lassie face

(Can’t) Stay Strong

Were!Seb AU
Characters: were!Seb, reader, vampire!Seb
Rating: T
Warnings: mentions of abortion, angst. So. Much. Angst.

I feel like this one needs a little explanation before diving into it. A while back, @ursulaismymiddlename made a post about how Seb could pretty much be any kind of supernatural creature. This devolved into a whole discussion which ended in us creating this weird, fun and sometimes steamy AU in which two human women share a house with the vampire version and werewolf version of Seb (called Batsy and Lassie respectively) because some bad people are after them. Try as we might, there is a whole lot of angst involved, and last night kinda had us in a bit of an angst tailspin, and this is the result of it. It’s not really an RPF so much as something that started as kinda-RPF and became its own thing where the characters just happen to look like Seb..?

The fic will deal with the werewolf, and a lot of the mechanics for the were pack has been taken from the a/b/o-verse, in that there are alphas, betas and omegas, there is rutting and heat cycles and mating. There is a whole political aspect that will be mentioned, but not necessarily explained further since that would probably need a 20-page essay to explain, but feel free to come ask either me or Kati about it. We’re happy to share our little AU and cry some more.

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I’m so mad, my acne in one area cleared up but immediately afterwards it was in other places. And like - yes okay there’s SOME stuff I can do to combat those areas (“more fresh fruits and veggies, more sleep!”) but like … Really? I’m already eating more salad than usual and I got plenty of sleep this weekend! And I’m not at a part of my cycle where I usually break out!
I’m like lassie with my face,
“What is it, boy; what are you trying to tell me?”