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For @pastagirl16…enjoy!

Lassiter’s head snapped up as he heard a familiar laugh. He glanced across the station to see Y/N, his girlfriend, laughing at something Shawn Spencer had said. Carlton set his jaw as he heard her laugh again at something Gus was saying. He cleared his throat.

“Hey Spencer.”
The faux psychic turned toward him. “Lassie face.”

Y/N smiled softly at her boyfriend, waving slightly. He smiled briefly before returning his attention to Spencer. The man had nearly made it all the way over.

“What’s up Lassito?”

Carlton put an arm around him and faced away from his girlfriend. This caused Shawn to knit his brows. Through gritted teeth, Carlton gave his answer.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Spencer.”
He nodded. “All ears.”
“Y/N is my girlfriend, and if you so much as touch her, I will hunt you down like the pheasant you are. Okay?”

Before allowing him to answer, Lassiter left Shawn and walked over to Y/N. She beamed at him as he placed his hand at the small of her back. Shawn arched a brow as Gus glanced over. The pair shrugged as Shawn smirked slightly before walking back over to the group.

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Ink Baby - Requested (Calum)

This was requested by Anon (Hiya girls I just thought of the cutest idea. Could you write somthing bout having a little girl with them and she draws on her self cos she wants to have tattoos like her mummy and daddy :3 and can it be Calum or Michael cos they have a lot of tats and I do too :) thank you can’t wait, it’s gonna be super cute I can tell :) love ya) ENJOY!!!

‘Babe, what do you think of this one?’ Calum asks, entering the kitchen, looking down at his phone, you put the paint brush in the paint pot and lean closer to him to see the picture on his phone, it’s a picture on a new tattoo he wants, you shrug.

‘I dunno, I liked the other one.’ You tell him, he huffs and drops his hand, wrapping his arm around your waist, ‘We will never fucking pick one’ you smack his shoulder at the swear word and widen your eyes at him nodding towards Lassie, he pulls a face and you roll your eyes.

‘Lassie, princess, do you like this drawing?’ Calum knees so he is on the same level as her as she sits at the table painting, she looks at the phone, and sticks her tongue out ‘Yuck’ she cried and you laugh, Calum’s face falls blank and he looks up giving you a narrowed eyed look.

‘Your too much like your mum’ he jokes standing and picking her up as he dies, she giggles and you smile at her, moving close you brush your fingers through her hair ‘There is nothing wrong with being like mummy, it’s when you start talking like daddy we have a problem’ you smile as you talk to her, and glace at Calum from the corner of your eye to see him rolling his eyes.

‘You’re as beautiful as you mummy, I just hope you don’t have as many men after you as she did’ he smirks a little and you punch his shoulder, earning a fake cry of pain from him, Lassie’s eyes widen and she presses her hand to Calum’s arm as if to shield him from you. ‘Mummy, we don’t hit, naughty mummy’ she shouts, you bite your lip not to laugh and hold your hands up in surrender as she shakes her head, before resting it on Calum shoulder. And he wears a smug grin on his stupid inviting lips.


‘I just think he should man up and tell her’ you finish talking about Luke and his ‘friend’ and Calum chuckles, your lying together on the sofa, his arm resting on the arm of the sofa, his legs bend under him slightly, your leaning on his, your legs too bend under your bum and one of your arms linked his while your other hand absentmindedly traces his tattoos.

‘I love it when you do that’ he whispers, you look up from the TV to see him smiling sweetly down at you, you smile a little too ‘I love you so fucking much’ he whispers, you shuffle up so you can press your lips to his, only a lingering peck before pulling away so your lips are brushing you whisper ‘Language’ and he chuckles as you shuffle back into your previous position.

‘Mummy, Daddy, can I cuddle’ you turn to see Lassie standing with her blanket under her arm looking up at you and Calum snuggled up on the sofa, her hair a little messy from being in bed for a couple of hours, you smile opening your arms. She smiles and reaches up, lifting a let but due to her size and only being half awake she doesn’t get u fully so you pull her slightly, and she wriggles into a comfortable position between you and Calum, As soon as she’s comfortable you notice her tiny fingers tracing Calum’s tattoos like how you do and you smile, you look up to see Calum is watching her too with a small smile, your eyes lock ‘I love you’ he mouths as Lassie’s eyes begin to drift.


‘Mummy’ you hear Calum call as you slip into a clean shirt after spilling coffee down the other, ‘COMING’ you yell down the stairs from your room as you leave, jogging down stairs and you head into the living room where Calum is kneeling with his back to you, covering Lassie. ‘What’s up?’ you ask, Calum looks over his shoulder and then moves a little to the side to reveal Lassie, with drawings all over her arms. You move over and sit cross legged next to Calum in front of Lassie.

‘Wow, could you not find paper?’ you ask with a little laugh as you hold her hand examining her arm and all the scribbles filling it.

‘I wanted to be like mummy and daddy’ she tells you, you look at her little cheeks red, tiny nose running slightly, deep brown eyes matching Calum’s slightly covered by her over growing fringe and she smiles brightly at you, her tiny teeth making her even cuter if possible.

‘Tattoos?’ you asks and she nods, bouncing slightly, clearly happy you knew what they were. You look to Calum and smirk ‘Looks like we have a problem’ he rolls his eyes at your words ‘Hypocrite, we have tattoos, I’m buy her, her first one’ she smile proud of himself and you shake your head. ‘I’m not a hypocrite, I meant we have a problem as in she’s is meant to be going your mum and dads while we go the tattoo parlour and she’s covered in pen’ you explain, Calum nodding slightly, slowly, like it does when he is thinking. Then he stands and starts walking out the room ‘Two minutes’ he laughs as you shake your head.


‘This is the best worst idea of your life’ you can’t help the small chuckle that follows as you watch Lassie turning the pages in the tattoo sample book that sits in front of her tiny cross legged body on the floor of the tattoo parlour. Calum’s knee bounces as he watches her, ‘I think it’s a great idea’ he kisses your cheek.

‘It’s cute babe. Holy shit you should get it on your ass’

‘Language’ Calum scolds and you glare at his smirking face, and he chuckles ‘Why should I get my daughters art on my ass?’ he asks.

‘Because then on her wedding night you can tell the story and flash you ass’ you laugh at the image in your head, Calum bursting into laughter beside you.

‘Shit, I knew there was a reason I loved you’ he pushes out through laughter, crinkles at the corners of his eyes as his laughter continues.

‘Daddy get this one’ Lassie calls over your laughter, you and Calum both calm down moving over to Lassie to see her tiny finger pointing at an image of micky mouse. 

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