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friendly reminder that 2ne1 won MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World award based off of fan votes in 2011 and headlined a concert in New York because of it. Before the majority of people outside Asia knew very little about kpop. Before Gangnam Style was even released. Before social media was as big and powerful as it is now. They would also go on to have a global tour in 2012 and play two nearly sold out shows in New York and LA, with a total attendance close to 14,000. They became the first Korean girl group to rank on the Billboard Current Box Core. And in 2014 2ne1 became the highest charting kpop group on the Billboard 200 with CRUSH until BTS broke the record last year. They appeared on The Bachelor AND America’s Next Top Model, and even had a song on a MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO COMMERCIAL. 

friendly reminder that in 2012 Girls’ Generation performed on The Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Kelly and Michael, performing The Boys.  In 2013 Girls’ Generation won the Video of the Year award at the Youtube Music Video Awards, beating nominees like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Psy, One Direction and more. They received a lot of backlash and racist comments for the win at the time. Starkly different from the overwhelming praise BTS got for their win at the BBMAs. 

friendly reminder that in 2009 Wonder Girls opened for the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 World Tour for 45 dates, and they released English singles “Nobody” and “Tell Me”, with the latter being the first song to ever enter the Billboard Hot 100 by a Korean group, and would continue on to tour the US and Canada with multiple show dates on their own World Tour.

Never forget these legendary girl groups’ international achievements as they were pioneers and laid the groundwork for future groups’ successes. They will always be the queens no matter how many come after them. 

Brother’s Best Friend (M)

Jaehyun x Reader (feat. Johnny)

Word Count: 3.6k

Genre: Smut, Slight angst

A/N: My first published smut ayy.. I was stuck on this for a while but last night lordt I just went on one and finished it at like 4am lmao… Ty to my FLOwer (@nctreacting) for helping me out with this 💕

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I’m a Flirt (smut) // Zach Dempsey x Reader

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A/N I feel so dirty omg I’m definitely going to the underworld. BTW THIS WAS MY FIRST EVER SMUT SO NO HATORADE PLS

Warning: Smutty smut smut

You were in the library with Tony studying. Well, you were supposed to be studying, but really your mind wandered to the boy across the room: Zach Dempsey. You bit on your pen, gazing at the way the skin between his eyebrows wrinkled every time he didn’t understand the text in front of him. How his muscles flexed, stretching the material of his varsity jacket, when he put his head in his hands in frustration.

“Earth to (Y/N).” Tony snapped you out of your daydream. “I see your eyes are glued to Dempsey again. You know you have a boyfriend right?”

You rolled your eyes. Your boyfriend of two months casually cheated on you with one of the cheerleaders. When you found out, you weren’t surprised. You didn’t even know why you went out with the jerk in the first place.

“Tony, he cheated on me.”

“But you guys are still together, aren’t you?” Tony questioned.

You still had eyes glued on Zach. He noticed your gaze and winked at you. “Not by tomorrow.”

Tony took your hand to remove the pen out of your mouth. Both of you stared down at the majorly bent top and teeth marks.

“I can tell Zach has a huge effect on you,” Tony laughed.

You blushed furiously. “That’s crazy, Tony. You know I have a boyfriend, right?”

“Not by tomorrow,” he mocked. “I gotta get going. See ya (Y/N)!”

Tony packed up his things and left you alone at your table. You decided to put on your earphones to put your focus on your homework. The first song that popped up was “I’m A Flirt” by R. Kelly. Right then and there, Zach slid the seat that was previously Tony’s and sat across from you.

You took off one of your earbuds. “Can I help you?”

“More like can I help you? I saw you looking at me,” he smirked. 

You bit your lip nervously. He leaned over closer to you.

“Don’t do that. You don’t know how much it turns me on,” he whispered.

It’s like he knew the effect he had on you. “Sorry, habit.”

You got up from the chair with your backpack and went into the bookshelves to return a math textbook. Zach followed you like a puppy. After reaching the back of the building, you tippy toed to slide the book in the slot. Someone suddenly pulled your waist and turned you around, causing you to gasp. Zach pressed his body against yours.

“You know those leggings make your ass look amazing. What are you trying to do to me, baby?”

You would be lying if you said you didn’t know Zach had a huge crush on you since last year. You’ve recently discovered you felt the same, but never built the courage to break up with your boyfriend.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Dempsey,” you spoke innocently with your arms around his neck.

He peppered kisses on your neck and jaw, causing you to whimper. You pushed him off you gently. “I have a boyfriend, Zach.”

“Fuck him,” he retorted.

You started walking towards the exit. “As nice as that sounds, I’d rather fuck you.”

You proudly left the jock with his mouth agape, hot and bothered.

“It’s over? Just like that?” Your now ex-boyfriend questioned. 

You rolled your eyes. “Stop acting like you care.”

“But I do!” he leaned towards you but you stepped away.

“If you cared, you would’ve never cheated on me.” 

You left him in the halls and headed towards the gym where you had dance practice for the upcoming basketball game. You set your bag down and greeted the other members. As the captain, it was your job to create routines that showed off the team’s skills and distract the opposing basketball players as well. As you were stretching, you spotted Zach shooting 3-pointers with sweat glistening on his muscular arms. He noticed and approached you. You got up from your squatting position and slung your arm across your body.

“Came to watch me play?” he smirked.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Dempsey. I’m here to practice.” You shoved him out of your way. “Okay girls, let’s run through it a few times then we’ll get to cleaning.”

They followed your directions and set up in their formation. ‘Party Favors’ by Tinashe blasted through the speakers once you pressed play. You ran into your spot and began moving your body to the lyrics. By the end of the routine, all the players had their eyes on the team, but Zach had his specifically on you. 

“Good job. Two more times, girls!” 


It was the end of practice and you were about to leave the gym when you felt a hand pull you into the boys’ locker room. You smacked Zach’s chest.

“You have to stop with the surprises!” 

“You have to stop with the teasing!” He licked a strip from your neck to your jawline. 

Zach left wet kisses all over your exposed chest and collarbone. 

You moaned in response. “Zach, just kiss me already.” 

His lips lightly touched your cheeks leading up to your ear. He chuckled darkly.

“You have a boyfriend, remember?”

“Not anymore.”

Those two words initiated him to quickly attacked your lips. You felt his tongue glide against your bottom lip and you gladly let him into your mouth. Your fingers played with the end of his jersey. You lifted it over his head and he went to work on your neck. You moaned at the feeling of his teeth against your sensitive skin, knowing that there would be marks the next day. Zach’s hands trailed down your body, stopping at your ass. You wrapped your legs around his torso and he guided you to the bench. He laid you down gently and ripped the tank top you had on. 

“Zach!” you exclaimed.

He laughed. “I’ll buy you a new one, baby.”

His pet name for you caused your panties to soak. You pulled him up from your neck to meet your lips. Your fingertips ran down his toned abs to his basketball shorts. You tugged at them and Zach slipped them off without removing his lips from yours. Your hands dipped into his boxers and rubbed the pre-cum on his tip. He broke apart and growled into your lips. You started stroking his length, increasing the speed gradually. He pulled your hand out of his boxers and took off your leggings agonizingly slow. Zach unclasped your bra and swirled his tongue around your right nipple while massaging the other with his large hand. He swiped his finger against your wet folds in your undies and brought it up to his mouth. He looked at you with his lust filled eyes and sucked on his finger. You moaned and grabbed his hand before he can put his digits back into your soaking center.

“No foreplay. Just fuck me already.”

He flashed a bright smile and pecked your lips. “Whatever you want, baby girl.” 

He slid your lace thong off and you pulled his boxers down, his boner springing up and slapping his stomach. The sight of it caused your knees to go weak. He pulled you on top of his lap while he was in a sitting position. You gave Zach one last kiss before sinking down on his length. You moaned loudly at the surge of pleasure.

He brought his lips to your exposed neck. “Say my name, baby.”

“Zach oh my god.” You bounced up and down on his dick, causing both of you to be a moaning mess. 

He slapped your ass and you yelped. “Who do you belong to?”

You couldn’t speak due to the pleasure every inch of Zach was giving you. He pushed you down and slammed into you aggressively. Your moans echoed throughout the locker room. 

“Tell me, who do you belong to?”

You tangled your hands into his sweat-drenched hair. “You Zach! I belong to you!” 

He continuously pounded into you. 

“I’m about to-” 

You drew his lips to yours, both of you cumming at the same time. You thanked yourself for remaining on the pill. Zach pulled out of you and collapsed on top of your sweaty body. 

He looked up into your eyes. “Be my girlfriend.” 

“Zach, that’s not exactly a question,” you laughed.

“Will you please be my girlfriend?” He pecked kisses all over your face which caused you to giggle.

“Yes, Zach. I will be your girlfriend.”

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Sunlight lights the freckles on Dean Winchester’s nose. They always get more obvious in spring, and Castiel loves it. He likes the little brown sprinkles covering Dean’s nose and cheeks, going perfect with the bright green of his eyes. Dean doesn’t see him staring, he’s focusing on his homework.

Castiel, who is normally the one to be concentrated, keeps looking at Dean next to him. It was a perfect day to sit outside, so they decided to get their boring work out and lay on the grass in Castiel’s garden.

It smells like spring; flowers and warm sunlight, just warm enough so they don’t have to wear jackets. Dean’s barefoot, his toes playing with the soft grass. Cas smiles when he sees it, then quickly returns to his work.

“They think we can like… stop time or something,” Dean complains and nods at the pile of books with him. “How are we going to finish this in one weekend?”

“We don’t,” Cas huffs. “And then we fail all our classes, get kicked out of school and go live out on the street.”
Dean’s laugh is as bright as the sun that’s currently creating speckles of light peaking through the leaves of the trees.

“Oh man, y’know what?” Dean softly pokes Cas’ bare arm. “As long as we’re homeless together, I’m cool.”

Cas smiles and quickly turns to his work so Dean doesn’t see him blush.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

They work for a while, exchanging questions and answers as time passed.

“Ugh,” Dean groans and rolls on his back, leaving his work next to him. “I’m dead.”

“Condolences.” Cas says and smiles as well when he hears Dean’s happy laughter. He puts his pen down again, too. He lays on his stomach and starts picking daisies, carefully, and begins to thread them together.

“Whatcha doin’, Chuckles?” Dean asks. He’s closed his eyes and lets the sun warm his skin.

“Surprise.” Cas smiles.

“If you’re trying to feed a bee again, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Bees are very important creatures, Dean, and I wasn’t feeding it.” Castiel continues his thread of flowers, making it longer until he can create a crown.

“You were guiding it to the biggest flowers. I call that feeding.”

Cas finished of the crown and shifted over to Dean.

“Don’t move.” He gently places the crown on Dean’s hair. “There.”
Dean opens his eyes, smiles when he sees Cas above him.
Cas moves away so Dean can sit up, gently feeling his hair.

“You made me a flower crown?” He asks with surprise. “Dork.”

“It looks great on you, Dean. Very natural.” Castiel says half-joking, half serious.

Dean looks like a fairy, or one of those aesthetic models.

“Yeah, y’know what’s very natural too? Walking around naked with a leaf hiding your dick.”

“Would go great with that crown.” Cas laughs, rolling on his back. Dean chuckles and flops down next to him.

“Oh, you know you wanna see that.” He turns his head and gives Cas a lopsided grin. He grins back.
“Totally. I’ll make sure to take pictures, for later blackmailing.”

Dean playfully pushes against his arm and smiles, turning his face back to the sun.

They lay together in the grass, happily ignoring the books and essays unfinished at their side.
“Cas- have you ever stolen something?”

They always play this game. One of them asks a ‘have you ever’ question, the other answers, then asks a question. The only rule: be honest. It sounds like a lame thing, but it has been helpful to both of them during difficult times, cheering them up.

“No,” Cas says after thinking. “Well… maybe a pen, at school- but never intentional.” He thinks. “Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?”

He could see Dean smile from the corner of his eyes.
“Well- Miss Talbot was pretty hot, but I didn’t have a crush.”

Castiel remembers the teacher they had last year, that got all the guys in awe- except for Cas, who had always been more interested in the handsome science teacher’s biceps.

“Did you ever think about kissing a teacher?”

“Nope,” Cas says proudly, “Did you ever think about… kissing a guy?”

He makes it sound so light, but his throat is closed and itchy.
Dean’s answer takes a while.

“Yeah,” He says softly. “Did you?”

“Yes, plenty.“

Castiel doesn’t know what to ask, but Dean goes first.

“Did you ever think about kissing me?”

When Cas looks to his side, Dean is looking at him. He can’t help but smile because of the flower crown in Dean’s hair and the expecting, nervous look on his sun kissed face.

“Yes.” Cas admits.

“Okay.” Dean seems happy, proud even. “I- uh, kinda thought about that too. Few times.”
He doesn’t look away from Cas, who feels frozen in place. Dean sits up and leans in, a little unsure as he places his hand besides Castiel’s head. “Should we, uh-”

“Yes.” Castiel repeats, but he feels out of breath as Dean’s freckled nose moves closer and Dean lightly bumps it against his.

His lips taste as sweet as the air of spring, filling Cas with colorful butterflies, saturating him with warm happiness. He expectantly leans in and pulls himself closer to Dean, to savor more of those plump lips. Dean’s hand is still next to his head in the grass, his other tracing an invisible line over Cas’ arm.

Castiel’s own hands find a place on his lower back, and Dean smiles against his lips. They pull away. breaths full of each other.

“This okay?” Cas asks, though Dean’s smile says everything.

“Very okay.” Dean hums, already leaning back in.

Castiel now pulls himself up and turns them around, carefully rolling Dean onto his back in the grass and flowers. Dean’s crown is still somehow on his head.

Cas kisses him again and realizes Dean even tastes like nature. Fresh and new and delicate, yet anciently rough and strong. The perfect balance, having Castiel amazed with every new second he kisses and tastes.

He gently takes Dean’s bottom lip before Dean makes a soft sound and takes Cas’ lip in his own, glad to pull him closer, deeper into that feeling they’re so new to.

Maybe spring fever got them both hypnotized, but they forgot about their schoolwork, everything they had to do.
Dean is running his fingers through Castiel’s hair, pulls him close until they’re both completely out of breath. One moment Castiel is on top, testing and trying Dean out, the other moment Dean is hovering over Castiel, careful and hesitant though knowing how to make him surrender.

The spots of sunlight through those leafs create a magical feeling, as if they did stop time and are all alone, with no one else in the world.

Maybe both of them have waited too long for this to end already, maybe they only now realize how much they wanted, they needed this.

It could’ve been hours before Dean softly pulls way one last time, rolling on the grass next to him.

For a moment, he’s quiet, then his fingers reach for Castiel’s.

“I meant it.” He says.

“What?” Cas frowns.

“As long as you’re with me, I wouldn’t mind being homeless.”

Castiel smiles and squeezes Dean’s fingers.
“Even though I agree, I think doing some more homework is a better idea.”
It takes them a little more time to get back to work, but after a while, the books are reopened and they try to focus.
But with their new experiences of each other, the rest of the afternoon isn’t that bad after all.

send me 3-5 emojis and I’ll write a fic based on them

To all the young people struggling with loneliness and unrequited love, I just want you all to know that the crush for whom I carried a torch for the last two years of my teens—the one whose disinterest in me as anything more than a friend left me shattered and in tears for my first four semesters of college—just got married in some bullshit white hippie Burning Man-esque wedding ceremony wearing nothing but a top hat and a mylar speedo, and let me tell you, I have never been more grateful for rejection than I am this very moment, because holy shit I dodged a bullet.

I Though I Was Coming With a Flu [edited]

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Fem!Reader, Sam, Dr. Blaze (OC)

word count: 2k

Warnings: Bit of angst, fluff, lots of it, unexpected pregnancy!!!

A/N: This is and old story among the firsts pices of SPN fanfiction I ever wrote and posted on Tumblr. Since my brain haven’t been helpful with me and the new stories I have in mind I decided to edit this one. I was about to change the ending a bit, but fuck it. I like it, even if it is dull… Oh, and I’m tagging people.

Anyways this is prompt: ‘The reader was told she was infertile by her doctor a long time ago. She finds out he was wrong when she realizes she’s pregnant… with Dean’s baby.    From “60+ Dean x Pregnant!reader Prompts” that I don’t remember who it was from because I deleted the original post, so sorry!! 

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I Thought I Was Coming With a Flu

The cold water felt wonderful against your hot, flushed face, soothing the feverish sensation. You delicately patted the droplets off of your sensitive skin with a soft fluffy towel. Observing in detail your reflection in the mirror, you didn’t recognize the person looking back at you anymore.

Dark circles around your eyes,cheeks shrunk to half it’s normal size- displaying the cheekbones through thin, pale skin - It’s been, what two, three weeks since you started to feel sick… you didn’t keep count anymore. Your neck looked longer and thinner, not to mention that you’d lost at least 20 lb and all of your jeans were baggy now, even your sweats started to slide down your hip.

You carded your fingers through your dirty hair, moving  it to the side and contemplated your languid face once more before rinsing your mouth with the last of mouthwash; what was the point on brushing your teeth if you were going to throw up again in like 20 minutes?

You made your way down the hall to the kitchen, stopping once or twice to catch your breath; you couldn’t be off bed for more than a few minutes without feeling like you were going to faint. You finally reached your destination and laid against the doorframe, to regain your composure and were immediately greeted by the worried looks of the Winchester brothers.

“Morning to you too,” you said in a sarcastic tone.

“Hi,” they said in the unison.

“Umm… Hun, you know it’s 5 in the afternoon, right?” Dean was getting up so you could seat on his place, even though there were a lot of empty chairs.

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Promise of More Tomorrows

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings: Aftermath of drunken confessions, embarrassment, blunt Jensen   

Word count: 1300ish

A/N: So I was practically ordered into writing a part two of my one shot Promise Of Tomorrow, since Ana aka @percywinchester27 was the ring leader I forced her to beta this for me!

No hate towards Danneel - this is fiction. I love those two dorks together but for the sake of this, let’s pretend she is happy with someone else.


The sunlight that hit your face felt like a million daggers and your head ached as if it had been trampled on by a wild herd of elephants last night. You groaned in discomfort pulling the cover over your face, trying to hide from the sun and the day.

Then the memories came rushing over you. Memories you wished you could hide from as easily as the sun. Memories of every inappropriate thought you had ever had about Jensen spilling out of your mouth. Memories of him overhearing it and carrying you to bed.

“Fuck!” you mumbled, “I’m never drinking again.” What you really meant was that you were never leaving the room again. At least not until Misha, Jensen and everyone that might have heard you were back in Canada, which was about a month away.

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u know what would kill me tho, since viktor in the canon universe confirmed that when he was younger he never really listened to anything yakov used to say, so please imagine coach yuuri chiding (its more of a stubborn pout that says 'you know what u did wrong, im not even gonna say it') viktor for maybe putting too many quads in his sp. Viktor's dying from the pout because its too adorable to be on his coach and viktor cant handle it

When he skates off the ice with his free program, giving the teenagers around him a run for their money, Yuuri just slowly shakes his head and opens his arms.

Victor falls into them with a gratified sigh, moved to tears.

“New personal best,” Yuuri huffs against his chest, toying with the sweaty ends of Victor’s messy ponytail. “But I told you not to do that last quad.”

“You’re lecturing me about that now?”

Yuuri pulls back and taps Victor lightly on the forehead, looking awfully smug. “If not now, when?”

Victor’s been crushing on Yuuri for years. Over the last few weeks, the crush has moved into a full-blown, realized infatuation, and in this moment, Victor would dramatically claim that this is the first pull of love blooming between himself and his mentor.

friend if u like the idea of that please read this scene from the body music series by @wbtrashking ive been dead for 15 years


#James talk (x): Just a place to discuss James Potter. Thoughts, headcanons, fangirling, you name it.

#Remus talk (x)Just a place to discuss Remus John Lupin. Thoughts, headcanons, fangirling, you name it.

#Sirius talk (x): Just a place to discuss Sirius Orion Black. Thoughts, headcanons, fangirling, you name it.

#Draco talk (x): Just a place to discuss Draco Lucius Malfoy. Thoughts, headcanons, fangirling, you name it.

#Dirty talk (NSFW) (x): Discussions about the HP boys (Mainly the marauders and Draco) where things get a bit naughty. 😈

M a r a u d e r s   E r a 

A muggle?: Y/N is introduced to the marauders through a childhood friend.

It’s Me (Part 2 to ‘A Muggle?’): Y/N’s first ever Movie night with the marauders.

I Think We’re In Trouble (Part 3 to ‘A Muggle?’/’It’s Me’): Y/N has a Pillow war with the marauders.

All I Need (Part 4 to ‘A Muggle?’/’It’s Me’/’I Think We’re In Trouble’): Y/N gets asked on a date and the marauders are not having it.

It Meant Something (Part 5 to ‘A Muggle?’/’It’s Me’/’I Think We’re In Trouble’/All I Need’): The marauders apparently didn’t learn their lesson, and decide to meddle with Y/N’s love life a little more.

-  R e m u s   L u p i n

Saturday: Realization hits Remus in the best way.

La Vie En Rose: Remus changes Y/N’s life for the better.

I’d Like That: Remus is given the task of giving a tour to a feisty new student.

Flustered (Blurb): Remus and his secret girlfriend are caught in a compromising position. 

-  S i r i u s   B l a c k

Lil Sirius Blurb: Prompt: “I’ll protect you.” “From What?” “I don’t know. Anything.”

Today’s The Day: Sirius tries once again to work up the courage to ask out his crush.

12 Years (Post Azkaban): Y/N spent the last 12 years trying to accept the fact that Sirius was never coming back. Right when she begins to give up hope, he shows up.

Let’s Have One: Sirius and Y/N are asked to babysit Y/N’s baby cousin.

This Whole Time: Sirius is in love with his best friend, who doesn’t seem to know that.

Perfect: Based on Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Clueless: Sirius makes a mistake, hurting his best friend, and realizing he feels a little something more in the process.

-  J a m e s  P o t t e r

‘S Your Name Isn’t It?: James and Y/N are left alone together for the first time.

Right Here: James gets back from a rough quidditch practice. Fluff ensues.

G o l d e n   T r i o   E r a

-  H a r r y   P o t t e r

I’m Tough: Harry’s girlfriend get’s into a little scuffle with Pansy.

-  D r a c o   M a l f o y

Then Let’s Dance: Draco and Y/N spend the holidays together.

Expectations: An insight as to what it’s really like bing best friends with Draco Lucius Malfoy.

Something to Fuss Over: Draco falls in love with a muggleborn and tries to push his feelings away.

That Tosser: Draco becomes jealous when he reads his best friend’s journal.

I Know: Draco’s best friend shows him something wonderful, leading Draco to an important realization. (Told from Draco’s P.O.V.)

-  F r e d   W e a s l e y

It Will All Be Okay: Fred grows tired of having to sneak around with his Slytherin girlfriend.

-  C e d r i c   D i g g o r y

Birthday Blurb: Ced surprises the reader for their birthday.

Imagine surprising Chris for his birthday.

A/N: I didn’t think I’d get a one shot done for his birthday, but I did. 😊 Happy birthday, Chris. And also, thank you so much for 5.5K! I love you all to bits. What a wonderful present to get on Chris’ birthday. X

13th of June 2017; Chris’ 36th birthday. You had big plans for your husband’s birthday, except they weren’t going to take place until later in the evening. Unlike Chris who had just finished filming the first part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, you were still needed at your job. You had quite a bit to do today and seeing as you had plans to meet Chris at 6:30PM, you were on a bit of a time crunch. You got up earlier than usual, texting your driver to pick you up with breakfast from yours and Chris’ favorite brunch spot. You weren’t going to be there when Chris woke up, the least you could do was get him some delicious maple walnut bagels.

By the time Chris woke up, you’d already left for work and Dodger had taken your bed space. He chuckled and scratched his best friend’s head, then narrowed his eyes when he spotted a folded piece of paper tucked in Dodger’s collar. He smiled when he saw that it was in your handwriting, it said: “Good morning, Birthday Boy. I couldn’t afford the day off, but I’m leaving work early. See you at 6:30, I’m sending Jason to pick you up so be ready. Your suit’s in the closet, pressed and ready to wear. I love you.” He kissed the note then pressed it to his nose, as always- you’d spritzed it with some of your perfume. You did it every time you left him a note, and he did the same when he left you one; it just made things more personal.

“Okay, Dodger,” Chris sat up, resting the note on his bedside table. “Let’s go see what Y/N left me for breakfast.” He said, knowing very well you’d left him breakfast. It was something you did when you had to leave for work early on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day.

You always thought that between the two of you he was the one that would miss out on all the big occasions, but it turned out to be you instead; the owner of a start-up that helped promote big fashion and beauty brands as well as dress celebrities and socialites. You wanted to complain, but it was hard to considering how much you loved your job. It wasn’t just because you got to work around clothes and makeup all day, it also helped you meet and marry your celebrity crush. You couldn’t believe how quickly the last four years had gone by, it felt like just yesterday you were launching your company.

Chris found the maple walnut bagels you’d left him and popped them in the toaster while he boiled some water to make some green tea. He filled Dodger’s food and water bowl while he waited for both his breakfast items to heat up. He was expecting more than breakfast, if he was being honest. You were a romantic who left him love notes and gifts even when it wasn’t his birthday, so why on earth wouldn’t you when you actually had a reason to do so? He flinched when the toaster popped out his bagels. He grabbed a plate to hold his bagels then grabbed the cream cheese from the fridge, sighing. 6:30PM was a long while away, what was he going to do with his day until then? He could drop by your work place to hang out, but he felt like he’d just seem needy if he did. He huffed and took a bite of his warm bagel, looking over at Dodger who was happily enjoying his kibble.

“Looks like we’re going to go for a long run, bud.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris fixed his tie in the mirror by the front door while he waited for your driver to pick him up. The day had been a long one waiting for 6:30PM, but it was finally here. He couldn’t wait to see you and see what you’d planned for him. You’d planned everything with great secrecy because this was something you knew you couldn’t let Chris’ curiosity ruin for himself. It was big and you wanted it to catch him with complete surprise as it did you when you found out. You couldn’t stop smiling when you saw the two lines appear on the stick, and you knew Chris wouldn’t be able to either when you told him he was finally getting the child he’d always wanted.

A knock on the door told Chris that Jason had arrived, he grabbed his house keys and opened the front door. “Hey, man.” Chris greeted Jason and earned a nod and smile from the man who’d been looking after his wife since she started her career. Jason opened the car door for Chris and Chris got into the car, smiling when he saw a bottle of his favorite beer sitting in a ice bucket. He chuckled and cracked it open as Jason got back into the car, pulling out of the driveway.

You got a text from Jason when they arrived at your company’s main headquarters. You were waiting on the roof with your news as well as a candlelit dinner catered by the Italian restaurant you and Chris went to on your first date. You were slightly nervous to tell Chris you were pregnant. You didn’t know why because you knew he’d be happy to hear it, but you were nervous. You weren’t trying for a child per se, but you weren’t not trying either. You both agreed that if it happened, it happened. You went off the pill and stopped using the latex barrier, allowing the universe to decide if the two of you should be parents.

“Don’t I feel special?” You heard Chris’ voice and you turned around, smiling when you saw him walking over. “You do know how to spoil me.” He looped an arm around your waist, pulling you into him as he pressed his lips against yours. You could taste the residual alcohol in his mouth as he kissed you. “Happy birthday to me,” he chuckled softly when he broke the kiss.

“Happy birthday indeed,” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. Both of his hands landed on your waist as he smiled brightly at you. “Do you want your present first, or dinner first? I thought I’d give you the choice seeing as you’re the birthday boy.”

“Depends on what the present is, I mean- If it’s you and your Versace on the floor, I’d rather save it until we get home.” He winked and you laughed. “But if it’s something that doesn’t involve sexual favors then I’ll have the present first.” You rolled your eyes with a smile as you pulled away from his touch, taking his hand to pull him with you. You grabbed the envelope off the dinner table and held it out for him to take. “Aw, man. An envelope?”

“Excuse me?” You laughed. “Did you seriously just say that?”

“Sorry,” he chuckled. “I was just hoping for something- y'know, in a box. You nailed last year’s gift, I really liked that bottle of scotch you got me with the personalized glassware?” You tried not to smile too widely as you played out his reaction after he saw what was in the envelope in your head; you had no doubt he was going to regret everything he said. “But you know what, I’m sorry. It’s always the thought that counts and you are always superbly thoughtful. Envelope or box, I’m sure this is going to be an amazing gift.”

“If you’re disappointed, I can always make up for it when we get home ‘cause there’s a Victoria Secret gift bag waiting at the back of the wardrobe.” You teased him and he chuckled, shooting you a quick wink as he opened the envelope. “Disappointed?” You bit back your smile when you saw his jaw drop at the sight of the sonogram he’d just pulled out.

“Is this-” He looked up at you with tear filled eyes and you nodded, smiling. “So we’re-” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. He couldn’t breathe, he was holding a picture of his future child in his hand. He was going to be a father, the two of you were going to have a child. “YES!” He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“Chris!” You yelped then laughed as he spun you in a circle. “Are you happy?” You asked as he continued to hold you against him; you ran one hand over his gelled hair and the other down his back. He nodded, burying his face in this crook of your neck. “Is this a better gift than the scotch last year?” He nodded again and you smiled. “Can you kiss me now?” You asked and he quickly met your lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

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Riverdale Imagine: Mixed Messages  (Jughead x reader)

Anonymous asked: Heyyy, I saw that your requests are open and was wondering if you could do one with jughead and the reader when they date.where the reader and Betty get along and everything but the reader can’t help but get jealous of what they had and how close they still are at times?

Summary: The reader spends a painful summer watching Jughead and Betty in a relationship. She has liked Jughead for years and can’t bear to be around the two of them. The reader arrives back to school in September, after spending a few weeks with her Dad in Toronto, to discover that Jughead broke it off with Betty. Although Jughead and the reader begin a relationship, Betty appears to find it hard to accept Jughead’s new feelings.

Approx. 2200 words

The friendship wasn’t the problem, that had always been there. Jughead and Betty had been best friends from the moment they had been born. They had had their first day at school together – I had seen the photograph of the two of them aged five, hand in hand as Betty confidently dragged a terrified Jughead through the school gates – partnered together in every class since that day, and even shared their first kiss in the third grade. Before I had even moved to Riverdale, Jughead and Betty were inseparable. I’d moved to Riverdale from Toronto when I was ten and from the moment I joined Riverdale Middle School, I was smitten with Jughead Jones. I was never very subtle – I remember leaving a ridiculously cheesy Valentine’s card in his locker one year, failing miserably to disguise my handwriting so within five minutes everyone had guessed it was me – but Jughead never made me feel embarrassed. I joined Betty and Jughead’s little group immediately, Jughead was fascinated by my stories of life in a big city and Betty was delighted to finally have a girl-friend as there was only so much boy-talk that Jughead would take willingly. By the eighth grade Archie Andrews and Kevin Keller had joined our little clique, and now that we were in the eleventh grade, Veronica Lodge – who had recently moved from New York – had befriended us also.

Veronica was where the problem began. Within days she had noticed how close Jughead and Betty were and immediately latched on to the idea of them as a couple, planting little seeds of romance in both their heads until, at a party over the summer, they finally kissed. As I had been silently crushing on Jughead for the last six years, I had become a master of hiding my feelings. Nevertheless, I spent the rest of the summer uncomfortably third-wheeling at Pop’s as Jughead and Betty shared milkshakes and giggled as they stole each other’s fries, play-fighting and calling each other names. Ironically, I was incredibly thankful when my Mum put me on a plane back to Toronto for the last few weeks of the holiday, insisting that I had to spend time with Dad and his latest girlfriend before I went back to school.


I spent the weeks in Toronto dreading the return back to Riverdale, I wasn’t sure how much more of ‘Bughead’ – as my friends had named them – I could take before I lost it. I had liked Jughead for so long and the fact that he had never had a girlfriend before now was my only comfort, it was easier when he didn’t like anyone, I didn’t feel rejected then. I kept my head down as I walked down the school corridor towards my locker, taking care not to bump into anyone. After I had re-organised my books and pulled out the ones I needed for class, I absent-mindedly closed my locker and, leaning against the opposite wall, I pulled out my phone to check my Instagram feed before the bell rang.

“How was Toronto? Got any new stories for me?” I could hear the smirk in his voice before I saw it. His raven curls were spilling out from his grey beanie and falling over his eyes, I resisted the urge to reach up and touch them. Blushing, I tucked my own hair behind my ear instead as part of it escaped from my messy bun, similarly to the way the rest of me was unravelling at the sight of him. I thought of something witty to say, even flirtatious, but I remembered that he was with Betty and our previously mischievous friendship had boundaries.

“Not this time Jones, it was pretty uneventful.” I muttered as I returned my gaze to my phone-screen.

“Awh come on Y/N! Not a single bad date? Surely your dad found a friend with a wealthy son to marry you off to…?” He winked at me and cocked his head to the side, the butterflies in my stomach started doing flips. I smiled politely and shook my head; any further conversation was saved by the sound of the bell ordering us towards our first lesson.

In English, I was surprised to see Betty sitting with Kevin instead of Jughead. I shrugged, concluding that we had been assigned some kind of paired project, but my suspicion returned when Jughead sank down next to me. I figured that something was going on. What had I missed over the summer? I glanced around to see if Mr Bruce had entered the classroom yet, and pulled out my phone to text Betty.

Are you and Jug okay?? You always sit together, what am I missing?

Ask him! He broke up with my just after you left for Toronto… Something about liking someone else and not wanting to ruin our friendship!!

Relief and horror spread through me at the same time. The idea that I would no longer have to pretend to be happy for Betty and Jughead was liberating, but the thought of going through it all again for the sake of another girl filled me with dread. Despite my own feeling however, I hoped that Betty wasn’t hurt, she was one of my best friends after all and I knew how much Jughead meant to her.

“Betty and I broke up a few weeks ago, I thought you should know.” Jug whispered. He had propped himself across his side of the desk and, with his head leaning on his hand, was staring at me intently.

“That’s a shame, you guys were good together.” I replied, trying to sound sympathetic. He frowned slightly at my response and furrowed his brow; I began rummaging through my English books to hide from his careful gaze.

“It wasn’t fair on her you know? I couldn’t be with her knowing that I liked someone else – ”

“Jug, please stop.” I whispered. I couldn’t bear to listen to him spill his feelings to me about another girl and expect me to be okay, it was too much. He was looking at me, an expression of hurt imprinted upon his perfect features as he took in my words.

“Y/N? Have I done something wrong?” he murmured urgently, reaching out across the desk for my hand. I pulled my hands away immediately and placed them hastily on my lap. I hated seeing him upset but I also knew that I couldn’t listen to him express his feelings for someone else, not again. I had to tell him.

“I like you Jughead, I always have. Ever since I put that stupid Valentine’s card in your locker when we were in the fifth grade I’ve had feelings for you.” I realised that I was making a fool of myself but I continued regardless. “When you and Betty were together over the summer it hurt and I really tried to be happy for you but I just couldn’t. So please don’t expect me to do it again, please don’t make me listen about your feelings for another girl.”

I bit my lip and looked at my hands, silently cursing myself for letting my façade slip when I needed it the most. After a few seconds of silence I dared a look at him, expecting to be greeted with embarrassment and discomfort, but he was beaming at me. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I tried to understand his reaction; suddenly I felt a sickening fear that he was laughing at me… that he found my feelings amusing.

“Don’t mock me Jug, it isn’t kind.” I whispered as my lip quivered and my voice cracked.

“Oh Y/N, you’re such an idiot!” Jughead chuckled “I like you too.”


Jughead and I had been together for nearly three months when we went to Veronica’s Christmas party at the end of the autumn-term. Our time together had been almost perfect. I’d helped him with his novel while we drank countless milkshakes at Pop’s, we watched old-movies at the Drive-In, and he even introduced me as his girlfriend to his little sister Jellybean on one of their weekly video-chat sessions. The only problem was Betty. Betty and Jughead had soon reverted back to being best friends – much to everyone’s relief – and they insisted that their romantic feelings for each other had ceased now that Jughead was with me. Although I trusted Jughead, I struggled to trust Betty and as a result a lot of my thought process revolved around jealousy. I was paranoid about Betty’s feelings for Jughead which led me to feel jealous of their closeness as I was convinced that she wasn’t over him.

Despite Jughead’s reassurances, at the Christmas party my suspicions were proven correct. Just as I was returning from the kitchen with drinks for Veronica and me, I noticed Jughead and Betty at the end of the corridor, talking in hushed voices. Betty gestured towards the ceiling at something – I realised horrified that it was a sprig of mistletoe, Veronica had hung them all over the house – and just as Jughead was returning his gaze to her, a look of mild confusion on his face, she lent up and kissed him on the lips. As my grip on the thin prosecco flute tightened in response to my anger at the scene of betrayal playing out in front of me, the fragile glass smashed into what seemed like thousands of pieces, several of them slashing my skin as they imbedded themselves into the palm of my hand. Momentarily, I looked down at my hand in shock as dark red blood quickly pulsed from my wound and trickled down my fingers like a network of rivers. Weirdly, I barely felt even a twinge of pain as the glass sliced into my skin.

“OH MY GOD Y/N!” Jughead shouted in panic as he saw my cut-up hand. I couldn’t stop the tears pouring down my face as I saw him run over to me. “CAN SOMEONE GET SOME BANDAGES OR SOMETHING?” he called in the general direction of the living room as he held his hands out, about to cup my bleeding one. When he looked up at my face though, he realised that he had misinterpreted where my pain was coming from. Without giving him a chance to say anything else, I turned and ran for the door, slamming it in Jughead’s face as he tried to chase after me.


Later that night, after my mum had cleaned and bandaged my hand, I was curled up in bed trying desperately to think of anything except Jughead and Betty. Failing miserably, I pulled my phone from my bed-side table, no messages. I pushed my earphones into my ears and turned the first album on my playlist up to full volume, not even stopping to check what it was, I didn’t care. I woke a few hours later to the sensation of something warm and soft stroking my face. I blinked in the darkness and as my eyes adjusted I recognised Jughead sitting on the side of my bed, stroking my cheek with his hand, I cursed myself bitterly for giving him a key to the house.

“Jughead you need to leave! You can’t just walk in here whenever you want, especially after what you did” I growled. Glaring at him, I instinctively went to push him away with my injured hand and yelped when pain flared up again.

“Y/N stop! You’re hurting yourself!” he whispered urgently as he cupped my hand in his, stroking my wrist where the bandages stopped with his fingers.

“That’s not where I’m hurting, Jug” I whispered back. He nodded and kissed my bandaged palm before looking up at me and taking a deep breath.

“I’m sorry that you saw Betty kiss me. I should have realised what she was going to do and pushed her away but I didn’t because I’m an idiot. I want you to know that I pushed her away afterwards, right before you cut your hand. I told her that I’m with you now and that trying to break us up like that was cruel… and… Oh Y/N I’m so sorry I’ll understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

As he choked out those last few words Jughead’s voice broke and he started crying. I sat there in complete shock; I didn’t think anyone had seen Jughead Jones cry before. I reached up with my good hand and wiped his tears from his cheeks, he nuzzled his face into my hand as he bit his lip. I sighed and climbed into his lap, lifting his face to mine, forcing him to look at me. I kissed him sweetly on the mouth, tasting the salt-water of his tears as I licked my lips when I pulled away. My breath hitched as his hands ran up my thighs and over my waist, pulling my pyjama top up over my navel, I could feel his soft fingers graze my back and I pushed him down onto the bed.

“I love you Y/N.”

I smiled into the kiss. That was the first time he said that.

“I love you too, Jughead Jones.”

Power Rangers Headcanons

(I’m so late but I hope you guys like it, the majority of these are long af.)

Includes Trimberly, Cranscott and Tomi (Yes I made the green ranger a girl)

~Jason’s the first to figure out that Kim’s bisexual. It happened at a party, his birthday party actually. The whole gang including their newest member Tomi gathered at his dad’s house for a small get together. Jason wasn’t one to make a big deal out of this day but Billy had insisted and there was no saying no to that kid. So here they were, in his basement watching The Avengers, Billy’s too busy critiquing every inaccurate thing in the movie. And ever since Tomi made herself known, she and Zack had surprisingly hit it off, really fast. But he sees it, the way Kim plays in Trini’s hair, whose head was on her lap btw, and how she seems way more interested in the yellow ranger than anything that’s taking place on screen. She’s had a boyfriend before but from the way she’s looking at Trini, he knows she definitely doesn’t see her as just a friend.He pulled her aside as their getting ready for bed and she makes him swear not to tell anyone. Especially Trini. The thought never even occurred to him, he’s got his own secrets to hide after all.

~Tomi’s real name has yet to be known, by any of the rangers. Except for Billy. He was the one to put two and two together and figure out what she was hiding. She was the new girl who had just transferred here from the Bridgeport Reservation in California. Her real first name, was unknown to the majority of the world, and she liked to keep it that way. She didn’t like people knowing a lot about her, so she made sure that Billy never said a god damn thing. No matter how hard the other rangers begged. The only person who ever got close enough to getting it out of him was Jason. But before he could say anything Tomi body slammed him to the ground to which she claimed to be a ‘training exercise.’ Jason didn’t ask again.

~Zach’s father was a miner who died when he was five. That’s the only reason he was at the mines the night the rangers discovered the power coins. Its his escape from reality, he goes there when he doesn’t want to face what’s going on at home with his mom. As weird as it sounds it’s his safe place.

~Billy and Zach’s dads were friends once, not close friends but they knew each other. It brings the two rangers closer.


~Jason realized his feelings for Billy as soon as he lost him. The moment Rita released the rope and sent the blue ranger to his temporary doom was the moment his heart dropped, the moment he felt the purest kind of fear and loss all at once. And he wished it was him, he convinced himself that it should’ve been him. So he did the one thing that Billy wanted from the beginning, he vowed to himself that he would keep this team together no matter what.  And when he was brought back, the feeling of relief that washed over Jason was completely and utterly indescribable. He was in shock. He’d never lose him again.

~Trini is good at hiding her feelings, which is why she’s able to hide her crush on Kim until the last week of senior year. It isn’t until she overhears a conversation between Jason and Kim at his party that she gets the confidence to tell her. She does it at school, in detention. Well at least she tries but Kim is to distracted with the training schedule to listen to what the yellow ranger is trying to tell her. So she does the only thing she can think of. She kisses her. Right then, right there, in front of everyone. They’ve been together ever since.

~Both Zach and Tomi are adrenaline junkies. The two hang almost every day and just do the stupidest and most reckless things they can think of.

~For the longest time people assumed that Trini and Tomi were a couple that was until Trimberly became official and shocked everyone who wasn’t a ranger.

~Billy has never felt the need to label his sexuality. He tells this to Jason after they watched episode nine of Bill Nye Saves The World titled the Sexual Spectrum. Jason has to fight the urge to make a move on him right then and there.

~ After graduation the team builds a house on the house and live together on the mountain in order to continue being rangers (Not my idea but I love it).Billy, Kim and Jason attend the local community college and Trini goes  to school online, she’s not a big fan of people. Tomi takes a couple of Art classes at the community center and Zach spends the majority of his days caring for his mother, he wants as much as time with her as possible.

~When sparring Billy trips and brings Jason down with him. They stay in that position way too long to be just friends, at least that’s what Tomi thinks.

~Later that week while Billy’s helping Jason fix up his truck they have another moment. Billy’s holding the flashlight as Jason works on the transmission and accidentally drops it. They both reach for it but Jason gets it first, he looks up to see Billy’s face inches away from his. They probably would’ve kissed if Kimberly hadn’t shown up seconds later ready to help.

~They do kiss eventually, it was after another camp fire by then the rest of the rangers have headed inside for the night leaving only them, underneath the stars. For once it’s silent, Billy isn’t rambling but instead admiring the stars above him. Jason’s hand slides over and covers Billy’s which makes the blue ranger jump and look over at him. He asks if this is okay and the air grows thick. Billy hasn’t pulled away yet and Jason’s heart is racing at the sight of the boy in front of him. And finally it happens, he kisses him with, warning of course, and Billy doesn’t pull away. Instead he melts into the blonde boy. They’ve only been like that for a few moments before their interrupted by Trini who came to grab her blanket. She leaves with it and a knowing smirk. Kim owes her twenty bucks.

(Go check out my power rangers blog, I will post more fic and headcanons there @sabansbabes )
The Jersey

Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could write a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Scott’s sister and one morning she comes down stairs and forgets she is wearing Isaac’s jersey and Scott questions her. Just something cute. Hope this wasn’t confusing 💛”

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader!MCcall x Scott MCcall (siblings) 

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, yelling, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owner. 

Third P.O.V 

The morning sunlight seeped through (Y/n) Mccall’s glass windows. It’s brightness cascaded across her features. (Y/n) scrunched her face at the brightness of the light, shifting slightly due to the new found warmth. Groaning, she threw the pillow over her head with a huff. Hoping that sleep would take her again, she waited a few seconds, hoping too fall back into her prior comforting slumber. After a few minutes, (Y/n) sighed in defeat and threw her legs over the bed. She threw her hair up into a dirty bun, stretching and yawning as she made her way down-stairs. (Y/n) was quite a forgetful person. But this had to take the cake. As she walked down the steps, the only fabric covering her beautiful body, was her secret boyfriend’s jersey. Now, here’s the thing, Scott is very protective of his sister. Always have been, always will be.

That morning, Scott expected to see his sister, dressed properly and ready for the day. However, what he saw instead, was his baby sister wearing one of his friends jersey. There was a long rooted tradition in Beacon Hills. If a boy asked you to wear his jersey, it was a sign of good luck, a sign of affection. Most of the boys who had done it on the lacrosse team asked their girlfriends to wear their jerseys. The team had been doing this tradition for as long as time itself. Scott gave his jersey to his girlfriend, Kira. It was a symbol of luck and love for her. But for other guys, it was a sign to other boys, to show them that the girl they chose was theirs, as in, a one night-stand. His mind ran with horrible thoughts and pure terror, not to mention that Isaac was one of his good friends. “(Y/n)-” He said, wide eyed. “What the hell is this?!” (Y/n) hadn’t realized it until now. The second the words left her brothers mouth, her heart dropped. 

Shit.. Not to Scott’s knowledge, but Isaac and (Y/n) had been sneaking around for a few months now. They were good at hiding it. It all started with the final game of the season, last year. The two lovers had been crushing on each other for as long as time itself. Isaac made a promise to himself that he would ask you out that night and take you out to dinner if he made the final goal. That was all the motivation that he needed, and before he knew it, the two kids were having dinner and laughing until the sun came up. Ever since then, the two of them were unconditional, absolutely inseparable. After that night, they’ve been happily together. (Y/n) was very good at lying, well, only to Scott. He was easy to trick, all she needed to do was change her perfume and he wouldn’t notice a thing. Scott never knew about the long nights they had spent together. Not until now. 

(Y/n) panicked, glancing at her outfit, which only consisted of her boyfriends jersey and a small pair of under-garments. She was going to tell Scott about it, but the it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. (Y/n) stuttered, growing extremely red from embarrassment. “Scott- it’s not what it looks like, I can explain!!!” He puts his foot down, scoffing while he rests his hands on his hips. “Alright, go ahead then. I’m waiting.” Before, Scott rarely used his werewolf powers on his sister. He thought it was rude to pry in such a disgusting way. He thought that his sister, if she wanted to, had the free will to talk to him about whatever she wanted. But in this moment, he was more than obliged to pluck the secrets from his her. She played with her fingers, heart beating faster as she tried to come up with a good excuse. “You see- I uh- Funny story actually, I- this isn’t- I’m borrowing-” Before she could finish however, the house doorbell went off. Oh, god! Isaac. (Y/n)’s eyes went wide. He planned on taking her out for breakfast around nine, the time Scott wasn’t suppose to be in the house. 

Isaac expected to see his beautiful girlfriend to open the door to the Mccall house. Instead though, her brother, and Isaac’s good friend, swung the door open, growling up at Isaac. “Isaac. What are you doing here?” He says with a bit of a bite. The young boy, despite his height advantage, felt incredibly small against Scott. “Oh, nothing. I just-” He paused, looking over his shoulder to see his girlfriend, (Y/n), shaking her head, motioning to her body. The jersey. Isaac’s jersey. He gave it to her last night after they…oh.. His eyes went wide, glancing back at Scott, who practically growled back at him. “Isaac, I’m gonna ask this nicely. Did you fuck my sister?!” The young boy glanced over his friend’s shoulder, looking at his girlfriend for help, something, anything. However, the only thing he got, instead, was her, mouthing one word. Run. Glancing back at Scott, he laughed fakily before turning to bolt away. Far away. “ISAAC, I’M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH! THAT’S MY BABY SISTER, YOU BASTARD!” 

Scott chased after Isaac, for a few streets. After a few minutes, he finally lost him and made his way back to the Mccall house. There, he climbed up (Y/n)’s ladder, where she sat. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. “D’ya think he’ll be okay with it? With us, I mean?” He asks, slightly out of breath from running. (Y/n) sighs, grinning. “I’m sure he will. You better run though, lover boy. He’ll be back in no time.” Isaac giggled, kissing her again with passion. “You’re worth the chase.” She grabbed his arm. “Hey, I love you.” (Y/n) meant it, with every fiber in her being. She loved him. Isaac smiled from ear to ear, wrapping his long calloused hands around her waist before pulling her closer. “I love you too. By the way, you look sexy as hell in my jersey. You should wear that more often.” After that, he hopped off the ladder, running back to his house. He peered over his shoulder once or twice to look at his beautiful girlfriend. The love of his life. All of a sudden, a warm body tackled him to the ground. “ISAAC, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” 

(I hope you liked it!!)