last chance to say goodbye

13 hours and counting.

This is my submission for @winchesterprincessbride‘s 800 followers celebration challenge. I really enjoyed this challenge although it was difficult for me.

Prompt: The song- If I die young by The Band Perry. Plus the specific lyric of The sharp knife of a short life.

Summary: The reader made a deal with a demon to save her father, Bobby Singer, this is her final hours.

Warnings: Angst, Character death, Sadness.

Word count: 1571

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13 hours. That’s all you had left as you went speeding down the highway, praying you’d make it in time. You just had to see him one last time, even if he didn’t want to see you. You knew that this was probably a huge waste of time but he was your father and you needed to have one last chance to say goodbye, maybe then you could face this bravely.

10 hours. Your phone would not stop ringing, you knew it was Dean who was calling but you just couldn’t answer your phone. You didn’t know what to say to him you didn’t know if you could make him understand why you had left instead of being with him and fighting this. You knew that this couldn’t be fought and even if it could, the price you would have to pay would be too much for your heart to take. Just a little further now and you will be there and a little closer to your fate.

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100 years ago today, thousands of soldiers were cut down and bled into the sand, dying thousands of miles away from the people who love them. 

It doesn’t matter what you believe about politics and war and who caused it. When people die alone on foreign shores, far away from everything they know and all the people who can hold them and give them comfort as they fall unconscious, it is an awful tragedy.

It’s a tragedy for them, and it’s a tragedy for their loved ones who don’t even get the chance to say one last, final goodbye. 

In Australia and New Zealand today, on the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign 100 years ago, we remember the people made the ultimate sacrifice. 


Alright, I just need to take a second to appreciate this moment again.

[.gif by @chatnoirs-baton]

Because the look on Daryl’s face, is the expression of a man seeing a miracle. The expression of a man in disbelief because he is seeing everything he wants, standing there right in front of him – after thinking that he’d lost her forever. Daryl was shocked and overwhelmed and so happy and relieved then, so just imagine what he’ll be like when he reunites with Carol at the creepy house.

After thinking that he’d lost her, after thinking he’d probably never see her again, after probably regretting his last moment with her and never getting the chance to say goodbye.

When Daryl reunites with Carol again, his reaction will be that face, times one hundred.


Listen, Red’s/Spader’s reactions were perfect in this ep. Flawless. He was stunned and in shock more than anything and touching and loving and kissing because he knew in the back of his mind that this was his last chance. He had to say goodbye right then. But he didn’t wanna leave her and the whole thing just fucking crashed down on him on the way to the car and Spader was so brilliant for including that. I was certainly thinking, “how is he upright and functioning after that?!” and then it was as if he thought that too and he just fucking collapsed and I started to cry. So all of that was really appropriate for the situation. But here’s my confession: I was waiting for him to start crying. I could watch him looked devastated until the cows come home but it would really speak to the depth of his feelings if he cried because we’ve never seen that before. He’s come close but not quite. I’m wondering if/hoping that we’ll see him break down in the next ep. I’m not talking drinking and cigars or rampaging and killing people. I’m talking tears. Real tears. That would be a true sign of weakness for him. That would show that he’s truly broken. And if and when he sees Lizzie again, alive, I’m envisioning him just falling against a wall with shock and disbelief and cautious hope and then walking slowly toward her and touching her face lightly just to find out if she’s real. And Liz says “Raymond…” really quietly. And then he fucking crushes her to him and he’s running his hands over her and kissing her and crying, no sobbing, because he thought she was dead and she’s whispering, “I’m here, Raymond. I’m sorry, I’m here.” and clutching him back. He thought she was dead, but she’s not. She’s alive and now so is he. Give me that, show. Give me that.