last account activity

Jisung: are any of you having trouble with instagram?

Hyunjin: no, why?

Jisung: everytime it says “your password is incorrect” i tried putting down incorrect, but it still doesn’t work

Hyunjin: i’m giving you two minutes to figure out what you just said

Hi, AJ with an overdue update. It’s already been a year in 2019 with all that’s happened. Regardless, i managed to leave abuse, move, and get settled into a new, safe home i share with my vey best friend in the whole world and her amazing boyfriend.

It’s been a time, but i’m healthier than i’ve been since i was 10. Celebrating 21 years old and my newfound independance, i look at life challenges differently now. Still scared as always, but i feel more alive than ever. ✊🏼💜🥳

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