last episode

It’s been an honour, being in this fandom with all of you, sharing our experience with this terribly amazing and amazingly terrible show. What I fear the most is all these people disappearing one by one and I just hope you guys will keep writing and sharing and drawing and talking to each other.

We got characters with great potential and I know people have different opinions on how the show should have been but that’s the great thing about fanfiction and this fandom.

Thank you

It makes me so happy to see the Serpents take care of Jughead because his dad is in prison and FP didn’t betray the Serpents and when the Serpents go to Jughead and give him that jacket is the best thing ever because you can see that the Serpents aren’t bad people, they are one big family and that is just perfect.


As tomorrow wraps up the end to our beloved show here’s a collection of some of my favorite moments.