last airbender korra cosplay


Uncle Iroh’s Prison Workout | Avatar The Last Airbender Tough Like The Toonz: EP 27

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Iroh the DRAGON OF THE WEST! 

One of the kindest and yet most powerful characters in the Avatar the Last Airbender franchise. While incarcerated he managed to escape by becoming a ONE MAN ARMY after months of training in his prison cell. 

Well today we can mimic his workout routine. Get your Tea Kettles ready we’re gonna brew up a kickass Firebender Body.


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Avatar Korra cosplay
Hope Kutsche

Edit: Thank you all for the notes! I really, really enjoyed finally having a character who was real representation for me. Being half Chinese, I really don’t see any characters that look a lot like me. But not only does Korra look not completely Chinese or Asian, she is definitely not white. And she is bisexual, just like me. Korra is the first character I’ve ever really been able to see myself in, and cosplaying as her was the best thing I’ve ever done.