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JK I have a drabble ask, too - Leia and Carlist have a conversation, post-Bespin.

So apparently I can’t really write Rieekan anymore (idk why, I just have this huge block when it comes to him right now?–I mean, there’s a block in general, but it’s worst when I’m trying to write him for some reason) so idk how this is going to turn out. But I can try!

(also, to those of you on mobile, I’m putting a Read More in because it’s too long to go without one, but that may mean that it cuts the story off. mobile’s been doing that quite a bit recently. anyway, that to say, the story is far more than 4 paragraphs, so if that’s all you’re seeing, you’ll have to read it online.)

When the knock comes at his door two hours past midnight, Carlist finds that he is hardly surprised. When the door opens to reveal the slight, pale-faced form of his princess, he finds he was, in fact, expecting it.

“Come in, Leia,” he says, placing his datareader on the mattress beside him, and rising from his bed.

She takes a step into his room, then hesitates again as the door slides shut behind her. “I’m sorry,” she begins, hands fidgeting where they are clasped in front of her. “I didn’t mean to bother you, or…” She trails off, not quite meeting his eyes, her knuckles white and her eyes dark and her face far, far too gaunt.

“You aren’t interrupting anything,” Carlist says, and crosses the cabin with slow, careful steps. (She has not yet spoken in detail about what transpired on Bespin–only that Vader was waiting, that Captain Solo was frozen in carbonite and given to a bounty hunter, that Lando Calrissian betrayed Vader to help her and Chewie escape, and that they found Luke, sans hand, just in time to save him. Carlist suspects that there is more that she has not said–much, much more–and judging by the way she holds herself, by the dark shadows lurking in her eyes and the tension in her shoulders, neck, jaw, he knows that it is pain that she is trying to hide from everyone, including herself.) “Come in,” he says again, halting a good half dozen steps away from her, not wishing to startle or frighten her, or accidentally trigger her to flight. “I can make you tea,” he offers, “or a cup of caf if you would prefer.”

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I am kinda conflicted with the possibility of seeing 19yo Eren? Like after the first timeskip his hair is longer and it mostly looked to me like it was something that just happened bc he stop caring (hence the smol mullet) but adding 3 years to that? what is supposed to happen to that now? is he going to appear with that same hair lenght as if he’d like it enough to keep it like that? going back to how it was before would be weird bc whY make it longer in the first place?? or is it going to be even longer? and how much longer? 3 years worth of hair growth? or just a bit like he is gets haircuts sometimes? I need to know I haven’t had peace in days


                                         Por aquellos ojos que comienzo

                                                                 A reconocer…


Ojos de gato


Hueles a calma.

La cotidianidad

De los soles de

Enero hasta mayo.


Un sinfín de brincos

Al charco,

Al charco

De mil colores.


Puedo solventar

Un saco de pensamientos

Añorando un laso con tu

Boca entre mi sonrisa

Tus pestañas

Entre mis pupilas.


Cascadas de ensueños

Y miradas de fantasía.


Ojos de gato


Vienes de un

Bosque infinito

Tan espeso como

El cielo negro,

Comienzas a darle

Forma a mis desvelos.  

                                                                                    Autor: La Chica Laberinto 

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i don’t even want to know. except i do.

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Ugh fine. But you’ve brought this upon yourselves.

So it started out with a discussion with absynthe–minded as I watched RotJ one of the…many other times earlier this semester. Apparently she was talking about something in Jabba’s palace/the nightmarish night Han spends down in Jabba’s dungeon, but the place I was at in the movie was when Chewie goes charging off (on Endor) because he smells the meat. Which then led to…well, this:

What if the reason Chewie went charging off like that, and didn’t tell anyone why, was because he smelled that fresh meat, and he thought it was Leia? Because at that point they don’t know what happened to her. Only that she’s gone, and the speeders are destroyed, and her helmet is inexplicably abandoned. Meaning she probably made it off the speeder before it crashed, but…well, that doesn’t mean she’s alive.

So Chewie smells blood. And fresh meat. And he…well, I don’t want to use the word freaks but…well, he freaks.

(It was far enough away that he might not have been able to distinguish the meat/blood specifically, plus they were in a thick forest with a lot of vegetation and other wildlife, as well as the fact that I’m sure the air still smelled of smoke and other dead things. Thus why he might not have been able to tell right away that it was animal, not human.)

(Also, it’s always kinda irked me that Chewie, in that one particular scene, comes across as so very…idk, bestial. As if hunting and the scent of blood just drives all other thought and sentience from his mind. Whether or not that was what was meant, that’s how I always interpreted it as a kid, and honestly I kind of resent that. I feel like this also helps to negate that issue though.)

BUT YEAH. Anyway. There you have it. The “Chewie and the meat” thing.

leave open the door

sooooo phil-the-stone wrote this amazing thing called “lose me in the crowds at twilight” and then i sat in a parking lot and wrote this out on paper because i couldn’t not do it. read hers first, then read this. we’re calling it an au sequel, where captain beanpole tells leia about the time he met her mother.

Rieekan gives them the name. It’s ten days after Endor and they sit on felled trees around a campfire in the forest, Leia between Han and Luke, each of her hands wrapped in one of theirs as she’s done so often since they won. Rieekan smiles, blue eyes flicking between Luke and Leia, and says, “Your mother’s name was Padmé Amidala, and she was wonderful.”

Leia knows the name immediately, having grown up with the privilege of the secret history of the Rebellion that Luke did not share, and grins widely as Rieekan says it, brownbrown eyes shining with unshed tears in the firelight. Luke is happy to have anything, a connection to his past that is not pain, and he grins too, turning to his sister and repeating their mother’s name, testing it out on his tongue.

(Han’s breath catches in his chest for half a second when he hears it, but he shakes off the memory. Padmé was a common name, surely, he tells himself, and nobody else notices his shock.)

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Everyone made me so happy today especially @bluesberry @mynekoheart and @bluerin-kin eventhough tomorrow is going to be a hellish day for me ;v; oh god it’s history test

SO, phil-the-stone has been a brilliant friend (well, she is always) and helped me edit this thing I wrote. It’s Han + Leia, immediately post-Tatooine Ghost, and it’s is angsty, angsty trash and I’m really sorry in advance. (mature themes, spoilers for Tatooine Ghost)

Title: Wayfaring

Summary: The Solos embark on their journey towards parenthood.

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also serious question based on an experience I just had today: 

Does Han know when his birthday is? Does he have any idea at all? Or actually, does he even know for sure exactly how old he is?

I’m not sure how this makes me feel


Shinhwa’s intro at KCON 2015 concert in LA (fancam cr: @ miclarge01)
So touching & powerful words ♥♥
Eric: “At first we were Shinhwa to become singers, but now we’re singers to be Shinhwa.”
Dongwan: “Shinhwa isn’t a choice, but destiny.” 

How To Do That Neat Texture/Pattern Thing In SAI Paint

Semi-requested by prospitanfirefly (this is for you pal)

Step 1: Draw something idk what you draw but just have fun with it

(This looks so boring without the pzazz) 

Step 2: Pick a pattern that you like from wherever on the internet, save it to your computer, and then open it up in lil’ old SAI

Step 3: Click on the lil’ ol’ Laso tool

Step 4: Laso around that bad boy

Step 5: Hit that ol’ Copy button

(or you can just hit Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V or whatever keyboard shortcut you have for copying)

Step 6: Paste it to the canvas that you’re working on

(I have two here to see which one would work better for me you don’t have to do this but if you have more than one you want to try out just do Steps 2-6 again for each one.)

Step 7: Put the pattern(s) below the areas you want to use the patterns for

Step 8: Take the Select tool…

…and outline the outside of the area where you want the patterns…

(For really dark patterns like this one you might want to turn down the occupancy to see the lines) 

…and used the Magic Wand tool to select the inside parts

Step 9: Click on Copy and then Paste…

…to create a brand new layer for the sections of the patters you’ve made

And *Ta-Da*, your super neat looking drawing now have a pattern. 

we will take this path we chose

The happiest of holidays to my Secret Santa and fellow member of the Carrison trash squad, @mlder. Have some angst, friendo. Leia and Han navigate changes in their relationship after ROTJ. Serious spoilers for Episode VII and speculation for Episode VIII. 

“It’s no secret that the both of us are running out of time…” - Adele, “Hello”

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