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ok only you could answer this. We're counting on you. here goes: who would win in a fight, Batman or Darth Vader? They're on Earth but not in Gotham. Batman has all of his standard weapons but so does Vader.

vader is more likely if they met at random, because batman isn’t much compared to a force user. he might have learned the holy art of raising his body temperature to bake eggs on his abs, but vader can choke the life out of him from a half a mile away. like if we’re playing rock, paper, scissors, lightsabers beat kevlar, and force power beats martial arts.

i mean, batman could always use an electric batarang (what 80s band is that) or whatnot and hit vader with it, but i think he’d realize pretty quickly that the suit is life support, and if he hits it he runs the risk of killing the man inside. depending on the desperation of the situation, he may or may not go for that. if he had the time to study the actual suit, he might win, but even then it’s kind of a long shot - vader is like a human lawnmower. he both is human, and also mows through humans, and has none of those pesky morals to hold him back

being realistic, i doubt the devil is truly gone for good. but what i want is for him to be gone long enough for kara to gain some perspective. i’d like the distance to help her dive into her work, both being a reporter and supergirl. i want to see her realize that okay sure, maybe she misses him sometimes, but not as much as she expected to. she’s okay, better than okay actually. she realizes that she was with him because he was simple, fun, an alien like her. but deep down she knew it was only surface affection, and long run he didn’t have anything to offer her. and if/when he returns, i want her to be able to look at him and say that she wishes him well, but she doesn’t need him. she has her family, these people surrounding her who truly care, who truly know her and have her best interest at heart. and that’s all she needs.

Headcanon that Clark doesn’t just wear glasses to disrupt facial recognition but also because his eyes are freakishly bright

Like, his eyes glow and they’re in inhuman shade of blue, like a blue star or the White Walkers from Game of Thrones and the distortion of the glasses dulls them and makes them look smaller so no one instantly knows he’s not human

I thought I found all of my childhood “sonic comics” i drew as a kid but i just found another. And I… I think I may… I may have made a brief Sonic OC.

I drew things based on what the Fleetway Sonic the Comic was doing at the time of drawing, and I remember there was some random one issue characters here and there but I don’t recall this dude so I think… I think I made him up???

I know in the comic lore Tonic was Sonic before he got his power sneakers and plot happened but ummm…..

Not sure how you can make someone their EX BROTHER…. maybe estranged was the word i wanted but… that also makes Sonic related to THE DEVIL as well if they are all related? Ummmmm yeah, sure, go for it young me. 

I mean Sega did a half alien hedgehog so why not. Half devil hedgehog EX BROTHER to Sonic. Sega, hire me ~ *finger guns*


It’s no exaggeration to say you are literally being held out of the Earth’s Core by perovskite minerals. Perovskite is a mineral with the chemical formula CaTiO3, but a great many things use the same structure. 40% of the planet Earth, the main mineral in the lower mantle called Bridgmanite, puts its magnesium and silicon atoms in the same structure as perovskite. They are also important industrial minerals, used in electronics, lasers, and other devices. As part of an ongoing lecture series named for Nobel Laureate Lawrence Bragg, a professor and expert on perovskites tells you more about this mineral group in this lecture.


The beam of light in Antelope Canyon, illuminated by a bit of thrown fine sand.