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Innocent as a Rose

Summary: You work for your family’s flower shop and you can’t help but notice the handsome man that comes in every week. 

Biker!Tom Holland x Florist!Reader

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Some roses.

A couple of peonies.

And maybe a few stems of baby’s breath.

There. I thought to myself, admiring my work. Our shop had a number of orders for wedding bouquets which were my favorite thing to make. I finished up the bouquet with a thin pink ribbon to keep all the flowers together. As I was fluffing the flowers and pulling some apart to make the bouquet bigger, the bell dinged signalling that a customer came in. A man about my age came in, clad in a black leather jacket. I immediately recognized him as Tom Holland, an infamous member of our city’s local gang.

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The year that Tiffany Aching danced with the Wintersmith, there was a hard frost in Ankh-Morpork the night of May the 19th.

For the most part, it went unnoticed. There was no snow, and, unlike on the surrounding plains, people didn’t grow many things in the city. That was part of the problem, Sam Vimes learned as he sat through meeting after interminable meeting. Anhk-Morpork imported its food, and at the moment the crops that were supposed to be feeding the city in a few months were out freezing in their fields. He listened to Lord Vetinari and the Guild leaders and some panicked representatives from the Sto Plains talk about supply chains and international imports and which crops could still be re-sown until his ears ached.

As he marched home that night, he didn’t notice that every lilac he passed was shedding, green buds that had just been beginning to swell when the frost hit littering the ground at his feet. He didn’t notice until he woke up on the 25th of May and realized with a jolt that he hadn’t smelled a single lilac the previous day. Normally, the city was thick with the scent and he did his best to ignore it until the day when he couldn’t.

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And the last part of “A Bouquet for You”!

Part 1/Part 2/ Part 3

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Source/オリジン:   natsu  |   君に花束

Twitter:  @72natsu_72

“Love fills the infinite.”

The End|Optional Bias Scenario

A/N - I couldn’t sleep last night, so this happened. I hope you all still remember us and this blog ♥ Our exams are almost suffocating but we will be more active soon! Love you all!
- Admin Ayu

Genre: Angst
Plot: You’re terminal and your husband is cheating on you, so you decide to let him go for good.
POV: First Person
Word Count: 832

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The King of the Royal Flush, PJ! Woo, only one more to go after that

For @royalflushstories. Seriously, one of the best pieces of literature i’ve ever had to chance to read.

Royal Flush: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Joker

Demon Bim Headcanons

Yeah it’s late leave me alone cause these would not leave me alone

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Long post kinda sorta by the way sorry

* Same charming Bim we all know, but…obviously someone is going to be curious about what he possibly does in free time, why he has those strange red spots on his shirt sometimes, but he always makes excuses.

* Always comes up with a pretty convincing lie as to why his clothes are ripped, what that weird stain on his shirt is, why he was out so late, why he was missing for a day. Best lies. And no one would ever know.

* He’s almost been caught feeding a few times and it made him incredibly anxious to where he stayed low for a while, not allowing those senses to come forth in case anyone knew.

* Bim hasn’t told any of the other egos, he hasn’t felt the need to. But feels as if Dark might know, or even Host.

* In his free time when he’s alone, he tends to let his eye color change, for some of those instincts to come out of him and, well, have some fresh air out the false skin he’s trapped under. Has to keep that good-looking self up a lot, it’s tiring.

* Takes special care of his human appearance, he knows that if anything he needs to not let anything slip and has to try and act as “humanely” as possible to avoid suspicion. And he’s pretty good at it, isn’t he? We haven’t noticed a thing.

* Uses that extra demon charm to get what he wants, whether it be a thing or person.

* His teeth are sharp, but he’s able to hide them well from practicing his smile so much, and maybe using a small illusion to cause people to not notice at all.

* Cheeks can split open to make his mouth bigger to gobble down prey faster and easier, but you would never see the slits in his cheeks, even under a magnifying glass.

* Fingers split open to reveal long, sharp claws underneath. Hands too. As in, his skin literally splits and melts off, his bones reforming into clawed hands. He enjoys it a lot.

* Wings maybe are big and a deep black color. Underneath the false skin as well and it’s not as uncomfortable for him as you may think, he’s able to make them fold up against his back easily and comfortably.

* Drinks “wine”. “Wine” is blood from his victims he saves. Never shares.

* Yes, he does make deals. Especially when someone figures him out. Deals vary from promising something to someone in return of them giving him something— whether it be their soul, memory, feeling, or, well, flesh— to larger deals of him executing someone. Or working under someone. Hence how he may be working underneath Dark for an exchange of something from Dark.

* Does enjoy normal things like social media, hot coco, coffee, tv shows and movies, normal human things. He does enjoy the friendship he has with the other egos as well, or does he? He could be waiting to have one of them as his next meal.

* Favorite thing to eat? Most likely the heart or hands. Heart for how he’s able to “capture” someone’s heart so easily, hands for how his prey can’t “keep their hands off him”.

* Usually has to get a new suit each week from how he keeps managing to tear them apart from his demon side coming through or his prey fighting back.

* Likes plants a lot, especially venus fly traps. Used his other-worldly abilities to control them and make them grow unnaturally big. They’re his babies and you’re not allowed to touch, ask Silver Shepherd.

* Tends to fake feelings a lot since he finds human feelings boring sometimes, but gets thrilled about them more than often, loving how humans react to things.

* Tends to get anxious more than you think. Yes, he acts cocky and a pain in the ass but he does worry over getting caught and people finding out what he is. He can’t lose everything now, can he?

* I just feel like he’d really love to cause weird stuff to happen to the egos and get away with it by placing the blame on another ego. Example being elaborate pranks he pulls on egos to causing Google to malfunction horribly because his curiosity got the better of him.

* He really does enjoy the attention he gets and how much people adore him, makes him…especially hungry.

* If he goes without eating for too long, he’ll start slipping up. His eyes will change color and it’s difficult for him to make them to turn back, his voice will sound guttural and strained and it’ll freak out the others. Tends to convince them that he’s sick, and it works, but he becomes very worried that they don’t believe him and they all know what he is.

* Likes to be pet. I dunno I just see him being like a puppy that wants all the attention.

* He will do anything to grab your attention if he finds you to be especially satisfying to his taste. He’ll conform to what you want and will use it to lure you in. Then you’re going to wish you didn’t want to get coffee with that good-looking man.

* Does have a healing/regeneration ability so he doesn’t tend to get hurt easily. Only real scar he has is over his stomach from a fight with another demon. He keeps colored band-aids and band-aids with characters from shows he likes though.

* Generally a lot sweeter than most demons, but honestly, that’s his most successful trick. Good luck. Because that could be the last bouquet of flowers you see.

Might add more if I think of any with this boy

Send You Roses When They Think You Need To Smile

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:  Sequel to Someone Buy Me Roses (x). Request fic for @thedarkarrow. “I saw your post about desolation row!gerard making puns and can you actually write that I would be so happy”. 

Gerard had promised you he would buy all your roses. But, you were still surprised when, two days later, he showed up in front of the shop in a fast-looking black car.

“I wanted to ride my motorcycle, but I needed the trunk space to fit all these damn flowers,” the punk shrugged in greeting.

“You have a motorcycle?” you asked, still in disbelief that he’d actually kept his word. He was a riot-starting bad boy with a warrant. To be honest, you’d half expected to never see him again.

“Yeah, I’d love to take you for a ride sometime,” Gerard grinned, taking a drag on his cigarette as he hoisted the last flower arrangement into the back of the vehicle.

“Any other flowers you’d like to take off my hands?” you asked, happy to be seeing the last of your rose bouquets. They’d been on the shelf so long that they were starting to wilt.

“Well,” Gerard smirked, exhaling a cloud of smoke, “I would like to de-flower you.”

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i had kind of a bad day fam, the sort i get over by writing fluff for myself evidently, so it’s here, the witch au sequel you’ve all been asking for. i’ve realized there may need to be a part 3 from victor’s perspective and when it’s all over perhaps i’ll clean it up and ao3 things properly. here we go: 

Yuuri is three-quarters of the way through his shift at Secret Garden when Minako-sensei plants her hands on the counter, fixes him with an unimpressed look, and mutters: spill. Because Minako-sensei is Hiroko Katsuki’s oldest friend, and also because she’s objectively terrifying, even for Yuuri, he gives in with little resistance. How the shadow covens in London would chuckle, watching a white witch cower like this in the shadow of a mere herbalist. Yuuri has tried and failed to live in that world; the big city isn’t for him, it’s too far withdrawn and too distant from wild, untamed spaces. Edinburgh is too big, too, but Minako’s an old family friend and anyway she lives outside of town, in a little cottage on the road to Roslin.

Yuuri’s living in her attic until he figures out what the hell he’s doing with his life.

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byakuran and dino trying to win back their woman

‌• Byakuran isn’t going to try and win you back right away. Cause no matter what it is he did, even if it was something as horrible as cheating, he doesn’t see why you had to have a piss fit and leave him like that. So at first he’s gonna be having the mindset that he shouldn’t have to go after you, cause you’re the one in the wrong here. And there’s another part of him that’s also like, hey, whatever! I don’t need you! I can get any other woman I want, you don’t mean anything. But really, he just expects you’ll come back on your own. You’ll soon realize you’re kicking a fuss for nothing and you miss him so you’ll just come back and apologize on your own. And then he can forgive you and everything can go back to normal.
‌• But as more and more time goes on and you still haven’t come running back to him he starts to have doubts. Maybe you won’t actually come back. Maybe you’re waiting on him. Maybe you’ve found someone else. Just the thought of you with another man or woman sets his blood to boiling. He’s thinking about you almost every moment of every day, wondering what you’re doing and why you still aren’t here and he just doesn’t understand what’s going on. He needs you to come back. You’re ruining every day of his because he can’t focus on anything wondering what you’ve been up to without him.
‌• Byakuran has to see you. He contemplates just trying to call you or text you or Skype you, but there are too many chances for you to just not pick up, and he doesn’t have the time for that. Besides that he wants to see what you’re doing, what you’ve been up to, and if there is someone new in your life he wants to be able to get them the heck out right then and there. So he shows up uninvited to your house, stops you from slamming the door in his face and forces himself in. And then, instead of offering up any apology, he just goes “Alright, ______-chan, you’ve played this silly game of yours long enough. Don’t you think it’s about time you came home?”
‌• And he had always just expected you to nod and go along with him. But of course you didn’t. And instead you’re yelling at him, telling him that you can’t keep putting up with whatever it was he did to make you leave in the first place, and that you won’t go back unless he decides to change, which you know he’ll never do. And he keeps up arguing back that he didn’t do anything wrong and you were being a baby. And then you push him out of your house and slam the door in his face.
‌• He’s just confused. He doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He stomps back home in a temper and just paces his room as he tries to work through everything you said and figure out what’s wrong here. What the heck did he do? He doesn’t understand. He can’t sleep, tossing and turning in bed, mind running a hundred miles a minute.
‌• And then the most extravagant of gifts start showing up at your door. He especially loves sending flowers. You’ll get enough bouquets in the next week to fill your entire living room. He’ll send you your favorite candy, these beautifully expensive dresses, jewelry, anything and everything you could ever want. None of them have any notes on it, and you don’t see anything of him during this week of gifts. You don’t even think you see any spies he might have watching you, and you’ve been looking for them pretty hard.
‌• The last bouquet he delivers himself. And this time you don’t slam the door in his face, mostly because you’re just so surprised. And he tells you, in the most romantic way he can think of, that he loves you, every bit of you, and he’s incredibly sorry about what he did and that he will change. All he wants is for you to take him back, because he can’t live without you.
‌• There are a lot of things he could’ve done to push you away, but if you were annoyed with him for something silly, like you didn’t like how childish he could act sometimes, or you didn’t like how he killed people so often, he won’t actually change. That’s just a part of who he is. He’ll just try to tone it down or hide it when you’re around. But if it was something big, like he cheated on you, then he will probably legitimately not do it again. Because he had hid it the first time and you’d found him then, so he probably can’t get away with it again. And if he messes up like that again, he knows you’ll be gone for good. But honestly, with Byakuran, he’ll probably forget all about this incident. So maybe 5, 10 years from now he’ll forget all about it and might, just might, cheat again. In which case you find out and leave him just like he should’ve expected, and this time he can’t find you.

‌• Dino will feel like absolute shit. No matter what it was that made you leave, he knows it’s his fault and he hurt you really badly and he never wanted to hurt you like that, he loves you. He’ll really just wallow, at first. He won’t even think of trying to win you back, because he feels he doesn’t deserve you anyway. He’ll end up drinking a lot, and even going to the club or bar and picking up random chicks. It only makes him feel 100x worse, though. He’s only thinking of you, and this person is definitely not you. He’ll throw them pretty rudely out of his house if he took them there, though usually it’s either his car or even the restroom at wherever he found them. He’ll still throw them out really rudely. And he starts to cry afterwards, because he feels like this is just reinforcing the idea that you left him because he’s a pile of trash and you deserve better anyway.
‌• So he’s really conflicted, he wants to go after you, because he just really can’t live without you, but he doesn’t think he deserves you. So in the end he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t go after you. He just hopes you have a better life, that you’re happy without him, because he certainly isn’t happy without you.
‌• He really can’t seem to keep away from you, though. He needs to see you. He knows where you’ve been staying recently, so he hides outside your place and waits for you to leave. He watches you walk to the grocery store. You stop and talk to this woman with a dog, and you just look so happy when you’re petting that puppy; he forgot how much he loved your smile. He almost follows you into the store, he has this almost overwhelming urge to run up to you and fall on his knees and apologize, he just wants you back, but he doesn’t. He leaves instead. He was too nervous, and he really didn’t want you to see him like this. 
‌• He struggles like this for a while. He really convinces himself he shouldn’t see you, that he should leave you alone and that you were better off without him. But it was so hard! You were on his mind every second of every day. He was getting near to no sleep, and the bit he did get he was plagued with nightmares of you. It was you with other men or woman, so happy without him. Or it was you crying alone in your room after finding out he’d cheated on you, regardless of whether that actually happened or not. It was you leaving him. He hated going to sleep. He hated his dreams. It only made him feel worse about himself, a reminder that you were gone and he didn’t deserve you and it had been him that pushed you away.
‌• He starts to put his everything into his work. He gets pretty ruthless, too, often taking upon himself jobs he’d usually relegate to one of his subordinates. He needs something to take his mind off things, and it only helps for a little while. As soon as he’s alone again he’s thinking of you. It’s difficult. He’s trying so hard to forget about you.
‌• One night, he just falls apart. He can’t do this anymore. He can’t live without you. He knows he’s being selfish but he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care if you’re happier without him, if he’s a pile of shit that doesn’t deserve anything happy in his life, he needs you. It’s late, and he surprisingly hasn’t even had much to drink that night, but he doesn’t care. He goes to your house, and knocks loudly at your door. As soon as you open the door, rubbing sleep from your eyes, he falls to his knees and starts crying. He begs for your forgiveness. He tells you he can’t live without you, that you’re his everything, and he’ll never, ever, do anything to hurt you like that ever again. He’ll make sure you’re cared for, he’ll buy you anything you could ever want, he’ll never hurt you again. He repeats that bit quite a few times. And he repeats often how sorry he is. He won’t stop talking until you kneel down in front of him and touch him. Maybe you grab his arm, pet his hair, touch his hand, just get his attention somehow. And he’s surprised, and he looks up at you even though he can barely see through the tears, and you tell him calm down, it’s okay, I forgive you.
‌• You have to pull him into your arms for a hug yourself, cause he’s too shocked to move. He would’ve never dreamed you’d actually take him back. He doesn’t stop crying, or telling you how much he loves you. You were the only good thing in his life, he’ll say, and he just can’t bear to continue without you.
‌• He never again in all his life do whatever it was that pushed you away. He couldn’t bear to have you leave him again. Because if he did, and you did leave him again, he really didn’t think he’d be able to go on living. He won’t take the chance. And he shouldn’t have hurt you like that to begin with.

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hello, i'd like to request a minghao flowershop!au please :)

- you’re on your way to buy flowers because your friend jisoo is sick
- of course he didn’t tell anyone he was sick because he didn’t want anyone to worry and then fainted on the spot like really jisoo TELL US WHEN YOU’RE SICK YOU’D MAKE US WORRY EITHER WAY
- so you walk into this humble little flower shop and the first thing you see
- is the cutest boy ever standing at the counter
- he greets you the moment you step into the shop and it takes you a second to regain your thoughts and greet him back
- please imagine minghao with an apron on and a white daisy tucked behind his ear
- you go around the shop admiring every bouquet, and they’re all so healthy and vibrant and beautiful
- you pick one up and you think yes. jisoo loves these colors he’s going to love this one
- when suddenly someone asks “do you need any help?”
- you jump at the sound of the voice and turn around to see the cute boy from the counter just inches away from your face
- you shyly take a step back and say “o-oh hi! no i’m good, thank you. i’m just buying a bouquet for my friend”
- the boy looks down at the flowers in your hands and says with a sympathetic expression on his face “i… i’m really sorry for your loss”
- you’re like…… what
- you look down at the flowers in your hands and say “… i guess this bouquet doesn’t mean get well soon huh”
- and the boy laughs and his voice is cute and soft and you’re dead the flowers might as well be for you
- he says “daisies are what you’re looking for.” and he points at the white daisy sitting behind his ear
- so he leads you to where you can find bouquets with daisies in them, and you pick one out that smells so good with soft colors like jisoo’s soft personality
- “good thing i stopped you before you gave him that last bouquet” the boy laughs and you laugh too
- you say “thanks for saving me!! i really appreciate it”
- after wrapping a light purple ribbon around the plastic, he gives you the bouquet and says “i hope your friend gets better”
- and after saying thank you, you leave the shop and the boy is on your mind but you’re like oh well that’s it i’m never going to see him again
- one week after buying the flowers for jisoo, seungkwan tells everyone he’ll be coming back from jeju later on tonight and your friends all have welcome back gifts except for you
- seungkwan’s honestly the easiest person to shop for because he gets excited and happy over almost ANYTHING so you settle for…. flowers!!
- because it’s simple NOT because you wanted to see that cute boy again ahahah…….
- you liar
- so you enter the shop and the boy, who’s watering some flowers turns around and says “welcome—oh, it’s you again!!”
- and you’re like OMG HE REMEMBERS ME and you calmly make your way over to him
- he says “so what do you need for today?” and you tell him that oh yeah my friend is coming back after being away for like four weeks and we’re all throwing him a welcome back party
- and he immediately gets to work. he asks you questions like “so describe your friend. is he more on the shy side? or extroverted? cheerful? soft-hearted?” and by the end of your visit he puts together a bouquet that’s even more beautiful than the last one you bought
- when he’s done he says “i put in yellow roses the most because they mean welcome back, and i’m sure you’ve all missed him while he was gone”
- you’re like “thank you, you saved me a second time. without you, i probably would’ve picked up a bouquet that meant you’re the worst lmao”
- and he says “so you really don’t know the meaning of flowers??” and you say no because idk flowers have always interested you but you never really found the time to learn their meanings
- after your explanation, he picks out a yellow daffodil from a nearby bucket and hands it to you and says “your first homework is to find out what this flower means and let me know if you figured it out the next time you come here”
- and you wordlessly take the flower and nod because YES EXCUSES TO SEE HIM
- he says “i’m minghao, by the way. it’s nice to meet you.” and you tell him your name and leave the shop, already excited for your next visit
- seungkwan’s welcome back party goes well as planned but before you know it, you’re in font of your laptop looking for the flower and its meaning
- you discover that it’s a yellow daffodil and it means “new beginnings”
- you immediately look for excuses to go back to the flower shop like “HEY WHO WANTS A FLOWER IT’S ON ME” but the boys are like why tf would we want flowers at least offer to buy us coffee or something
- you’re like fine well if no one wants a flower i’ll just get one for myself and are you really going to spend money on a flower just to see minghao again??
- yes. yes you are
- so you get there and minghao’s face just lights up the second he sees you enter the shop and he says “so have you finished your homework?”
- and you say “yes actually!! you gave me a yellow daffodil which means new beginnings!!” and he’s so proud of you for getting it right
- he then says “so what’s the occasion? what flower are you looking for?” and you just freeze because you didn’t plan this far ahead and you just stutter “uhhh my friend is….. sad!! yeah he’s really sad so flowers would cheer him up right??”
- and minghao makes you a custom bouquet and you watch him make it and he’s so handsome and cute
- you notice the way his ears stick out cutely, and how gently he handles the flowers, and how each one has to be placed perfectly so they can be noticed and admired by the person receiving them
- and in the end when he tells you your total you’re like….. omfg i’m CRAZY i’m spending so much money just to see this boy
- when you hand him the money he says he hopes your friends feel better and you say thank you and wave goodbye
- but he suddenly cries out “wait!!” and he runs over to you before you step out the door. he hands you an orange rose and says “here’s your homework for next time” and you take it and promise to be back
- when you get home, you put the bouquet of flowers in a vase and discover that orange roses mean “fascination” and you’re like woah. i’m actually learning things
- you become a regular customer at the flower shop and eventually you come by just to hang out and talk to minghao, but you of course don’t leave without your homework
- you know, just to keep him company in the lonely little flower shop
- and also because you might have a little crush on him
- but one day while watering all the flowers minghao gave you….. something just….. clicked
- yellow daffodil: new beginnings. the start of your friendship??
- orange rose: fascination. interested in you??
- iris: your friendship means a lot to me. you and his friendship??
- and every flower has some kind of meeting related to your visits!?!?! does this MEAN….
- you get to the most recent flower and it’s a purple lilac which means
- “i think i’m in love with you”
- but these past few weeks with minghao have been so fun?? you could be yourself around him and you could talk about anything and he’s cute and perfect and just….
- you want to confess to him, you know, take a CHANCE
- but how you may ask??
- you confess to him in the language of FLOWERS
- so the next day when you go to the flower shop, minghao greets you like always and when he bends down to pick up a coin he dropped while counting the cash that morning, you quickly pick up a specific flower from a nearby basket
- you walk up to the counter and minghao says “so… do you know what a purple lilac means?”
- and you say “I do BUT…. it’s MY turn to assign you some work. in fact, i’ll give you a little quiz right now” and you cringe at your own words like why didn’t i just keep my mouth shut WHY AM I SO EMBARRASSING
- you hold out the flower you were hiding behind your back and it’s a red rose and you say “since you already know the meaning of flowers…. you should know what this means. or you know…. what i mean….”
- minghao’s eyes go wide when it clicks and
- he turns as red as the rose you’re holding
- he quickly plucks a flower from a nearby bucket and it’s a yellow daffodil
- he asks “do you remember what this one means?”
- you nod and say with a smile “new beginnings” and he nods his head and places the flower in your hair and he slowly leans in…..
- and he kisses you!!
- “new beginnings” aka new relationship, new chapter, new love story, GET IT
- for your first date, minghao takes you to a garden and he tells you about the meanings of all the beautiful flowers and you love seeing how happy he looks while talking about them
- when he’s mad at you he speaks to you in flowers and you’re like I DON’T UNDERSTAND JUST TALK TO ME
- he surprises you with bouquets all the time and
- florist minghao is just the cutest

i love flower shop au’s, thank you for your request!! ^^

「 幸せが訪れるその時… 」 
“Happiness will come to you…”

doctorselberg  asked:

could you maybe write another installment of the vampire!nureyev fics? i love them so much thanks

So my very favorite bit of vampire mythology is this little folkloric artifact that vampires are repelled by roses. The why of it tends to vary– either it’s because the thorns, like hawthorn thorns, will catch on their skin and keep them trapped, or because the fragrance is as repellent to them as garlic is, or because the petals burn them, or because if you put roses on a vampire’s grave it can’t leave.

It’s just such an odd little quirk to the single most popular flower in western culture. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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The Next Time I Saw You

A/N: This is my story for @lovefilledtragedy writing challenge! Tried my best after changing it millions of times! Just hope its good enough :) I was inspired by the song State of Grace by it’s not 100% based off of it so enjoy!

Word Count: 3,517

Characters: Dylan x Reader

Originally posted by dylan-ohhmybrien

This is a state of grace

This is the worthwhile fight

Love is a ruthless game 

Unless you play it good and right

Waiting at the wooden table along with the many empty glasses, you couldn’t help but obsessively check the time. You were at a bar that didn’t seem all that popular but you were dragged there anyways. It was getting late and although you had nothing to do the next day, you still felt an eager need to get home. Unfortunately, you also couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

Finally, your friend came stumbling out of the restroom with her boyfriend trying hard to keep her from falling. “Oh! Need help?” you hollered as you began to stand from your seat. Chuckling, he simply shook his head. Watching as she struggled to sit down, you, again, checked your phone for the time. “I think I’m gonna head out,” you finally told them as your friend continued teasing her boyfriend.

“No! she exclaimed, reaching towards you from across the table. “It’s only…” she started before looking at her boyfriend’s watch. “Midnight!”

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