last exit for the lost


Fields of the Nephilim - “Last Exit for the Lost”

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Fields of the Nephilim- Last exit for the lost


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Oliver x Felicity (it's on your ship list, it's fair game!), "I don't believe you." If you're still doing that meme, that is.

Felicity’s kind of having a bad day. It started okay, with hot, delicious coffee delivered straight to her desk by a still-apologetic Oliver (seven months as his EA and he still feels bad about his heavy-handed way of quote-unquote promoting her, as well he should) and a really satisfying phone conversation where she got to be rude to her old, incompetent supervisor in IT (who hasn’t magically become competent in the last seven months, surprise surprise), but things went downhill pretty fast.

Specifically, the part where she’s been kidnapped by some creep who somehow knows that she works for the Arrow (but not, thank goodness, who the Arrow is) is pretty annoying. Especially since he’s some weird mixture of effective and incompetent—smart enough to take her glasses and her shoes, which will make escape tricky, but dumb enough to outline basically his entire plan while staring adoringly at himself in a full-length mirror.

He’s actually kind of freaking her out with that.

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