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Cartoon Characters who are 14 years old

It’s crazy how different being 14 is portrayed across cartoons. When I was 14 both my life and I were a mess. 

Steven Universe – Steven Universe 

Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz – Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Sam Manson, Danny Fenton,  and Tucker Foley – Danny Phantom 

Azula – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender 

Yumi Ishiyama – Code Lyoko

Beast Boy….we think – Teen Titans 

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Katara is the most underrated member of the gaang (other than Suki) I don't think enough people appreciate how badass she is but choose to fawn over zuko toph sokka

Dude, I love Katara. I think she’s the most amazing character. 

She mastered her element in a matter of weeks once she found a master. She took down an entire culture’s way of doing things. She fought for what she wanted. She wasn’t afraid to cry or yell or care or love. She embraced her anger. She embraced her empathy. She faced her emotions head on. She expressed her emotions vividly and without any fear of what her companions might think. She brought the Avatar back to life. She beat of the world’s greatest firebender on the day of Sozin’s Comet. She kept the Fire Nation’s last hope from dying. She literally saved the world. 

Katara’s amazing. You don’t have to tell me twice. 

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I really enjoy the irony that in the avatar universe typically:

firebenders/people from the fire nation seem cold and keep their emotions hidden

waterbenders/people from the water tribes are hotheaded and passionate

earthbenders/people from the earth kingdom are lighthearted jokesters

airbenders/people from the air temples are grounded and level headed

  • Imperator: Immortan, I'm afraid the sandstorms will not allow us to follow Furiosa.
  • Joe: I’m sorry, Imperator, but I do not know much about the sandstorms. Can you explain something to me?
  • Imperator: Of course, Immortan.
  • Joe: Do the sandstorms command this war party?
  • Imperator: Um, I'm afraid I don't understand.
  • Joe: You said the sandstorms would not allow us to follow. Do the sandstorms command this war party?
  • Imperator: No, Immortan.
  • Joe: And if I were to have you thrown out of the vehicle, would the sandstorms think twice about killing you?
  • Imperator: No, Immortan.
  • Joe: Well, then, maybe you should worry less about the sandstorms who’ve already made up their mind about killing you, and worry more about me, who’s still mulling it over.

What I want to see in an Azula arc is just a good ol’ self-discovery plot-line. You have a girl whose father made a set path for her and she didn’t question it, finally free from his influence. I want to see a clear moment where Azula realizes that she was being controlled as much as she did the controlling and decides for herself who and what she wants to be.