling at his words “well if no one is dying then I’m going, things to do, people to see” you say smiling “oh have you got a hot date” Lydia joked seeing your smirk, your heartbeat quickened “date no,” you lied, as you said bye walking out.
Derek heard the change in your heartbeat knowing you’d lied, he watched as she walked out, he followed her out the loft, as he called her name he watched her press the button and the  lift doors close. It reminded him of the way she walked away from him 8 months ago feeling the same pain he closed his eyes reliving the memory. 

Derek had been attacked and was hurt finding Jennifer for help, after that the pair had been seeing more and more of each other. Derek was hypnotised by her. He bought her to the loft y/n wasn’t there Jennifer kissed Derek but he didn’t stop it instead welcomed it. By the time y/n can back Derek was about to do more then kiss. Hearing y/n voice made Derek stop, the look of hurt in her eyes was like nothing he’d seen before he went to run after her calling out her name as he ran. When y/n stopped she had tears down her face “don’t you dare say sorry, it was a mistake or anything at all Derek it’s over” she said before getting into the lift.

Derek went back in the loft stiles looked terrified when the Wolf walked in. “go” was all he said to the teens in an angry growl as they quickly left, he sat on the couch. Y/n was somehow exactly the same yet more beautiful then ever, it was no surprise she was seeing someone else, he desperately wanted to know who. During his time travelling taking Cora somewhere safe he thought about her and how stupid he was to cheat on her with Jennifer. Although it had come out Jennifer had used some form of magic on Derek, y/n refused to believe it and wouldn’t speak to Derek of anyone sent on his behalf.

At Peter’s apartment, you walked in not saying much trying to control your heartbeat, Peter took one look slightly turning his head as he studied your face body language and chemo-signals. He knew the was something was up “saved the day already sweetheart” he asked lightly joking “no! stiles and his fucking fake pack meetings” was your answer as you sat down next to him. Peter put his arms round you, you started to cry a little into his chest when the realisation hit you Derek was back.
Peter didn’t question what had you upset knowing you would tell him in your own Time, instead he held you kissing your head. You both sat the rest of the night making mild chit chat, you looked at Peter wiping your face, you decided it was the last tear you would shed for Derek. Looking at Peter in his soft caring way made you realise how much the older wolf had always been there for you, something in that moment you knew you loved Peter and kind of always had even if it took this long to figure it out. 

The next morning Peter woke with a message from Derek, saying he needed his help. Peter rolled his eyes “so that’s why y/n was so upset last night Derek’s back” he muttered to himself. Leaving a note for y/n he kissed her head as she slept. Peter got to the loft he could hear them talking as he walked up “You know Scott doesn’t trust him, right? You know, personally, I’d… well, I’d trust Scott.” Isaac said. “Do you trust me?” Derek questioned “Yeah. I still don’t like him.” Issac replied at Peter got to the loft door “no one does” Derek said as Peter opened the door “Boys. F.Y.I., yes, coming back from the dead has left my abilities somewhat impaired, but the hearing still works. So I hope you’re comfortable saying whatever it is that you’re feeling straight to my face” Peter said smugly walking down the steps “we don’t like you” Derek said bluntly “now shut up and help us” Peter rolled his eyes waiting to hear what they wanted.
Derek inhaled as Peter walking past smelling the sent of y/n. He watched as Peter dug his claws into Isaac’s neck trying to find the memories Deucalion removed. Derek growled each time he smelt the cherry and honey sent come from Peter. He knew y/n and Peter had always been friends but it angered him she still went to peter for comfort, friendship. Once Peter had finished with Isaac, Derek told him to see Scott leaving Derek and his uncle alone.

“long time no see” Peter called in a sing song voice. Derek’s claws was starting to dig into his palms as he tried to get the sent of y/n out of his head “I know, so how are you? and everyone been doing while I was gone” Derek asked trying to sound like he wasn’t asking to the questions he really had on his mind. Peter looked at Derek, he had never asked how he was before knitting his eyebrows together “I’m good, don’t really see much of the pack but no one is dead so I’d say there all good” Peter answered. Derek squeezed his fist harder he was hoping Peter would mention y/n. “do you still see y/n?” Derek asked unsure of what to say. Peter had his back to Derek, gave a small smirk. Part of him wanted to gloat and say yes the last time he saw her she was sleeping naked in his bed. Instead Peter turn with a straight face “every now and then we have coffee” he lied, but still keeping his heartbeat the same. Derek inhaled again the smell sending his emotions crazy. Peter noticed Derek’s deep breath quickly realising he smelt of y/n.“don’t lie I can smell her all over you” Derek said. as Peter looked down he saw the blood running though his nephews clenched fingers. Peter rolled his eyes “we’re not going through this again, Derek she’s not even yours anymore so you can’t be jealous that we speak” Peter smirked back smirking back. Remembering the jealousy Derek displayed after y/n went to peter after her break up. wondering how he’d react to their new secret relationship. 

Peter sat reading when hear a soft tap on his door, confused to who it could be he listened as he walked to the door. He heard sobbing on the other side, when he opened y/n was standing on the other side, she could hardly breath she was crying that hard, when her eyes clasped on Peter her sobs became whales as she hugged him tight. To took him nearly fifteen minutes to make sense of what had happened as she tried to tell him about Derek and Jennifer though her tears. Peter sat with her head on his chest rubbing her back trying to sooth her until she eventually cried herself to sleep, picking her up he placed her in his bed covering her up then went and slept on the couch. The next morning Cora was going to south America, so Peter went to see her before she left. When he got there he found out Derek was going too. Part of Peter was happy it would help y/n of she didn’t see Derek everyday but part of him wanted to punch Derek for hurting her then running like a coward. 

Derek smelt y/n on Peter the second he walked in. Growling, glowing his eyes “so that’s where she ran too, you!” Derek spat with utter jealousy. Peter frowned “yes she did come knocking on my door after you broke her heart what was I meant to do send her away” Peter smirked. “oh and I bet you just loved it” Derek growled. Peter narrow his eyes “don’t play stupid Peter it doesn’t suit you, I’ve seen the way you are around her, flirting, trying to Win her affection” Peter held up his hand to cut Derek off  "well now she’s single and alone, I can make her mine just to piss you off more" he said, Derek roared “stay the fuck away from her Peter she’s too good for you, you go near her ill kill you” Derek carried on screaming threats to peter" both, now in wolf form with there claws out ready for the other to make a move, when Cora came running in at the sound of them growling she dragging an angry Derek out before he attacked a smug looking Peter. 

Peter watched Derek growl and snarl with the same look he had when he left. “I’m not jealous!” Derek roared “I’m worried she’s gonna be hurt or killed if she gets mixed up with you.” Peter had turned his back to Derek, he had to hide the smile he couldn’t stop appearing on his lips. “she already is” Peter whispered to himself not intending for Derek to hear. Derek did hear and grabbed Peter by the shoulder throwing him into the concrete wall. “what did you say?” Derek roared as Peter stood up his eyes now glowing Beta blue and claws out. They ran at each other clawing and punching each other.

You woke in Peter’s apartment finding his note morning sweetheart, the is a problem with Isaac and needs my help if your gone when I get back I’ll call you, always love P xx

It make you smile the small loving things Peter did, you noticed more and more over the few weeks. After an hour you got bored and wanted to go home to change. Getting your coat you went to grab your bag, after not finding it by the door where you normally leave it, you remembered it’s still in Derek’s your rush to leave made you forget to pick it up. Leaving Peter’s you knock at Chris Argent’s apartment in the same building as Peter’s. “Chris I need you to drive me to Derek’s my bag is there with my keys init please” you asked, Chris agreed. 

At the loft you stood outside about to knock when you heard something inside smash and load roared word you couldn’t make out. Waving for argent to come, you ran inside seeing Peter and Derek almost killing each other. Without thought you ran and got in the middle of them screaming for them to stop. A claw caught you in the back of the shoulder, ripping your top and down your back. Screaming out in pain, made them stop fighting. The pair holding you apologising non stop. Chris slowly walked in his gum out as he watched Derek and Peter help you to the couch. “this is your fault I told you, you would get her hurt” Derek said as Peter let out a low rubble growl. Chris ran over putting the gun away, he took one look at your back saying you needed stitches. Derek got a first aid kid, Peter came over holding your hand his vain going black as he eased the pain you felt. Derek came in with a big green box and warm water. Chris took them from him quickly coming to you. Derek saw Peter and dragged him away from you, “look at what you’ve done to her Peter” Derek shouted, Peter didn’t have answer he looked at you with sad sorry eyes. Derek gave another growl as his uncle ignored him. “look guys I need to stitch y/n up and I can’t do that if your going to kill each other” Chris said as he cleaned the cuts “Peter I think you should go, Derek go lay down and calm down” he ordered the wolfs. You looked at Chris smiling a thank you for getting rid of them though you felt bad for Peter going without being able to tell him your okay.

After Chris was done you went to get your bag and go, when Derek blocked the door way. “before you go can we talk?” he asked as Chris left. “what do you want Derek” you say sitting down. Derek could smell Peter’s sent on you just as strong as yours on Peter, making his start his conversation differently to how he planed in his head. “you know if you stay friend and get to close to peter you’ll wind up dead” Derek said low looking at the floor. “what are you talking about Derek” you say. “I know you stayed with Peter, he was so smug! I could smell you all over him, like I can smell him on you and if your bag was here you didn’t go home last night. I know you see him more then the pack Issac told me” you looked at him annoyed “so what if I’m friends with Peter why can I be” you challenge him back “because he’s going to hurt you even if he doesn’t mean to you will get hurt or killed, look at your back y/n he’s already clawed you if stay friends with him you will end up dead” his tone and angry shout. Grabbing your bag you walk to the door “like you care Derek, is that all you wanted to bitch about Peter and get me onside over what ever it was your fighting over now” you say about to leave. 

He grabs your shoulders keeping you in place “y/n, no I wanted to talk to say I miss you, I still cared about you” he says softly. You didn’t speak, you didn’t know what to think. When you didn’t answer him, he looked in your eyes with a saddened expression “I thought about you everyday I was gone, I’m so stupid for what I done, please give us another chance y/n” he said. You looked at him slowly shaking your head, confused, angry and shocked. Derek went to cup your face in his hand when you step out the way. Taking a strong breath before talking calmly to him “Derek you didn’t think about me when you was sleeping with Jennifer, you didn’t miss me as you kissed her, you didn’t even stay to try and fix us. you ran off” your voice a lot lower but he still heard “probably with her” you look at the floor pushing you bag back on your shoulder. “I left with Cora only because you told me you didn’t want to see me again” he said almost as low as you spoke. “but I’m sorry y/n please believe me when I say I still love and want you back more than anything” Derek leaned in to kiss you but again you move out his way “Derek you hurt me, a lot and now you say you love me I can’t handle this right now” you answer pushing past him out the door.

Peter didn’t leave when Chris told him to. He wanted to know how badly hurt y/n was he couldn’t believe he’d clawed her “its your fault she’s hurt, look what you’ve done” Derek’s words ringing in his head. He hid so he could still listen in, looking in the window every now and then seeing his claw marks deep in her back. It felt like forever waiting for them to finish, when Chris and y/n went to leave Peter was going to see her and say sorry but heard Derek ask her to stay. Peter watched as Derek told her he was evil and would hurt her. Something about Derek’s words hit home to peter as he watch the clean white bandage Chris had just applied already turning blood red. I did that to her, me. He thought. He  watched as Derek told her he missed her and how she looked at him not saying anything making him worry shed go back to him. Peter knew she was happy and safe with Derek once, and with him a secret, and not it looked not always safe. Peter walked away not wanted to hear anymore sat on the hood of his car head in his hand lost in his thoughts.

You left the loft, looking for Chris but his jeep was gone. Walking round the corner you see Peter sitting on his car, you start smiling thinking he waited for you. “hi you didn’t have to wait for me” you say sweetly glad he did. Peter looked up at you with a sad worried look “y/n I’m so sorry I didn’t see or hear you come in” he said as he grabbed your hand his vain once again turned black, you sighed in relief. “I’m sorry, I can’t I believe … I’d never…” Peter started to talk fast in panic not finishing his sentence. You reach up putting your hand on his chest making him stop talking. “Peter it was an accident, it’s what happens when a human gets in the middle of 2 werewolf’s fighting” you joke trying to reassure him “and I’m okay now all stitched up and painless now thanks to you” you say squeezing his hand. 

Peter smiled at first before pulling is hand away “I heard what Derek said to you” he said looking away. You roll your eyes about to speak when Peter did “he’s right, if you stay with me ill get you hurt I already did look at you, maybe I’m best keeping away from you. Ending what we have to keep you safe” you looked at him now annoyed why he thought that. “Peter your not bad for me Derek was wrong. You’ve been there for me always and I love you for it, I don’t want us to end” you smile standing on your tiptoes to kiss him, it was sudden and needy. Peter paused at first, but didn’t stop you, instead one of his hands help your hip while other found its way into your hair both pulling you closer to him as he deepened his kiss.

Derek had followed you out, he didn’t know why but he needed to see where you was going. He saw you talking with Peter, he felt a ping of jealousy again “why’s he still here” Derek grumbled to himself tried to stop himself from storming over. But what he saw next shocked him y/n kissed Peter then got in his car driving off. Derek went home taking his anger out on the training bag until he hit it the hard the hinges keeping it on the ceiling snapped. Scott came in with Isaac they had been to see Deaton and found out Erica and Boyd was in the closed down bank. Calling everyone for help they waited for rest of the pack to arrive.
you sat with peter as he looked over and changed you bandages, “I swear ill never hurt you again” he said still feeling guilty. your phone buzzed, we know where Boyd and Erica is we need everyone at the loft recuse mission tonight - Scott. you roll your eyes as peters phone bleeps with the same message. peter didn’t even look at his still focused on you “we have to go” you say although the was no effort of wanting to go in your voice. Peter didn’t answer as he pull your top back down turning you to face him. “we have to tell them all of them” he said serious you knew he was talking about telling the pack about your relationship. nodding knowing he was right, if you told the pack it might start to put a stop the jealousy and hate between peter and Derek. you knew it wouldn’t be that easy but if the whole pack was there when Derek there they might not fight. “your right, we’ll tell them today after we helped save the others” you say standing “I’m always right sweetheart” he said following you out. the drive to the loft was quite. Peter could smell your anxiety build up the closer you got to the loft he reached over and held your hand “stop worrying” he said as he opened the door for you to walk in.

Derek didn’t look at you both just walked to the back of the room. you let go of peters hand walking in “so where are they?” you asked getting right to point, after an hour a plan was made. Scott and Derek was going to break into the volt. Lidia, Issac and Allison was going to a distraction/ back up, you was told to stay at the loft with stiles being to hurt to fight. This was the only thing Peter and Derek had agreed to. “and what about Peter?” stiles asked, “I’m not getting killed for them” Peter said making everyone including you roll their eyes. “he can stay here with us I’m sure we can find some use for him” you say smiling at Peter sliding him maps and plans stiles had brought of the bank.

Derek gave another grow, it was his 10th one of the meeting mostly when you or Peter spoke. “you would wanna stay with him” Derek spat. Getting more pissed off by Derek’s behaviour you couldn’t hold your tongue any more “okay what the fuck is your problem” you shout slamming your hands on the desk. “i saw you y/n I saw you kissing him after I warned you to stay away from him” he shouted back, making stiles and Allison jump a little, you didn’t move or flinch instead stirred at him in anger “Derek you lost the right to tell me to stay away from anyone when you cheated on me! So don’t you dare come back now and tell me u can’t see or kiss my own boyfriend” you blurted out the covered your mouth realising what you had said. Everyone looked shocked including Derek, “he’s using you y/n to get to me, he doesn’t care about you, why can’t you see he’s playing you” Derek said in a low pleading voice. Peter who now was as angry as you held you shoulders, mainly to keep himself calm. “Derek your wrong I do care about y/n I always have, I love her!” Peter said in full honesty shook in everyone including you. Blushing but smiling you looked at him. Derek was still growling “if we going to save then by the full moon we have to go now” Scott said knowing we was wasting time fighting. “this isn’t over” he shouted about to leave. “it is over Derek” you say making turn and look at you “I’m With Him Now! I’m Peter’s you have to understand I love him and he loves me, so you can expect us or not I don’t care but with Peter ” you say looking back up at Peter as he kisses your forehead.

Derek walked out not saying a word, “well it’s about time you to came out” Allison laughed you looked at her confused “I’ve seen you car outside our building and Issac says he can smell you in the lift a lot to it made sense you and Peter was hooking up” she laughed. “oh and don’t worry we’ll work on getting Derek to come around” Lydia smiled as they left. Stiles was left with you and Peter “so you two” he said “stiles you ask any questions and I’ll kill you” Peter said, the three of you started looking into stiles thought if why now, flicking though the scattered papers. Every now and then you would look up at Peter happy everyone now knew and happier to know Peter hale loved you.

“The only cure to all this madness; is too dream, far and wide, if possibility doesn’t knock, create a damn door. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t make it. If the journey your travelling seems to far fetched and wild beyond your imagination; continue on it, great things come to the risk takers. And last but not least, live today; here, right now, you’ll thank your future self for it later.”  
~ Nikki Rowe

Title: Teasing is a Fun Game

anonymous requested: A fic with Jason Crouse and a history teacher

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Reader
Summary: After a few trysts with Jason, he shows up unexpectedly during your lecture and all you can think of are the intimate moments you two shared. 
Word Count: 2,249
Warning: SMUT!!! (and dirty talk!) 
Author’s Note: Whoever sent this in, thank you so much! I love writing Jason Crouse and I wanted to show a different side to him (that I think he hides in the TV show, but that’s just me lmao). I mean, Jason Crouse talking dirty and teasing you??? Yes, please

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Imagine : Maybe Peter isn’t the only one with a secret (Part 1)

A/N : It’s my first Peter Parker imagine so feel free to correct me if something is wrong even though I will focus more on Peter and the reader’s relationship. I’ll probably do several parts (at least two) because I don’t want this to be too long (I’ll try lol) so if you don’t know yet what’s really happening, it’s normal. Also, english is not my first language so if you see any (big or not) mistake, don’t hesitate to message me ! That said, I hope you’ll enjoy this !

Part 2

You remembered how easy it was to just go into your bed and have a good night sleep. You remembered how everything used to be easy. Now that you were thinking about it, you couldn’t really tell the last time you had a real good night sleep. You couldn’t tell either the last time that something went normal. You started to accept that your life won’t be the same again, but even your friendship with Peter wasn’t the same. And that was hard to admit.

You barely saw him today, he was so busy that even school didn’t seem to be in his priorities anymore. You were worried about him but he would always say he was doing fine, he was just “so busy”. At first, you would naively believe him, and forget about it because of course Peter had a life. You weren’t his world, you couldn’t stay together all the time.

But when you got in an accident that almost killed you, you thought that all these “I’m fine” from Peter could be lies, because you knew that it was what you were doing. Lying. If anything “good” came from the accident, it was that Peter and you were close again, but you still felt like something was wrong with him. At one point, you even felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and you couldn’t do anything about it. Because he already closed himself off and you were slowly doing the same.

After the car accident, you were prepared for the nightmares and the flashbacks. But you were not at all ready for what soon became your routine. Then came another kind of nightmares and horror, and at these times, you really missed the sleepover at Peter’s. You missed his reassuring presence. And you hated this walls that would separate his room from yours, but what you hated the most were the invisible -but very present- walls between the two of you.

Your eyes were slowly closing without your consent as you were trying to fight the need to sleep. Even with the lights on, you hated the darkness’ feelings that came when you closed your eyes. You knew you were about to live the accident again, you couldn’t run from it, even if you tried.

It was around 3am when screaming woke Peter up. It took him only a few seconds to recognize your voice. And even less for his heart to be broken. It wasn’t the first time he would hear you having nightmares, but he knew these nightmares were different and that they would happen again and again. He knew that because even if you didn’t say it out loud, Peter knew you. And he knew the accident changed you, he just didn’t know how much yet. Plus, he had nightmares too, nightmares that were too real for him. Being spiderman was a huge responsibility.

He hesitated to come as spiderman but decided you probably needed him, your best friend, not a stranger in a costume. He quickly dressed up and opened his window. Of course the door would have been easier but passing by the window was faster and he would be directly in your room.

Making sure nobody was coming in your room, Peter opened slowly your window, praying he wouldn’t scare you more than you already were, fighting your own demons. He noticed you left a night light, which was something new. Peter didn’t know it was to keep the darkness away but he guessed it was related to your accident in a way. He approached carefully and saw you were crying in your sleep, which broke even more his heart. Putting his shyness and insecurities away, he sat on your bed and put one of his hand on your arm, caressing you softly.

“Y/N” he whispered, “wake up. It’s Peter.”

You felt his warm hand before you heard his voice. You didn’t wake up yet, still trapped in your nightmare. That’s when he touched your cheek and called you again that you woke up, sweaty and completely panicked.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s over. I’m here (Y/N). Are you okay ?”

He knew his question was stupid, who could ever be okay after a nightmare ? But before he could say anything, you came closer and went into his arms, only wanting to feel his warm and forget about everything for a bit. If you were holding Peter tight, he was hugging you even tighter, caressing your hair slowly. None of you spoke for several minutes but no one felt the need to speak. It wasn’t embarrassing at all, just reassuring, and it was all you needed.

“Did I wake you ?” You asked after a moment, your throat still dry.

“No.” Peter lied, “but don’t worry about that. Do you need anything ?” He pulled away only a little so you would still be in his arms, his brown eyes on you were full of caring.

You shook your head ‘no’ but cleared your throat before adding “I just need you to stay with me. Please. Can you stay here tonight ?” Your voice was shaking, you were nearly crying.

Peter frowned and at first you thought your demand was too much and that Peter didn’t want to stay but the boy was just upset to see you like this. He couldn’t stand to see you like this knowing he couldn’t do anything. He was spiderman, the guy that had the power to help people, yet he couldn’t help you

“Of course I’m staying. I’m not leaving, I promise.” And you knew he didn’t only mean it for tonight, it was a promise but also an apologize for all the times he let you down.

“You know, I’m not mad at you or anything Peter.” You whispered. “Of course I miss you and it’s weird not having you with me like I used to but I get that you’re busy, or that you’re doing things that only concern yourself. It’s just… I really need you… right now…”

Peter slowly placed his hand in yours before laying down on your bed, making you do the same. Your nightmare was still present but it was slowly fading away with Peter’s presence. He bring you closer, your head finding its place on his chest, and still hugging you tight.

“I’m here. I’m not letting anything happen to you.” He whispered before adding “not again”.

Seeing you so vulnerable made Peter weak. Even though he didn’t know he was helping you just by being here, he thought he was helpless. He wanted to kiss you and tell you how much he loved you, but he couldn’t do that right now. It wasn’t the right moment. He knew he had to wait, for the both of you to be in a better place. And he knew it could take time, but he was willing to wait. The only thing that mattered to him right now was your safety. He wanted to tell you everything, why he was distant and how he became spiderman, that he never wanted you or Ned to feel forgotten. He wanted to tell you how he wished he could have prevented your accident from happening. He just wanted to tell you that things will be alright, but he didn’t know yet what was happening to you, and that it was kind of bigger than the two of you. If he was the light, the sparkle and the hope, you were the darkness, the sorrow and the death.

AHS Imagines - Jimmy Darling


“You know you’re my best friend right?”

You gently placed yourself on the freshly cutgrass, responding with a consumed hum. Your view was exquisite, the sun just touched the open waters of the lake, and if you looked closely, you could see the ripples formed from its touch.

The winds were something you would never forget, how the simple kiss of its warm air blew your long strands of hair onto your petite face.  It was October. Placing your gaze on the tree that hung low above your head, you started to count all the red leaves. The more you counted, the more lethargic you got. Red was your favourite colour, it expressed such a diverse set of emotions it simply fascinated you…One may use it to express anger, or one can use it to portray excitement.

Ever since you were 7, with a passion for painting, you would sign your name on every art piece you’ve made in red ink…to show the emotion you felt while creating your piece…but it was up to the viewer to identify whether you were joyful or resentful. You’ve always dreamed of being an artist, imagining your work next to great artists like Da Vinci or Donatello, you wanted to be remembered…and the way you wanted to be was for your refined red ink.

“Do you wanna get going Y/N? Your momma’s gonna be angry again” Jimmy whispered in your ear,

You lost count at 125, and thanked Jimmy for that. You turned to Jimmy, who was focused on the horizon.

“Why are you whispering?” You replied…in a whisper. Jimmy turned to you, giving you a warm smile,

“Because, It’s all so perfect, I don’t wanna ruin it” You closed your eyes. He was right, the field you both rested on was quiet, the leaves sang quietly on the trees, and the sound of cicadas followed. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a big city, or by the seaside…but with your mother’s shortage of money, those dreams were as unrealistic as you wanting to be an artist. Letting out a sigh, it was quiet again…that was until Jimmy decided to clear his throat.

“We should get going” Jimmy said in defiance,

“But I don’t wanna” Your response came out as a child’s whine.

“Me neither” Jimmy chuckled, propping himself up with his shoulders,

“But we gotta.” Jimmy was right, the sky was setting and your mom specifically asked you to be home before the stars came out.

“I can’t wait to be 18…so I can runaway” You said, wiping the dust off your ripped jeans,

“Y/N, you’re only 12… and plus, you should be happy you got both parents…consider yourself lucky.” Jimmy giggled.

You both walked out of the open field, and headed down the trail you and Jimmy made.

“Bobby made fun of me again, he called me lobster boy” Jimmy was never the one to open up about his feelings, but after years of reassurance that you weren’t judgemental, he finally opened up.

You knew about his hands, and honestly, you didn’t care. You don’t remember how you met Jimmy, but you were happy that you did.

“Tell him to stick one up his ass” You replied, rather irritated.

“Y/N, language” Jimmy teased,

“A lady shouldn’t speak like that,” he continued.

“Well I’m no ordinary lady then?” Jimmy shook his head,

“No you’re not…but that’s why you’re my best friend” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder,

“You’re really leaving Jimmy?” You promised him you wouldn’t be sad, you promised him you would stay strong, but how could you stay strong if he wasn’t going to be there with you along the way?

“Yeah…it sucks, I wish I could take you in one of my suitcases” He said, embracing you closer into his hold,

“I think I could fit” You both chuckled, but it soon faded into a mournful atmosphere. The walk stayed silent, usually the silence between you two was always comfortable…but today, knowing that was the last time you would sit under the same tree you went to for 3 years…it was languishing.  

You were steps from his home that was now just a house without furniture.

“My mom’s gonna miss you” He said, breaking the silence,

“She really likes you.”

“Tell her I’m gonna miss her too, and that I wish her the best of luck at her new job” You replied.

“Oh! I got you something!” Jimmy said, before running back into his house. You waited with a smile as you heard him shuffle throughout the house.

“Here,” Jimmy said breathlessly as he jumped the last step. He placed a small box in your hand that had your name on it written on the bow.

“Open it!” Jimmy’s outburst made your heart jump,

“Jeez, do that again and I wont be able to do anything!” You retorted, grasping at your heart, dramatically.

You pulled out the ribbon and removed the top of the box.

In it was two necklaces’, connected with a broken heart charm. The gold letters that were engraved were;

“Best Friends Forever”

Jimmy took one half of the heart and put it around his neck,

“See, now if we wear this forever we can find each other…eventually” Jimmy took the other half and motioned you to turn around; speechless you did what he asked.

His hands snaked around your shoulders and placed the necklace on your neck.

“Do you like it?” Jimmy asked from behind you.

You turned around,

“I love it, thank you so much!” You ran to Jimmy and wrapped him in an embrace, feeling his arms instantly hug you back,

“I’m really gonna miss you Jimmy” You said, finally letting the tears fall freely down your cheeks,

“And I’m gonna miss you more” Jimmy whispered, kissing your forehead,

“Why are you whispering again?” You asked, pulling away from the embrace.

“Close your eyes” He instructed.

Hesitantly, you closed your eyes. The sudden silence made you curious, and wondered if Jimmy left.

“Jimmy?” You called, as the urge to open your eyes grew. The silence stayed.

The heat from a presence hit your skin, and hands cupped your cheeks, in less than a second your lips were connected with his. His hair tickled your forehead, and his breath warmed your skin. Butterflies danced in your stomach as you felt the kiss slightly deepen. Slowly, he pulled away.

It felt as if those butterflies reached up your throat and held your tongue, because you were rendered speechless.

“Always remember me ok?” He said, removing his hands from your skin, but not before slowly grazing it with his thumb.

“Okay” You whispered, feeling his touch finally leave your skin for good.


“A freakshow?” Your friend snarled,

“Why would you wanna go to one of those?” You couldn’t answer, you didn’t know yourself as to why you wanted to go…but nevertheless you wanted to.

“Because, now c’mon! It’ll be fun” You flashed her a toothy grin as you waved the tickets in her face.

“Alright fine” she groaned, grabbing one.

“Even though you’re 25 you’re an ass driver” Your friend said, getting out of the car,

You ignored her remark and jogged to her,

You handed your tickets and made your way to the almost vacant set of seats. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, everything you’ve heard is true, all that has been advertised is here, under this tent”

A lady, who was in fact Jimmy’s mother, stepped on stage and recited her speech as if practised for hours. The sight of his mother brought memories back, you longed to know how Jimmy was doing.

The sound of your friend’s laughter distracted you from her speech,

“Stop laughing” You warned,

You turned back to Ethel on the stage,

“From jungles untamed to forest enchanted. From the Dark Continent to the spice-laden lands of India. Astounding mistakes of nature, are gathered here, for your amusement and your edification”

“See” Your friend said,

“They want us to laugh,” she snorted; you ignored her lack of decency and remained focused on the show.

The show was filled with acts of the underestimated, and laughter’s filled the air from their cheesy yet humorous jokes.

“Now, for our next performer—lobster boy!” Your longing to know how Jimmy was soon became short as he walked on stage.

Out of all the ways you could of reunited, at a coffee shop, on the streets or even at a park…you reunited with Jimmy darling at a freak show—and he was one of them.

His juggling act was enthralling; he concentrated on the baseballs as he added more. With a strong finish, he gave the crowd of four a bow.

His eyes, leaving the floorboard to your eyes, brought the same feeling in your stomach as the first time he kissed you. Shock was evident on his face, he stayed frozen, consuming the same matter you were.

Standing up, you watched Jimmy jump from the stage down to the audience floor.

“Jimmy?” You called, allowing the smile you tried hiding to show on your face.

“Y/N,” he replied, your heart began to race as he stopped in front of you.

“It’s really you” He said with a chuckle, 

“i’ve missed you,” your heart warmed from his  expression of emotion, it reminded you of how much he trusted you. 

“I see you’ve been doing good, lobster boy” You teased,

“Well juggling isn’t the only thing I can do with my hands” he pointed out, wiggling his eyebrow,

“You’re disgusting” You giggled, 

“Call me what you want” He smirked. In less than 5 minutes, you were both in deep conversation, talking about absolutely everything. 

“Do you still have that necklace?” He asked, eyeing your chest. 

“Not on me no, but it’s in my room…and my eyes are up here” You said, lifting his chin with your finger. 

“Me too” He smiled, it was a smile you missed, and it was the only smile that could make you feel better, in any situation. 

“Hey,” Jimmy said, 

“Close your eyes”

From the moment you closed your eyes, you felt his lips softly touch yours, a feeling you almost forgot. His hands cupped your face, pulling you closer. You felt like you were 12 again, on his lawn, and kissing Jimmy for the first time. You remembered that day…the singing of the leaves, and the sunset that ended that day so beautifully. You remembered counting the red leaves with Jimmy by your side, and the promise Jimmy made you make, which you undeniably kept.

He pulled away,

“I’m sorry, but I needed to do that” He chuckled as his thumb grazed your cheek—like that day.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he breathed out, 

 “I can’t say I love you, it’s been 13 years since I last loved you…but stay with me in my tent for a couple of days, meet everyone so they can finally meet the girl I’m always talking about.”

“Fuck, who am I kidding? 13 years later and you’re still on my damn mind. You were the only one who cared for me, and treated me like a person…anyone would fall in love with someone as pure as you.”

Jimmy held your hand,

“Please stay? They’re nice people, and they would love you” He whispered,

“Anyone would” he added.  

The show ended minutes earlier, you missed everything after Jimmy’s performance. You felt whole again with Jimmy, it felt as if he was in fact the other piece to your heart, and now you had the chance to see for yourself. 

“Okay” You replied, giving him a warm smile,

“But what’s with the whispering again?” You giggled, inching closer to him. Jimmy quickly pecked your lips,

“Because it’s all so perfect…I don’t wanna ruin it”


DHV HWDC IM SORRY I’M SICK AND I APOLOGIZE THAT THIS IMAGINE IS TRASH XO. It took longer to write than expected and I’m sorry again :’( hope you enjoyed!

Imagine you and Chris going to your best friends’ wedding weekend. (Part D)

A/N: Part 4D 🎉 🎊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C)

You and Chris shared wide grins as you stood up on the alter with the bride and groom; you were on Ava’s side and Chris was on Sebastian’s. Chris was happy for them, but you- you were ecstatic. You had hoped it would end up here, but you had no idea it would when you first brought them together by leaving your phone with Sebastian while FaceTiming Ava.

On paper, they were perfect for each other; you and Chris had agreed on that. When you first found out that Sebastian had shown some interest in Ava, you immediately listed all their similarities as well as the ways they would’ve made a perfect couple. You then showed that list to Chris while you devised a plan to get them together, only to have him remind you that compatibility wasn’t the only factor that determined a successful relationship- especially one with a celebrity. Other than needing chemistry and having good timing, it was a lot of work, tolerance, compromise, and perseverance. “You of all people should know that, Y/N,” was the sentence that left you speechless, because he was right. You could only do so much, it was going to be up to them if they wanted things to last. Now as you stood up there, you realized they’d wanted it as much as you wanted it for them.

“We are all gathered here today to celebrate the love that Sebastian Stan and Ava Shay have for each other. We will join them as they make a lifelong commitment to each other, to witness as they take the next big step in their lives.” Their celebrant began, and Sebastian and Ava smiled at each other. “The idea of true love has been argued against time and time again, and the thought of soulmates has presented itself as fictitious. But as I stand before Sebastian and Ava, it becomes clear to me that skepticism does not obstruct the unforeseeable, but omnipotent forces the universe provides for true love and soulmates. We can deny and argue as much as we want, but we have to admit that these two wonderful people were brought together today because they were meant to be.”

“That, and my best friend wrote fan fiction incredible enough to make Chris Evans fall in-love with her,” Ava quipped, glancing back at you while Sebastian glanced back at Chris; laughter erupted, and you shook your head, biting back your smile. “Beat you to it, didn’t I, Evans?” Ava smirked at Chris and he laughed, nodding.

“It has been a journey for Sebastian and Ava, one that has been exciting and fulfilling but not one that has always been smooth sailing.” Sebastian and Ava bit back their smiles, shooting each other sheepish looks that brought back memories of their biggest fights. “We have all experienced the saying “if you want it, you have to work for it” at some point in our life. Even if two people are perfect for each other, relationships are something you have to nurture if you want it to become fruitful. That is exactly what Sebastian and Ava did, they worked at their relationship. They cared for it, nourished it with love and patience, and preserved it with tolerance and perseverance. They made it work which is why we’re all here today, to support them and be proud of them as they exchange their vows and become husband and wife. I believe you wrote your own vows?“ He asked, earning nods from Sebastian and Ava.

"Ladies first?” Sebastian offered, trying not to laugh at Ava’s eye roll. “What?”

“Ever the gentleman, Sebastian,” Ava quipped then smiled when Sebastian chuckled. “Okay,” she took a deep breath. “Sebastian.” She tried not to laugh as she said the next sentence, and you did too because you’d worked on it together. “As a proud fan girl of yours and Chris’, I know what it’s like to love someone.” Sebastian and Chris stifled their laughter whereas their wedding guests burst out laughing. “But I never truly understood what love was until I met you. You showed me the true meaning of what it is to love someone, and be loved in return. You are everything to me- my love, my heart, my soul, my sun, moon, and stars. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I can’t imagine living a day without you, Sebastian. I am so proud of you- who you are, who you’ve become, and all the challenges you’ve faced and overcame.”

“Dammit,” Sebastian chuckled, tilting his head back slightly to hold the tears he had in his eyes. Ava laughed softly and squeezed his hands before pulling one hand from his briefly to brush a tear that had escaped despite his attempts to prevent it to. “Don’t worry, I’m going to make you cry too.” Ava nodded in acknowledgement, smiling as she continued.

“I promise to believe in you, the person you will further become, and the couple we will be together. I promise you will always have me by your side. With my whole heart, I take you as my husband, acknowledging and accepting your weaknesses and strengths, as you do mine.” You and Chris shared another smile as you watched your best friends tie the knot. “I promise to be faithful and supportive and to always make our family’s love and happiness my priority. I will be yours in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph. I will dream with you, celebrate with you and walk beside you through whatever our life together brings. You are my person- my love and my life, today and always. I’m with you till the end of time, or as Bucky Barnes would say- till the end of the line.” Ava grinned at Sebastian and he shook his head, smiling. “I love you, Sebastian Stan, or as you would say in Romanian, te iubesc.”

As soon as Ava said ‘I love you’ in Romanian, Sebastian’s vision became even more blurry than it had been seconds before. He spoke to her in Romanian quite often because he knew she enjoyed hearing him speak his native language, just like he enjoyed hearing her speak in her native language: Persian. But she’d never repeated anything he said in Romanian back to him before, nor did she ask him to teach her which was why this came as a complete surprise to him. It definitely got him wondering if she only learnt and memorized that phrase, or if she’d learnt and memorized more. She got the pronunciation and accent down which was always the hardest part of learning a language, and he could not have loved her more.

“You are full of surprises aren’t you, Ava?” Sebastian teased her; she giggled, shrugging nonchalantly. “You know what, so am I. So you take some deep breaths if you don’t want to ruin your makeup, ‘cause I’m going to make you cry like a baby.” Ava laughed then took a dramatically obvious deep breath to mock Sebastian; he laughed then began his vows. “Ava, I knew I had to have you in my life from the moment we first spoke. Our two best friends had just gotten themselves into a bit of a mess after ignoring our very wise advice, and you’d called Chris’ phone thinking he’d pick up only to get me instead.” You and Chris chuckled, shaking your heads; that unnecessary fight felt like a lifetime ago. “I had no idea what I wanted with you once I had you in my life, but I knew I had to start somewhere. Then I met you and-”

“Kian, no!” Mandy gasped when Kian slid off her lap and ran towards the alter; she’d just missed his wrist. “Kian,” she got to her feet and pointed at the spot in front of her, “come here.” He ignored her, carefully climbing up the steps. “Now, Kian. Come back here,” she repeated in a firmer tone and got ignored again.

“Sebba,” Kian tugged at Sebastian’s pants and Sebastian smiled, pulling his hands away from Ava to scoop his little brother-in-law into his arms. Kian grinned happily and wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s neck, hugging him tightly. “I love you, Sebba.”

“I love you too, buddy,” Sebastian hugged him back, then kept one arm secured around Kian while he moved the other to hold Ava’s hand again. “You hold on tight while I complete my vows, okay?” Kian nodded, clinging on to Sebastian while smiling cheekily at his big sister. “You ready to get another brother, Kian?”

“Yes!” Kian cheered, clapping excitedly.

“Good,” Sebastian kissed his cheek. “'Cause me too, buddy.” Ava smiled at their interaction; she always loved the way Sebastian had with both her brothers, especially Kian. “Now where was I? Oh right,” he said before anyone could tell him. “Then I met you and I knew what I wanted, and that was to be with you, love you, and care for you in ways you deserved. So that is my promise to you, Ava, for as long as I am alive- you will always have me to love and care for you. I will support you through everything and walk alongside you on any endeavors you might want to pursue. I am yours eternally and faithfully because aasheghet hastam.” He smiled when Ava started crying at his use of 'I love you’ in Persian. “Can we just skip the 'I do’ and just pronounce us husband and wife already so I can kiss her?”

“It’s fairly clear that you both do, so-” the celebrant laughed, “I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.” Sebastian and Ava smiled as they inched closer to each other; Sebastian balancing Kian on his hip. “You may kiss your bride.” As soon as their lips touched, the entire room exploded with cheers and applause. “Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Stan!”

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Part 5A

“A couple weeks, maybe.”

At my going away happy hour thing someone asked how long I was planning to take off before looking for a new job. “That’s it? Take a month, at least.”

Today marks 3 months.

My former manager offered to review my resume when I finally got tired of hiatus-ing. I sent it to them last week.

So now I’ve got a resume I can send out or whatever one does with those things these days. Put it on LinkedIn, I guess. I’ll worry about that when I get back from Sweden.

Every YouTube video I’ve watched on ‘traveling to Sweden’ or ‘how to speak Swedish’ or 'what have I gotten myself into with this whole Sweden thing’ has included a line about how almost everyone in Sweden speaks English so just go with that, no really, it’s fine. So there’s that.

Extended versions of the above have been on my mind a lot lately. I thought I’d worked through it all and settled on a plan, but apparently there’s something I’m missing.

I was hoping this concert would distract me for a while, but since I wrote most of this out between the penultimate and ultimate bands, I guess that didn’t work out.

The talking smoke detector with an overactive imagination also didn’t work out. It may have been murderized after thinking there was a fire between 2 and 5 am for the fourth time in a month.