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quick doodle of Aria and Tela for @cousinslavellan, based on A. Ryder Log #23 of The Misadventures of Aria Ryder (read it over here or here! :D)

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If you think Ron didn’t recite or reference Ginny’s first valentine to Harry in his best man speech at their wedding you’re wrong.

Literally Every Voltage Inc. guy: “Fall in love with her? Of course not! She’s weird and-”

Them usually by episode 10: FUCK..


This is literally me in EVERY voltage route

Huedhaut MS

Sometimes I feel that voltage men understand you better than human beings

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What do you think rowan would be like as a father?

ooooh ok here we go I have a lot of thoughts after writing Circumstance (the princess in these headcanons is not the same as in my fic)

  • Rowan is the most protective father to ever protect
  • His and Aelin’s first child is a female, with silver and Ashryver eyes and delicately pointed ears and Rowan loves her with all of his heart
  • He calls her ‘his Ember’
  • The new princess is tiny and adorable and precious to everyone in the castle, especially the cadre
  • The males love to make fun of Rowan for his soft-heartedness towards his daughter, but they secretly love the girl just as much, and would protect her with their lives
  • Her first word is ‘daddy’ and King Rowan Whitethorn cries at the sound
  • Ember grows up a true princess, much like her mother did, but instead of her little burst of fire magic being repressed, Aelin and Rowan teach her to hone it and learn to love instead of fear her gift
  • As soon as she can hold a wooden sword, Aedion, Rowan, and the rest of the cadre have her training
  • She is absolutely adorable waving around the tiny weapon, but as she progresses, Ember becomes the prodigy that Rowan says might rival her mother 
  • The king loves teaching his little princess to fly in her small baby bird form, Aelin watching from the bottom of the tree in case she falls, because Rowan’s not taking any chances
  • But he’s also not going to go easy on her either
  • Pushing his daughter off the branch, Rowan wills a soft wind to lift the bird’s wings up and allow her to coast over the gusts, easily flapping and keeping to the air
  • Aelin has never seen Rowan smile as wide as he does when he shifts back, holding the tiny bird who landed his palm and telling Ember how proud he is of her
  • His own silver hair grown out long, Rowan allows his daughter to braid the strands - much to Aelin’s dismay as he never lets her do that - and when her hair is long enough, Ember practically begs her father to do it up
  • Needless to say Rowan becomes very proficient in hairstyling
  • While Aelin lets her daughter eat whatever she wants, Rowan is the one that pushes the plate of vegetables towards her at dinner, and makes sure she eats all of whats on her plate before she gets a slice of chocolate hazelnut cake
  • As Ember is an avid reader, Rowan and Aelin will snuggle up on either side of their daughter at bedtime, and take turns reading a story, using funny voices to make her laugh
  • Usually, Rowan will end up the last person awake, quietly reading the last chapter as the two most important people in his life snooze soundly cuddled up against him. It’s in those moments that Rowan thinks he is the happiest he’s ever been
  • As she grows up, Ember begins to travel on diplomacy meetings with her parents, and Rowan cannot stand all the Lords’ sons who dare look at his precious princess for more than two seconds
  • Aelin is constantly elbowing him in reprimand during meetings to stop scaring the Lordlings shitless
  • When the princess gets into disagreements with the queen, Rowan is endlessly conflicted between backing up his wife, or protecting his daughter from his wife’s wrath
  • Most of the time it’s a balance between the two, the king working as a mediator between the females
  • Eventually, even though the king prayed that the day would never come, the crown princess finds her mate
  • The two girls have a much easier love story than Rowan and Aelin, which they are grateful for, but it doesn’t stop each of the cadre males plus Aedion from going up to the poor female and threatening her that if she breaks their princess’ heart… 
  • None of them have to follow through on those threats however, as the princess and her mate marry soon after she turns 20
  • Ember asks her father one last time to do her hair for her wedding day, and Rowan has tears in his eyes as he does
  • Finally, he walks her down the aisle, and as they reach the end, and Rowan slips his daughter’s hand into the waiting palm of the woman she has chosen to love and spend the rest of her life with, he kisses her cheek
  • ‘I’m so proud of you, my little ember’
Richie Tozier || Too Soon

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this one, it took three different tries to get it somewhat of how I wanted it to be! This is set ten years later, so in the late 90’s! It needed to be earlier than twenty-seven years, so here we are! Please enjoy!

The sound of light rain pattering against the window slowly drew you to consciousness, your eyes slowly opening to face the window. There was barely any light coming through the curtains, the only time it really shown any was when lightening struck. The quiet snores from your sleeping husband behind you continued for a few moments before a clap of thunder shook the small house and drew Richie from his peaceful sleep, “it never fucking fails.” He groaned sleepily as he turned his body to face your back and threw his arm over your waist, he pulled you to his chest before he placed a gentle kiss on your neck as your laced your fingers with his over your abdomen. Another clap of thunder echoed outside two minutes later when he settled back down and he growled, “decent sleep. That’s all I fucking ask for.”

A soft snort escaped you as you looked at Richie over your shoulder, “well, I mean, that’s not all you ask for.” His lips turned into a suggestive grin, “well, you’re not wrong,” his hand slid to your waist as grasped it gently. You rolled your eyes, “Richie-“ the shrill ringing of the house phone echoed throughout the house, the sound of it making you both rise to your elbows. “I guess going back to sleep is not in my near fucking future.” You gave a small laugh, “I’ll go answer it then, you big baby.” The ringing stopped and you froze for a moment, before it began ringing again and you continued to make your way out of the bed. Richie’s hand fell on your lap, “Nah, I got it.” He fully sat up and the sheets pooled around his hips before he threw them onto you and climbed out of the bed, he used the palm of his hand to rub his eyes as he yawned, then he quickly pulled on his jeans and a t-shirt before he walked out of the room. “Richie, if you’re going to smoke-“ you called out after him, the ringing stopped, “-close the door! I know the drill, babe.”

Your lips lifted in a smile as you heard your Richie’s response, however, the smile dropped a few seconds later as a wave of nausea hit, causing you to hastily throw the sheets off of your legs and you threw yourself off the bed, sprinting into the bathroom. You heaved into the toilet, your hands harshly grasping the edge of it. After a moment of waiting for another wave, you leaned back against the cool wall and panted quietly when the nausea did not come back. You had no choice. You had to tell Richie today. Standing up, you quickly washed your hands and brushed your teeth and hair before you changed out of Richie’s t-shirt and into a pair of jeans and a sweater. With a nervous glance at your outfit, more as a way to stall time than actual concern for the clothing, you made your way out of your shared room.

You nerves slowly began to rise with each step that you took and you caught yourself glancing at the pictures that littered throughout the house. Some of the pictures of the two of you and your friends, then some of just the two of you at different stages: kids, teenagers, when he finally asked you out your sophomore year, graduation, both of your twenty-first birthdays, and other pivotal moments. They seemed like ages ago, when it was only a few short years. Well, most of them anyway, your twenty-first being just two years ago along with your engagement that he planned out beautifully with the help of Eddie, and your engagement party; and last year from your wedding day, your honey moon; and finally from your anniversary date that was three months ago. A small sonogram tucked away in your bedside table was going to be the newest addition to all of the memories that were randomly placed in the house.

You glanced over at the sliding glass door that lead to the back porch, your stomach tightening at the sight of Richie. He sat on one of the outside chairs, hunched over, his hands cradled his head and between his ring finger, that held the silver wedding band, and his middle finger, was a cigarette. Hesitantly, you slide the door open and then close, before you gently wrapped your arms around his shoulder. He was shuttering as if he was holding back a cry. “It’s ok, Richie. It’s ok.” You felt his back rise as he took the last puff of his cigarette before he flicked it into a puddle of rain.

Silently, you waited for him to speak as you held him and tried to comfort him from whatever he heard from the phone call. “Fuck.” His raspy voice cut through the silence as he leaned back into your embrace, his hand came up to gently hold your arm. He gave a chuckle and looked up at you, his curly black hair falling awkwardly from his head being tilt back. Your eyes scanned over his face, his eyes were red, a sad but reassuring smile was on his face, the dreary weather made the freckles that littered across his nose become more prominent. You leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against his lips, your hands crossed over his chest, “Whatever it is, we will get through it.” Your words are quiet, his eyes staring into yours. He looked as if he was about to tell you what the phone call was about.

Before you could cut him off, he spoke. “It’s back.” You froze, the sense of fear filled your body and your head spun. That was the last thing you wanted to hear before you told him you were pregnant. Your arms dropped to your sides and you looked out into the small yard, your eyes filled with tears before you glanced down at the faded scar on your hand. The pact. You had to go back to Derry.

“Who called?” Your voice was barely above a whisper as you pulled the sweater closer around you, then your grasped the railing in front of you. You heard Richie sigh as he stood up and wrapped his arms around your waist, just above you growing bump. “Mike… I just called Eddie… I think it may have been easier for him to hear it through me that…” Richie’s voice broke before he shook it off, you knew it was his way of trying to be strong for the both of you, “that fucking clown is back and it’s seventeen years early.”

You glanced down and bit your lip, “When do we leave?” His arms tightened around you, you felt his head move from where it was, to now placing a kiss on your shoulder, “you’re staying.” You turn with wide eyes, “like hell I am! Have you lost your fucking mind Richie? I’m going.” Richie leaned forward and pulled you to him, “No, you’re not.”

Before you could argue, he grasped your cheeks and pulled you forward into a loving kiss, “I didn’t want you involved in the FIRST place and now, with us actually being together? Married? There is no way in hell you are EVER going back to Derry.” You could tell he held back something, his eyes were hard as he glared at the concrete between your bodies before he shifted his gaze back to your eyes.

You poked his chest, “if you go, I go.” Before he could argue, you spoke up, “and you’re fucking going because our friends need us. Those kids in Derry, need us. And I need you to come home, alive. So no, we are going.”

His jaw clenched and unclenched, his facial expression held onto its stubborn expression, then he nodded, “fine, we’ll go.” His eyes moved from yours to the backyard, his eyes looked everywhere but at you. His jaw was still tense and his mouth was tightly closed, he was trying figure out his words carefully, “we go, we do what we can, but we aren’t getting involved.”


“Because I am not letting that clown ever get his hands on you ever again or our child.” Your heart stopped at that, his eyes finally came back to yours, “I saw the sonogram in your table while I was looking for the spare car key. I’m sorry, I was going to allow you to tell me, you know, act surprised and happy like I was when I saw the sonogram.” An amused smile broke on his lips as he tried to lighten the mood from the argument, “I can’t… you know, it’s really hard to try and fake being scared like I was at first, I got that out of my system after a few minutes,” he chuckled softly. He quickly regained his seriousness, “but we will not get involved, Y/N. I’m serious, I’ll drag your pregnant ass back so fucking fast-“

You pulled him down into a kiss and stopped his rambling, “I can’t believe you already knew.” You whispered, slightly upset that he found out before you could tell him, you were almost more upset about that than It returning so soon. “Listen, babe, I’m sorry. I really am and when we get back, we can do something special to celebrate. Hell, as long as mom’s not drunk, we can go tell her and dad. Whatever you want to celebrate this baby. But I’m fucking serious, we do not going into those fucking sewers. I mean it.” You knew there was no more fighting it, you gave a nod, any help was better than none. Richie wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead, “I love you and I know I love this baby, I don’t want to loose either of you. So, let’s go pack our stuff… ok?” You gave a nod as you pulled away, his hands reached forward and placed a gentle hand over your abdomen, “I’ll protect the both of you.”

Frankfurt Book Fair

queenofairndarknesss said: Hi Cassie, me and my friend are intrested about Frankfurt Book Fair. We heard that you are going to attend it and our question is; are you allowed to tell us if you will attend the first three days (wed-fri) or the last two (sat-sun)?

I’ll be there over the weekend. I asked my German agent and she said:

I don’t yet have confirmation on exact event dates. But you will be there over the weekend (those are the days that are open to the public). Here is the rough itinerary:

Arrival: Thursday, October 12

Book Fair activities/events Fri-Sunday 

Possible event to be confirmed on Monday

So you can see it’s in the planning stages, but I will be in Germany, in Frankfurt, and I will be doing events during the Book Fair and possibly in another city on Monday. I always enjoy touring Germany and will be happy to be back!


Voltage Inc.- Holding Onto You 

“I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing.
With a broken heart, that’s still beating.
In the pain, there is healing.
In your name, I find meaning.
So I’m holding on, holding onto you.”

Holding Onto You - Lifehouse

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Now, whenever he kisses him, Han remembers what it was like to kiss him on their wedding day last June. He remembers the tears on both of their cheeks, remembers Luke shaking to pieces in his arms, remembers the feeling of pure elation with a dash of anxiety and a breath of relief. He remembers the smile against his lips, the way Luke laughed into his mouth.

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