lash blast fusion


okay so, the make up world barely talks about this mascara and its fucking fantastic. Its covergirls lash blast fusion water resistant mascara and this shit is fucking fantastic, it makes my eyelashes so long and works all day and its fantastic, its like $6 in the U.S. and its beautiful I love it so much, its a purple bottle and works so well for a drugstore mascara

Review: Covergirl lashblastfusion Mascara

So….is this the same as the normal Lash Blast?!

lashblastfushion claims you’ll get “a blast of volume plus incredible length! It’s the perfect fusion of lashblast’s super-volumizing brush and a buildable fiber-stretch lengthening formula that works together for dense, long-looking lashes.”

The Verdict?

Yes, it gives the exact same look to your lashes as the normal Lash Blast. But no, they aren’t similar in formula.

Both Lash Blast and Lash Blast Fusion deliver the same fullness, length and clump-free-ness. Both mascaras are “dry” formulas, so multiple coats are definitely buildable without ever looking clumpy. The brush is the same as well.


  • The difference is the fact that, both waterproof tubes claim to be waterproof, butFusion does not hold up when faced with water. Waterproof Fusion is not waterproof at all! It comes off super easily with water. 
  • It also does not hold a curl as well as the normal Lash Blast (waterproof)- my lashes droop a bit after applying Fusion on.

Left picture: with Fusion mascara

Right picture: with original Lash Blast mascara

  • Another difference I noted was that Fusion doesn’t smear on me by the end of the day. My very moisturized under eye area always breaks down any waterproof mascara I wear by midday, leaving me with dark smudges. 

So waterproof Fusion doesn’t smear on me…but it’s not waterproof at all–interesting.

The only other mascara that doesn’t smudge on me is Covergirl’s LashBlast Lengths. Both the Lengths mascara and the Fusion claim to have a “fiber lengthening” formula that claims not to “flake or smudge.” This “fiber” formula is not in any other mascara I’ve tried. But I also noticed that Lash Blast Lengths is not waterproof despite me buying the waterproof one. It also weighs down my curled lashes.

Before: with curled, bare lashes.

After: with one coat of waterproof lashblastfusion in “ 885 very black

Alternative/comparison: With one coat of waterproof Lashblast mascara in “very black

So now ya’ll can see proof that the orange tube of mascara works just as well as the purple tube. But I’ll surely be repurchasing the purple tube from now on, as it stays on my lashes better throughout the day.