last day of work looks

Lyrics from Hamilton that would make great t-shirts for teachers:

1.Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.
2. With every word, I drop knowledge.
3. I got y'all knuckleheads in loco parentis.
4. Every action’s an act of creation.
5. Raise a glass to freedom (worn on the last day before summer vacation)
6. I’m looking for a mind at work

4400 words on my WPW from last week, bringing it to almost 9k, and thanks to my traitorous brain and the new plot element it concocted this morning I’m no where near being finished. Aaargh.

in less than 3 weeks from now i’m going to be attending group therapy one day of the week, going to uni on another, and working four days

at least i have sundays off though right

Small Goals: Day Thirty Nine

(Wednesday 10th February 2016)

 So I’m writing this retrospectively because I didn’t feel like posting it earlier. Today has t been a good day mentally but I feel I’m ending it on a better note then when I started it 16 hours ago. Today was my last day off work and to be truthful I’m not looking forward to going back tomorrow. I’m doing what I can to change that tho. Other then that I spent a lot of time overthinking. Anyway my daily goals were minimal: 

 Daily Goals 

  •  Self love to the max - watch Netflix, read, take photographs, edit photos, relax. Just do what I love and stop overthinking everything. 

 Weekly Goals 

  • Spend 30 mins a day job hunting. The job i’m at doesn’t make me happy at all. It’s time to make a change. 
  • Continue spreading the love by messaging 1-3 people a day with compliments, motivation and anything else positive 
  • Everyday tell myself 3 things i love about myself and make a post about it along with photo of a part of my body. Body positivity and self love is important.
  • Share one thing a day that made myself laugh, it can be a story, a vine, something someone said to me, something i saw etc etc. Smiling is important. 

Simple daily goal and as usual my weekly stayed the same. I completed them all i!d say. I’m gonna post up the 3 compliments post after this. As for the thing that made me laugh smile, my sunset pics. Why, well because I was stood in the pouring rain in a hoodie and shorts loving what I was doing. I was cold, wet and all i could do is smile at feeling happy in that moment.


I have the flu and bronchitis. I am not a happy diva and I’m really bored of the taste of Strepsils. My husband had to take the last few days off work to look after our daughter it’s been that bad.

I just want to write the next chapter - which I have started on! but sadly focusing on writing is beyond me at the moment. So to my readers on here who follow Lea and Cullen’s story, apologies as there will be a delay. It will happen though!

Also to all the kind people I owe replies to on here, Skype and Facebook, I will reply soon!


Man, I looked tired last night. The way the day worked out 8:15-9pm was my only opportunity for a strength workout, so I took it.

A nice solid Stronglifts session with no auxiliary work.

Then, I volunteered this morning in my daughters 4th grade class. There are some real shitheads in there. I worked with a struggling reader for about 90 minutes, then came home and had coffee with Wifely and looked at some AZ homes online. I fixed lunch while she did some work calls.

Now I’m procrastinating and trying to get my shit in gear. Here we go. Happy Friday.

Goodnight everyone, I have to go to sleep now because I have work tomorrow and it’s going to be my second-to-last day at work for me, which means I’m definitely looking forward to it :)

Anyways, take care, kattobingu and egao ^^

Ok so for a while I’ve been thinking that I want to switch my major to social work. one day like last month I was looking at the different programs at DCCC for some odd reason and I saw the Social Work program and it really struck me because it’s a subject where I feel like I would actually get excited about the classes and enjoying learning. I just feel like that’s what I want out of college, or I mean, that’s what anyone should want out of college; to be excited about what they’re learning about. The only thing that was holding me back was the fact that I don’t really want to be a social worker, or at least I don’t think I do. But then this weekend we went to that organizing meeting for 15now and I realized that I just… Need to study this. And I’m excited that I finally came to this conclusion. I think after this semester I’m going to start taking real classes again. I’m just really excited about this. I think it would be good for me.


Year 1, Day 5 (Summer // LEISURE DAY!)

Today was leisure day & we spent it well, I think! For the last couple of days we have been scouring the web for a new addition to our family & last night we found the perfect girl, so we went to pick her up today. She is a Yorkshire terrier with the sweetest temperament, we named her Midge. I’ve already fallen head over heels in love with her <3

The rest of the day was a lazy day, we let Midge settle in and sort of left her to her own devices while she figured out where everything was. So, I decided me & Fabian would have a little time together in the afternoon, since for the last few days I’ve been working and looking after other children, I don’t want him to forget he’s my number one boy <3 we did some mummy and baby yoga together on the porch & it was so cute to watch him try to copy me :’) 

All in all, a pretty good way to spend our day off <3

 - Mama Iris xoxo




  1. a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar.
    1. “don’t talk to strangers”

Kekrya had to keep herself from flying away at that very moment. It had been so long since she had last been inside a human city before, mainly because the last time she’d tried to go in one, she had been chased out once her magic wore off. She had spent the last few days just trying to work up the courage to visit one and look. Not for something to eat - she got that from any animals she could catch - but for any other dragons left. 

When she first stepped into the city limits, she’d immediately found the noise to almost overwhelming, like a thousand dragons were roaring in her ears all at once. She had to keep herself from wincing, and even then she couldn’t help but jump at every sudden burst of sound. 

The city was so much different than the ones she used to visit, and it was so strange. The buildings looked like the humans were trying to rival the size of the mountains, and they shone like silver. Giant things that looked like moving paintings were hanging on some of the silver buildings, looking as if they could fall off at any moment. The roads, which were made of smooth black stuff instead of stone, were crowded with bizarre machines, many of them a gaudy yellow color. Humans of all sorts were seemingly unaffected by the weird place, so Kekrya just tried to act like them. She put on a lazy, unassuming walk and started looking around. 

Now that she thought about it, this place was so crowded that even if there were any dragons there, they would be almost impossible to find. The strange smells were clogging up her nose, so it would be very difficult at best to catch the distinctive, smoky smell that she knew so well. Going by looks would also be tough, considering the only way she would be able to tell was by looking at their eyes. Then again, such a crowded city had to house at least one dragon, right? At least, that was what she believed.

Suddenly, there it was - that smoky scent of dragon. Eager to find another one of her kind, she took a deep breath to try and pinpoint the smell. She got even more excited when she smelled several dragons, and she even knew where they were coming from. Abandoning all hope of acting like a normal human, she started running as best she could after the scent, hoping to find another dragon.

The scents led her to a dark alleyway, but Kekrya wasn’t deterred, even when she saw the alley, damp and musty with the not-so-subtle reek of trash. Now, the scent was even clearer, making her heart soar. She darted down the alley, turning a corner to find the source of the smell.

It wasn’t, however, another dragon.

It was a few humans, leaning up against the wall and muttering to each other. In their hands were what looked like rolled up pieces of oddly colored paper, smoke wafting from the burning ends.

Quickly realizing her mistake, she started backing out of the alley, trying not to attract any attention. Unfortunately, one of the men spotted her and got off the wall, walking slowly towards her. When Kekrya turned to run, she heard even faster footsteps behind her, and a powerful hand grabbed her wrist.

“Hello there, little girl,” one man whispered in her ear. His breath was horrible, like rotting fish and landfills. “Where you goin’?”

“I’m terribly sorry,” Kekrya stammered, trying to avoid a fight. “I didn’t mean to intrude, I just thought you were- mmf!”

The man slapped his hand over her mouth, trapping her in his bear grip. Out of self-defense, she bit down as hard as she could on his hand, making it bleed. The man howled in pain and grabbed his wrist, foolishly freeing the angered dragoness. In retaliation, she turned on her heel and slashed at his face with her nails, which had grown into deadly claws. The man hollered and covered his face, trying to stop the bleeding. 

The howling and yelling he was doing had attracted the attention of passers-by, who shrieked in fright at the freakish woman. Her hair was turning into hardened spikes, her hands into paws, her teeth into fangs. Two long protrusions sprouted from her back, taking the form of wings. Unwilling to have anyone else see her, Kekrya took off into the sky like a rocket, fully transforming into a huge green dragoness as she burst through the clouds.

Her heart had sunk, disheartened that she hadn’t found any more dragons. She refused to believe that they had all died off, but the thought gnawed at her heart. She couldn’t help but feel alone, so so alone.

As she neared the forest where she made her home, she touched down near a crystal clear lake, wanting to rest there in the water for the night. Taking a very deep breath, she slid into the water like a snake, silent and graceful.

Swimming to the very bottom of the water, Kekrya curled up on the sandy bottom, her eyelids growing heavy from lack of sleep. As she drifted off, her mind kept dwelling on the day’s failures. One conclusion came to her mind; she’d have to try looking for them in another city, on another day.


I had a fucking shitty day, but my cat’s was probably a good deal worse.

I had to take Kitty to the emergency veterinary hospital ‘cause she had vaginal bleeding. It could have been a good deal worse, since I initially thought it was rectal bleeding, which is almost never something easy to treat, especially in an elderly cat. She was painful around the abdomen, so they gave her a time-released dose of buprenorphine that should last a couple days. Her blood work looked good and her kidneys and bladder looked normal in the x-rays, so it’s probably a recurrence of the UTI she had back in November. Kitty gets a two-week course of antibiotics, which will hopefully deal with the issue properly. The bill came to about $500, which is better than the $800 estimate but still pretty expensive. Fortunately, my parents agreed to pay for it on the condition that we come up for a plan for my financial independence.