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If there is one thing that fascinates me is to see the changes of Camp Half Blood throughout each new book.


Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me  恶魔少爷别吻我 S2 Ep.1
Chu Xia x Qi Lu 初七夫妇 ~ Confession Again

“Let’s be lovers”


The Last Masterpieces of Alexander McQueen - Fall 2010, Paris

“Everything about this collection showed discipline and restraint and an unabashed respect for pure craftsmanship, and that in itself speak volumes about McQueen’s work, the foundation of his success was his ability to create breath-taking garments.”

polina kasina, karlie kloss, alla kastromichova, tanya dziahileva, irina kulikova, iris strubegger

photos: christopher moore /courtesy of alexander mcqueen

A Matter of Ethics: Part 1

Here’s a new story I’ve started working on for @littledreamybeth (please check out her writing it’s brilliant!) No warnings neccessary but this does explore arguably inappropriate relationships and is likely to involve smut later on. Happy reading!

Your fingers drummed nervously against your leg as you watched the scenery fly past through the window. Every frame grew a little greener as you raced away from the city. You tried to listen to music but you were too nervous – instead you focused on the rhythmic sounds of the train.

You were finally going to meet him – alone. The two of you had met half a dozen times before, but that was only accompanied with a shy exchange of words and an apologetic smile. Things had changed now, they were evolving.

You closed your eyes and let you head rest against the seat as you recalled the moment you met him.

You let out a frustrated sigh as you waited for the man in front of you to collect his coffee. You swore he’d spent at least fifteen minutes making up his mind about his beverage but at last he was finally collecting it. As he turned around you felt your heart palpitate in surprise.

‘Mr Malek?’ You blurted out. He was directly in front of you so you were surprised he hadn’t seen you first.

Instead your teacher merely stared at you with a blank expression. Had he actually forgotten you? How was that even possible? He saw you every single day.

‘It’s, uh, Y/N. From history.’ You felt your voice taper off at the end, laced with embarrassment. His silence nearly brought you to tears – you were so mortified that you could be that invisible.

Eventually something clicked and the man stuttered several times before replying to you.

‘Shit, I, uh, sorry. I always forget about my brother’s students.’ He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

‘Black coffee!’ You heard distantly from behind him but you were far too bewildered to react.

‘We’re twins.’ The man eventually managed. For a moment you thought your teacher might actually be playing some elaborate prank on you but stood closer to him now you realised there were some subtle differences. The man in front of you was a little smaller in terms of frame, with a narrower jaw. The two of them still shared the same striking eyes and lips.

‘Black coffee!’ Was bellowed in your direction this time making you jump. The man in front of you turned to grab your coffee for you and your hands brushed as you accepted it gratefully.

‘I am so sorry.’ You could feel your face heating up as you spoke.

‘Don’t be silly!’ The man laughed. His voice was surprisingly deep and smooth and somehow managed to make you feel even more embarrassed.

‘What’s your name anyway? I’m sure my brother will find this funny.’

‘Y/N. I’m a senior in his History class.’ You murmured and the man nodded in response, you noticed his eyes flick to your lips momentarily.

‘Nice to meet you. I’m Rami.’ He extended his hand which you noted was warm from the coffee he’d been holding when you shook it. You wanted to ask him what his brother’s first name was but it felt wrong to pry.

The two of you chatted for a few minutes. Rami told you that he was an actor, and that he was usually on the East Coast but have travelled home while he had time off from work. When you eventually parted your head was spinning. You couldn’t coerce your mind away from him after that, the dimples on his cheeks when he smiled and the brush of his hand against yours.

The ding of the train doors opening jolted you from your recollection and you rushed from the train before you missed your stop.

You were near the coast now and it was breezy – the crisp air making you huddle further into your jacket. Your anxiety grew with every step as you exited the station, nervously scanning the road for signs of him.

‘Hey.’ A low voice behind you made you jump and you whipped around to face him.

Rami was wearing the same bright expression as always as he took you in his arms gently. You could feel the trepidation behind the hug, which soon left when you ran your hands over his back. He looked a little pink when the two of you parted and avoided your eye as he spoke.

‘I thought we could go to the beach. I know it’s cold but I brought blankets.’ He gestured to the bag he was carrying.

‘That sounds perfect.’ You replied much to his relief.

The two of you made your way to the beach, Rami’s hand occasionally knocking against yours with the movement of his walking.

The time of year meant that the beach was completely empty. You absolutely adored the isolation of it because it meant that you could completely be yourself here – with him.

Rami laid out the blankets and the two of you sat cross legged next to one another looking out at the grey sea.

‘I thought this would be nice…it’s quiet…’ You could hear the strain in his voice as he spoke, reacting to the anxiety building inside you. It was time for that conversation.

‘I understand.’ You began before he could go any further. ‘I know – that we can’t just meet wherever.’

‘I wish it wasn’t like that.’ Rami breathed and you turned to him to see that he looked genuinely sad. It made your heart ache and you placed a hand over his, hoping to give him at least a little respite.

‘I do too.’

‘I can’t help but feel guilty.’

‘Why should you? This isn’t illegal.’

‘You were only seventeen when we met…’

‘But I’m not now.’ You searched for his gaze until he met yours, a small smile gracing his lips as he moved closer to you. The wind was picking up.

‘I don’t think things will ever be normal. Will they?’ You hated the doubt in his voice, even if you did believe the same thing.

‘I don’t care about normal.’ You bristled in response.

‘Are you saying you’re willing to travel to all of these ridiculous places for me?’

‘I would go anywhere for you.’ You mumbled. This type of language was almost entirely foreign between you two. Up until now the subtle arrangements between the two of you had been almost businesslike.

Rami leaned forward and kissed you for the first time. It felt full but delicate, his lips only pressing against yours for a second before he pulled away.

‘I’m sorry.’ He breathed out. You chose to simplify all the reasons why you didn’t want him to apologise by kissing him in return, all the pining and waiting that had been paralysing you for the last few months culminating in your lips pressed against his.

Rami made a noise that sounded like a quiet whine when your tongue gently swiped along his lower lip. His arms wrapped around and pulled you tightly to his chest as he kissed you hungrily. The feeling of the cold and the wind disappeared entirely as you focussed on his lips, nipping and sucking softly with your hand pressed against his neck.

You were distantly aware that you were pulling him closer and closer, retreating down onto the sand with him above you as you ran your hands up through his hair. Rami’s lips never left yours as he slowly ran his hand over your rib cage and down to your outer thigh which made you gasp quietly.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ A voice close to the two of you suddenly appeared. Rami sprung away from you instantly and you looked up dazed in shock to see Mr Malek stood over the two of you. He looked absolutely furious, his gaze locked on his brother.

To be continued.