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Oh, The Places We’ll Go | Jacksepticeye Gif

OH BOY. This took me way too long! But, I think it was totally worth it! :D

It’s been a while since I’ve made digital art, so I wanted to get back into it by creating a gif! I’m pretty proud of myself for this tbh. This idea has been floating around in my head for quite a while now, so I’m glad I finally got it done!

Here’s @therealjacksepticeye in many different games he has played! Which include (In order of picture on the right): Pinstripe, Kindergarten, Undertale, Night in the Woods, Little Nightmares, Scanner Sombre, [Antisepticeye’s appearances in Jack’s videos], The Last Guardian.

Enjoy! ((I hope I captured the look of true wonder on Jack’s face well!))


world juniors 2016 ( SWE v. SUI ) + willy scores and gets to celly with alex for the first time

There’s a difference between being critical while acknowledging that this season has been weaker than previous ones and critizising every single thing that doesnt goes as you wanted.

250+ gif icons ( 70x70 pixel ) of Henrik Holm in SKAM.None of the original gifs are mine. I only capped them and added a psd. Feel free to use them for roleplay purpose. Some scenes might be double. Please don’t claim them as yours they still were quite some work to make.

tw: injuries, blood, semi nsfw, smoking

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