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It’s amazing how the little details have played into something that happened years ago. Taylor not going through the crowd anymore, the distance between the stage and the crowd and now for the last few months/year her “break”. She went into this break because of this. She’s had to isolate herself so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself. It’s all coming together. All because of this assault that took place years ago.

I hope this week and over the next few months Taylor will be able to move on and heal. Healing can only begin when justice has been served and I hope this time justice doesn’t fail us as it has so many times in the past.

Taylor, I love you. I’m here for you and you are and have been stronger than you know.

[translations] 2017.03.12 NCT DREAM 1st fansign at YP books - part 1

Damn there’s too many I’m gonna split into parts

1. Today’s seating arrangement was like Haechan - Chenle - Jisung - Renjun - Jeno, when the fansign ended Haechan said that Jisung is really cute today. Chenle and Jisung looked particularly shy they barely lifted up their heads [x | x]

2. Haechan says recently he’s been listening to One Direction’s PERFECT, OP asked if he could sing it for her, Haechan looked at her in the eye and sung it T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T [x]  *ohmygod just want to say i’m like sinking in my seat while typing this*

3. Another fan asked Haechan what is his favorite line from PERFECT, he wrote “BABY I’M PERFECT” on the page [x]

4. OP was on a mission to help her friend to get some tidbits of NoJun moments in the dorm so she asked Renjun if there was anything interesting Jeno and him did in the dorm.
Renjun,”We watch TV in the room together”
OP didn’t give up and asked the same question to Jeno, Jeno replied,”We watch movies”… Boring answers.. haha  [x]

5. Haechan was the first to finish signing, he kept saying wow Chenle and Jisung are really so cute~ so cute~
Chenle: Hyung, you are cute too
Haechan: I know~
Chenle: But Mark hyung is the cutest
Renjun mentioned that it’s a pity that Mark didn’t manage to come this time, so Haechan did an impersonation of Mark at NCT 127′s fansign and went like “Um… Um… WOW…” hhahahaha

6. Initially OP was daydreaming so Haechan waved at her, she said thanks and commented that Haechan is very handsome. Haechan said,”Thank you~” and OP told him that she is his senior in school. Haechan,”O.O REALLY?!?!?!” and signed “XXX Sunbaenim” on the page [x]

7. OP asked Jisung what does he do with the hyungs in the dorm. Jisung said,”We watch the television” [x]

8. OP asked of all the First and Last stages he have done, which was the most memorable? Without any hesitation Haechan said,”Rock scissors paper?” OP,”It was indeed unforgettable..” [x]
T/N: He was referring to this episode on M Countdown.

9. OP asked Jisung if he has any interest to take part in a variety program in the future, Jisung said,”Yes” and after some thinking he said he would like to do something like Running Man. OP requested him to draw some hearts and Jisung drew a few hearts with shivering hands [x]
T/N: most of the fan accounts commented that Jisung was very nervous today and his hands were shivering the entire time just look at all the hearts he drew

10. OP asked other then cute concepts, any other concepts he would like to try? Jisung said,’It’s still a long way to go but.. I want to try something like Exo’s MONSTER“ When Jisung’s hands are tired from writing he would put his hands by the chest and say,”Thank you” gratefully [x]

part 2 is up here!

Hello!! I have a question for anyone who’s seen/read Brokeback Mountain, please :)

I watched  the film again last night ( I shouldn’t have let myself be convinced, been an emotional mess since) after a few years and you know how it goes, when you’re confronted with the same story in a different stage of your life. You grow up, you develop as a human, you learn, you live and get shaped by what you go through, therefore your reactions and emotions inevitably change in relations to facts you’ve been exposed to at 15, 25, 40 etc. I didn’t exactly see the same film I saw as a teenager or as a young woman (last time must have been 5 or 6 years ago), but I was left with the same identical question:

What do you think Ennis means at the very end, when he stares at the old shirts in his closet, full of emotion, and says “Jack, I swear”? Not in a general, sentimental way; what do you think he’s actually swearing to Jack?

anonymous asked:

So it looks like David got his leather jacket from the You, Me, & Him film? And I think a pair of faded black, ripped jeans? Who wants to bet the Vivienne Westwood denim jacket is also straight from the movie and not just an inspired personal purchase? Combined with the Mad to be Normal red velvet suit, I think we should have a masterpost of things David took home from filming.

Anonymous said to thingsdtwears: Behold the you me and him poster found on reddit type /r/davidtennant/comments/69amt8/you_me_and_him_poster/ in the url (phone limits). Oh mercy, that jacket, that dead squirrel on his chin… love the pink hair!

Ok guys, before we get suited up, did anyone get super excited for a moment thinking Georgia got pink hair? Like I knew she wasn’t in the movie, but on first scan it really looks like her.

Now on to the nitty gritty.

I think we have to consider this film in a separate category, and as such I’m going to go out on a limb and say that David probably provided most of his wardrobe himself (either bought, or from pieces he already owned) .  

The denim shirt above I’ve previously documented as having belonged to him way back in 2007.

The Leather Coat is also same as documented.

The maroon T-shirt… I’ve dug and dug through every stage door or otherwise image from the last few months and I don’t see it.  But whatever, it’s a T-shirt.

Thing is, this movie was a bit of a family project for them. So it makes sense that he’s keeping and recycling his wardrobe. From IMDB:

Pet passion project and ‘family affair’ for producer Georgia Tennant. This movie was Georgia Tennant’s first job as producer, was written and directed by her best friend, stars her husband and her father, and was financed by Georgia and her husband.

So I guess when you finance the movie, you can keep whatever you want.


In February 2017, lead actor David Tennant bought a full-page back cover ad for the as then-uncompleted movie as a birthday present for his wife, the movie’s producer Georgia Moffett, at a cost of $38,000. The advert was an attempt to gain the interest of investors and potential distributors, and cost a quarter of the movie’s total budget.

David just really loves his wife. OK?

I don’t even know your name

I know that many people wrote an imagine like this, but I hope you like it anyway

tell me what you think 

Another day. Another city. Another stage. Another people. But everything is somehow the same.
Maybe it’s the same because she wasn’t in all these cities.

I let myself fall into the bed again and a quiet sigh left my plump red lips. I had this weird feeling in my stomach since I’m on tour again. The feeling that I might see her again.
Is she still here?
Does she come to one of my shows again?
Will I see her ever again?

I run my fingers through my curly hair and sighed again. These questions killed me the last few weeks and I don’t know if I’ll ever get an answer to them.

The door to my hotel room opened and Geoff came in. I lifted my head up to look at him and as he saw me he instantly rolled his eyes and sighed.

“What are you doing Shawn?” He frowned his eyebrows and looked annoyed at me.
“Why?” I let my head fall in the soft pillow again.
“You have a show in about 2 hours?”
I rolled my eyes and sat up in bed. “I’m ready, no worries”
“Then lets go”

I nodded and stand up to put my black shoes on. Before we left my room Geoff placed a hand on my shoulder and send me a smile.

“I’m happy that we are friends, you know this right?”
I looked confused at Geoff but laughed seconds after. “Is everything okay? You never say something like this”
He rolled his eyes but with a little smile on his lips. “I just wanted to say this”
“I’m happy that you’re my friend too and now go, this conversation is getting weird”
He lightly shook his head and laughed.

I sat in my dressing room waiting for Andrew to say when the show starts. I didn’t pay attention to everything. I just thought about her. Her beautiful eyes. Her hair that looked so soft. Her perfect body. Her plump lips. She was perfect. Perfect for me.

I didn’t noticed that Andrew was standing in front of me. I was absorbed in my thoughts about her. About hugging her. About kissing her. The thought that her plump lips kissing mine let my stomach tingling.

“Shawn?” Andrew shook me a little so I noticed him.
“Mhh?” I had to blink a few times to finally came back into reality.
“The show starts in a few minutes”
My eyes widened immediately. “What? Okay yeah, we can go”
Andrew shook his head. Why does everyone shook their head at me today?

We headed to the stage and I heard the fans scream my name and a smile instantly appeared on my face. I loved this. I loved what I do. The stage was my home and my fans were my family.

“This Song is called I don’t even know your name” I said into the microphone and the crowd instantly screamed. I turned around to look at Mike and Zubin and they smiled back at me.

This song was my favorite. It was about her. It was about the first and only time I saw her.

I took a deep breath and then the music started and I began to sing.

Oh, you waited so long

Sometimes it’s hard to stand out

And you don’t have to do anything else
But be yourself

Oh, you dressed up so nice

But all I could see was your eyes

Then the crowd came and pulled you away

Then you were gone

The crowd sang aloud and I smiley at them. They sang my favorite song with me and I smiled at the thought that they don’t know how much the song meant to me.

And I don’t even know your name

All I remember is that smile on your face

And it’ll kill me every day

Cause I don’t even know your name

I took one of my in-ears out and just listened to the crowd. They know all of my songs. They know all of my lyrics. They came here to see me. Only me.

“Sing with me” I screamed.

I don’t even

I don’t even

I don’t even

I don’t even

“Sing along with me”

Everywhere that I go

I see your face and it kills me to know

That you’ll never know what you did to me

And now you’re gone,

yeah, I can’t stop thinking about you

Cause I don’t even know your name

All I remember is that smile on your face

And it’ll kill me every day

Cause I don’t even know your name

Yeah I don’t even know your name

I looked through the crowd and smiled.

And then I saw her. Eyes closed. Listening to the music. Singing my song. My song about her.
I stared at her. Scanning her face. Forgetting the lyrics. Ignoring everything around me. My heart beated faster. A tingling feeling in my stomach.
She opened her eyes and her gaze met mine. We just stand there, nobody moved, we just stared at each other. And she took my breath away.

But within seconds I was back in the reality and I continued singing with a big smile on my face. I saw her. I saw her again. And one thing I knew was that I’ll don’t let her go this time.

After I got off the stage I instantly ran to Geoff.
“Geoff!! Geoff”
He turned around and gave me a confused look. “What”
I stopped right in front of him and tried to catch my breath. “I saw her” I whispered.
“You what?”
“I saw her, the girl from I don’t even know your name”
He frowned his eyebrows “are you sure? You saw her 2 years ago”
I rolled my eyes and sighed “but I remember her face. I remember her”
“Then go get her” He said with a big smile on his face.
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I am. Come, let’s go”

“She’s not here” I said sighing.
I turned around and walked to Geoff. It was a hour after the concert was done and the most of the people were gone but I had hope. I hoped that she was still here. I hoped that she waited. Waited for me.

“I don’t see her, Shawn. I’m sorry” He laid a hand on my shoulder and gave it a little squeeze.
“I don’t give up” I said and ran my fingers through my hair.
Geoff sighed but nodded afterwards.

It was already dark but we continued walking through Hamburg. We came to a little river and as I wanted to walk over a bridge I saw her. 

I immediately stopped and Geoff walked against me. “Shawn what the fuck”

I didn’t said anything I just stared at her and apparently Geoff followed my gaze because his eyes widened the second he saw her.

“That’s impossible that we really found her”
I laughed and turned around to look at him.
“I’ll go to her”
He nodded “okay, good luck”

I sent him a smile and walked to her.

She looked at her phone so she doesn’t saw me.
“Hey” I said, my voice soft and calm. But my heart started to beat faster.
She lifted her head and instantly her eyes widened and a smile appeared on her perfect lips.
“H-hey” she stuttered and I chuckled.
“How are you?” I smiled at her and scanned her face. Her eyes. Her long lashes. Her cute nose. Her plump lips. Her perfect skin. Everything about her was perfect.
“I’m fine and you?” She put her phone in her pocket and then looked me in my eyes. Her glance took my breath away and I swear my heart skipped a beat.
“Me too, thank you. Do you - I mean do you want - …” I cleared my throat and closed my eyes for a second “do you want to talk and walk around with me a little?”
She looked in my eyes as if she wanted to find out if this was a joke. But as I nodded, she smiled.
“Of course”
“You can show me Hamburg”
“If you want” She whispered and laughed a little. Her laugh is the cutest thing I ever heard.

I turned around to say something to Geoff but he wasn’t there. I smiled a little and turned again around to her.
“Can we go?” I asked.
“Yes, I said my friends that I’m in a bar. They don’t need to know that I’m with you” We both laughed and then we started to walk through Hamburg.

After a while we stopped near the river.
“Sorry but my feet hurt”
“No Problem, it’s beautiful here” I looked around. Flowers everywhere. The moon reflected in the river. The light from the street lights shined on her and she looked gorgeous.

She walked to the railing and leaned against it. I walked to her and she turned her head to me.

“One question” I nodded and she looked for a second at the river but then she turned her gaze back to me.

“Why do you wanted to talk with me?

I cleared my throat and looked in her eyes. My heart started to beat faster and I was afraid of her reaction.

“I remember you. You were at a concert from me 2 years ago and I know that this will sound creepy” I laughed and looked at the river.

She placed a hand on my arm and I looked at her and then on her hand. I smiled because her hand looked so tiny on my arm.

“That’s cute, really, but again why do you wanted to talk with me?”
“Because I can’t stop thinking about you and I don’t even know your name”

She laughed “I don’t even know your name, I know this from somewhere”

I smiled at her “the song is about you”

Her eyes widened and her mouth gasped open. “What? The song is about me? But you don’t know me? I’m– what?”

I put a hair streak behind her ear and caressed her cheek with my thumb. “I felt in love with you in the first second I saw you”

She closed her eyes and I saw that her cheeks turned red. “So you wrote a song about me?”

“Yes” I whispered and she opened her eyes again.

“You’re the cutest Shawn, but you’re Shawn Mendes. You can’t like me”

“Yes I’m Shawn Mendes, but honey believe me, I like you even if I don’t know your name or you”

“My name is y/n” She smiled.

“Nice to finally meet you y/n”

“Nice to meet you too Shawn”

We looked at the river and she laid her head on my shoulder. I turned my head to the side and gave her a kiss on her head.

I felt happy. She made me happy. And I thought that I can fall in love again. That I can fall in love with her. She wasn’t just a normal girl or a fan who was on a concert of me. She was so much more. I wrote a song about her two years ago. And I rememered her face as if I saw it yesterday. She was perfect. The perfect girl for me.

After a while I noticed that her whole body trembled so I gave her my jacket and hugged her from behind. She intertwined our fingers and I smiled at her.

“I’m so happy that you finally know what you did to me” I whispered and gave her a kiss on her hair and on her cheek.

i just took the decision to leave a guy i’ve loved and been super close to for the past 10 months.
all i can see and remember is the negativity from the final few days and the times i’ve had to put up with so much crap from him.
the last four days i’ve had knots in my stomach, he’s made me feel paranoid and lied to.
he’s been a big part of my life and i can’t deny that he’s made me so happy and self-confident but i know i’ve taken the right decision - we were at different stages, we wanted different things. i know he was more into me than i was into him. i couldn’t lie to myself like that.
i know i’ve not been the victim and neither has he entirely. 


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Genre: angst/fluff

Featuring: Mino x Reader

Request: him and the reader his girl friend (she’s and idol too) guest stars on show me the money and some of the contents diss her

Not sure how I feel about this one. I’ve never really written a scenario like this and I think it turned otu not so good lol. Hopefully the anon who requested thinks it’s ok?

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Allen had another talk today! Well, sort of. I think he was waiting for a karaoke room to open up so he could stream, but it didn’t end up happening. Instead, he stayed in the chatroom for a while.  Summary (and more photos) under the cut:

PS. This is a summary, but if anyone is interested in the transcript of what he said for translation purposes, let me know and I’ll compile it together for you.

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pinkmatsu  asked:

i have 4/6 of the color set (oso, choro, jyushi, and todo) and i still can't win the last level ughu;;; i also have the jump oso but he won't do anything cries

      🌠 Mod Todo

If you haven’t managed to finish the Pachinko Police Stages yet I reccommend you to take a look at our Strategy tag, I reblogged a few strategies already (but I can tell you already than if you max-level those five units you mentioned you could finish them just fine),

2hu 16 thoughts (mostly spoiler free)

>The full version is actually a lot better than the demo. Was pretty concerned this would be the worst 2hu to date but I’m pleasantly surprised. Difficulty is on the easier side of the scale fwiw.

>Newhus are all OK in my eyes. Not sure if any of them is immediately memorable, but none of them are a complete abomination either. Don’t listen to /jp/’s lies.

>Some of the patterns still leave a lot to be desired and are the weakest part of the game IMO. There’s still quite a few nuggets lying aroung, though.

>The music was kinda “meh” but I was concerned it’d be worse from the demo, there’s still some themes that caught my attention like the stage 4 and 6 ones. The final boss theme isn’t better than the last one, though.

>However, despite the music, being kinda lame with most of her patterns and using a pretty obvious gimmick, the final boss IS still better than Junko. Interesting visuals and final attack, too.

>THE EXTRA STAGE THO. Still not done with it, but it might easily be my favourite extra in the series so far. Only time I’ve seen ZUN attempt a gimmick like this and I believe it pays off. The patterns are, so far, a hell of a lot more interesting than those in the main game (and better than 15′s too).

          there is something deeply gratifying about switching places with her audience. after all, she is not only a performer of music but a lover of it ; a consumer like everyone else. she can’t discern how long she’s been holed up in the basement cafe, shaded by the dim of the lights and enraptured by the string of small-time performers gracing the stage. she only knows that she feels a certain jolt of contentedness with every pluck of a guitar string. 

          a shame it can’t last. 

          the club’s bar caught her attention almost as early as the music did, and it only takes a few bottles before she fills her own head with foolish ideas. how nice it would be to share her peace with another soul, she thinks, one she could easily forget come morning. her eyes search the crowd for what she assumes to be an easy target — and then she flags down a waiter, sending a drink order their way in between sets. after that, she waits. her gaze trains on the stranger as they receive her gift ( nothing fancier than a beer ) and a hushed message. when they turn her way, she raises her own glass and smiles coquettishly. // @malvivent


It was his fault. He’d been meaning to tell her, and he chickened out at the last second. Instead, he’d waited too long and when she walked in, she’d caught him in the first stages of a shift. 

That wasn’t how Glen wanted Izzie to find out.

He wasn’t surprised when she dropped all contact. He’d experienced it before. Always his luck. All he could do was move on, pretend he hadn’t cared.

When his phone buzzed with a text, he assumed it was Vivian. He took a few minutes to pause his painting, wiping his hands on his jeans before grabbing his phone.

It wasn’t his cousin. It was Izzie. She wanted to talk. Tonight. Glen huffed out a small breath, not sure exactly how to respond to that. She wanted to talk? Why?

His fingers felt heavy, and it was another long minute before he texted back.

[text]: when & where?