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The End|Optional Bias Scenario

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Genre: Angst
Plot: You’re terminal and your husband is cheating on you, so you decide to let him go for good.
POV: First Person
Word Count: 832

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can you do more jealous!daryl? it's my fav trope! i love your fics sm

Jealous Daryl is my fav too. And thank you lovely, enjoy! 

That ‘king’ was really beginning to get under his skin, like nails down a chalk board kind of way. 

Daryl had gone back to The Kingdom to tie up arrangements for the war, to make sure everything and everyone was set to go. 

He could have done this in just the one day (if he was being honest with himself) but instead he’d stayed three days, giving him the time to visit a particular silver haired friend. 

He knew Ezekiel was fond of her, hell Richard made that clear, but he was coming to realize the extent of that fondness the more time he spent around the man. 

On the first day of his visit he’d walked over to find two of his knights saddling up their horses, baskets of food attached to the sides. 

“Make sure the fair maiden takes these, she’ll persist but I know she’ll eventually cave,” he heard Ezekiel say making him roll his eyes with annoyance. 

“She don’t need no damn food,” he muttered as an opening welcome to get Ezekiel’s attention.

“Welcome friend,” Ezekiel greeted before explaining, “and I’m just assuring she’ll never have a need for any.” 

“Yeah well she can take care of herself,” he muttered, “don’t need no king to help her.”

“My intentions are all good dear friend,” the king told Daryl, an almost challenging look on his face.

Daryl shrugged it off with a grunt wanting to move on to more pressing matters, the tension quickly forgotten. 

Carol was mentioned by Ezekiel much more than he was comfortable with that day, even going as far as asking the nature of the relationship between himself and Carol.

“None of ya damn business that’s what it is,” Daryl growled in response, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck raise in defence.  

The king seemed to decipher his answer for a moment before nodding, a satisfied smile coming across his mouth, “forgive me, I don’t mean to pry, I still have lots to learn about that intriguing yet elusive woman.”

“Yeah well why don’t ya focus on the problem at hand first ‘fore ya go round chasin’ tail ya ain’t ever gonna catch,” he snapped.

His words were far more direct than he was used to leaving him wondering where that outburst had come from.

“I see Carol is a particularly sensitive subject,” Ezekiel replied calmly, “one I shall be sure to avoid for the rest of your stay, I don’t wish to quarrel.”

Daryl gave an abrupt nod and turned on his heel, saying in few words that he’d see him again tomorrow.  

The next day came around and Daryl mentioned to Ezekiel that he’d be going to visit Carol that evening and so wouldn’t be around to discuss matters of the upcoming war.  

Ezekiel nodded in what Daryl thought was understanding, he didn’t question his motives any further, good. However apparently he was wrong. He approached her house later that day he saw the very same man stood on her porch, an extravagant bunch of flowers in his hand. 

Mother fucker,” Daryl growled under his breath, sticking to the tree line to remain hidden. 

From where he was crouched he saw Carol with an unamused expression on her face, her hip tilted as he hand came out to rest on it. 

He was too far to hear the nature of the conversation but there was enough body language that he got the idea. 

Carol took the flowers eventually, impatiently waving one hand at him to follow her in, the door shutting behind him.

Daryl could feel the white burning anger building up in him, that fucker knew he was coming to see Carol and he had the nerve to ruin that. The fact that Carol invited him in made him all the more angry, he never thought she’d be the type to fall for cheesy words and a bunch of fucking flowers. He stood up from where he was crouched, pacing back and forth as his eyes burned holes through the door. He had half a mind to go up and rip the door off the hinges, but he was too scared at what he’d find. Ezekiel wasn’t subtle with his advances, quite the opposite in fact. Maybe she liked that, being courted by a gentleman, hell Daryl weren’t no gentleman, couldn’t be even if he tried. She deserved a gentleman sure, but shit if he wasn’t happy about it. That king knew exactly what he was doing, he was slyer than she knew. 

Daryl jumped back down in the foliage as the door swung open again, Ezekiel stepping out, saying something to her before picking her hand up in his, leaving a second to long kiss there. 

Carol’s expression was hard to read from this distance, had she liked that? 

His mind was in overdrive by the time Ezekiel was finally out of sight and her door was closed once again. His feet dragged him straight to her porch before he’d even thought about it. His hand coming down to bang on her door, his aggression making the door rattle on his hinges.

“Christ Ezekiel you trying to break the door do-” the sentence died on her lips as she was faced with someone that was not Ezekiel.

“Yeah I’m sorry ya king went back off to his kingdom, ya stuck with the peasant,” he muttered sarcastically, not exactly the greeting he was going for after not seeing her for weeks.

Carol frowned for a moment, thrilled to see him but thrown by his anger, “Daryl you’re not- I mean- what are you doing here?”

“Oh so he’s allowed to grace you with his presence no questions asked but I gotta get a the third degree, jesus give me a fuckin’ break,” he grumbled bitterly brushing past her into the warmth of her home.

“Well hell-fucking-o to you too,” she said sharply, closing the the door behind him.

Daryl sighed, he knew he was being a dick but fuck he couldn’t help it. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled half-heatedly.

“What’s up your ass?” she asked bluntly, putting a kettle over the fire to heat them a drink.

“Nothin’, it’s…” he trailed off as he scanned the room. There was very little difference to last time only the bouquet of flowers Ezekiel had brought her was now arranged in a vase on her table. God that wasn’t helping, “fuck.”

“What?” Carol questioned, putting her hands on her hips, glaring at him accusingly.

That glare got under his skin like nothing else, fuelling the already roaring fire.

“Just didn’t realise you’d cozied up the ol’ king since my last visit,” his voice almost sounding like Merle’s as he let his accent flow through,

“Cozied up?” Carol was confused to all hell right now, her eyes flickering to the flowers that Daryl had previously noticed, “cause of the flowers? Seriously? Daryl.”

“Well ya don’t give a girl flowers cause ya want her to be ya friend,” he growled, a deep rumble coming from within his chest, “and I sure as hell don’t let any of my friends kiss my hand goodbye,” he continued pointing at her accusingly.

A smirk was on Carol’s face now as her eyes swept over his angry form.

“The hell ya smilin’ bout?” he snapped, his arm dropping back to his side.

“You’re jealous,” Carol said simply, still smiling in amusement.

“Wha-” he was thrown off by her accusation, “I ain’t jealous of some pompous king.”

“But you are,” Carol said her usual teasing coming out to taunt him, she took a step toward him before speaking again. “You may not be jealous of the ‘pompous king’ as a person but you’re certainly jealous that he’s awfully friendly with me.”

“The hell ya mean awfully friendly?” he asked before he could stop himself. Shit. “I ain’t jealous,” he reiterated. 

Her head tilted to the side, raising an unconvinced brow at him. 

“If you say so.”

“I ain’t.” 

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“Whad’ ya mean by awfully friendly?” he couldn’t help himself.

Carol shot him a grin, closing the last of the space between them, her hands coming out to smooth the collar of his shirt down as she talks, her eyes focused on the stitching. “I mean he comes, tries to buy me over with food, flowers, wine, books, anything he thinks I’ll like. I tell him thank you, he insists on kissing me on the hand, I send him away, there’s no feelings of reciprocation if that’s what you’re worried about.”

She dares a glance up at him, gauging his reaction before making any further moves.

“He knew I was comin’ tonight, did it to piss me off,” he grunted, his voice soft now.

“Clearly it worked,” she spoke, “you ready to admit you were jealous yet?”

He shifted on his feet, her touch burning and soothing him all at the same time as her hands ran the expanse of his shoulders.

“I might’ve been, a bit,” he admitted, his voice barely about a hoarse whisper, “just don’t want ya gettin’ hurt.”

“Don’t lie,” Carol warned lightly, her hands sliding down his arms, stopping at his wrists,  “that may have been part of it, but it wasn’t the only reason. I’m not asking you to bare all to me but don’t down play what’s really going on here.” 

He looked at her with a heated gaze, fuck she was beautiful. And yet, he still couldn’t find the words he wanted to tell her, this slow burn, it would continue at the same agonising pace till he grew some balls. 

She went to drop his wrists as he failed to give her a response, his hands jumping out quickly to lace her fingers with his own, his thumb grazing the length of hers back and forth. 

Right now this is all he had, and god he hoped it was enough, he had a war to fight, he wasn’t going to leave her here with unfulfilled promises and words that didn’t mean a damn thing if he wasn’t able to act on them. 

A whisper of a smile tugged at her mouth, taking all he had to offer, it was enough, it was always enough. 

“You’re cute when you’re jealous Dixon,” she teased, feeling his finger draw circles against the back of her hand.

“Stop,” he muttered, a soft snort escaping him.

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hello, i'd like to request a minghao flowershop!au please :)

- you’re on your way to buy flowers because your friend jisoo is sick
- of course he didn’t tell anyone he was sick because he didn’t want anyone to worry and then fainted on the spot like really jisoo TELL US WHEN YOU’RE SICK YOU’D MAKE US WORRY EITHER WAY
- so you walk into this humble little flower shop and the first thing you see
- is the cutest boy ever standing at the counter
- he greets you the moment you step into the shop and it takes you a second to regain your thoughts and greet him back
- please imagine minghao with an apron on and a white daisy tucked behind his ear
- you go around the shop admiring every bouquet, and they’re all so healthy and vibrant and beautiful
- you pick one up and you think yes. jisoo loves these colors he’s going to love this one
- when suddenly someone asks “do you need any help?”
- you jump at the sound of the voice and turn around to see the cute boy from the counter just inches away from your face
- you shyly take a step back and say “o-oh hi! no i’m good, thank you. i’m just buying a bouquet for my friend”
- the boy looks down at the flowers in your hands and says with a sympathetic expression on his face “i… i’m really sorry for your loss”
- you’re like…… what
- you look down at the flowers in your hands and say “… i guess this bouquet doesn’t mean get well soon huh”
- and the boy laughs and his voice is cute and soft and you’re dead the flowers might as well be for you
- he says “daisies are what you’re looking for.” and he points at the white daisy sitting behind his ear
- so he leads you to where you can find bouquets with daisies in them, and you pick one out that smells so good with soft colors like jisoo’s soft personality
- “good thing i stopped you before you gave him that last bouquet” the boy laughs and you laugh too
- you say “thanks for saving me!! i really appreciate it”
- after wrapping a light purple ribbon around the plastic, he gives you the bouquet and says “i hope your friend gets better”
- and after saying thank you, you leave the shop and the boy is on your mind but you’re like oh well that’s it i’m never going to see him again
- one week after buying the flowers for jisoo, seungkwan tells everyone he’ll be coming back from jeju later on tonight and your friends all have welcome back gifts except for you
- seungkwan’s honestly the easiest person to shop for because he gets excited and happy over almost ANYTHING so you settle for…. flowers!!
- because it’s simple NOT because you wanted to see that cute boy again ahahah…….
- you liar
- so you enter the shop and the boy, who’s watering some flowers turns around and says “welcome—oh, it’s you again!!”
- and you’re like OMG HE REMEMBERS ME and you calmly make your way over to him
- he says “so what do you need for today?” and you tell him that oh yeah my friend is coming back after being away for like four weeks and we’re all throwing him a welcome back party
- and he immediately gets to work. he asks you questions like “so describe your friend. is he more on the shy side? or extroverted? cheerful? soft-hearted?” and by the end of your visit he puts together a bouquet that’s even more beautiful than the last one you bought
- when he’s done he says “i put in yellow roses the most because they mean welcome back, and i’m sure you’ve all missed him while he was gone”
- you’re like “thank you, you saved me a second time. without you, i probably would’ve picked up a bouquet that meant you’re the worst lmao”
- and he says “so you really don’t know the meaning of flowers??” and you say no because idk flowers have always interested you but you never really found the time to learn their meanings
- after your explanation, he picks out a yellow daffodil from a nearby bucket and hands it to you and says “your first homework is to find out what this flower means and let me know if you figured it out the next time you come here”
- and you wordlessly take the flower and nod because YES EXCUSES TO SEE HIM
- he says “i’m minghao, by the way. it’s nice to meet you.” and you tell him your name and leave the shop, already excited for your next visit
- seungkwan’s welcome back party goes well as planned but before you know it, you’re in font of your laptop looking for the flower and its meaning
- you discover that it’s a yellow daffodil and it means “new beginnings”
- you immediately look for excuses to go back to the flower shop like “HEY WHO WANTS A FLOWER IT’S ON ME” but the boys are like why tf would we want flowers at least offer to buy us coffee or something
- you’re like fine well if no one wants a flower i’ll just get one for myself and are you really going to spend money on a flower just to see minghao again??
- yes. yes you are
- so you get there and minghao’s face just lights up the second he sees you enter the shop and he says “so have you finished your homework?”
- and you say “yes actually!! you gave me a yellow daffodil which means new beginnings!!” and he’s so proud of you for getting it right
- he then says “so what’s the occasion? what flower are you looking for?” and you just freeze because you didn’t plan this far ahead and you just stutter “uhhh my friend is….. sad!! yeah he’s really sad so flowers would cheer him up right??”
- and minghao makes you a custom bouquet and you watch him make it and he’s so handsome and cute
- you notice the way his ears stick out cutely, and how gently he handles the flowers, and how each one has to be placed perfectly so they can be noticed and admired by the person receiving them
- and in the end when he tells you your total you’re like….. omfg i’m CRAZY i’m spending so much money just to see this boy
- when you hand him the money he says he hopes your friends feel better and you say thank you and wave goodbye
- but he suddenly cries out “wait!!” and he runs over to you before you step out the door. he hands you an orange rose and says “here’s your homework for next time” and you take it and promise to be back
- when you get home, you put the bouquet of flowers in a vase and discover that orange roses mean “fascination” and you’re like woah. i’m actually learning things
- you become a regular customer at the flower shop and eventually you come by just to hang out and talk to minghao, but you of course don’t leave without your homework
- you know, just to keep him company in the lonely little flower shop
- and also because you might have a little crush on him
- but one day while watering all the flowers minghao gave you….. something just….. clicked
- yellow daffodil: new beginnings. the start of your friendship??
- orange rose: fascination. interested in you??
- iris: your friendship means a lot to me. you and his friendship??
- and every flower has some kind of meeting related to your visits!?!?! does this MEAN….
- you get to the most recent flower and it’s a purple lilac which means
- “i think i’m in love with you”
- but these past few weeks with minghao have been so fun?? you could be yourself around him and you could talk about anything and he’s cute and perfect and just….
- you want to confess to him, you know, take a CHANCE
- but how you may ask??
- you confess to him in the language of FLOWERS
- so the next day when you go to the flower shop, minghao greets you like always and when he bends down to pick up a coin he dropped while counting the cash that morning, you quickly pick up a specific flower from a nearby basket
- you walk up to the counter and minghao says “so… do you know what a purple lilac means?”
- and you say “I do BUT…. it’s MY turn to assign you some work. in fact, i’ll give you a little quiz right now” and you cringe at your own words like why didn’t i just keep my mouth shut WHY AM I SO EMBARRASSING
- you hold out the flower you were hiding behind your back and it’s a red rose and you say “since you already know the meaning of flowers…. you should know what this means. or you know…. what i mean….”
- minghao’s eyes go wide when it clicks and
- he turns as red as the rose you’re holding
- he quickly plucks a flower from a nearby bucket and it’s a yellow daffodil
- he asks “do you remember what this one means?”
- you nod and say with a smile “new beginnings” and he nods his head and places the flower in your hair and he slowly leans in…..
- and he kisses you!!
- “new beginnings” aka new relationship, new chapter, new love story, GET IT
- for your first date, minghao takes you to a garden and he tells you about the meanings of all the beautiful flowers and you love seeing how happy he looks while talking about them
- when he’s mad at you he speaks to you in flowers and you’re like I DON’T UNDERSTAND JUST TALK TO ME
- he surprises you with bouquets all the time and
- florist minghao is just the cutest

i love flower shop au’s, thank you for your request!! ^^

the GazettE HERESY LIMITED TOUR17, 14.4.2017, SENDAI PIT Setlist

01 Beautiful 5 [shit]ers
02 ~zetsu~
03 Back drop Junkie [Nancy]
- MC -
04 Sugar Pain
05 Toguro [蜷局]
06 Last bouquet
07 Sumire [菫]
08 Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru [飼育れた春、変われぬ春]?
- MC -
09 The Social Riot Mashine$
10 [DIS]
11 Wife [ワイフ]
12 Maximum Impulse
13 LINDA ~candydive pinky heaven~
14 Akai One Piece [赤いワンピース]
15 Sentimental na Onigokko [センチメンタルな鬼ごっこ]
- MC -
16 Ruder
17 Kantou Dogeza Kumiai [関東土下座組合]
- ENCORE 2 -
18 Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu [春ニ散リケリ、身ハ枯レルデゴザイマス] 

cr. mika_11x17

「 幸せが訪れるその時… 」 
“Happiness will come to you…”

Send You Roses When They Think You Need To Smile

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:  Sequel to Someone Buy Me Roses (x). Request fic for @thedarkarrow. “I saw your post about desolation row!gerard making puns and can you actually write that I would be so happy”. 

Gerard had promised you he would buy all your roses. But, you were still surprised when, two days later, he showed up in front of the shop in a fast-looking black car.

“I wanted to ride my motorcycle, but I needed the trunk space to fit all these damn flowers,” the punk shrugged in greeting.

“You have a motorcycle?” you asked, still in disbelief that he’d actually kept his word. He was a riot-starting bad boy with a warrant. To be honest, you’d half expected to never see him again.

“Yeah, I’d love to take you for a ride sometime,” Gerard grinned, taking a drag on his cigarette as he hoisted the last flower arrangement into the back of the vehicle.

“Any other flowers you’d like to take off my hands?” you asked, happy to be seeing the last of your rose bouquets. They’d been on the shelf so long that they were starting to wilt.

“Well,” Gerard smirked, exhaling a cloud of smoke, “I would like to de-flower you.”

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“Love fills the infinite.”

First Date Pt. 2 - Young Derek Hale

Originally posted by mrolvaries

This was requested by bmthxnjh. This was the request: Hey can you do a part 2 on first date young Derek please.:) A/N: Keep requesting

“What were you thinking?! What are you thinking?!” Peter yells at Derek as he fixes his shirt and checks his hair in the reflection.

“That’s the thing. He’s not thinking.” His sister Laura calls from the living room.

“Derek are you even paying attention? You went on a date during the full moon! You practically shifted in front of her! And now you want to go on another date with this girl?” He yelled, trying to make his words get through Derek.

“She’s not just some girl. And I know what I’m doing. Its not a full moon anymore either, so this date can only go better.” Derek turns away from the mirror and grabs his coat from the closet.

“You do realize the minute she finds out what you really are she will hate you. Run away from you in fear.” This causes Derek’s movements to falter.

“Peter, would you knock it off?” Derek’s mother, Talia said as she walked down the stairs next to the front door. “Have a great night sweetheart.” She ruffles his hair, ruining his previous efforts, and pushes him out the door. She tosses him the keys and closes the door.

Derek hops in the car and drives to your house. Knocking on the door he shifts his weight as he waits for you to answer. You push the door open and usher him inside. “Hey, I just need to find my shoes, do you want a drink or anything?”

“No I’m fine.” You walk back towards the front door, now with shoes. Derek hands you a pot with your favorite flower planted in it. “Whats this?” You ask as you take it, smiling at him.

“Well, bouquets only last for a few days. Now you can keep this and let it grow.” He bites the inside of his cheek nervously.

“I love it.” You set it on the counter next to a window and follow him out to his car. “I’m excited for this movie. Action, adventure, comedy.”

Derek snorts. “We’re going to see a horror movie.”

“Thats exactly what I just said. I don’t know what horror movies you watch?”

“I take it you’re not easily scared. I’ll have to keep that in mind.” Derek observes as he pulls into the parking lot.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you going to try and kill me or something?”

“Nonsense, if I was planning your assassination I’d be a little more discreet about it.”

You laugh as he puts his arm around your shoulder. “Thats all I ask.”

The movie went great. You sat cuddled up next to Derek, whispering about plot holes and theories. You both went through three buckets of popcorn with snowcaps in them, claiming they were the best. When he dropped you off at your front porch it was dark out.

“Its the perfect setting for a horror movie you know. A serial killer or werewolf could pop out of the bushes at any moment.” You joke and you look for your key in your purse.

“Yeah,” he says awkwardly.

“I had fun Derek, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You smile before you slip inside and lock the door.

“Bye.” he says to nobody in particular as he gets into his car. Just as he starts it you burst out off the door and run up to it. “Did you forget something?”

“Yeah,” You breathe as you open the passenger door and search the floor.

“Here, let me help look.” He leans over and searches the floor too. You look up and move your head closer to him. You kiss him so quickly that he froze in shock, not sure how to react.

You pull away and wink. “I found it.” You shut the door and he was still frozen in place. “See you around jackass.”

perks of dating me
  • hold your hand (all the time)
  • send you songs that remind me of you
  • cook for you
  • cook with you
  • buy you potted plants (because they last longer than bouquets)
  • quietly and efficiently eliminate your enemies
  • hug you from behind
  • play with your hair
  • milkshake dates
  • lots of walks through pretty areas
Good or Gone? || Ashton Irwin

Request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n dates Ash and they get into a huge fight and she leaves saying she’s going to a friend’s by she never makes it there because she’s in an accident and ends up in a coma and he gets a call early in the morning about it from Luke, who’s her cousin, and yeah. But please don’t kill y/n. I don’t think I could handle that. Thanks!

I M A G I N E 

“What the hell do you mean it was ‘just a peck?’” You yelled, mimicking Ashtons words with an attempt at the Australian accent. You held up a magazine with Ashton kissing Bryana, the blonde babe that you always had suspicions on. She had been hanging out with Ashton a lot during his tour and you had to sit at home and hope Ashton didn’t cheat on you. But now your paranoia rang true and you were at home, arguing with your boyfriend. 

“It was barely a kiss, Y/N!” Ashton yelled, taking a swig of his beer. “Fuck off it, Y/N, it was a peck. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t see the big fucking deal?”

“You don’t see the big fucking deal?” You asked, purely shocked at hearing Ashton’s response. The pedestal that was holding your heart was beginning to crack. Ashtons words were already getting to you, making your body tremble. “You kissed another girl that wasn’t me, Ashton, that’s the fucking problem.” 

“You know what, Y/N?” Ashton said slowly, pointing at you with the hand that held the beer. “Fuck off. Just fucking leave. I honestly don’t need this lecturing and shit from someone who isn’t a hot model like Bryana, all right? So just fucking go!” You watched Ashton attentively, seeing as his hazel eyes were dark and stringing. He was serious. He wanted you gone and out of his life. Your pedestal was falling to pieces very slowly, your heart unable to keep balance anymore. 

“You know what? Fine!” You flail your arms in the air. “If this is what you want, fine! I’ll up and get out of your life, Irwin!” You rush away from his sight, trying so hard to keep the tears inside. Grabbing one of your bags, you shove random pieces of clothing into it. You heard footsteps, knowing Ashton was entering the room.

“Y/N, are you actually going?” Ashton asks in surprise, watching as you zip closed the bag and stood up. You hung the bag on your shoulder, keeping a tight grip on the straps with your hands. “Y/N, you can’t be serious right now…”

“I can’t be serious right now?” You asked him, practically fueled with anger. “You’re the one who wants me gone for a fucking model right now! So yes, I’m so damn serious right now!” Shoving passed Ashton, you leave the room you two once shared and head for the door. 

“No, Y/N, come back here!” You roll your eyes at Ashtons calls. Picking up your phone from the kitchen counter, you immediately text your best friend. You request to stay with her for a bit, saying how you were having relationship problems. She responded a few minutes later saying it was all right. Rushing to the door, you open it and rush outside. Ashton was at your tail, following you with his speed walking. “Y/N, turn around and fucking face me!”

“Oh, you wanna be faced? All right,” you turn around to look up at the face you fell in love with. It stung your heart, like a bird pecking at it. “We are done, all right? Evidently I’m not good enough for you and you’ve been wanting to fuck Bryana since the day you met her. So there, I’ll leave your damn life so you can finally be happy because evidently you weren’t happy with me!” 

“Y/N, please-” you heard begs and pleads from Ashton, but he didn’t chase after you. And although that really punched you in the face, he gave you the confirmation. He wasn’t happy with you, it seems. He’s not chasing you because he’s finally rid of you, you thought. Your heart finally fell as you were long gone from the house you lived in and the boy you considered home. That’s when you finally cried. 

You cried because it hurt. You cried because he was your best friend and knew everything about you. It hurt because all his kisses were sweet and he tasted like apples and smelled like fresh morning dew drops hanging from leaves. It hurt because you were gonna miss that warm feeling when he looked at you with those hazel eyes. It hurt because he was the best at making toast with Vegemite (the perfect amount) smeared on it. It hurt because his laugh was like music to your ears every time you heard it. It especially hurt because although you recognize and adore all his flavors, to him, you taste of nothing. You thought that these tears would never end. 

Before you knew it, you clashed and become one with a truck while crossing the street. 

Ashton POV (kinda with yours, too)

“Fuck!” Ashton yelled, kicking one of your nice couches you bought at a thrift store. Ashton was broken. Once you up and left from his life, although possibly temporary, he hated what he did. Not only cheating on you, but breaking your heart and causing you to leave without even attempting to work it out. “I’m such an idiot!” He throws his half full beer bottle at the wall. He was overcome with emotion, feeling tears falling from his cheeks as he began to punch the wall. 

She looks so perfect standing there… Ashtons phone was ringing. Blood played at his knuckles, with his hands trembling hard. He was praying for it to stop, for the pain and feeling of loss and emptiness to go away. But it can’t go away, so long as you weren’t by his side. At this moment, he hated Bryana more than ever, wishing so much to rid her from his life. In fact, he wished that she never entered it. Reluctantly going to his phone, he noticed it was your cousin and his band mate, Luke.

“Luke?” Ashton asked in a quiet tone, hoping his tear-strained voice won’t be noticed. “You need anything, mate?”

“Yeah, um…” Luke said slowly on the phone. Ashton noticed that his voice was a bit shaky. “Did the hospital call you yet or…” Ashton was confused at this point, holding the phone at his ear better.

“What do you mean if the hospital called me?” Ashton asked. “I didn’t get any calls from the hospital. Is everything all right? Did you get hurt or something, mate?”

“Not um, me in particular, Ashton…” Luke said, his voice very shaky now. “Ashton, Y/N is in the hospital…” Ashton felt himself go pale. His heart stopped, along with his eyes widening and his jaw dropping. 

“Y/N is in… is in the hospital?” Ashton asked, barely whispering. “What the fuck do you mean she’s in the hospital? What the fuck happened?” Ashton wanted answers. He was feeling angry, sad, anxious, confused, worried. His heart was racing, with his mind burning with questions. “Is she okay? Can I talk to her?”

“Er, you can’t…” Luke started. “Y/N was hit by a truck. Although it wasn’t going full speed, it was a very strong collision.” Ashtons heart stopped again. “She’s currently being bandaged up and stitched, so she’s all right, but…”

“But…?” Ashton asked. He heard Luke sigh. 

“She’s in a coma, Ashton.” Before Luke knew it, Ashton bolted from the house and ran straight to the hospital. 

1 Month Later…

“Visiting hours end at 10, okay?” A nice nurse told Ashton as he was entering your room. Ashton gave her an understanding nod as he entered with a bouquet of roses. “And hey, sir?” Ashton turned his head over to listen. “She might not wake up right now, so I wouldn’t have too many high hopes on it.” And with that, the nurse shut the door and it was just Ashton and you. 

“Hey, Y/N…” Ashton whispered, walking up to your lifeless body. You were pale, attached to a series of machines and water bags. Your body was ornate with needles and wires, the only main sound being your heart rate recording. “I’ve got you some roses, baby. They were the last bouquet of roses at the shop. I hope you like them.” Although you could only see black, you were listening to him and responding in your head.

Thank you, Ashton.

“Y/N…” Ashton started, putting the flowers to one of the visitors chairs and pulling the other over to you. He took a seat and took your hand in his, feeling awful to feel how cold it was. “Fuck, it’s been a month, Y/N, since I’ve heard your voice and seen your life in motion. And honestly, it is fucking killing me slowly. I wish so much to bring that girl I adore so much back to the world…”

I wish I can come back, too. 

“Y/N,” Ashton starts again, rubbing the top of your hand with his thumb. “I’m so fucking sorry. For everything, Y/N. For drinking while you were yelling at me. For kissing Bryana because you weren’t around. For being on tour so much with little visits that didn’t last so long. I can’t believe we ended up here, Y/N…”

You’re telling me.

“It’s crazy because the more you don’t wake up, the less of you I see,” Ashton whispers, looking down at your intertwined hands. “Your lips aren’t pink and plump like they were. Your skin is pale and cold, like ice. Your body is getting skinnier and bony. Even your fucking scent is disappearing! The scent i love so much is leaving!”

I’m sorry. I’m trying my best.

“Do you remember when we were making that music video for Try Hard?” Ashton asked, smiling fondly at the memory. “You were crying with joy because you were so scared of rollar coasters but you loved them so much. The way you spoke about them, too. How they gave you ‘pleasurable adrenaline.’ And that even though it made your heart bounce out your body, you loved it more than anything at that moment. And every time we finish a ride, you would bounce up and down like a kid and say. ‘again, Ashton!’” He attempted to mimic your voice, making you giggle.

I don’t sound like that, Ash.

“I just really fucking miss you, Y/N,” Ashton said, squeezing your petite hand. “If I could go back in time and stop myself from kissing Bryana, I so fucking would. I caused this, and I fucking hate this. I don’t give a shit about her anymore, because I’m gonna stay by your side until you fucking get out of this, Y/N! You’re too fucking strong for a coma, Y/N, I know you are! You got this!”

I might not wake up, Ashton. 

“You mean the world to me, Y/N…” Ashton said in a hush tone, looking at your lifeless face. “And I am going to wait for the rest of my days until I know your answer. Until I know that either you’re gonna be good as gold and stay with me. Or, you’re gonna be gone with the rest of the angels that end up above the clouds… but please, Y/N, try to make that your choice. You choose to live or die. But I swear it to you, Y/N, if you stay in this world with me… Oh my god…” 


“I will never fucking let you go again,” Ashton growled, tears beginning to fall down his cheeks. The beautiful smile that always brightened up your day was replaced with a frown and immense amount of pain. “You will be my fucking jewel. I will never get with another girl, because I realized that they will never be as perfect as you, Y/N. Your voice is of a goddess. Your laughter is the song of a life time. Your body is all I truly want. Your personality can lighten up a dim room of lost souls. The person you are is the only person that could save me. And I just…” 

You just?

“I love you, Y/N.”

Y-you love me?

At that instant, your eyes fluttered open. You take in a deep breath as your eyes fixed your vision of everything. Ashtons eyes widened, his heart going insane with his emotions all over the place. The colors, the surroundings… you can see it all again. Turning over to Ashton, you smiled fondly at the face you’ve been wanting to see for so long. He was crying, his face drenched with tears. Squeezing his hand, you smiled up at him and spoke with a weak, but genuine voice.

“I love you, too, Ashton Fletcher Irwin.”

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A smile adorns her features while handing out roses, ones of various colors very plain though beautiful. At one point someone asked for the one and only two toned rose, it was a white rose with soft hues of blue mixed in. Sadly, the fox had to turn them down for this rose was for the one who shall capture her attention. 

All passed out except for one Serinaty roams the area finally settling eyes on a stranger with the brightest sapphire eyes she’s ever seen. The cowlick atop their head was enough to peak a question as basic as, how?

Over she walks leaning over in their point of view to wave straitening up when sky blues meet violets, “sorry to bother you, however please accept this last rose of my bouquet. I was saving the best for last and you’re the lucky one.”


‘The world is black and white, that’s just how it is. Until you meet your soul-mate, and then it’s apparently like a ka-boom and a wa-zow!

Tony’s never had a soul-mate, and he doesn’t really mind that Pepper’s never made him see a whole new world. Well, he doesn’t mind until he meets a certain god who kind of sort of blows his world out of the damn water.’

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I miss you when I’m cold and tired and
all I can think of is the way it felt with your arms
around me. You kept me warm and
put me to sleep knowing I’d wake up next to you.

I miss you when snow is falling and the sun
is setting and I know if you were here, we’d be sitting
in front of the window, leaning
against each other. I’d forget we were supposed to be watching
the snow to watch you and you’d pretend not to
notice, but I’d see the way you’d smile.

I miss you when the days are shortest and I turn out all the lights
and eat dinner in the dark the way we used to. But the shadows
cast by the moon only make me look for you and I’ve never felt
more alone.

I miss you when the grass is brown and the trees
are bare and I remember how you used to bring me
flowers because you said I deserved something
better. I know you’d hate it, but I left your last bouquet
sitting on the counter until all the petals fell off
into a pile that somehow seemed to symbolize the way I felt.

I miss you on silent mornings when you’d pull me
outside to listen to the silence until you saw
how much I was shivering and pulled me
back to bed. We’d stay there all day no matter what else
we were supposed to do and I wished winter
would last forever.

I miss the way you’d hold my hands because they could never
get warm. I miss the way you’d let me wear
your sweatshirts because they were bigger and warmer
than mine. I miss making tea at 1 am because neither of us
were sleeping. I miss movie nights that started out
with us on opposite ends of the couch and ended with us curled up under
the same blanket. I miss your hands
on my back when you came inside and kissing your lips
until they were warm again.

—  It hurts the worst in winter // L.B.