last blade 2

doctorbutler asked:

That SamSho IV looks legit. Honestly I'm surprised Last Blade 2 made it not just to consoles, but to the US. I figured SamSho would have made it over LB.

The thing that kind of gave it way on the SamSho cover was the 20th anniversary of the Neo Geo sticker. The Neo Geo turned 25 this year, so there’s no way that could have came out for the Dreamcast. Plus there’s like an artist name right by the T rating too.

I think that Last Blade 2, like a lot of Dreamcast games, were ported to the Dreamcast because they ran off of Sega Naomi boards which made porting them to the Dreamcast much easier than other consoles. Almost all of the Capcom fighters, and most of Capcom’s Dreamcast games, were like that. I’m not so sure about SNK though. Up until about LB2, the first console that had home ports of their games was the Neo Geo. But it wouldn’t surprise me that SNK/Playmore ported games to a Naomi board seeing as SNK’s own financial woes around the end of the 90′s, to make them much more cheaper to mass produce/port to home consoles.