So I know yesterday was #wcw yesterday but one of my favorite sexy ladies @ramen_suicide had an awesome set go live today and I had to share the awesomeness! If you an @suicidegirls member go check out this pretty little mermaid playing in lost creek! 📷: @mewesxophoto #suicidegirls #bumsofsg #babesofsg #lasiren #lostcreek #bluehair #sg #texasbabes #inked #inkedgirls

Fucking mermaids EVERYWHERE tonight.

I spent a lot of time with Her today, what with prettying up how Her jewelry is stored and sprinkling Her perfume and dancing like a lunatic in front of the altar for a half an hour. In turn, She gave me the glorious ecstatic state that comes from dealing with the Lwa and it’s delicious and gives me a lot of energy.

However, if She’d like something specific beyond what I gave Her today, She needs to use Her words instead of consistently showing Herself to me from every possible angle. I don’t speak mermaid more than knowing that She is asking for attention and while She’s lovely, mermaids from every angle feels a bit Fatal Attraction-y.

LaSirene and Agwe - Free Ritual!

Oh this is a good one!  Well, of course all of our free rituals are amazing… but this power couple of the sea is always a fan favorite! :-)

Our next free online ritual will be honoring Capitaine Agwe and LaSirene -  the king and queen of the ocean! Husband and wife, they rule the seas from their majestic underwater kingdom. With all the wealth of the ocean, they can help in financial matters. With a love as enduring and timeless as the seas, they can help in love situations. As a Voodoo couple, they can bring their power to a very wide variety of situations!

Join us on Sunday, August 30 at 2:00 PM Eastern (1 PM Central, 12 PM Mountain, 11 AM Pacific) in honoring and petitioning LaSirene and Capitaine Agwe!

Anyone and everyone can join or participate completely anonymously in our online rituals. The rituals are done in real time, live online. You remain nameless and faceless and just enjoy the ritual in the comfort of your own home! Spellmaker offers these rituals free online via a webcam - you will not be seen, but you can see the ritual as it is happening.

Get more information on how to participate here:

Love, light, and peace,

Mambo Samantha Corfield


For whatever we lose ( like a you or a me ), it is always our self we find in the sea. E.E. Cummings #crazylove #beach #sea #butterfly #jobstears #protectionbracelets #protectionjewelry #blessingbeads #jamaicatotheworld #islander #islandgirl #islandboy #greatBay #treasureBeach #therock #healing #salty #waves #mariposa #lasiren #lamer #tide #change #transformation #butterflywoman

Spellmaker August Spiritual Power Group Ritual

Please join us for’s next online Spellmaker Spiritual Power Group Ritual. We will be honoring LaSirene and Capitaine Agwe as our August lwa power couple! The ritual will be held on Sunday, August 30 at 2:00 PM Eastern (1 PM Central, 12 PM Mountain, 11 AM Pacific). Prayers may be sent to 

For more information please visit and

Capitaine Agwe is certainly a regal type of lwa. He is said to live with La Siren in a lavish underwater palace. He is most often pictured as a light-skinned or mulatto. The hallmark depiction is his sea-green eyes! His wife is La Sirene, the sea-aspect of the Goddess of Love, Erzulie. As La Sirene, Erzulie is Agwe’s legal wife; but as Erzulie, her constant companion is Ogoun, the hero god of war. Ogoun is a deity of fire. Legend has it that there is a constant feud between Agwe and Ogoun, not only because of the incompatibility between water and fire, but also because La Sirene is chronically “en affaire” with Ogoun.

We’re very excited to see you there!


“Rituals, anthropologists will tell us, are about transformation. The rituals we use for marriage, baptism or inaugurating a president are as elaborate as they are because we associate the ritual with a major life passage, the crossing of a critical threshold, or in other words, with transformation.”

~Abraham Verghese

In Voodoo, we’re big on rituals! They range from the personal and private to the large and public. We serve, we celebrate, and we ask. Sometimes we use a ritual to facilitate or ease a change we are seeking.

Join us on Sunday, August 30 at 2:00 PM Eastern (1 PM Central, 12 PM Mountain, 11 AM Pacific) for our monthly prayer ritual. This month we honor LaSirene and Capitaine Agwe, the great spirits of the ocean. We ask them to bring their power to a very wide variety of situations, matters of love, health, money, and more.

Love, Khouzhan Lucy

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These were gifted to me from star of the sea Omo #Yemaya merefun #iyemanja #calypso #agwe #lasirene….to conjure with. I’m going to craft something special with these blessings.