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Listen if you can cheer for the Rebels in Rogue One, but can’t fathom why people would use violent resistance to real life fascists and their sympathizers I sincerely hope you suffocate under the weight of your own tasteless hypocrisy.

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How long is the average recovery time for thoracic blunt(/burn?) trauma? My character (a military officer) gets shot in the right part of the chest with a laser weapon and survives thanks to the in-universe equivalent of a bulletproof vest, and needs to survive but be pretty much out of commission for at least several weeks, but no longer than two months. Have I got this mostly right or should I choose another injury to maim my character with so they need a few weeks to recover?

Hey there nonny! Thanks for your ask. 

Lasers as I understand them are beams of light, which has energy but EXTREMELY little mass. (Photons have a tiiiiiiny bit of mass, which is how solar sails work, but really not very much at all and you need kilometers of sail to move a 10-kg object, much less an 80kg fighter.) 

The reason this is relevant is that without the physical force of a bullet, the vest might absorb energy – as heat – but it won’t absorb kinetic energy to a degree high enough to cause the kind of injury you’re talking about. 

In short: burns are absolutely realistic, but unless you use Writer’s Privilege on the physics of lasers, you’re not gonna see rib or sternum fractures from them. 

Could your character have had some other unfortunate thing happen to their chest instead? Have something fall on it, get hit with a hammer, ….? 

If you have decided to go the Becuase I Say So route, and that in addition to the burns there is mass to go along with your laser guns and thus bullet-type injuries in addition to  burns, check out a recent post on bullet-resistant vests and rib fractures [here]. 

If you decide that you want to go with burns, check out The Writer’s Guide to Burns:

[Part 1

[Part 2

[Part 3

I would say that if you decide to go with burns, and the suit gets hot enough to cause second-degree burns in the underlying tissue, then you’re looking at about 1-2 months of issues. If you go with “lasers have mass” and go with rib fractures, you’re looking at +- 6 weeks of recovery, so either one works for taking them out of the action for a bit. 

And if you decide that we’re friends, let’s have a hug! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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so uh i wanted to make a UFO oc alot so i made this little sweet green boy 

there is not much  known about him because he is an alien and also he travels alot in the sky, he has limbs, but he can tuck them away in his body when he flies. he can abduct things and store them inside himself, he can shoot lasers, nobody can understand him, we aren’t sure about his personality and plus he appears in places with alot of females, often times either out of fascination or he is simply waiting to reproduce with an earth object(???), whatever the hell UFO is he seems to be pretty harmless, well except the lasers and stuff

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Pro-Brotherhood rant ahead

I keep seeing Fallout Confession submissions and other posts dissing Elder Maxson and the brotherhood of steel in general. So because my gears were sufficiently ground, and I have nothing better to do, I am going to explain why the brotherhood under Maxson is great. Possibly even better than the Lyons Brotherhood.

1. No more outcasts. Unlike Lyons, elder Maxson not only doesn’t have a civil war on his hands, but he’s unified and focused his chapter into not having another civil war. Not only that, but his leadership is string enough to where he will solve certain problems himself (Danse’s execution? Final battle missions?)

2. A large and effective army that openly recruits wastelanders (and trains them pretty darn well). They no longer rely solely on members breeding with each other to bolster brotherhood ranks (takes a long fricken time to raise a kid into a soldier. 18 years ideally.)

3. Vertibirds. A tactical advantage once exclusive to only the enclave. Now the brotherhood has their own and possibly (possibly) the means to make more as well as repair existing ones.

4. T-60 power armor. Never explained how or why the brotherhood has T-60 armor, but it’s a step up from shitty T-45, and a valuable asset the Lyons brotherhood likely wouldn’t have procured.

5. This one kind of ties in with the first point but a return to Brotherhood values. If you didn’t notice, no brotherhood chapter has time for outsider BS so they treat the player like shit unless or until the player joins their ranks. In fallout 1 they sent people to certain death in radiation hotspots. In new vegas they strap a bomb collar to your neck to kill an NCR ranger or convince him to leave. In Fallout 3 they only care about you as a result of the Enclave showing up. And I’m pretty certain in Fallout 4 you join by retrieving that recon team’s audio logs (two of which are in very high-threat locations) if you didn’t become an initiate by helping Danse and pals in Cambridge. They will spit and shit on you to either keep you out if the way or toughen your resolve no matter which chapter it is.

6. The Maxson line of elders rules again. This one is mostly to dissmiss the theory that Sentinel Lyons was assassinated by LITERALLY the least stealthy faction to exist. The Brotherhood was founded just after the great war by Roger Maxson at Mariosa. There have been many Maxson elders and high-elders who have lead the Brotherhood. Arthur Maxson is the last direct descendant of Roger Maxson. So even if Sentinel Lyons hadn’t reportedly died in combat, Maxson still would have had much more support for becoming the new elder after the death of Elder Lyons. And even then, can we say that Sentinel Lyons would WANT that kind of responsibility with the title of elder? She was a good leader and great soldier sure, but nothing about her ever seems to scream “let me run an entire army and oversee it’s long-term goals and future!” And given Maxson’s legendary lineage, he was expected to uphold the Brotherhood Codex. And he holds to it so well that he shows fans of the franchise just what the brotherhood is all about.

The only thing the Maxson Brotherhood needs is more understanding. They did not understand the institute or their synths, so both were annihilated. The brotherhood does understand lasers and power armor, so they collect as much as they can of both. And the brotherhood understands ghouls. They understand that ghouls are walking corpses as well as ticking time bombs waiting to turn feral. And if the Maxson understood the deep and grave implications of nuking the Institute, maybe something more agreeable could be worked out regarding the synths.

Whatever, that about does it for this pro-brotherhood rant. I may have more Institute characters than Brotherhood, but that’s mostly because of how I make an OC in this game. So reply to this or message me on something else about the Brotherhood and I’ll talk about it more.

Movie Night

To distract Steve from yet another blind-leading-the-blind lecture on technology, Tony pulls out a movie Peggy is sure to love.

Features most of the Avengers, minus Thor, who’s still got shit to do.

“It’s for music, like a record.”

“But surely a needle would scratch it.”

“That’s just it, the needle is some type of laser!”

“I don’t understand, wouldn’t a laser just cut through it?”

“No, apparently not. Some sort of…science.”

“Okay, I’m going to have to stop you there,” Tony cut in, and Steve and Peggy looked up from the compact disc they were examining.  “This is actually physically hurting me.  Aun–Peg, take it from me, Scuttle here is not the person to talk to about modern technology.”

“Scuttle?” Peggy asked with a frown, and Tony sighed, shaking his head.

“Tell you what, you want some entertainment from after your time, follow me,” he said, beckoning toward the common area.  “I just got a new copy of this movie, apparently there was a bit more demand following the party in New York.”

“Why do you keep calling it a party?” Nat asked.  “That wasn’t a party.”

“Shindig, then.”

“Shindigs tend to be less violent,” Bruce put in, dropping on to the couch.

“You haven’t been to enough concerts,” Tony said, tilting his head a little.  “There was one time–nevermind.  The time capsules even missed Beatlemania.”

“Was that some sort of…illness?” Peggy asked curiously, and Tony glanced back as he put the DVD in its tray to see her cuddle up to Steve on another couch.

“Not quite.  Anyway, we had schwarma afterwards.  That counts.”

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