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Oh hello anon. This isn’t NSFW, but hopefully it meets the criteria for fluff.

This is a Lyle/Ashley fic (Lashley?) Everything is a lie.

It starts raining. Abruptly, as if a switch has been hit somewhere.

Fat, heavy, droplets, that hit the New York sidewalk hard and bounce back with added interest.

Lyle swears, a couple of times, and then side steps into an overhanging doorway, trying to find her umbrella in her too full bag.

As she roots, the rain gets really intense, as if the rain has been personally offended by the city, in some way. And Lyle makes the choice to stay in the arched doorway, because she isn’t in a rush, and because the umbrella will probably only keep her top half dry, at best. Besides, this sort of intense rain only usually lasts ten minutes maximum. It’ll ease off soon.

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Lyle Friedman: “Wait. Shall we - are we supposed to write our own fan fic?”

Sarah Weichel: “No, no, no.”

Ashley Skidmore: “No, they do it.”

Lyle Friedman: “Oh. Yeah. ‘Cause they’re fans. I get it.”


SFW (A/N: that’s 'Safe For Work’, ergo you don’t end up having sex), 1.212 words. I’m sorry that I am not sorry at all. Cliché subject, I apologise. Here we go. The first ShleyFry Friedmore Skidman Lashley fan fiction. 


Language Of Love

It’s a particularly cold evening in New York as she leans against her bed’s headboard and carefully studies the screen of the Mac that’s resting on her lap. Five languages of love. Lyle had brought it up the other day and she had been convinced it was bullshit, because who the hell would even think of these dumb tests in the first place. She had laughed, of course she had, but Lyle had not joined her. Instead, she had muttered something about inconsiderate and narrow-minded and retreated to her own room, leaving her to sit at the kitchen table with a bowl of rice noodles and an enormous guilt.

Do you like notes of affirmation, or do you like to be hugged?

She glances at the opposite wall of her bedroom, contemplating which answer to pick. Surely there are no wrong answers on this thing. She shakes her head and ticks the first option, silently cursing Gary Chapman and his moronic test. There’s 29 more questions, and she already feels exasperated. It’s started to rain outside and she has somehow adapted to the glum mood. With another angry tap on the Mac’s track pad, she answers another question.

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Here’s the fic that signals we’re on 2/3 of today’s marathon! SFW, 1.056 words, one of the best pairs to write about nowadays. I’d go for a NSFW if I wouldn’t be pretty sure half of the pairing wouldn’t suffer from a major freak-out. So until then, this will have to do.



Maybe she should subtly hint that it’s time to forsake drowning their sorrows in litres of alcohol, or maybe she should just let the blonde drink until she can’t remember a thing anymore. Truth is, she doesn’t know what the best course of action is when your best friend breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to go on some self-destructive path of boozing and whining about her ex.

“Honestly?” Ashley’s voice sounds squeaky, “Fuck him. Fuck all of them.” She gestures wildly, bottle of beer in hand, “Men suck.” She adds glumly, “We should make a video about that. Actually, we should make an entire video series about that.” She spreads her hands in the air, pretending to watch a billboard, “All the reasons why men suck.”

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Okay, here’s what we know about the second (third?) coming of Milestone Media:

  • Milestone Media’s lineup of books will be published and distributed by DC Comics and will be part of the recently reintroduced Multiverse as Earth-M. 
  • The books will be under direct editorial control of the Milestone partners and not DC Comics themselves, which is not unlike their previous arrangement. 
  • Milestone owns their properties outright.
  • At least two “Earth-M” hardcover graphic novels will be published annually, as well as a yet-to-be-determined number of miniseries and one shots set in the Dakotaverse. 
  • In addition to Reginald Hudlin and Denys Cowan, creators such as Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Bill Sienkiewicz, Christopher Priest, Ken Lashley, and many others will be a part of it. Some reports have Hudlin and Lee and Johns and Cowan on two different books and Hudlin and Lashley on one of the main titles. 
  • The books announced officially so far are Static Shock, Icon and Rocket, and Xombi
  • This is not a continuation of the old continuity but rather a reboot of the entire universe. A new beginning for a classic brand.
  • The original books will be revived in collected editions in both print and digital formats. 
  • DC Collectibles will be making Milestone action figures, designed by Denys Cowan.

And now we’re caught up.