DON’T HURT MY TRICO | The Last Guardian Part 3

This part… Oh man. This part had me cracking up so bad. My eyes were tearing and my abs were hurting… All because of this part.

I’ve watched it so many times, and its still as funny as the first time I saw it…

@therealjacksepticeye I have no words… I’m surprised you didn’t crack up after the initial shock.

While fighting for the US during WWII, Joe Medicine Crow became the last war chief of the Crow tribe by completing the 4 required tasks: touch an enemy without killing him, take an enemy’s weapon, lead a successful war party, and steal an enemy’s horse. Whenever he went to battle, he wore his war paint under his Army uniform and a sacred eagle feather under his helmet. Source

The signs on the last day of school

Aries- Didn’t even show up

Gemini- Getting their yearbooks signed by literally every single person at school

Taurus- Checking the clock every single second

Cancer- Saying bye to everyone like it’s the last day on earth and they’re never going to see them again

Leo- Will be singing “what time is it” from high school musical the whole day

Virgo- Already planning for the next year


Scorpio- Staying after class because they glued the teachers desk to the ceiling

Sagittarious- Completely over everyone and anything

Capricorn- Will then proceed to go get the past 8 months of their memory washed

Aquarius- Looking forward to spending hours doing absolutely nothing