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am i the only one who thinks jack hemmings is hella hot ?

I mean, how can Star Wars even compete?


Au Meme: Luke gets emotional on stage because he misses you

the benefits of dating luke :
  • you have 98.7% chance that he’s taller than you
  • lipring that will make your tummy goes crazy when he kisses you (‘cause teasing and all that jazz)
  • you can steal his wardrobe (and most importantly his flannels)
  • you’ll have liz as mother-in-law and it rocks
  • broad shoulders on which you can sit during concerts (to have a better view obviously)
  • dimples to poke
  • and he’s so whipped he would treat you like a queen

I don’t know why but I kinda feel like Michael Clifford is my bestfriend

seeing 5sos posting those summer pics like

cool you’re at the beach. enjoying the sun and stuff. 

while i’m here like

yeah cool snow. Let’s move to Australia.

Do you like your new home?

(This is the next part of Someone Left me Flowers

A/N: There is cursing in this and the mention of rape, so please if it messes with you then don’t read please.

Boy: Calum

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For Calum it was just another day for him, wake up, look across the room to see his beautiful girlfriend brushing her teeth. Dancing around the bathroom, to some songs he surprisingly doesn’t know. Get up out of bed after watching her for a while, just to admire the way she moves around.

“Calum are you going to get out of bed or keep on looking at me like a creep?” She spoke with a mouth full of toothpaste, rolling out of bed he makes his way to the bathroom. Laying his chin on top of her head, “ To be honest I wasn’t even going to go to the studio today.” And just for that split second he saw hope, that maybe he would but then realization kicked in for her. Shaking her head leaning forward spitting out the toothpaste, “No you need to make that album for the fans.”

“You know their are some days that I think you just don’t want me around the house.”

Spinning around she gave me a look that could have killed him, her Y/C/E holding anger and sadness.

“Why would you say that?! You know that I want to be with you every day and every night. I want you to finish that album for the fans. The faster you get it done the more time you get with all of us, your family and friends.”

Taking her hands in his, he lay his forehead against hers. “And You, I want to spend time with you the most. I can see my family whenever, but I can’t with you since you have school and work.”

Sighing in frustration, she walks out of the bathroom. Following right behind he hook his arm around her, tossing us both on to the bed. Smiling when he hear her little giggle escape from her lips.

Patting his thigh she whispers “ You need to get ready babe.” Rolling his eyes, leaning forward peppering her faces with kisses, earning more giggles soon turning into laughs. “I’ll go when the boys get up.”

“Then you better get dresses lover boy!” Ashton shouted on the other side of the door, groaning Y/N gets up patting his thigh then slapping his ass. “ I THOUGHT WE AGREED NOT TO DO THAT ANYMORE!” He yelled rubbing his ass, “Nah we agreed you would stop doing it to me.” Winking walking into the walk in closet, “Oh is some kinky things happening in there?”



Making his way down the stairs, with Luke trailing right behind him holding his shoes in his hand. “Hey did you leave some flowers for Y/N in the guest rooms?”  Calum looked at Luke shaking his head walking into the kitchen where Michael was looking at something on the counter. Taking a peek he saw  flowers yellow ones, he knew one was a tulip but the other nope no idea.

“Did you leave these?” Calum asked pointing at the flowers looking at the boys, looking around noticing that Luke was holding a tulip.

“We swear we wouldn’t get Y/N these flowers, she likes Lily’s doesn’t she?” Ashton asked leaning against the counter with a bowl of cereal. Nodding his head he heard the patter of Y/N coming down the stairs, grabbing the flowers off the counter out of Luke’s hand he threw them in the trash.

Entering the kitchen, Y/N looked around the room frowning when noticing that the boys were already eating.

“Hey I was going to make breakfast!”  

“You never make us breakfast.” Said Michael taking a seat on the stool.

“That is true..Oh well..” Shrugging her shoulders before looking at the time, “ You’ll need to leave, Ashton you’re meeting with John in 15 minutes, Michael you have to go meet your mom in a hour and with your driving.. You’ll have to leave now. Luke you’re going with your dad to some show can’t remember what but it has something to do with something. Cal you need to leave now, you’re writing some music today with Bruce.”

All the while tossing shoes at them and keys, rushing them out the door. Hugging Ashton, bounding fists with Luke and ruffling up Michael’s hair. Slamming it in the process, till opening it grabbing Calum by the collar crashing our lips together.


“Hey Calum your phone has been going off.”  

“Eh probably just the other guys.” I spoke waving a hand singling to dismiss it.

“ No like I mean it’s going off, it won’t stop buzzing.” Handing me my phone, choking on the air  because there were just so many texts. 56.

From my mom to even the boys. Grazing my thumb over the top of the screen, it opens to the home screen. Grin coming across my face, when I saw my home screen picture. It was of y/n sitting on a bench her hair over one shoulder while looking off into the distance.

Scrolling through my messages I was confused, they all went from “I’m sorry this happened.” to “They’ll find her dear.” Running a hand through my hair. Looking at the time it was 5:39pm.

Jumping and tossing my phone across the room when Ashton and Michael came running in.

“What the fuck guys?”

They looked at one another, their faces a mixer of confusion and sadness. “Do you know why everyone is sending these messages?”

“Calum when was the lasting time you got a text from Y/N?” Michael spoke softly, laying a hand on my shoulder guiding me to a nearby chair.

Furrow my eyebrows I look at him, the way his shoulders are square and how he has a concerned look on his face. Then it clicked, “ What happened to my sweet?”  Taking a quick glance at Ashton, I’m guessing he got the permission he needed.

“Today after we all left, someone came into the house. And..they..left flowers and wrote things on the walls. Some in paint…red paint..and others in real blood. They found buttercup, at a nearby Animal Shelter. Bloody, cuts all over her, she survive-”

“What about Y/N?!” Asking grinding my teeth together. Hanging his head in shame, he spoke softly probably not to anger me. “ She wasn’t there, the only way that anybody knew she was missing was that the front door was wide open and that before calling the cops they saw two guys carrying her to a white Malibu.” My head in my hands, trying to control my breathing. “No one cared to call the cops after seeing that?”

“No..I’m sorry Calum they will find her.” Ashton said patting my back, shaking my head. Grabbing my keys and phone, turning the handle of the door.

Hearing the boys behind me trying to keep up with me, “Hey where are you goin- You’re going back to your house.” Michael whispered, taking a hold of my shoulder turning me around to face him.

“I can’t just be sitting here and wait for them to find her. I need to go back and look at what happened.” Telling them before walking into the elevator, making my way home. Before the doors closed Ashton with his hand on Mikey’s shoulder holding him back shouted out, “You’re not going to like what you see mate!”


Ashton was right Calum wouldn’t like what he would see, pulling up to the house that he shared with his girlfriend of 3 years. There were cops, ambulances, firetrucks, outside the house, along with neighbors and Luke standing talking to one of the officers.

Putting the car in park, before stepping out he took everything in. He could see a red hand print on the front door on the corner of the right side of the door. How some of the officers were trying to keep the neighbors from seeing anything else, so they didn’t see that there was a red hand print. And how most of the front yard was covered in flowers, more of those hideous yellow flowers. A sign in the front yard, written in red paint  She is mine and never will be yours again-Secret Lover. Stepping out of the car making my way towards Luke.

“Calum? What.. I wouldn’t go in there.. No he is the owner of the house and the boyfriend of the girl that is missing.” Luke told one of the officers, going to stop him but hesitating when Luke told him to stop. Stepping into the house, the first thing Calum saw was a vase on the coffee table that sat in the middle of the living space. Flowers those yellow flowers back to haunt him again, in the vase.

Taking two more steps into the house, almost slipping into a puddle of… red paint. Yeah red paint, that’s what it is. He tried to tell myself, looking into the kitchen but regretting it after what was on the wall. Paint splatter on the left side of the wall, with more writing turning his head not caring to read it.

Swallowing his nerves he made his way up the stairs, flowers rounded around and around the outside of the railing. The first room where Ashton and Michael share the nights all three boys stay, had that police yellow tape on the front of the room. Yet Calum didn’t have to step into the room, he could see the pictures of them on the wall. All of them, from some of them outside of the venue, or at the beach, just a simple stroll in the park. Some of Y/N in her swimsuit, smiling not knowing that there was some…some creep taking pictures of her.

Running a hand down his face, taking a deep breath feeling like it’s been a while since he took in some air into his lungs. Going to the last room, the one Luke stays in, not bearing to go into are room. Frightened to see what was in there, regretting it though when he notices more red paint on the wall. On the bed, that Luke sleeps in most nights, the blankets covered in red paint the walls as well in red paint. Slamming the door open, rushing into the shared room with Y/N noticing that nothing was out of place unless you take in the pictures of just Me and Y/N.

“We think they were here the whole time,” Luke said taking in the pictures, probably trying not to think about what’s in the other rooms.

“Those..fucking flowers were a sign,” Calum Whispered before sitting on the ground pulling his knees against his broad chest.

“Dude you didn’t know that this was going to happen, no one did.” Luke spoke again softly like his friend was fragile, thinking that the right word or wording would send him over the edge. Little did he know that it wasn’t the first time those flowers were in the house.

“No man you don’t understand, it was all a sign. Those flowers… they have been left in the house before. Last month those yellow flowers were being left at the front door, every day I would go to open the door. Check the mail, and they would be there with a piece of paper from Secret lover.”

“What was on the paper?”

“Numbers, at least it started off that way. 2657, then dates and names. The flowers on the doorstep stopped about two weeks ago, started to turn up in house. The bathroom, closet, even in the cars.”

“Why didn’t you tell anybody?!” Luke harshly questioned, not caring now if it send me over the edge or hurt me.

“I-I didn’t think anything of it. To be honest I thought it was you guys or one of her older brothers, pulling a prank. But when it started to get into the house I had my suspicions, but two nights ago. I went to go to bed, did the usual. Turned off lights, made sure the doors and windows were locked. After doing all that I made my way to the room, but when I got there someone was leaning over her… laying a simple Tulip on her pillow.”

“I couldn’t stop him, I was glued in place. Every muscle in me told me to run in there and kick the living hell out of that piece of shit. Yet I couldn’t, after he snuck out the window I stood there, waiting for him to come back. Afterwards and being positive he wasn’t making any plans of coming back I took the flower and tossed it outside. Then stayed up all night, waiting - waiting for him to come back.”

It was silent after he was done talking it wasn’t till someone else that wasn’t Luke coughed, that I realized that some officers and Ashton Michael were all behind me. Listening to everything that he just said, some giving looks of pity, anger, sadness.

‘Son we need to ask you to stay som-”

Waving his hand, Calum stood to get up “ I’m crashing at my parents place.” Saying that he leave, going down the stairs making sure not to step in the dark red paint.


“So little lady.. Do you like your new home?”

Just block him out you can do it.

Biting down on my lip, holding back a scream as the knife was pressed into my arm yet another time. “Answer the question.” He spoke through gritted teeth, probably holding back from slapping me again.

“ I love it.. It needs more color though.” I spat out looking him in the eyes as he went to go slap me across the face again.

“Stop Ethan.” Skylar spoke behind him, resting a knife on the table next to him.

Great it’s him again.

Skylar was second in command by the looks of it, he bossed around Ethan when ever he pleased. Telling him to go get some more food, or maybe having him step out for a while. I haven’t met the leader I guess you could call him that, yet at least.

“Ethan could you leave us alone for a while.” It wasn’t a question, it was an order. Today he wasn’t having it seemed, “When will I have my time with her?”

“If you keep acting like that than never, I’m in charge till Eric gets back. You wouldn’t want me to tell Eric that you haven’t been listening right?” Shaking his head, making a hasty retreat out the door.

Turning towards me, he smirked. I knew what was coming next, unbuttoning his shirt. He gripped my arm, pulling me from the chair. Throwing me towards the mattress that was laying in the corner of the room.

Dear god, where are you Calum?

Was my last thought before Skylar, lowered himself on me. Smacking me across the head with the butt of the knife, knocking me out cold. 

the benefits of dating calum
  • plump, sinful lips to kiss
  • you can steal his beanies and his shirts (so much choices)
  • you  have mali koa as sister-in-law and that the coolest thing ever
  • a house full of puppies (and i’m not talking about calum)
  • awesome songs written for you because he loves you
  • his fine ass will be your property (and that’s the most important)
  • and he would literally worship you because you’ll be his goddess