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I wasn’t gonna participate but I figured why not. This is an old picture anyway.


I have severe OCD and anxiety. I have depression, BPD, Chronic pain, and most likely Schizophrenia, but my psychiatrist is still waiting to re-diagnose me. (its a long story.)


art improvement is Exciting

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Blainexreader "You are my forever plan"

You slink into your armchair sadly, knowing that you’ve completed your last day at your work and are now officially unemployed, and look at your phone to see a text from Blaine: ‘How did today go?’

You reply, ‘As good as a day can be when your whole workplace goes into liquidation and you realise no matter how good things are, nothing’s permanent.’

His reply is immediate and warms every part of you, ‘Not true, you are my forever plan and I don’t plan on that changing anytime soon at all. <3′

It’s 7 am on a Monday, I’ve been doing paperwork since 6, am utterly exhausted from having worked the last 10 days straight, and I just looked at the clock and realized my first appointment is in an hour. I’m going to have to put on a smile, look cheerful, and pretend I love dealing with other people’s problems.

When did I become an adult and how can I resign?

do i do my eyebrows now or see if i have the energy in the morning? (which i probably…will not…)

it’s 11 pm is moscow, i just came from work, not look tired at all lie
last days were not so bad, i got some interesting books.. one of them is about celibacy :)

even though I still don’t feel my best, today has been good so far: ordered a hot pink Kate Spade wallet for 50% off on hautelook, mailed my boyfriend another letter, good parking spot at school, got an A and nice comments on my paper for my South African class, redeemed a free drink at Starbucks, and it’s the last week/few days of classes

not looking forward to work later, but when am I ever?

Having been a fan of Guide plates for many years I picked up the new DMM Pivot belay plate last week and have used it for the last 3 days of scrambling work. Firstly as with anything DMM Climbing, it looks good! Beyond that though I’ve been suitably impressed how DMM have not gone down the similar sort of route that other manufacturers have and considered the end use and user and designed the product around that. With 10mm ropes the belaying has been very smooth, I haven’t used anything thinner yet, but fairly confident I’m going to find the same result. The Pivot part is large enough to easily accommodate any shape karabiner, but the part that I found that separates it from other Guide plates is the amount of control you have when you need to release it. Normally it can be awkward to release and you need to be a pretty cautious too, however the clever Pivot part makes the whole process so much easier. It’s certainly not awkward and gives the user a considerable amount of control. I first heard of DMM’s plans over a year ago and it was well worth the wait!


04/05/15 First work day.

After spending last week training today was my first proper day at work. I was looking forward to it as it will be a whole new experience for me. My work times today were 10-4. I got up nice and early around 8 to ensure myself enough time to get there and be prepared.

From the picture above you can see that I chose to wear appropriate black shorts and the bright orange Pancho t-shirt along with my name badge so that customers and staff know who I am. I also tied my hair neatly in a plait so it was out the way and didn’t look messy for work. From doing my training I was able to see that the dress code for the company was quite causal and they seemed to wear what they wanted or the Orange t-shirts. I feel wearing the t-shirt was the best option as I would stand out whilst working and could be easily identified as a worker there whilst fitting in with there uniform standards (COC 3).

My first task of the day was to to meet at the free walking tours meeting point, here I had the task of marketing the company. We started this at 10 to be ready for the tour at 11, I did this with Chloe and Millie. I came prepared by bringing all the leaflets and handouts I had been giving from training. Since we had to do this without being accompanied by a member of staff I showed a positive and reliable attitude to the task as I would be representing the company (COC 2). This was also instruction that was given to me the previous night and therefore it was important that I followed the task that was given to me in order to show a proactive approach (COC 4). I found the marketing a beneficial task as I was able to improve my confidence by socialising with the public and getting to know people who would be attending the tour. My final task was to gather everyone together and take a group photo in which was evidence of our marketing.

The next task of the day was to head back to the hostel in order to meet our manager Patricia in which would give us our next task of they day. I arrived at the hostel with a friendly and polite manner and willingness to work. Since it was out first week things were still a bit unorganised and the rota had not been completely finalised therefore Patricia started by going through important documents that we would need to know and fill out as well as running through the rota with us. She then set us a task to come up with potential ideas on how to gain customers feedback and also to create a tip jar in which we would hope to fill from helping customers and giving good customer service. I was in charge of the tip jar (see picture). Even though it’s a simple task I put in a good effort and followed the instructions that were given to me. We and half an hour to do this task in which we managed to stick to and then went back to find out our next job.

Pancho tours has a crucial role for us which is to gather statistics whilst out marketing. Patricia went through this with us and then set us with an important task of creating the spreadsheet data in which the whole group would have to use and fill out. I felt this was a good task as I was able to improve my IT skills in which I didn’t know I would develop within the job role however this was beneficial to me. Once we had done this we was told to familiarise ourselves with the hostel and then we could finish for the day. We finished an hour early this was due to un-finalised plans for us for the rest of the day.

Overall I feel that my first day went okay, I had different tasks set and was able to get an insight on the company from talking to Patricia and finding out some more job roles that I will have to to. I look forward to tomorrow and getting a final rota of tasks so I can really get involved with the business😊.