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how do you color black and white pictures?

Sorry for the late answer, here’s a super quick tutorial on how to color B/W pictures!


For this tutorial I use:
Photoshop CS6 (CS5 will do equally well)

For this tutorial you’ll need:

  • Some basic editing skills
  • Cropping skills
  • Sharpening skills 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

How to go from this:

To this:

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                                         Por aquellos ojos que comienzo

                                                                 A reconocer…


Ojos de gato


Hueles a calma.

La cotidianidad

De los soles de

Enero hasta mayo.


Un sinfín de brincos

Al charco,

Al charco

De mil colores.


Puedo solventar

Un saco de pensamientos

Añorando un laso con tu

Boca entre mi sonrisa

Tus pestañas

Entre mis pupilas.


Cascadas de ensueños

Y miradas de fantasía.


Ojos de gato


Vienes de un

Bosque infinito

Tan espeso como

El cielo negro,

Comienzas a darle

Forma a mis desvelos.  

                                                                                    Autor: La Chica Laberinto 


Damon Salvatore X Reader 

Word Count: 604

Requested: @marthabelin

Request: Hi.I was wonderong if you would mind writing a Damon Salvatore/Reader one-shot where the the reader and him are friends (but she likes him.And she is really insecure,she is laso bullied a  lot and lot of people makes her feel like they don’t want her anywhere near them and it all affects her more than she cares to show.And usually she hides soewhere when she feels like breaking down but one day Damon walks in,wherever she is hiding,right after she finishes crying (like before she can wipe or hide her tears)

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You and Damon had been friends since he came back to Mystic Falls you were the only one who didn’t prejudge him and he was happy for that, you were held close to him and he made sure that you were as safe as he could make you, but there were things you never told him like you being bullied, at school people bullied you and when you were outside of your house you were able to mask the fact that it even hurt you but by the time that you got home you were breaking down, you just about make it to your room sometimes. You used to have quite a few friends but of recent times they had made sure to let you know that they didn’t want you anywhere near them.

Just when you thought nothing could get worse Elena, Bonnie and Caroline had stopped talking to you as freely because they assumed that you were going to go back and tell Damon everything they say. So now you were sat in your room crying, you trying so hard to stop, your chest was burning and your eyes were red but you hadn’t expected anyone to come over to when you heard your bedroom door open you jumped and then looked up to see Damon. There was one last thing that you hadn’t told him and that was that you liked him, more than you should as a friend but you were way too scared and insecure to tell him that because of all of the bullying, so now when you looked up and saw the concerned look on his face your heart fluttered. “(Y/N)! What happened?” Damon asked rushing over to sit next to you on the bed.
“I…” You tried to speak but you chest was so tight that it was hard.
“(Y/N) calm down.” Damon said his voice now calm, he gently took your chin into his hand pulling you to look at him, he watched as you body relaxed and you took in deep breaths. “Better?”
“Yeah.” You answered and turned away from him.
“Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” He asked.
“Do you really want to know?” You asked almost bitterly and he looked over at you and finally turned you back to look at him.
“Of course I do,” Damon asked.
“Okay, there’s something that I haven’t told you.” You said carefully and he nodded “I’m being bullied and I try so hard to pretend that it doesn’t mean anything but I come home and cry every day and the only time I smile is when I’m with you because I like you more than I should and I’m talking too much I’m going to shut up.” You stopped talking but you noted how Damon’s face changed from anger to happiness., he was currently smirking at you.
“What was that last part?” He asked.
“Please don’t make me say that again.” You begged and he rolled his eyes before leaning forward and catching your lips with his.
“Well, you should know that I like you too but there’s something else making you sad.” Damon frowned looking at you.
“Elena, Caroline and Bonnie stopped talking to me but that doesn’t matter.” You said.
“It’s because of me.” Damon said as he laid back on the bed opening his arms for you, you laid your head on his chest and it seemed like nothing mattered “I’ll talk to them.”
“You don’t have to.” You mumbled drawing patterns on his chest.
“But I will.” He assured you as he played with you hair.

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bateador!sans (batter!sans) eue tiene dos ojos? es que en un dibujo cuando tiene el bate con su gorra sale dos ojos ene l mismo laso, no se si me explico bine ;W;, jejeje , batter es malo o bueno? :3

son algo asi. no se si sea bueno o malo

leave open the door

sooooo phil-the-stone wrote this amazing thing called “lose me in the crowds at twilight” and then i sat in a parking lot and wrote this out on paper because i couldn’t not do it. read hers first, then read this. we’re calling it an au sequel, where captain beanpole tells leia about the time he met her mother.

Rieekan gives them the name. It’s ten days after Endor and they sit on felled trees around a campfire in the forest, Leia between Han and Luke, each of her hands wrapped in one of theirs as she’s done so often since they won. Rieekan smiles, blue eyes flicking between Luke and Leia, and says, “Your mother’s name was Padmé Amidala, and she was wonderful.”

Leia knows the name immediately, having grown up with the privilege of the secret history of the Rebellion that Luke did not share, and grins widely as Rieekan says it, brownbrown eyes shining with unshed tears in the firelight. Luke is happy to have anything, a connection to his past that is not pain, and he grins too, turning to his sister and repeating their mother’s name, testing it out on his tongue.

(Han’s breath catches in his chest for half a second when he hears it, but he shakes off the memory. Padmé was a common name, surely, he tells himself, and nobody else notices his shock.)

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What about some sisters headcanon? What If the human matures with the skeles a fraternal relationship. Especially if they are teenager and we know how adolescence is a difficult age for everyone. What kind of brothers UT/UF/US bros would be for their human adoptive sister?

UT Sans

  • The lazy, funny brother. 
  • He will prank you and screw with you, but it will be funny afterwards.
  • He also is a good listener, so go to him with your problems, he probably can help or at least listen.
  • Not really protective, but if somebody fucks with you really bad, he will step in for you.
  • Is a smarty, but don’t expect help with your homework. But if your in really a lot of stress, you will sometimes find randome, helpfull notes on your desk.
  • Not really a social animal or energetic, so he won’t really drag you around to do stuff, but movie nigths and just hangouts are a thing.
  • Presents for Christmas and Birthdays will be…really badly wrapped. The first thing he gives you will be a cucmber in a box or some other weird shit, the second the actual present. It’s nothing to fancy, but somehow exactly that what you really need/want at the moment.
  • The little shit bro. Whos older then you, but still a little shit.

UT Papyrus

  • Super energetic optimistic bro.
  • Will cheer you up no matter what, and it really works.
  • Will drag you outside often for fresh air and sunligth and hikes trough the woods.
  • Will try to teach you how to cook.
  • Will help you with homework, but he is better in languages then in the sciency classes. But he can still help you with math, if it’s no the really advanced stuff.
  • Christmas and Birthdaypresents will involve some kind of healthy snakc, no matter what the main present is. It will be something that is thougth trough really well.
  • Will be the protective brother, he won’t get overprotective, but if somebody hurts you, he will take that person aside and hold them a stern lecture.
  • The mom bro.

UF Sans

  • Kinda pessimistic but still fun bro.
  • Will prank you sooo often. And film it. And upload it. He has youtube channel just for that kind of content. He will laso laugh if you get hurt.
  • But he will take care of you and get you an icepack. And say some kinda encouraging things like “ahh, it’s not that bad, see?”
  • But won’t be able to actually cheer you up, will probably pull you down even more. But he can listen really well, jsut don’t expect him to say anything helpfull.
  • Has a great shoulder to cry on, doesn’t judge you for crying, even tho he usually makes fun of people for that.
  • Can help you with homework, but won’t. Not at all. Hes lazy and he had to go trough that shit too, so nope.
  • He will bet with you about everything. “bet you two bucks i can eat the 2 month old yogurt.” 
  • Really not a social person, so if you want to have a sibling-hangout, you have to initiate it. Will come go with you outside, and will even enjoy himself after some time, but still complain. And be kinda on edge from time to time if it’s a crowded place.
  • Will seem like he doesnt give a shit, but if somebody fucks with you they are just dead. Not literally. But he knows how to fuck people up without hurting them.
  • The asshole bro.

UF Papyrus

  • Enthusiastic and angry bro who still loves you.
  • Your part of his family, your under his protection at all times. Your one of the safest people in the Underground.
  • He will teach you to figth, same way Sans did with him.
  • He will lose his patience with you often, and you will figth a lot.
  • But figths never last for long, you can make
  • He will be a bit to protective some times, but hold himself back often so you learn to handle yourself.
  • He is pretty good with words, so he can cheer you up good. But he won’t do it often, mostly because he doesn’t know how to approach you.
  • An inside and outside bro. Will drag you ouside at day, but only let you hang out inside after dark. Not a good movie marathon buddy, he may get trough one, but he will get restless afterwards.
  • Wil help you with homework, but lose patience pretty fast, so you won’t get very far. But he knows his math and chemistry.
  • People are usually to afraid to screw with you, but if somebody does, they are definitly not going to a second time.
  • The annoyed bro.

US Sans

  • Over enthusiastic bro.
  • He has so much love to give, just let him hug you.
  • He wil dragg you to so many partys and hangouts and fun activities.
  • He will race you almost everywhere.
  • Super optimistic words if you are down. They not always help rigth away, but they will be stuck in your head until you do feel better.
  • Will try to help you with homework, but probably distracte you. You will end up playing tag outside before you even know what happened.
  • Super social, so if you hang out with him, some of his friends probably will join. And Papyrus suddenly appears out of nowhere all the time. 
  • But if you want to have some sibling time he will hang out only with you.
  • He seems like the sweetest guy, but if somebody messes with you they won’t ahve a quiet moment until they apologize. He once burned somebodys favorite shirt, after they hurt Papyrus. Rigth before their eyes.
  • The excitedly vibrating bro.

US Papyrus

  • Lazy but very friendly bro.
  • Has always an open ear and a hug to offer if you feel down or need to talk.
  • You can try dragging him outside, but he will probably disappear pretty fast. You can find him nap at home though, so don’t be afraid he hasn’t gone lost.
  • He will get lost though. And forgett he can teleport. Better just hang out with him somewhere he can’t get lost.
  • Great movie marathon buddy, since he actually can stay awake pretty long if he doesn’t have to move an inch.
  • Can help you with your homework, but you have to bring it to him. He won’t get up.
  • If somebody screws with you, he won’t talk with them. He will set pranks almsot everywhere they go though. And not the fun ones. And everytime they run out of the schools classroom, with canned tuna all over them, he will just stand close by and give them a wave and a smile.
  • He won’t to that for long though, it’s a bit to much effort.
  • If you sit on his spot on the couch, he will pick you up and plop you on the floor next to the couch. No matter how tall you are, he will pick you up.
  • Gives the best and warmest hugs, and leaves you smelling like honey afterwards.
  • The soft bro.