last exam is tomorrow

For the entirety of this week, exams have been going on. O.W.L.s for the fifth years, regular exams for the sixths, and N.E.W.T.s for the seventh years. Tomorrow ( Friday ) is the last day for exams. As a special treat, there will be an End-Of-Term Feast in the evening in the Great Hall followed by a not-officially-approved party thrown by Rosie Weasley. The Feast will take place during normal dinner time with slightly more elegant food and decorations. It’ll be finished off by awarding the House Cup which will be followed by a casual dress dance during which Lorcan Scamander has spiked various drinks with both alcohol and euphoria potions. The party to follow will be held in the Room of Requirement and all students are invited to attend. Saturday morning, all students will board the Hogwarts Express to head home for the summer. 

This event will begin Friday 20 January and go until the end of Sunday 22 January. The tags used for starters will be: solemnlyswearstarter and solemnlyswearfeast. Please indicate whether your character is at the feast or the party so that other members can reply appropriately. If there are any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to message us. 

Dex drops his bag next to the green couch and shrugs off his coat, heading toward the soft yellow light spilling out of the kitchen. The Haus is quiet; it’s midterms week, and everyone is pulling their last marathon study sessions before the final round of tests ends tomorrow. Fortunately for Dex, his last exam was earlier this morning, but the others are still holed up in their usual study spaces. If he’s right, Ransom and Holster should be in the library, Chowder should be in Farmer’s dorm, Lardo should be pacing around her studio, and Bitty should be - well, in the kitchen, he guesses, considering the smell that’s wafting through the hallway. 

He guesses right. When he enters the kitchen, he finds Bitty rolling out sugar cookie dough and humming whatever’s playing in his earbuds. Dex taps the doorframe to let Bitty know he’s there, and then he notices that Bitty isn’t alone.

Nursey’s here, too, scribbling frantically on a yellow legal pad and buried under a mess of loose papers and highlighters. Bitty turns to give Dex his best warning stare and Dex makes a motion as if to zip his lips shut, perching up on the countertop and stealing a cookie from the tray that’s cooling next to him.

For a minute or two he watches Nursey continue to scribble like his life depends on it. He’s seen Nursey this stressed before, but only around exams. Nursey may try to maintain his chill, but Dex knows that his grades are one of the few things that can pull his d-man out of his shell instantly. He works hard, Dex thinks. Really hard. Sometimes, beyond the point when even Dex himself would call it quits and take a nap - and Dex doesn’t give anything up easily. Never has, never will. 

He’s startled out of his thoughts by Bitty pushing a mixing bowl into his arms and handing him a wooden spoon. While Bitty swaps trays in and out of the oven, Dex starts absentmindedly mixing, watching as Nursey shuffles some papers around and picks up a green highlighter. 

Nursey underlines a few phrases before tossing the highlighter back onto the table, heaving a heavy sigh, and shoving a hand through his hair. Dex gets an idea. It’s stupid and small, but it’s an idea. 

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Me, a category theorist:

Hypothesis: elementary category theory is the mathematical version of “me, an intellectual”.


You: the empty set

Me, an intellectual: the initial object in Set.

You: nullspace of T

Me, an intellectual: equalizer of T and the zero morphism between its source and target (in a category of vector spaces)

You: natural numbers

Me, an intellectual: a natural numbers object

You: a Nötherian ring

Me: a Nötherian object in the category of rings

You: Lie groups

Me, an intellectual: Group objects in the category of smooth manifolds.

You: A poset is a set together with a reflexive, asymmetric, transitive relation.

Me, an intellectual: A partially ordered set (or ‘poset’) is a category having at most one morphism between any two objects.

You: A diagram (of sets) is a directed graph where the vertices are sets and the edges are functions.

Me, an intellectual: A diagram in Set is an object of the functor category Set^J for some indexing category J.

Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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Hello everybody! I forgot to inform my followers on tumblr about my absence D:

In fact, my first exams of the year are starting tomorrow and last approximately until the monday in 2 weeks (week end included). I’ll also have to work on a very important project during february, and once I’m done with that, my second mock exams start in april, so… Damn, not a lot of time to relax ;_; In fact I’ve been studying almost all the time every afternoon and week end since 2 weeks to get ready and when I can it’s either napping or listening to music so I can relax.

I’m very sorry! I must ask you to be patient! ;w;/ Or maybe you didn’t care……… to begin with……. HAHAHA IM A HORRIBLE ADMIN ARENT I

14/12/16 || What a crazy day this has been, I’ve finished revising this morning, than I had a doctor appointment, than when I finally got back home I studied non stop for hours, trying to memorize everything. Tomorrow is my last day before my second exam and I’m so tired of studying.

Inside Out

(Splendor and Misery Part 3)

Part One
Part Two

Daveed Diggs x Reader
Words: 678
Anon:  a better place part three please !!
Anon: pArt THREE OF A BETTER PLACE PLS I AM BEGGING U (i need something to take my mind off of this COLOSSAL AMERICAN BULLSHIT)
Warnings: kissing? is that a warning? idk. if you guys want any other warnings noted let me know!

good morning friends! i am currently running on coffee, and that is all! this said coffee may have given me an existential crisis, but that’s okay!

i have a feeling this may be my last post before exams, which start tomorrow! if i don’t die by the end of next week, i will be shocked! hahaha i’m so screwed end my suffering pls

i basically missed all of revision week because i was sick, so i know nothing for the majority of my subjects. FUN!11111!!!

anywho, that’s my rant for today. enjoy this! requests are open, but i probably won’t be writing again until tuesday. see you on the other side xx



You had stayed back after the show, letting Daveed have the space that he seemed to be asking for. But you watched his movements carefully. He wasn’t as hyped as he’d usually be. When he finally went to leave, you followed him silently and grabbed his shoulder.

“We need to talk,” You said quietly. Daveed jumped slightly, turning to face you.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in confusion. “I thought…”

“I can’t lose my best friend. Not over something like this,” You replied quietly, letting your hand drop to your side.

Daveed nodded slowly. “Can we walk and talk? I’m tired,” He mumbled, running a hand through his hair.

“Yeah, sounds good,” You replied, following him as he exited the venue.

“I’m sorry if my words this morning seemed… sudden. It was just jealousy. You’ve always been my best friend, and I haven’t exactly pictured you with anyone else. It was nothing,” You said, your words being close to whispers.

“Oh,” Daveed replied quietly. “I thought I meant something more to you.”

“Of course you do. It’s just, I didn’t think I meant something more to you. You seem happy with Jalene, I’ve broken that for you. That wasn’t my intention. I promised myself that I would keep the thoughts of liking you to myself. I think it was just the stress of everything that’s going on at the moment.”

“I like you too,” Daveed blurted out. You stopped walking, looking your friend up and down.

“Are you feeling alright? This morning you were going on about Jal-“

“She’s not even half the person you are. You’re my best friend, I know you like I know the back of my hand. I can’t see myself living a life without you. I need you,” Daveed interrupted, grabbing your hands. “I don’t expect you to give me any respect after the way I walked out on you this morning, but I need you to know I’ve been feeling this way for a while now.”

You stayed quiet. You had lied to your friend only a few minutes before, and he had come out and told you his secret? You let out a long sigh.

“I feel really awkward now. I still like you a lot. I was jealous, I’ll admit that, but you mean a lot to me. I’m sorry I’ve made such a mess of our friendship,” You whispered.

“I feel like we’re both equally to blame for this mess,” Daveed said, shrugging. You raised your eyebrow.

“Don’t give me that Diggs. We both know I screwed this up more than you,” You stated, smirking slightly.

“So we’re back on last name basis? That’s a good sign,” Daveed stated, wrapping his arm around your waist and starting the walk home again. You leaned your head against his shoulder.

“Yeah, I guess it is. You interested in a sleepover?”

“Of course. Will this sleepover involve cuddling?”

“What kind of person do you think I’d be if I hosted a sleepover with no cuddling?” You asked, laughing quietly. Daveed’s face lit up when your laugh echoed through the empty streets.

“I missed your voice today. The eight or so hours we didn’t talk killed me,” Daveed stated.

“Well, guess what? You’re not getting rid of me anytime soon,” You replied, nudging him playfully.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Daveed replied, opening the door to your apartment building. You smiled, entering and getting into the elevator. Daveed stepped in just before the doors closed, pressing the button for your floor.

“Now that we’re alone, there’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while…” He said, pushing you up against the wall and pressing his lips onto yours. You let the feeling of his lips flood your body, locking lips with him.

The day had been long, but it had ended on a high note. You went to bed together, him with his arms around you. His posture had changed again, this time for good. The confident man that stood before you this morning was back, and now he was yours.