Have you ever found yourself wiping excess product off mascara wands? I have. And what a waste! But sometimes brushes pick up too much product. The solution seems so obvious yet, nobody had came with it before LashControl did: squeezable mascara tubes. As fun and practical as it sounds!

The formulas have a lot of good ingredients in them and are good for sensitive eyes. Also, they can be removed with only warm water yet last for hours and hours on the eyes! Now, on to the particular details:

- The Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix (with a clear squeeze) is transparent and watery. On the eyelashes it only adds a bit of shine and gives a “wet” effect, but nothing that could be really caught on a pic. It is really, really subtle. As a fixer it is great, it looks (again) wet but not too shiny/reflective. The brush is quite soft :)

Here you have pics of my naked eye and the two black formulas:

- The Volumizing 2X Black Mascara (with a purple squeeze) adds a lot of volume to the lashes especially at the roots, creating a thicker lashline. There is something with the “zig-zag” brush that always makes my outer lashes clump a bit. Maybe I need more practice? The effect is amazing nonetheless!

- Now, the Lengthening and Conditioning Natural Black Mascara (pink squeeze) is my fav mainly because of the super fluffy brush which separates lashes beautifully. Not a single trace of clumps and very long lashes (they look more shocking in real life, I swear). If I had to recommend one and one only, this would be it! :D

These are definitely an improvement in terms of saving product and hygiene, and I just love the ingredients they have picked for the formulas. Squeeze a bit for more product, squeeze a lot (as I usually do) for a small amount, and have fun with these LashControl mascaras!