last day son

General Hux takes great pleasure in his role as Leader Snoke’s personal disobedience coach for their Master Knight, Kylo Ren… 

Since Snoke is too far away to punish him… execute order dominatrix hux.

Hux learned a lot growing up. thanks, Brendol. Kylo learned nothing. thanks, Solo.

*laughs* y’all make fun of how much yugo confuses the other girls for rin but like

he the same. poor dense boy sees what he wants.

Jesus Christ - Trump’s “How would they know that? Were they there?” - that’s the reasoning of someone who can’t fathom the world existing without them, and also a symptom of the traditional fascist refusal of study and research. 

There are days when what scares me the most is that it’s not clear how far we can go with this - every day Trump does at least one thing (and often two, or three, or four) that’s completely, completely unacceptable, and yet before we can focus on it and get properly outraged because yes, it was immoral or racist or illegal  (or all three), he goes and does something worse, so the bar of what we tolerate gets higher and higher and seriously - what’s the limit here? What are Republicans and Trump supporters waiting for? When Trump destroys Seoul because he’s bored, because he’s an idiot or because he think it′ll get people to shut the hell up about Confederate statues - will that be the final straw? Or will it be explained away like everything else? 

(Like - think about the person you were back in January 2016, not even two years ago!, before the presidential campaign even began - think about how used we’ve already become to politics being done this way, because this is how bad things and bad times start - with accepting stuff and getting used to it. I could never properly understand how quickly millions of people got talked into accepting Mussolini’s antisemitic laws, to be honest, but now I’m starting to get it.)


Happy birthday Oikawa! 

IwaOi Week, Day 1:  “Oikawa Tooru is NOT Trash.”

There are absolutely zero words I could use to describe not only how much I love this picture but how important this picture is for me too. Living with autism, depression, and anxiety makes life difficult to treck through sometimes but through the help of this show and this family, these boys, and all their amazing campaigns that promote mental illness awareness, they’ve shown me and others in our fandom or others with mental illnesses that we are conquerors. I can always look back at this picture forever and always and know that despite any time, good or bad, I can handle anything that’s thrown my way and that I’m strong and have worth. Jared told me how much he loved the sign and thanked me for all the hard work I put into it and when I told them thank you for making me feel loved and important, Jensen looked right at me and said no thank you. I’m crying typing this out as we speak and it was the perfect way to end the last day of the con. ❤

Have this horrible sketch of Kakavege family time! > _>; These kinda pictures have a special place in my heart. Like I scream and do that running in place really fast when i see these kinds of pics. Shhhh….don’t judge me…Let me enjoy my weakness… XD