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name: Ivy

nickname: ives (barely anyone does this)

zodiac sign: Capricorn ;)

height: 5'3 ¼ (I’m short I get to do the last part XD)

fave book series: this is hard, matched series? (i have read too many books)

fave fictional characters: alice from alice in wonderland, Hermoine Granger, Tinker bell

fave flower: either Sunflower or Red Tulips

fave scents: Vanilla, Rose, anything strong that smells good

fave color: either lavendar Purple or blood red

fave artist/band: Sublime

coffee, tea or hot cocoa : I love them all but cocoa

average # of sleep: 7-9 hours of sleep

number of blankets: I have so many insanely soft blankets but one

dream trip: Going to venice Italy I’ve always wanted to go or to iceland to bathe in the natural spa

last thing you googled: Carmel Blonde ( I was getting my hair done)

blog created: April 2016?

how many blogs do I follow : ummmmm like over 4,000

number of followers: on this blog 398, on my other one 1,872

what I usually post about: astrology, and this I need to rant about astrological wise

what I reblog: astrology posts, sometimes feminist stuff, mutuals selfies, things that interest me, funny shit

lucky numbers: 33,honestly 123 is pretty luck for me i was born on 1231 at 123pm likeee

dream job: Nurse, or Art, basically anything that can get me a shit ton of money without drug testing

what did your last romantic relationship teach you:
Oh that I don’t need a relationship to be happy and that a relationsip shouldn’t be like that, he can go far way with his fuck boy ass

religious or spiritual: spiritual, metaphysics is life and I want to study witchcraft

why did I chose my URL: I’m lunar dominat on top of uranus and aquarius being my second dominant and so therefor lunar alien ;)

do I have any other blogs: yes of course ;) it’s

song stuck in my head: Smoke 2 joints by sublime

last movie I saw: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

what am I wearing right now: lace jean short short, glasses, and a weed tshirt with a picture of weed on it

I tag: @astrologyalien @geministereo @astrology-addict @ceresinlibra @theskyisblueasuaual

The Dregs: *break multiple laws, threaten people, blow things up, cause murder and mayhem like the Chaotic Neutrals they are*




Okay guys. I’m gonna be real with you for a sec. The Captain Underpants movie is coming out in June, and y'all in the LGBT community and those who support it should totally make sure you watch it!! The movie is based off a 12-book series. In the last book, one of the protagonists, Harold, is revealed to be gay. This is super huge for an elementary series of kids books!!

The movie coming out is based on the first four books (that I’m aware of), and if it does well, Dreamworks will probably finish making the series. It would be so important to have that sort of representation for young LGBT kids seeing this movie!! I’ve rarely seen movies where kids are revealed to be LGBT, and that would be such a huge stepping stone!

Anyway!! This movie looks really fun and exciting on top of having the two protagonists that are minorities (Harold’s best friend George is black, and both boys have AHHD). So support it if you can!!

hey if you guys are looking for something to read LET ME RECOMMEND YOU the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab

like this series is freaking amazing.

it has:

  • amazing writing that is beautiful without being overwrought
  • a really hecking good plot with magic and adventure and great worldbuilding
  • all the romances feel organic
  • amazing antiheroes
  • there’s rotating main characters and they include a badass fucking lady who is disabled (one eye) and a bisexual prince
  • AND!! the prince’s bisexuality isn’t a Secret or a Big Plot Point it’s just ‘here he is making out with ladies. now dudes’ but it’s also prominent enough that his romances are featured in the books and not mentioned as an afterthought (looking at you, J.K. Rowling)
  • the series actaully (imo) gets better as it progresses instead of derailing

Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

Enough branches had been removed from the roof to leave a smoke hole; I could see the evening stars, as I cuddled against Jamie and listened to him criticize his workmanship.

“Look at that,” he said crossly, lifting his chin at the far corner. “I’ve gone and laid in a crooked pole, and it’s put the whole of that line off the straight.”

“I don’t imagine the deer carcasses will care,” I murmured. “Here, let’s see that hand.”

“And the rooftree’s a good six inches lower at the one end than the other,” he went on, ignoring me, but letting me have his left hand. Both hands were smoothly callused, but I could feel the new roughnesses of scrapes and cuts, and so many small splinters that his palm was prickly to the touch.

“You feel like a porcupine,” I said, brushing my hand over his fingers. “Here, move closer to the fire, so I can see to pull them out.”

He moved obligingly, crawling around Ian, who—freshly de-splintered himself—had fallen asleep with his head pillowed on Rollo’s furry side. Unfortunately, the change of position exposed new weaknesses of construction to Jamie’s critical eye.

“You’ve never built a shed out of logs before, have you?” I interrupted his denunciation of the doorway, neatly tweaking a large splinter out of his thumb with my tweezers.

“Ow! No, but—”

“And you built the bloody thing in two days, with nothing but a felling ax and a knife, for God’s sake! There’s not a nail in it! Why ought you to expect it to look like Buckingham Palace?”

“I’ve never seen Buckingham Palace,” he said, rather mildly. He paused. “I do take your point, though, Sassenach.”

“Good.” I bent closely over his palm, squinting to make out the small dark streaks of splinters, trapped beneath the skin.

“I suppose it willna fall down, at least,” he said, after a longer pause.

“Shouldn’t think so.” I dabbed a cloth to the neck of the brandy bottle, swabbed his hand with it, then turned my attention to his right hand.

He didn’t speak for a time. The fire crackled softly to itself, flaring up now and then as a draft reached in between the logs to tickle it.

“The house is going to be on the high ridge,” he said suddenly. “Where the strawberries grow.”

“Will it?” I murmured. “The cabin, you mean? I thought that was going to be at the side of the clearing.” I’d taken out as many splinters as I could; those that were left were so deeply embedded that I would have to wait for them to work their way nearer the surface.

“No, not the cabin. A fine house,” he said softly. He leaned back against the rough logs, looking across the fire, out through the chinks to the darkness beyond. “Wi’ a staircase, and glass windows.”

“That will be grand.” I laid the tweezers back in their slot, and closed the box.

“Wi’ high ceilings, and a doorway high enough I shall never bump my heid going in.”

“That will be lovely.” I leaned back beside him, and rested my head on his shoulder. Somewhere in the far distance, a wolf howled. Rollo lifted his head with a soft wuff!, listened for a moment, then lay down again with a sigh.

“With a stillroom for you, and a study for me, lined with shelves for my books.”

“Mmmm.” At the moment, he possessed one book—The Natural History of North Carolina, published 1733, brought along as guide and reference.

The fire was burning low again, but neither of us moved to add more wood. The embers would warm us through the night, to be rekindled with the dawn.

Jamie put an arm around my shoulders, and tilting sideways, took me with him to lie curled together on the thick layer of fallen leaves that was our couch.

“And a bed,” I said. “You could build a bed, I expect?”

“As fine as any in Buckingham Palace,” he said.

—  Drums of Autumn (Outlander series) - Diana Gabaldon

the (mis)Adventures of Jamie the Architect #1

#harrypottersummer is back!

Welcome to harrypottersummer 2017! It’s happening! You get a reread! And you get a reread! Everybody gets a reread! 

So, without further ado -

Cancel all your plans for the summer. We’re rereading Harry Potter.

What’s harrypottersummer?

It’s the most beautiful time of year, aka the time where Potterheads get to reread the entire Harry Potter series over the course of one summer - together! harrypottersummer was created last year, everyone who joined in had a blast, so this is round two and the whole thing is on a very good path to become an annual event.

How does it work?

Starting on June 16th, everyone who cares to join will start reading the Harry Potter series all over, first book to last, whilst sharing but their reading progress as well as headcanons, fanart, fanfics, edits, theories, anecdotes and literally anything else you can think of, on any social media platform you can think of using the hashtag #harrypottersummer. Done!

What’s this year’s schedule?

Last year, we went for a book per week, which was nice for those of us who were stuck with little to no wifi for the bigger part of the reread (-points to self-), but was stressful for busier folks. This year, only the first three books will be getting a week each, and every book from Goblet of Fire onward will be getting two! Yay!

  • June 16th - June 22nd 2017: Philosopher’s Stone Week
  • June 23rd - June 29th 2017: Chamber of Secrets Week
  • June 30th - July 6th 2017: Prisoner of Azkaban Week
  • July 7th - July 20th 2017: Goblet of Fire Week
  • July 21st - August 3rd 2017: Order of the Phoenix Week
  • August 4th - August 17th 2017: Half-Blood Prince Week
  • August 18th - August 31st 2017: Deathly Hallows Week

Wait, whaat? Meetup???

Well, yes meetup, assuming it all works out as planned! In honour of September 1st, 2017 also being Epilogue Day, anyone who happens to be in London that day is more than welcome to stop by at King’s Cross station to come and wave our childhood goodbye one last time. Are you ready? I’m not ready. Nope.

Make sure you check this blog for updates on the meetup, as more details will hopefully be available soon. For now, just know that I’ll be there, @ronaldswheezy will be there, come say hi and have a chat and take selfies and get emotional over our childhood. Why not. Might be fun.

How do I participate?

  • Grab your Harry Potter books, cancel your life, and start rereading.
  • Spread your progress like wildfire. This includes any form of social media you choose to participate in. Tumblr! Snapchat! Instagram! YouTube! Twitter! All the things!
  • Get creative. Write fanfics. Make fanart. Make edits. Make playlists. Start cosplaying. Write a song. Build your own Lego Hogwarts. Nothing is off limits.
  • And finally, tag absolutely EVERYTHING with #harrypottersummer. Everything. Even if it’s just a 4am text post that goes ‘do dementors poop?’.

If you’ve got any more questions, the ask box is open! A calendar page with the schedule and an FAQ face and other things are coming up too, as soon as I get around to setting them all up. If you want to message me on my main blog, you find me @stuckwith-harry

Happy harrypottersummer! <3

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Even tho Cassie Clare was problematic at first, she got a whole lot better in her later books- Jem in TID, Cristina in TDA, etc. The Last Hours series is going to be released starting either 2018 or 2019, and it's going to have two biracial (British-Iranian) siblings. One of them will be a focal POV main character. Her name's Cordelia. Unfortunately the fandom thinks she is white because she has red hair. I wonder if they ignored the fact she has brown skin and speaks Farsi?

Cassandra Clare might have characters of color and LGBT+ characters in her books, and she might try to seem “inclusive” and “progressive” with “her” work. I think, however, that she utterly fails at that. Under the cut, a list of all the reasons why her diversity isn’t worth much, and why I don’t think anyone should be giving her any more money, as she will just keep on dissapointing. Call this… 

The Cassandra Clare is inexcusable masterpost: 

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Though Isengard be strong and hard, as cold as stone as bare as bone,
We go, we go, we go to war, to hew the stone and break the door!
—  J.R.R Tolkien (The Two Towers)
  • After the war, Percy spends a lot of time in the Muggle world. He finds it soothing, an escape from the rebuilding and the reminders of the war. 
  • One Saturday in the June of 1999, he goes to a nearby Muggle park and sits under a tree to finish up the book he was reading. It was the last in a Muggle series called the Chronicles of Narnia; Hermione had lent him her copies and he was greatly enjoying them. 
  • The moment he finishes the book, a woman around his age walks up to him and tells him that that’s her favorite book series and now that he’s done did he want to talk about it? 
  • He happily accepts her offer, he’s totally fallen in love with this series and he’d love to talk to someone about it. 
  • They talk for hours, eventually moving into talking about themselves and their lives. Audrey is a Muggle, so Percy can’t tell her everything, and he finds he loves that. He doesn’t have to talk about the war or the falling out with his family. They talk about their lives, their friends and families, their goals and hopes and dreams. 
  • It’s a conversation that is so renewing and refreshing and wonderful that Percy can’t believe it’s happening with a complete stranger. When he reflected on it in the following years, he would swear he started falling in love with Audrey right then. 
  • All too soon, Percy realizes he needs to leave in order to get to family dinner at the Burrow on time. Before he goes, Audrey takes a scrap of paper out of her bag, scribbles her phone number on it, and gives it to him. 
  • Percy asks Hermione to show him how to use a phone after dinner that night and buys himself one first thing the next morning. As soon as it’s set up he calls Audrey and asks her to go on a date that night. 
  • After they’ve been together 8 months, Percy tells Audrey he’s a wizard, doing some magic to prove he’s telling the truth. She’s understandably shocked and confused, and it takes her a few weeks to completely wrap her head around the idea
  • After she knows he’s a wizard, he can finally take her to the Burrow and introduce her to his family, who absolutely love her. 
  • On their two year anniversary, Percy suggests they go for a walk in the park and proposes under the tree where they first met. Audrey says yes before he can even finish the sentence “Will you marry me?”. 
  • They marry a year later in a simple and beautiful wedding ceremony. 
  • After two years of marriage, they decide to try for a baby. A year and a half later, they find out that Audrey is pregnant with twin girls. 
  • They decide to each pick a name. Percy picks Molly, after his mother. Audrey picks Lucy, after Lucy Pevensie, her favorite character from the series that was not only her childhood favorite, but also the thing that brought her and Percy together.