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Tom Holland: the last Airbender

Rewatching my favorite cartoon, I was wondering, who could play Aang in a movie based on Avatar: the last airbender. Strange as it may seem, but I think Tom (when he was younger) could be a great Avatar.

I don’t know why but his Peter Parker recalls me Aang. This is not all about looks, it’s more about his character. Perhaps, because he is also just a kid, who shoulders a great responsibility. A boy, who wants to bring justice, save people, maybe even the world.

No doubt, both of them are strong, full of light and kindness, they can inspire you, they also can easily get in troubles. But you love them because they are good men. And you really understand, what the word “goodness” means, when you look at them and their actions.

They have their weaknesses and make mistakes but it doesn’t mean that they are weak at all. It’s something that makes them humane, makes them real. Because a true hero doesn’t have to be perfect, he needs to continue to hold on to his beliefs and principles no matter what.

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Aang and Peter always do what’s in their hearts, they have the courage to do what is right, even if it means giving their lives. And I guess, Tom is a good Spider-man. And I am pretty sure he would be a great Avatar.

P.S. Tom is a perfect dancer, by the way…


I always wondered what kind of person could do such a thing, but now that I see you, I think I understand. There’s just nothing inside you, nothing at all. You’re pathetic and sad and empty.

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