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      Alright, so somehow, I’ve hit 800+ followers on this blog - a blog that I booted up back in mid-November, with low expectations, because it was just a character I’d made. Plus, he had no faceclaim, and was purely an original design, and I wasn’t too confident that anyone would come to enjoy him. Yet, here we are - it’s now June, and I’m over 800. I’m honestly speechless about the entire thing, for it’s still difficult for me to recognize that other people do, in fact, enjoy Lucian. I cannot express how honoured I am, either, that so many of you have come and decided to stay, especially with this recent rough patch I’ve gone through in my life. 

      If you are not on this list, please do not be upset. I love every single follower I have, and every single person I follow. You are all important to me, for you are the people who have kept me here when I wanted nothing more than to give up and admit that I cannot create anything worthwhile.

      Without further ado: here is Lasi’s 800+ Follow Forever.


vanagloria-superbia: Pretty sure everyone knew this shoutout was coming, haha. If any of you know of that one person who you trust with everything, no matter the weight of it, and know you could trust them with your life, then you understand the sheer enormity of my love for this gorgeous being. Rabbit has become my closest friend over the past five years, even though we met via deviantArt. She has done nothing but support me throughout all of my endeavours, and encourage me to continue doing what I love. Rabbit also makes some of the most well thought-out OCs I’ve EVER seen, Benjiman included! Not only that, but she designs them all herself, too - and then draws them, with her PERFECT art style! I look up to her work so much, no lie. She always listens to my dumb ideas, provides me feedback, and talks with me until the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything. This girl taught me to trust others again, by showing me that there truly are golden-hearted, perfect human beings out there in the world. Hell, she even writes and draws things for me randomly, just to make me smile, and I cannot even express my gratitude for such things! I love you, Rabbit, so very dearly - I can’t wait to see you again. ♥ You are, and forever will be, the Benjiman to my Lucian, and the Niall to my Bao. You’re my sister, and that will never, ever change. tl;dr: FOLLOW MY RABBIT BABY BECAUSE SHE IS THE CUTEST MOST PRECIOUS SWEETHEART ON THE PLANET.

dragneelsroar: At first, I was too scared to talk to, or even FOLLOW, this lovely lady - which is shocking, considering how much we have in common. Nicole is such a kind and approachable person, it’s insane: she’s up for talking about anything from the weather to hardcore ships. She always proves herself to be there for her friends, and takes time out of her day to remind people that she loves them, because she recognizes that sometimes, people need reassurance - and that it’s OKAY to. Not to mention her insane amount of talent - Nicole can write, man. Her replies and drabbles are always so eloquent and well done, it’s incredible. It’s obvious, too, from her amount of followers that her portrayal of Natsu is spot-on: she looks into all of the facets of his personality, rather than focusing her attention solely on one. Even though we’re close friends, I still look up to her, and I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to meet her through the role-playing community! Love you, sweetie! 

broken-golden-heart: Okay, so this girl was someone I admired for a long time - from back when I had my Kanda blog, actually! She messaged me regarding an OOC post I’d made, and we gradually began talking after that. Now, we talk basically every single day, and I’m so, so ridiculously grateful that I’ve gotten to know her. Miki is, by far, one of the most kind-hearted and open people I’ve ever met, which is why she’s on this shoutout list. She may live 12 hours ahead of me, but that doesn’t stop us from pestering each other, haha!  Her dorky little pictures of Yvanya and Lucian being nerds always manage to lift my spirits and make me laugh. Her OC, Yvanya, is portrayed so wonderfully, retaining some semblance of innocence despite her ultimate job in life - to guide those who have died. She is a brilliant and amazingly talented girl, and I really think you should all give her a follow and see what I’m talking about! I love you, Mikibae!


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