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Eustace the Endragoned moodboard. White.

If she was a boy she’d have to be knighted, wouldn’t she, Sire?


Ereri Week 2015 - June 6: Storm - Levi deals with his own inner turmoil. Is Eren really that oblivious to how much he torments Levi?


DAI Locations - The Black Emporium

It is a myth, of course, nothing more.

Tales of a mysterious underground shop run by an immortal—perhaps undead—proprietor who peddles impossible and implausible goods have circulated for decades among the templars. Now and then, a zealous or curious knight will go looking for the place to no avail. Stories place the Black Emporium in Kirkwall’s Darktown, the sewers of Val Royeaux, in the back of an empty boathouse in Llomerryn, at the top of a tower in Marnas Pell, and hidden beneath the skirts of the giant statue of Andraste at the Merdaine.

No reputable source has ever found it and none ever will, because it does not exist.

You will, of course, hear the standard justifications: it appears only to the worthy, it appears only to the invited, it is hidden by blood magic, it exists only in the Fade. Rubbish. There is no magic that can hide an entire shop full of trinkets from the eyes of a Seeker of Truth. And I am not just saying that because I searched for six months and didn’t find it; shut up, Tristan.

—From a letter by Seeker Benedict to Divine Justinia V.


owaseraweek: Day 5 || Vampire Attack
Favorite Vampire: Ferid Bathory > Seventh Progenitor!  


Fashion wives Violet Chachki and Miss Fame during New York Fashion Week, February 2016

Sean and the channel have grown so much since the days in the log cabin in the middle of nowhere. It’s been quite a journey, and I hope that comes across in this video.

@therealjacksepticeye: if you see this, you do mean as much to me as we all do to you. All you’ve accomplished is well-earned and well-deserved, and I can’t wait for what lies ahead.

Forgiveness, Can You Imagine

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Fandom: My Hero Academia
Characters: Bakugou, Izuku, Uraraka, Iida, Kirishima. Focus on Bakugou & Uraraka and Bakugou & Izuku
Words: 5,290  
Genre: Gen (No romance)
Summary: Bakugou gets sick one day and some of his classmates take care of him. Some things are revealed, and some things are forgotten.

SO this started out b/c I really wanted to write the scene at the end, haha. I won’t spoil it tho, you’ll just have to read it. thanks again to @thecrowmaiden for helping me with editing!!

It all started when Tsuyu pointed out that their Lil’ Bakugou hadn’t shown up yet.

Every morning, class 1-A would rub the sleep from their eyes in the dorm living room as they ate breakfast and got ready for the day. Bakugou, they soon learned, was a late riser and was often one of the last to show up.

However, it was ten minutes till class, and he still hadn’t shown up. Bakugou may have been a lot of things, but he was never late to class.

Something was wrong.

Izuku looked around uncertainly, wringing his hands together. “Should we… send someone to check up on him?” He asked.

Kirishima cocked his head to the side, and crossed his arms. He wore a worried expression. “It might be for the best…” 

“If we’re wrong, we’ll never hear the end of it…” Uraraka mused, a finger held to her chin in thought.

It was only a few weeks after Bakugou’s kidnapping and rescue. Tension over his safety still ran high among the students, and any unusual behavior was carefully scrutinized. 

If only to put their own anxieties to rest, they had to go check up on him.

Bakugou felt more miserable then he ever had in his entire fucking life

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Poems for your OTP (Valentine's Edition)

my name is Swan –
badde guys i fite,
with fysts and swordes,
and magike lite,

but wen at home
and in oure nook
with my tru luve,
i kiss my Hook

my name is Hook –
a pyrate dred,
and wen i’m either
live or ded,

in lether blak,
or coate of fawn,
i shower luve –
i kiss my Swan


I’m not currently taking requests, but these are some of my old sketches I had in my computer and that I just edited :) (I’m sorry for replying so late btw and the poor quality of the last sketch haha)

1. Thank you so much!!! hope you have a nice day too <3 <3

 2. Kagehina Secret garden au is just perfect sdhfdsghdgdfg and thank you so much!! TOT3. Thank you so much!! and… I can’t choose…???? they’re all my sons ;__;

“You and I? We’re going to plug up that well for good.”
“But that will destroy the fairy tale world!”
“Wow! You catch on fast - not!”

almost forgot to post this…. but the lovely white day ososan print I ordered from the amazing @tomoplusart arrived last week!!
made my day a whole lot better!! ≧(´▽`)≦
also THANKS SO MUCH for putting the postcard of the calming detective oso as a bonus into the package ;3; ♥ absolutely love them!!

I was tagged by this very @he-tian-woos-his-man lol. It was home screen, lock screen, and the last music I listen (not in necessary order tho ._.)

I have different wallpaper for home screen and lock screen haha XD the lock screen was from pinterest, and the home screen was taken in a local hospital (edited via VSCO tho). This past 2 days I’ve been listening to twenty one pilots and I don’t really know why, maybe I was hooked XD and oh, you can see the place where I living right now haha I initially want to hide it but then I let it go.

and yes, I put my phone on flight mode since I’m using home’s wifi… my provider’s signal is terrible when I’m home so I just turn it off. No one really call or text me, they do it via line/whatsapp now so yeah :\

I don’t really want to tag some one right now (I mean, there’s noway I tag the person who tag me lol) but if some body out there want to do it, then do it and tell meeee!!! 

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