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So, okay, I don't think I knew all that re: Leia's torture. I mean, I knew there was torture, but now I just want to hold her and tuck her in bed and bring her a warm glass of milk and stand outside her door protecting her all night. Yikes. Knowing that, it's also a wonder that she found it in her heart to not only forgive her father, but also name one of her children after him. I mean. What a badass.

Honestly, I just kinda wanna wrap Leia in five blankets and protect her from everything ever. Most especially from her own father. Like…okay, I just have so much respect for Leia, considering she ever came to find as much forgiveness for Vader/Anakin as she did. Because if that had happened to me? I doubt I would have ever been able to do it…

And I know that there are people out there (such as my own roommate) who get upset because it takes Leia so long to even begin to forgive Anakin. Angry that she never really has a great relationship with him. Because “But there was good in him, and he was Vader when he did those terrible things.” (And yet, while yes it was Vader, Vader was Anakin—and though I feel like Anakin/Vader, at least, tried to disassociate the two, they truly were inextricably bound together.) So yeah, being perfectly frank, I’m entirely with you on the whole “it’s a wonder that she ever even forgave him at all” front. (And honestly, that is one of the reasons why Leia Organa is such a hero and role model for me…)

Someday I also want to explore Anakin’s response to the whole issue as well. Because after he “returned” to being Anakin (and by that I mean he defeated the darkness, and returned to the Light), I get the feeling that what he did to Leia would probably have been some of his greatest regrets.

(Also, veering slightly down a rabbit trail of meta, can we just talk for half a sec about the scene in RotJ when Anakin dies? How his last words were “Tell your sister…you were right.”? I will firmly maintain, until the day I die, that what Anakin actually wanted to say there was, “Tell your sister I’m sorry.” But he knew he couldn’t say that. He knew she’d never accept that—that him saying that would only make her hate him more. And so he did the only thing he could think of—he wanted her to know that Luke was right, and that though he’d done those terrible things, there was good in him that had ultimately won out. And so he hoped that she would understand that that was him saying that he regretted everything that he’d done. That what he’d done was horrible, and cruel, and unforgivable—and that he wasn’t going to ask for forgiveness (though I think he probably sort of does, once, later. But only once, and it’s more of an “I’m sorry, Leia” than even a “Please forgive me, Leia”). But like…his last thoughts were of his children, and of his remorse of the things he’d done to them. To Leia. Ugh, just leave me in a puddle of tears on the floor, why don’t ya?)

I think this whole thing also really adds in a horrible, terrible layer into the friction between Luke and Leia, and their differing viewpoints of Anakin. Because on the one hand there’s Luke, who was hunted and maimed by their father, who their father tried to warp and turn to the Dark Side. And then there’s Leia, who their father captured, tortured, for all intents and purposes killed (more than once), and then of course, as we all know, held her down and made her watch as her planet was blown up, and then as her lover was potentially murdered. Like, of the two of them, Leia definitely saw the worst side of their father. 

And honestly, it kind of annoys me how Luke is always so “Leia, you have to forgive him, because he was actually good. There was good in him, Leia, and you have to recognize that!” Because she never saw that. Everything that Vader personally did to her was nothing but the worst kinds of pain, and causing the worst kinds of damage. (I mean, I guess I can’t necessarily say that, as we don’t know anything about her childhood, or her time in the Senate. For all we know, they could have had perfectly civil conversations—but that veers into a whole other line of headcanoning/meta that I’d rather not travel down at the moment.) I honestly kinda feel like Luke, even after everything that happens in ESB, is kind of naive and blind to the evil that was Darth Vader. (Which was good, don’t get me wrong. If he hadn’t been, I’m not sure that he ever would have been able to redeem him.) But he just…he doesn’t understand what Vader’s done. Oh, he knows that Vader tortured Leia. That he made her watch as her planet was destroyed. He knows that Vader used Leia and Han as bait, torturing Han in the process, before freezing him in carbonite. He knows all of those things. But he just…he doesn’t really understand the full magnitude of it. (Which tbh is probably because I doubt Leia ever sat Luke down and was like “For the record, I know what burning to death feels like” (etc.).)

ANYWAY. This turned into a really long-winded word-vomit. All of that to say, though, Leia really is a badass, and is honestly one of the strongest characters I have ever seen ever. And is such a great role model. And is just…a wonderful character that I honestly wish I could protect for eternity.

Yes hello hi bonjoor this is a totally legitimate 473839% canon indisputable thing that has occurred sorry I don’t make the rules

Ancient city of Iasos rises out of the ashes

Muğla’s ancient city of Iasos is effectively rising from the ashes of the Thera volcano thanks to new discoveries. Italian archaeologists, who have been working in the area for half a century, have found crucial data about the region’s history

Archaeologists working on Iasos on Turkey’s Aegean coast have recently discovered that the ancient city was buried under a mountain of ash caused by the explosion of Mt. Thera on Santorini 3,600 years ago.

Excavation works have also revealed a sewage system that was in place in the 4,000-year-old city and tunnels to the city’s theater.

Excavations are being carried out by the world-famous Italian archaeology team of Studi Delle Tuscia University. Read more.

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SEREN!! Since you mentioned writing headcanons can I pleeeease request some Leia/Breha interactions? That would make my millenium.

YES YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN REQUEST THAT. (Sorry for the length in response time, by the way. Finals and all of that fun stuff invaded my life. But if you’re following me you’ll have seen all about that stuff already. heh.)

For the record, some of these are inspired by discussions with 1000-alshain, though by this point everything’s blurred together so badly I can’t remember which are mine and which are hers. So, that being said, just know that lasos probably deserves at least half the credit here.

1. Breha spent at least half an hour with Leia every morning, brushing and braiding her hair. When Leia was really little, Breha would sing or tell her stories as she worked, but as Leia got older, some days they would just talk.

2. The first days of motherhood were especially hard for Breha. Because on the one hand she had a newborn baby who she suddenly was mother to, with no warning and no preparation. And on the other hand she had a husband who did what he could (and what he could was shocking, all things considered, both in its breadth and depth)…but the truth was that he was broken after the events surrounding the rise of the Empire. To make matters even worse, he was dragged back to Coruscant after less than a week.

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Everyone made me so happy today especially @bluesberry @mynekoheart and @bluerin-kin eventhough tomorrow is going to be a hellish day for me ;v; oh god it’s history test

Sorry for late to gift you this DD: , because i don’t have internet.

Well, I hope that to be fun on yesterday, and i hope do you like my present. The most importan…Happy Birthday Nargyle!!! 

I never forgive me if i don´t make a present for you >^< because you are my example to follow in the draw, i love you, yoursefl, you art, and your amazing Enna, is so cuuute!!!

Present from Spain with love!!

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honestly the most frustrating thing about people who hate the SW prequels is that they seem so set in their desire to keep disliking these films

I’ve gotten into fights with friends because I’ll go to bat for the PT, I’ll point out instances of bad dialogue in the OT and I’ll tear apart the Red Letter Media reviews and I’ll argue that the story the films tell is great even if the way said story was told isn’t always fantastic, but no matter my arguments, no matter the perspective I bring, I get shut down.

“I know but - ”

“They didn’t do it X way and that way would have been so much cooler!”

“You’re cheapening Darth Vader by having him fall for love!”

“Kamino is boring because I can’t imagine myself doing things there!” (yes, this is an actual response I’ve gotten)

The impression I get is that a lot of PT haters just actively don’t want to evolve their view of Star Wars. They want to stay in the mindset they had when they were young and watching the OT for the first time. I wrote a five paragraph rant on Yoda’s character arc and how the Yoda we see in ESB/RotJ is only wise as a direct result of the actions of PT!Yoda but my arguments were still dismissed because PT!Yoda “just feels wrong”. It’s a classic case of They Changed It Now It Sucks, except on a massive scale. Of course the prequels have a different tone, of course the stories aren’t the same, of course characters twenty years in their past aren’t going to be identical to later incarnations. I’m unsure why this is so hard to accept.

(I’d try to actually address the general wrongness of the continued efforts in PR to cater to the Stereotypical Male Star Wars Fan when it comes to ignoring the prequels, but most male Star Wars fans legitimately terrify me and make me feel unsafe. I don’t know why the misogyny in the Star Wars fandom is worse than the misogyny anywhere else in nerddom - except maybe sometimes comic books - but I’d like it to stop.)

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How to draw fire trails

I’m making this tutorial specially for Valentine, but I figured maybe it might help someone else, so let’s do this.

Let’s always remind that there’s no global authority in art, and the way I’m explaining is just the way I do it. Therer are DOZENS of different ways, some even better, but let’s cut the chatter.

First off, If you’re not using Clip Studio you can use the regular laso tool and just fill it, so bear with me. This first tool is the Laso Fill Tool. Basically it closes the selected area and fill it. I’m using Stabilizer at 30 for this. The intention of the stabilizer is to avoid trembling lines and such, so I shake my cursor as I draw to stress the stabilizer out and make it cry.

Keep in mind the point of energy will be wider and the tail will be thiner. This also goes for curved trails for attacks and such. If you mess it up, just use Mesh transform and you can get it the way you wanted in a second.

Next, I duplicate the layer and add the Special Ruler - Focus Curve to the copy. With a little bit of Fingertip Blur I pull the flame towards the end of the tail to help add movement and energy.

Ops… Well, Lock the Opacity and paint it your favourite fire color. After that, set the upper layer to Glow Dodge and the bottom one to Add Glow. Adjust the opacity to whatever you feel works. (in this case I used 35% and 70%)

Make a new layer and with a soft white brush, paint the core of the energy. You know ? That center of the flame that hurts your eye when you look at it for too long. Put it on Add Glow and adjust Opacity.

When fire loses energy it gets reddish. Add some red soft brush to the edges of the flame to make it stand out a little. If the fire sillhouette looks too busy or blurry, use a hard eraser to carve some holes in it. You can do that for all layers if you think something is standing out too much.

The ending result is something in this lines. Again: I’m no authority in the subject, this is just the way I do it, but I hope it helps you guys. :)

Do you think this tutorial was somewhat helpful?