last comic strip

If you want to keep your relationship private, ramparts smooching is probably not the best way (or place) to keep it on the down low :P

I just really love how he’s all hoping to keep things private, even tho they will eventually get out (I’m lookin’ at you Jim =_= ) but then like your makeout spot is like… right in the open where there are always guards patrolling? Not super subtle there, Commander :P I mean to be fair, it could just be that my Inquisitor made out with him a LOT, like WAY too much, but… naahh, that can’t be it ^_- 


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Saitama’s response

Happy Valentine’s Day! (´∀`)♡ [Read from right to left]

Here’s a special doujinshi after Genos’s last confession short strip comic! Sai-san finally response to Genos feelings! And I would like to thank @housewaifutoaster for the mini toasters’ names! [I love Nii and Roku the most (´ω`♡%)] Hope you guys like it! 


Another “small” collection of shokunba onedraw entries

i draw these two way too much but im not ready to stop yet


This pic comes from one of my last comic strips but it’s actually a study of Phil’s mouth that I was doing; I decided to include it in the fanart to do something unusual (i generally don’t do close-ups)
What I never told you is that this shit is fucking huge so I decided to post it full-size (I hope tumblr posts it full-sized cause it usually resizes but-) so you can see every brush stroke and every shitty pencil line I made haha
I thought it could be fun :O
Maybe it’s time for me to start colouring the lineart, what do you think??

edit: tumblr resized the pics =_= I am very disappointed


LOL ok this is how I imagined the 5vs5 match of the guys for this Sunday… until the last Raw episode screwed it completely xD
I’m posting it anyway because I spent a lot of time on it! The one in the crowd with the sign in the fist picture is our beloved @wrestlingfanatic that is proudly repping all us Ambrollins fangirls in Toronto! Scream for us Mary!!! ♡♡
Ok that’s it, I hope you’ll enjoy this first (and probably last) comic strip of mine, and please don’t blame me for shipping so hard Ambrollins and Oweigns ahahah (I would have gladly made some Y2AJ stuff too but there was no room anymore!) :P