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What are y'alls astrology signs?

Closed McDonalds - Dylan
Dylan’s Xanax Refill - Derrick
2 Rocks Fucking - Josh
Another 3 Rocks Watching - Steve
Banana Burrito - Chris
A Burning Newspaper - Dave
A Glasses Lasso - Katie
Dave Matthews’ Instagram - Tyler
Bikini Drying On A Piano - Nick

[Sudden Photos] A Rivalry to Destroy Valentines Day! LOL Champions Korea Day 17

“Sudden Photos” (돌발포토) is an LCK photo series characterized by the humorous photography and commentary of Inven photojournalist and illustrator ‘Lasso’ (@VANVANprj). The original post contains all of the match day’s photos and can easily be found here:

Please do visit the original post to see all of the remaining photos

^ Oh, Valentine’s… I wanted to forget…

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yeah they were in Texas then they flew to Vancouver

yeah i just found out :/ i was gonna draw a comic where sehun says “hey guys im going out to check out the town” and when hecomes back he has a cowboy hat on and he lassos everybody and kicks em out and says “my town now cityslickers” and exo is disbanded

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how about an s/o 'fake thrusting' behind the allies when they bend down to pick something up. (hope it makes sense lol)

Here ya go~! For some reason I struck a blank with France, (´・ω・`) oh well, it’s not too hard to imagine what his reaction was like afterwards ;P

~Mod Frizbie

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Thunder Rose (2007)

“Thunder Rose is an African-American child born on a stormy night abuzz with booming thunder, flashing lightning, and hailing rain. Her parents are awestruck by her remarkable gifts, which include forming a ball out of lightning, speaking in full sentences minutes after her birth, and snoring through a booming, thunderous rumble. 

It is clear that Rose is no ordinary child. She can lift a cow over her head and almost drink it dry, and as she grows, she does incredible metalwork with scraps of iron she finds around the ranch. She uses her handiwork to restrain cattle, round up would-be rustlers, and lasso and squeeze the rain out of the clouds. She fearlessly faces down a couple of tornadoes and calms them with her “song of thunder." 

Nolen and Nelson offer up a wonderful tale of joy and love, as robust and vivid as the wide West.”

By Jerdine Nolen, Illustrator: Kadir Nelson

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A couple friends and I were playing Pathfinder with modified rules, and our party of 5 was ambushed by a group of giant spiders while walking through the woods. 2 of them went after my 3’ 7" gnome monk, who has rope making as a craft. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I wrote down my rolls afterwords and this is what happened.

Me: I’m going to roll a craft check. *rolls 16*

DM: Okay, you’ve managed to put together about 10 feet of some pretty good quality rope.

Me: I’m going to try and lasso the closest spider. *rolls 15*

DM: Okay, you’ve got the spider by the neck.

Me: Can I roll a ride check?

DM: Go ahead.

Me: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: Okay, you jump up on top of the spider and have control of it with the lasso around it’s neck.

DM: It is now the spiders’ turn to attack. The spider tries to shake you off. *spider rolls a 3*

DM: The second spider jumps up and tries to knock you off. *second spider rolls a nat 1*

DM: Roll a luck check for me.

Me: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: The spider has failed so incredibly in its attack that it has entangled itself in the rope, and you have managed to gain control of it. You are now dual-mounting 2 spiders, with 1 foot on each and a lead around both of them.


Jan. 20, 1953: Though the inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower included the brandishing of military might — including an “eighty-five-ton cannon for atomic artillery shells” — alongside pledges to quest for peace, “the accent was on the pleasanter sides of life,” reported The Times. Parade floats that told the story of the new president’s life rolled before a crowd of 750,000, and a cowboy regaled the crowd, “displaying his skill farther down the route by roping policemen, naval officers and occasionally woman spectators.” He stopped to ask permission to lasso the commander in chief, who sat next to Herbert Hoover (seen shielding his face from the rope). “He must have felt the eyes of Texas were upon him. He missed his first throw,” The Times reported. “His second try landed around the President’s shoulders and General Eisenhower had to disentangle himself from it.” Photo: Patrick Burns/The New York Times


The working process for Try, Try Again Part 5A was kind of complex. I sketched the original image in Sai, and then brought it into photoshop to apply all sorts of layer modes and lasso-tool drawing stuff to it to get the right palette down. Once I had the palette in place, I brought the PNG back to Sai to paint on top of it (to finish it off) and add the text.

I did this 37 times! It was a little clunky to switch between the two, and I had to use two different psd files because Sai can’t handle like 80% of the layer modes that exist. Alas. It was totally worth it.