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galacticconqueror  asked:

ok so i just got licked by a cow (he was trying to eat my jacket i think?) because i live by a cow farm now and they come up to the backyard fence and let me tell you cows have the most sticky spit ever. anyways the cow lik reminded me of you and your memeing.

my name is cow
and wen a pal
happens tu pass
my home corral

i treet them tu
my spit so stick
i taste their coat

galactic lik.


Happy birthday to @danisnotonfire and @cryaotic! have some delicious meme breads/pastries of all sorts. hope your birthdays are filled with joy and good food. you guys mean a lot to me, and i hope ya’ll know that! Cheers to another year on planet earth!!

again, happy bday! *hugs you guys*


What’s up, Adrian? You been competing? Must be why we haven’t seen you.