Chapter 44: That's MINE







“DJ wait!!!!”

“Nah I’m good… go back to kissing your ex”

“Baby I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!”

“It’s okay….. go head and go back to kissing him. I can’t believe I even wasted my time on you. You love him, not me… obviously…. And here I got these for you and this too.”




DJ handed me the dozen flowers and walked out. Then he came back and handed me my own signed Kobe Bryant Jersey that I’d been wanting for the longest time. I felt so bad. It was a big mistake! I mean I love Mijo a lot but DJ had been there for me. DJ was so sweet and I know for a fact that he wouldn’t of pulled the shit Mijo pulled. It’s fucked up how you realize that great thing you have as soon as it gone. DJ then stormed over to Mijo. DJ’s 6’4 frame towered over Mijo. All I could hear was DJ sternly saying something to Mijo. Mijo looked like he wasn’t listening at all. When DJ was done talking to Mijo, he mushed Mijo’s head hard and walked out slamming the door.


I really don’t know how to feel rite now……. I just kissed Mijo and DJ just dumped me. I looked down at the flowers and NBA jersey for a long time until Mijo kissed my forehead. I didn’t want this. Whenever a man has done me wrong, I’d leave them and never go back. I needed some time to think…………..










I was sitting next to Chris in RCA’s biggest building. He had a big meeting with him. Today was the day he was supposed to be transferred to their label. Chris begged me to go so I went. It wasn’t really something I was interested in but if it was to support my man, I’m all for it. Chris was in a suit, hair back to black, looking all types of good. His mom and manager were here too. I stopped disliking Chris’s mom as much as I used too. She’s his mother so I had some type of respect. We just don’t have that relationship where we can talk about anything. The only things I ever talk to her about is Chris or Miles… and maybe some model things, that’s it. Speaking of Miles, he was with Jas this week. Oh, I forgot to tell you, we’re in New York. Chris’s album comes out in five days and New York is where the most release parties and business happens.



Chris was next to me with his leg nervously shaking. I touched his leg softly and started to rub it to try and calm him down. The shaking immediately stopped and he looked at me. He gave me a small smirk before locking his right hand with my left. Our fingers intertwined as he placed a small kiss on my hand. Awwwe my baby is so nervous!



We’ve been waiting in this office room for at least thirty minutes now. I was starting to get fidgety and squirmy. I don’t like being in one place for too long with not much to do. But then the door opened and 3 business men came in with suitcases in each hand too. They looked serious and also looked like they made plenty of money. Chris let go of my hand and stood up. He shook all their hands and so did his manager Tina. I waved and so did his mother.


This business was so much different then what my meetings are usually about. This was all numbers. A lot of documents were read and signed. Chris’s forehead was sweating a little bit from him being nervous. It was funny but cute at the same time. I snapped a picture of him as he had a serious face while talking to one of the men. I tweeted it out with the caption:


@taeheckard- business, business, business…..  he’s so serious rite now. He was nervous just a second ago tho #seriousface



Through the rest of the meeting, I heard so much. Tours, more music, and then the contract. I know Chris is going to want the highest pay. I heard, five million for a year and then I heard thirty five million for a year. But the last one was twenty five million for this year plus forty percent of the money he makes from every record he puts out. I liked that one more…. But this wasn’t my place to talk. Chris asked for some time to talk, so the men exited the room.



“So what ya’ll think?” he said



Chris’s mother and Tina, told him some good things but I stayed quiet. He turned to me and repeated himself. I guess I better give my opinion.


“Well I like the third idea best. It’s not the most money but if you release great singles, you can still earn a lot of money. But it’s your choice, do what’s best for you.”


He nodded and looked like he was thinking hard. The RCA business men came back in and sat down. Chris held my hand again and made his decision. He actually chose the one I liked! Weird rite? I thought he’d like his mom’s idea or something.


When I have big meetings like this, it’s usually me talking to younger models telling them what to expect as a video vixen or model or even in a movie. I been in the business since I was 17. I know all the tricks, all the stunts people pull and more. When the meeting was over, Chris stood up and shook their hands. Now I can’t wait till we get back to the hotel. Bad Girls Club marathon was on and I needed to catch up.





At the hotel, I became Instagram crazy. The suite was amazing and huge! Chris undressed and came back in nothing but some polo underwear.


“Chris put on some clothes!”

“Nah, how bout you take off some clothes”


I laughed and walked past Chris. He followed closely behind me, bumping into me on purpose. As I was trying to find something to change into, I bend down and dug inside my suit case. Chris came behind me and started humping and grinding on my ass.



“Chris can you stop”

“Nope, not until you strip for me”

“C’mon, I’m not in the mood….”

“So…and I am”

“Oh well.”




I rolled my eyes. Chris is ALWAYS horny. No matter where we are, if you offered… he’d want to fuck. Chris rolled his hips and gripped my waist tight.



“Chris STOP! Damn…. I’m trying to pick out some clothes.”

“I’ll stop when you start stripping”

“Fine damn, just go sit down!”



He released me from his death grip and sat down on the bed. I picked out my clothes and sat them down on another side of the bed. Chris licked his lips and started at my every move hard. I don’t want to have sex with him rite now. I’m really not in the mood.


I looked into his eyes as I lifted my shirt off. He bit down on his lip. I inched closer to him and slipped off my skinny jeans. When I got close enough to him I turned around and bent down in front of him. I made sure my ass was all up in his face too. Chris then did something out of the blue. He kissed and bit my ass. Then he stood me back up.



“you not done yet, keep going”



When I took my bra completely off, his eyes got big. I could now see his erection in his underwear. He was standing strait up and at attention. He’s gonna be so pissed when he finds out we’re not fucking today. I slowly slid off my Victoria Secret underwear. Chris pulled me by my legs making me fall onto him. He kissed my neck and let his hands slap my ass. He got to my lips and was putting his tongue to work. Just as one of his hands slipped towards my pussy, I got out of his grip, grabbed my clothes and jogged to the bathroom. Ha…. He thought he was getting some tonight.









Jas and I been talking for about a month now ever since she and that tall nigga broke up. We haven’t had sex or nothing major. We’re not even back together. She’s just been pretty upset and moody lately. But she has helped me out a lot with my son. He was so happy to see her again. She was watching Miles’s little bad ass too. I swear that kid has an attitude like Tae and goofiness like Chris. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was their son.


Miles was currently on Jasmine’s lap while Mylen was on mines just giving Miles a mean glare. He was only doing that because he wanted to be on Jas’s lap. We switched kids and Mylen started smiling wide. I thought I should FaceTime my nigga Chris to see what him and Tae were up to. When he answered, he looked mad as hell.


“What’s wrong with you?”

“Tae playin games I swear…. But wassup Mylen!”



Mylen gave him a solid head nod. I turned my phone to face Jas and Miles.



“Yo wassup Jas… and my lil nigga”


Jas waved and Miles smiled. I talked to Chris for a while then he called for Tae. She came into view and gave Chris a “look.” He just frowned and sucked his teeth. Yeah, she got his ass whipped or some shit. Because Chris don’t mad at females like that … she must of not given him nun.




Mylen and Miles were fast asleep. It was just us two …. All alone….. talking. She looked so beautiful. To be honest, I missed her every single day. Seiko wasn’t shit. I love Jasmine, and I shouldn’t of hurt her like I did.


“Jas, you know I regret leaving you”

“(sighs) No I didn’t know that”

“Well you should know …. I love you baby… and I want for us to work out.”


“Mijo I don’t know about this… I don’t think I could ever trust you like I used to.”


“Please baby…. One more chance is all I need…. I’ll prove it to you….I’ll be the best man you’ve ever had.”


“Mijo…. We gotta take baby steps. I don’t wanna hop back into a relationship with you.”


“Okay, I understand…. But did you fuck that nigga?”

“Ummmm… does it matter?”

“Yeah, it does.”

“ Did you fuck that Seiko hoe ass bitch!?!”

“That’s irrelevant rite now, just answer—–

“Okay, then if I fucked him it would be irrelevant… so drop it.”


I swear if she fucked him, I wouldn’t know what to do. That’s mine, that’s MY pussy. And nobody should ever touch my shit………….