last album what...........

analysing panic! at the disco lyrics:

  • basically insightful puns at every turn
  • lol who needs titles that make sense
  • sex????
  • what does that word mean
  • let me just google it
  • oh right
  • that’s great I can use that in my next essay
  • how can eyes be moon sized 
  • doOrs„
  • more sex….I think….
  • wait hang on why am I crying
Can`t Take My Eyes Off You
  • Can`t Take My Eyes Off You
  • 크루셜스타 (Crucial Star)
  • Drawing #3: Untitled

Crucial Star - Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS

Adele released an album last year?

What was it called? When was it released?

I’m not even being funny, I seriously never heard of it….if said album actually exists.


sm taking sehun into the recording studio #wastehistime2k16

I just keep thinking about Bowie like
The last thing he ever did was make an album
He knew what was ahead and he chose to push himself until the very end to get it out there, and that’s so fucking brave. He took his pain and made it into art. He pushed himself knowing it was the end in order to give his fans one last album. What an incredible artist and an incredible person. He will be missed.

Interview with Rookie Magazine

Marina Diamandis, the Welsh singer and songwriter also known as Marina and the Diamonds, is the queen of reinvention. She made her pop debut in 2010 withThe Family Jewels, and in 2012 released the ambitious concept album, Electra Heart. It stars a super-glam character of the same name, embodied by Marina, who comments on female pop-culture archetypes (housewives, Hollywood starlets, bad girls, et cetera): “I’ve lived a lot of different lives, been different people many times,” she sings on one of the album’s tracks, “Fear and Loathing.”

In April, Marina will release her latest album, Froot; last week, I got the chance to chat with her about self-expression, playing a character, and sticking to your guns.

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People are like ‘he didn’t 100% confirm he’s not going solo, it would’ve been so easy’
And I’m like, have you not heard the rest of the interview? It took him ten minutes to say he hasn’t got sheep placenta facials? And he answered it in the weirdest way possible 'I mean I wash my face? But I don’t… Use… Any part of a sheep…’
Are you gonna get conspiracy-y over why he didn’t just say 'no, I’ve never done that’? Is he launching his own brand of sheep placenta facials and he didn’t want to spoil the news?