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Is there a way to get that false lash look without wearing false lashes? The glue irritates my eyes :/ And none of the mascaras I've used give the effect I want

My routine for loads of Lashes:

L'Oréal Voluminous Lash Primer
Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Maybelline Lash Sensational

And use the blackest black eye liner you can find and tight line the upper Lash line.

My Favorite Trich-Related Products (pt. 1)

In honor of BFRB Awareness Week last week, I’m going to start posting short lists of some of my favorite trich-related products in hopes that they help other people with trichotillomania (future lists will also include dermatillomania) manage their pulling, heal raw skin, or regrow hair.

For today, I’m just gonna start out with three products that have helped me the most in the past few weeks.

1. Vaseline, $1.47 at Target, 5

Seems simple, I know. Especially for my first product. But seriously. If you have trich and you don’t use Vaseline you really should. I like to put it on my eyelashes in the evening. Not only does it make my lashes slippery and harder to pull but it also conditions the hairs and makes helps them grow back longer and thicker. However, if you do use it, make sure that you wash your hands before you apply. You can also use a clean mascara wand, but I find it easier to spread the Vaseline on my lashes with my fingers.

2. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum, $8.99 at Walgreens, 4.5 ★ 

I can’t give a completely accurate review of this product, because I’ve only used it about a week now. I’ll have to do another one once I’ve been using it for at least a month. But I really like it so far, so I think it’s worth mentioning. I think it’s a good, affordable alternative to Vaseline if you’re looking for something to grow back lashes. I still put it on the parts of my lids with no lashes though, in hopes that it’ll also help start regrowth. I also like to use it for my eyebrows, because I’ve found that Vaseline sometimes makes me break out if I put it on skin. My only issue with this product is that it dries kind of crunchy. So when I use it, I try to put it on immediately before I go to sleep. Otherwise the crunchiness bothers me and makes me pick at my eyelashes more. Also, the brush tip makes application a little messy. When I’m applying it to my eyelashes, I usually end up brushing the side of my nose. 

3. Silly Putty, $1.00 at Dollar Tree, 4.5

Again, another simple product. I know. I’ll probably try to branch out into the ones that you guys might not know about. But for now I wanted to highlight some products that have helped me a lot recently. I have a desk job and when I first started I was pulling A LOT. Partly from stress and partly from being on the computer all day. I went to my local Dollar Tree and got two of these little eggs, and I can’t begin to tell you how much they’ve helped. Silly Putty is very pliable, so I can break it, bend it, mold it, sculpt it, whatever I want. It’s easy to fiddle with it in one hand while I’m scrolling with the other. Plus, it’s super cheap. I haven’t pulled at work for the last two weeks because of this stuff. It does, however, make my hands a little dry by the end of the day. But that’s probably because I work 10 hour days and I’m playing with it the whole time. 

I hope these products are helpful for you guys! If you have any suggestions for products I should check out, let me know! I’ll  do another review post sometime soon with some more of my favorite products.

Hello my little angels! I hope you all are doing alright. 

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This time I will be talking about lashes. Don’t we love lashes? We do! No eye makeup is complete without a touch up in your eyelashes. Long eyelashes can take any look from 100 to 1000 in one second and make an attractive look. 

That is why a lot of beauty lovers dream to have longer lashes.

But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long and thick eyelashes. We can make our eyelashes longer by makeup or by applying fake lashes. If you have naturally long eyelashes, you don’t have to spend a lot of mascara to make it look longer. 

But if you don’t, then you may need to work on making it look longer. So why don’t you start growing your eyelashes naturally? You can make your eyelashes grow longer and stronger than ever before.

» Today you will learn 9 ways to get longer, thicker, fuller, healthier and stronger eyelashes ❀ «  


To get a perfect amount of eyelashes, you must take care of your eye to make it work. If you try everything and don’t keep your eyes clean, then you will not get the benefit. Take off your makeup and clean your eyes every time before you go to bed.

When washing your makeup off, be sure not to pull at your eyelashes. I like mascara that comes off really easily to prevent tugging and pulling at lashes. Pulling stunts growth and undoes all the hard work you’ve put into making those lashes grow again! 


It sounds a little weird but there actually is a type of small comb which can help you to brush your eyelashes. Just by brushing your eyelashes, you can actually make them grow a little longer.  Also this is truly one of my favorite tips on how to make your eyelashes grow that is easy to do. 

So comb your eyelashes regularly and see the result.


Instead of spending your money on something that could darken your eyes, why not try something easy and quick?

It is an old-age trick but it really works! And it is the simplest one! You just have to use a cotton stick or mascara brush and apply a swipe of Vaseline on your eyelid before you go to bed. It will make your lashes longer and thicker. You have to wait for the results but it will make a noticeable change.


Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil are mostly common for making your lash longer. Applying them regularly on your lashes can simply make it work. To see the best result, do it regularly. Natural oil contains vitamins, minerals and lengthening agents which will not only enlarge your lashes but also moisturize them.

If you want to start doing it but you are kind of worried of what will happen you should start by trying out olive oil. Just adding a bit of olive oil to your lids at night will truly help your eyelashes soak up all of the vitamins and minerals in olive oil! 


Here’s another great reason to stock your pantry with green tea. Only in this case, you won’t drink it. Instead, you are going to put it straight on your eyelashes. It might sound weird, but I promise that it works! Simply dip a cotton ball in freshly steeped green tea and gently swipe it on your lashes. It can help promote growth. Just make sure you steep a fresh cup for drinking!


Most common problems you may have faced with eyelashes are that they can fall out and even break if you mistreat them. You can rub your eyelids to help it out. This means that by massaging the eyelids you will be stimulating the hair follicles which help to grow stronger eyelashes.


Your natural growth of hair depends on the diet you are following. If you have a bad diet then you will notice that your body will not support to the growths properly. Your eyelashes will not increase enough too. Try to intake fruits and veggies to make a remarkable difference. 

Include lean proteins in your diet such as fish, cheese, eggs, beans, yoghurt, milk, almonds, fruits etc. Drink plenty of water to get rid of toxins. This will ensure you have longer and thicker lashes.


Sometimes people change their eating habits and start a healthier lifestyle, however, they want faster results without damaging their bodies. If you think you need a faster result, try Vitamin E supplements. Make a routine of taking one on a daily basis. Vitamin E lotion also helps to increase your lashes to its maximum growth. 


Did you know that there are actually lash accelerator mascaras out there? While you might spend a little more on mascara, in the end, you’ll save because your lashes will grow longer and thicker. Try it and tell me how you love it! This tip on how to make your eyelashes grow is as simple as applying a coat of mascara. 


Yes, there is such a thing and it works wonders on your eyelashes. According to the experts, no matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your lashes are eyelash serum will strength follicles, which promotes growth. Serum moisturizes and conditions to prevent breakage and boosts volume and length.

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Autumn I remember you had a list of your favorite makeup products from sephora a while ago and I was wondering if you could do the same thing but with drugstore/inexpensive products? I think it would really help since I'm just starting out with makeup. Thank you so so much!!

Yeah, angel, I’d be super happy to help! I hope you’re having lots of fun with makeup as of yet and learning what you like/dislike. I’m sure you’re looking absolutely gorgeous. :-)


  • L’Oreal True Match Lumi
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer
  • Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation


  • Revlon Cream Blushes in Coral Reef and Flushed
  • Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Sunset 
  • Rimmel Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint in Peach Flush
  • NYX Tango Mosaic Bronzer
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Shine
  • Milani Bronzer XL Powder 
  • NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator 
  • E.L.F. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip 
  • L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter 


  • Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel 
  • Milani Brow Fix Shaping Kit 
  • Maybelline Define-A-Brow
  • Prestige Brow Perfection 


  • Wet ‘N Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner 
  • Almay Liquid Eyeliner 
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner 
  • Neutrogena Nourishing Pencil Eyeliner 
  • L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Pencil Eyeliner 


  • Maybelline The Nudes Palette 
  • L.A. Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette 
  • NYX Love in Paris A La Mode Palette 
  • E.L.F. Smoky Look Palette 


  • Jordana Best Lash Mascara 
  • Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
  • Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
  • Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara
  • L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
  • L’Oreal Million Lashes Mascara
  • No7 Maximum Volume Mascara


  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet and Rum Raisin 
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Collection Lipstick in 08
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie and Pops
  • Maybelline Super Stay 14-Hour Lipstick in Ultimate Blush 
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Saucy Mauve, Sugar Plum, and Courageous 
  • Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Bare Secret 

*Please keep in mind that this is a list of my personal favorites, as some things may not work for you as well as they might have for me in the past. Nonetheless, I hope this leads you in the right direction. Makeup is all about a journey in which you come to conclusion on what looks best to your own liking, and of course, comfort zone. X