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Evening the Score

Elena Rose Bennett is a world class athlete, Harry Styles is an International pop star. Both of them lead extraordinary lives, but when they happen to meet by chance, they do the most ordinary thing there is.

Chapter 27

Harry opened the door to exit the bathroom after showering and getting himself ready to go for his day.  While the other activities Jeff had planned had hit Harry out of nowhere, this day had been planned for months.  Harry’s CD had been released.  He was going to do a round of all the morning talk shows and some satellite interviews.  Then he was headed to some record stores to sign CDs and last but not least he had lunch with some lucky contest winners.  

He’d barely gotten two hours of sleep after returning at 3 am the night before, but he was so hopped up on adrenaline at the moment, that sleep was an afterthought.

Elena, however, was not.  She was still asleep, still wrapped in his hoodie and clutching the pillow in almost exactly the same position she’d been in the night before.  

He sat on the bed, studying her face for a few moments.  He hated leaving her in bed like this.  Hell, he hated leaving her at all.  The real life obligations of their careers were starting to get in the way.

Harry leaned down and kissed her cheek,

“Wake up, Pretty Girl.”

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Maeno Tomoaki x Tachibana Shinnosuke

Ten Count Mini Drama CD (February Issue of Dear Plus)
Bonus Track #5 – Kurose-kun, Shirotani-san and a weird face

Shirotani: It seems Kurose-kun doesn’t have any weakness at all.

Kurose: Then, I’ll think about it, what my own weakness is

Shirotani: Kurose-kun, did you find out what your weakness is?

Kurose: Yes, I thought abou- I did find out.

Shirotani: Really?! W-what is it?

Kurose: Umm… If a person tickles me here, I can’t take it. When I’m tickled, I make a very weird face.

Shirotani: A w-weird face?

Kurose: Yes, It’s not much but the face I made was enough to stir up some rumors it seems. Should we try it out? Around this area *points *

Shirotani : Ehh.. I really want to see, but I can’t touch you… but I really want to see…

*tickle tickle *

Kurose: A toothpick won’t work.


“These are the new days of our adventure, dazzling with emotion. It’s a wild rabbit’s march~!” ♪

Ensemble Stars graphic challenge → favourite set is Ra*bits in Tanabata Festival!


for the anon who asked what and how many albums i own:)

When asked about Akashi and Kuroko
  • Aomine: That day, all of us were running around the school while they had lunch together -_-
  • Kise: One time, Akashicchi wore a dress and pretended to be Kurokocchi's lover! >w<
  • Murasakibara: Even when Kuro-chin was useless, Aka-chin never gave up on him~
  • Midorima: When Kuroko injured his head, Akashi didn't let any of us see him but he went to visit himself.
  • Momoi: They have matching hoodies!!
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Akashi: All listed actions were inevitable.

I  ♥  MakoHaru with all my  ♥ 

Translation: credit

Free! Illustration Works-Vol.2-Track 2:Birthday Party

Haruka: Makoto.
Makoto: Ah, Haru! What’s up? It’s rare for you to call me, so I was surprised! And you said to come over right now, so I hurried, but…
Haruka: Come in.
Makoto: Aah, uh? (takes off shoes) …Ah, it’s dark in here, you should switch the lights on! (rustle) Aah, Haru! Why are you covering my eyes?
Haruka: Don’t open your eyes until we get to the living room.
Makoto: Gee, stop that! Isn’t it hard for you to walk?
Haruka: Makoto, shut up.
Makoto: Hey, wait– Don’t push me, Haru!


Haruka: Here. Happy birthday, Makoto.
Makoto: Ah! Cake! did you make this, Haru?
Haruka: Yeah. I made the chocolate one you like.
Makoto: Incredible! It was a hassle to bake, wasn’t it? Thank you, Haru!
Haruka: Doing that much is really… Just normal.


I tell myself that in order to make my CD last for as long as I possibly can, I’ll listen to three songs per week. It takes a lot of self-control, but it gives me something to look forward to every Monday night. And as for the songs I’ve already heard - I listen to those on the commute to Lincoln Park every day after school.

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