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The Hunter's Daughter: Part 2


Part 1


10 Months Later

Your POV

Routine. You lived for routine. With a life like this it was impossible not to. Wake up, go to work, come home. Every wednesday you did your grocery shopping and every 3 weeks you changed your address. It was the only way to guarantee survival. A few times you thought that the creature had caught up with you. One time you had come home and the sheets on your bed were pulled off even though you distinctly remembered having made your bed that morning. You moved immediately after. Another time, while walking back from work you felt a gust of wind that was too fast to have been natural. You escaped only by blending into a large group of people, like your dad had taught you. Dad. You knew he was gone. In the first month you were hopeful, thinking that maybe he had just mistaken the place you two were supposed to meet, seeing as though you had many different safe houses between the two of you. But as the weeks continued to pass, you knew there was no way he was still alive. The vampire had killed him. Since then, you had spent your days hopping from town to town, picking up different jobs to pay your way through life. Currently, you were working at the local bar in the city. When you weren’t working you were training. Teaching yourself how to defend against what was after you. You had always watched your father and now it was your turn. If ever the vampire came for you, you would be ready. 

Michael’s POV

10 months. 10 fucking months he has been living a lonely life. Ever since Meredith’s death he has been emotionless. He has felt nothing. Not when he feeds, not when he drinks, not when he fucks. Not even when he’s doing all three at once, which was often. For the first 7 months he had dedicated his life to finding the girl. He had been through countless towns, and he even thought he had found her once, but once he had killed the look-a-like, he realized she was just that; a look-a-like. Once he thought he had caught the real girl. He saw someone that fit the description walking alone one night, but as he got closer she managed to slip into a throng of people and he lost her. Michael wasn’t a skilled tracker. After he had managed to mess up so many times he decided it was best to just accept that he would never find her and try and move on. But he couldn’t stop thinking about this girl. Who was she? And how had she managed to get away from him so many times? While he still thirsted for her blood, he was also fascinated by her. Despite his lack in hunting skills, he knew how to track a basic human and had done it countless times. But this girl? She was good and she must have been running her whole life…

Life for Michael was pretty dull. Without anyone at his side he was forced to wander the earth purely to survive. Tonight he found himself in a local bar in some random big city hoping to find someone drunk enough to feed on without having to use compulsion. Walking inside he scoped out the scene. Seemed to be mostly college kids with the occasion middle aged man scattered about. He breathed in deeply through his nose in an attempt to find the best prey when it hit him. The most heavenly smell he had ever experienced. In all of his years on earth, never had he inhaled something so sweet. Not even when he first met Meredith. No, this was absolutely divine. He cocked his head in the direction of the scent and narrowed his eyes in search when he saw her. There, cleaning a table with an old rag, was a girl who looked to be about 20. Her hair was pulled up into a loose pony tail, allowing tendrils of soft hair to frame her face. He could tell she was naturally pretty, but not gorgeous enough to stand out in a crowd.

He moved swiftly through the crowd towards the girl. She glanced up at him and their eyes met. Piercing blue eyes met green and the world stopped, if only for a brief moment. In this moment he forgot his name. He forgot his very reason for existence. She was all he saw. All that mattered. 

“Hello” His voice dripped with charm. He stood close to her now, towering over her. 

“Hi.” She spoke in an authoritative manner, one which had never been used on him before so he was taken back slightly. 

“What’s a beautiful girl like you doing working in a run down place like this?” Michael spoke smoothly. 

“Wow, you’re hitting on me. Okay, I have to get back to work, excuse me.” She brushed by him. ‘What’? Michael thought. How had she not fallen for him already? He was tempted to use compulsion, but there was no way. Not with her. This girl was something else and he was going to make her his. 

Suddenly a large man bumped into him, making him lose contact with his girl. “Watch where you’re going kid.” The large man grumbled.

“How about you watch who you talk to.” He stared into the man’s eyes. “Go out into the back alleyway and wait for me there.” Michael demanded. The man obeyed, of course, but as Michael looked back to find his mystery girl, she was gone. A deep growl emitted from his throat at the fact that he had lost her. But he knew he would find her again. He was going to make her his. 

But first, he had to get back to his tasty meal waiting for him in the back alley…

Your POV

A vampire. You knew there had been one in today. You could sense it, you just didn’t know who it was. Distraught with the fact that you had potentially almost been caught you began to pack up your things…again. 

But that boy in the diner today. The one with the colored hair and the dark eyes, he had intrigued you. The second your eyes had found his a wave of peace had come over you. Something you hadn’t felt in a long time…But you didn’t have the time nor the ability in your life to find love right now. It wasn’t the right time for you, but you had to admit, you wanted to see him again. He had affected you and there was no way you would ever forget him. 

Part 3 


Okay, I saw this on someone's profile on another fan fiction site and I feel the need to correct this,

P.S I’m sorry for tagging this with so much unrelated stuff, just please read.

  • Real 5SOS fans like the band for people other than Luke.
  • Real 5SOS fans know songs other than she looks so perfect and don’t stop.
  • Real 5SOS fans know all of the members and what they do.
  • Real 5SOS fans support Ashton in his fear of ducks.
  • Real 5SOS fans know almost every word to every song.
  • Real 5SOS fans will always be there for Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael.
  • Real 5SOS fans will post this on there profile.

Here is what this person meant,

  • Real 5SOS fans know it’s okay for Luke to be someone’s biased in the band.
  • Real 5SOS fans know it’s okay for SLSP and Don’t Stop to be someone’s favourite song(s).
  • Real 5SOS fans know it’s okay for people to just know the boy’s name and what the play because some people don’t want to obsessively know everything about a person.
  • Real 5SOS fans know that some people will not know everything about the boys (see above point) but that doesn’t make them any less of a fan.
  • Real 5SOS fans know that if you don’t remember every single word to a song it isn’t the end of the world, and you shouldn’t bash people for not knowing every single word.
  • Real 5SOS fans will always be there for Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael, but know when to step back and let the boys live their lives.
  • Real 5SOS fans will post this on ‘their’ profile, only if they want to, and they know that the above paragraph makes them seem like a pretentious and arrogant bitch because they bash people for not ‘loving’ something as much as they do.

Stop bashing on new fans, or fans who don’t know as much as you! How much you love the boys, or how much you know about the boys is not a competition. So grow the fuck up and stop bashing on people who are new to a fandom and less knowledgeable than you.


On the left is the boy I fell in love with. With his floppy blond hair, addictive smile and mesmerising voice, it was hard to share him with the rest of the 5sos fam.

On the right is the boy *cough MAN cough* that I fall in love with every day. With his not-so-floppy blond hair, ever-addictive smile and still-mesmerising voice, it’s hard to share him with the world.