last apprentice series

alias: bees 
pronouns + timezone: she/her, est
favorite book(s) read as a kid: yooooo the last apprentice series by joseph delaney was my mf jam!! nobody and their mother has heard of it but those books were my harry potter. unfortunately i kinda grew out of them before the series finished so there’s a few i haven’t read but ugh, they were SO GOOD and SO SCARY when i was a little kid. curse of the bane fuckt me up in all the best ways.
favorite faces: vera farmiga, kate mckinnon, lily tomlin, stephanie j block (a new fav), sarah paulson, peal mackie, cate blanchett, viola davis, lin-manuel miranda, patricia clarkson, peter capaldi, a bunch of other ppl over 100 y/o xoxo
favorite plots: the slowest of burns to ever burn, angsty/dysfunctional family plots, comedy-centric stuff, redemption arcs
looking forward to: finding my forever home with loads of lovely people!!! i am so jazzed for @goodolddaysrp, honestly <3
a gif:

Livetumblring todays’s U.S. BBC America West Coast Premiere of Doctor Who Series 9: The Magician’s Apprentice

Hi Whovians, we’re back again and this time we’re watching the US West Coast premiere! We will be liveblogging The Magician’s Apprentice, posting your gifs and fanart and reactions as they happen on screen starting at 9pm PT, one hour from now. Because we’re doing it in real time, there’s no way for us to avoid posting spoilers.

If you need to avoid spoilers, we recommend installing tumblr savior or xkit.For instructions on how to install it on any browser, click here.

We will be tagging all of our posts with #DW Spoilers as well as #The Magician’s Apprentice and #9.01

If you cannot install Tumblr Savior and find it impossible to live without Tumblr for the evening, you should consider unfollowing and refollowing us once the episode ends. If you plan on liveblogging, make sure to tell your followers as well!

We’ll see you all in ONE HOUR for the last of today’s three liveblogs!

I need some more Doctor Who on my dash

So if you post anything Doctor Who related, literally ANYTHING DOCTOR WHO RELATED just reblog this post and I’ll check you out! (I’m suffering from lack of Doctor Who)