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You know of me all I can bear to be known. All that is relevant to be known. You know my genuine friendship and loyalty. Can that be enough and there still be trust between us?

it took AGES, but I guess worth it

just in case you want to know, I put together characters which mean a lot to me,

i’d be scared like nefarious too tho

The Last of Us - Fan Cast

So I’ve been asked this question a lot, especially lately and I just figured I would throw something together quickly. I’m not great at this stuff, but I will share what I think. 

Joel: Hugh Jackman – I thought Hugh would be a perfect cast before they made Logan and Logan just reaffirmed he would be great for it. Honorable Mentions: Josh Brolin, Dylan McDermott, Gerard Butler & Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

Ellie: Unknown – I’d like to see an unknown actress get cast in this role to be honest with you. 

Marlene: Sonequa Martin-Green – From the first moment I saw her on The Walking Dead, I thought she would be perfect. 

Bill: W. Earl Brown – I think he’d be a nice cast. 

Tommy: Andrew Lincoln – I think he’d be awesome in the role.

Henry: Michael B Jordan – I’d like to see him in the role. As far as Sam, I’d like to see a newcomer cast in that role as well. 

Tess: Cobie Smulders – When I saw her in Jack Reacher I thought she’d make a decent Tess. 

David: Gary Oldman – Gary is an awesome actor and I think he could play this creepy role well. 

anonymous asked:

I just read your Izetta fics and hnngh now I feel the need to see those two with swords and being great and handsome. They'd totally look good in anything, royal guard uniform, tux, dress, etc. And I'm curious, royal guards were only shown wielding guns around, do they really have swords in the show?

They never wear them in the show, but in BUNBUN’s complete original design of the royal guard uniforms, they have a cool half-cape, a hat, and a sword:

(Fun fact: they also revealed two names of the other royal guards there: the blonde with the bangs as Beatrice and the dark-haired one as Christa)

Lol ok anon here’s some more Izetta and Fine wielding swords and looking good in anything: