Bus Stop

Summary:  Jack bumps into the same beautiful stranger at the bus stop every day.  Will he gather the courage to speak to him? Inspired by this song by The Hollies.  

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He supposed he could take a cab, an Uber, anything else – but the quiet anonymity the bus afforded him was one of the simpler things Jack Zimmermann was thankful for and truly enjoyed. For what reason would an NHL multimillionaire have for taking public transit? No one ever paid him any attention, and he was perfectly fine with that.

He walked the three blocks to the bus stop and stood quietly, sipping his coffee in his Je ♥ Montréal travel mug that he bought the last time he traveled through Trudeau airport. His SUV had only been in the shop four days, but he continued taking the bus whenever he could even after it had been repaired.

It was the preseason and things, although quite busy, were still somewhat relaxed. And during this time, Jack’s routine was the same. He’d walk two blocks, stop at The Roast to fill his travel mug, then walk one more block to the bus stop. He’d ride the 30 minutes to the arena, serenely and without fuss, then get off two blocks before rather than right in front. He’d take a Lyft back to his apartment, or hitch a ride with Tater who would drive by Jack’s place on his way home.

And so it went for a few weeks, until one day he had just taken his seat and as the bus began to pull away he heard a voice call out.

“Wait! Oh, lord! Please wait!”

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Egal was noch passiert, nein, ich würde niemals daran denken, Dich zu vergessen
—  PA Sports ~ lass los
  • *gets turned into girls*
  • Vanoss: [Freaking out] What the fuuuuck!?
  • Mini: [stares at her(?)self] Does this make me Mini Lass?
  • Wildcat: Better than me! I'm Miss Piggy!
  • Delirious: [giggling as she stares at her boobs] I got dem boobies
Du lachst und tust so als wäre es dir egal, aber ich weiß, dass du einbrechen wirst. Du wirst einbrechen, alleine, weil du mich gehen lassen hast. Aber wenn es so weit ist, werde ich lachen, weil ich dich nicht mehr brauche.
  • Me: So the black lesbian companion gets written out after one season by being harrowingly converted into a Cyberman, and then being brought back by the girl she had a fleeting romantic connection with in episode 1, and who hadn't been seen since, and now they're flying around the universe or something...?