lasers are useful

Well then, so my country Colombia recently put into service two “new” Cessna A-37B Dragonfly jets, bought from the Dominican Republic after spending the last 18 years stored in a hangar over there, brought to Barranquilla earlier in the year, and completely overhauled in 6 months give or take by colombian technicians.

Which is the second time this happens, as 4 years ago they did the same but with three ex-chilean planes. 



Where the most curious thing is, this model was supposed to be retired as soon as the Super Tucano fleet was completed all the way in 2008, but instead, the air force has been trying to keep at least 6 planes in active service at all times, out of almost 40 planes operated over 30 years, where less than a decade ago these planes received the capacity to launch laser-guided bombs, making us the only country in Latin America to operate three different platforms capable of doing so (Kfir and ST the other two).

So, for all the fans of this little plane that could, rejoice, as it’s most prolific user as of now still refuses to let her go, to the dismay of my fellow colombian military enthusiasts everywhere. 

psa for non-Americans and non-New England Americans

you know the Salem witch trials? that thing where nobody got burned and nobody was an actual witch but it was still a big deal because 19 innocent people were executed?

well the place we call Salem now was not where that happened. that place used to be called Salem Town. the trials happened in what was then called Salem Village (also sometimes “the farms”). it was an agrarian community with stronger Puritan values that sometimes clashed with the more worldly trading center Salem Town

after the trials Salem Village was so ashamed that it changed its name to Danvers and went on to experience a bunch more dark and tragic stuff. Salem Town said “sweet, tourism!” and jumped on the witch bandwagon and is now a center of pretty nice magic shops, pretty tacky tourist attractions, and pretty pretty historical dance events

Danvers has a laser tag place and they used to have a Denny’s but it closed

the end

Washington State University Physicists create 'negative mass'

Washington State University physicists have created a fluid with negative mass, which is exactly what it sounds like. Push it, and unlike every physical object in the world we know, it doesn’t accelerate in the direction it was pushed. It accelerates backwards.

The phenomenon is rarely created in laboratory conditions and can be used to explore some of the more challenging concepts of the cosmos, said Michael Forbes, a WSU assistant professor of physics and astronomy and an affiliate assistant professor at the University of Washington. The research appears today in the journal Physical Review Letters, where it is featured as an “Editor’s Suggestion.”

Hypothetically, matter can have negative mass in the same sense that an electric charge can be either negative or positive. People rarely think in these terms, and our everyday world sees only the positive aspects of Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion, in which a force is equal to the mass of an object times its acceleration, or F=ma. In other words, if you push an object, it will accelerate in the direction you’re pushing it. Mass will accelerate in the direction of the force.

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Hokay So.

For as problematic as the WWF and WWE have been and continue to be, they hire a huge amount of women, indigenous people, and POC.  When they fuck up, they do try their best.  But you wanna know something?

Its not the WWE who are the sick fucks.

Its the white male fans.  Smarks and racist sick fucks.  The people who boo and cuss Roman Reigns and threaten his family when his whole thing is being a man of honour who loves his family most?  WHITE MEN.

The people who support Brock Lesnar even when he fails drug tests consistently (and Roman gets crucified on live TV for his one and only failed test in 10 years), doesn’t follow company safety codes, actualfacts HURTS other entertainers?  WHITE MEN.

The people who give Sami Zayn, a Syrian-Canadian Muslim serious about showing a strong positive representation of faith, unending streams of racist tweets, cruel jeers, and yet more threats?  WHITE MEN.

The people who buy the “genetically superior” schtick for Charlotte Flair while simultaneously ignoring the strong ladies of colour beating the everloving shit out of her (AP English hint: they’re tearing down the idea of genetic superiority)?  WHITE MEN.

The future of the WWE is colourful and diverse because the people who fund the damned thing with their money are colourful and diverse, young and old, all genders, all religions.

They’re not perfect.  They fuck up a lot.

But white men, check yourselves.  You might be powerful now behind your computers and in your seats, but there is a reckoning for those among you who are cruel, who are bullies, who are racists, sexists, deists, and nationalists.  

Enjoy the ride, fuckstains.

Class 1A Boys Asking Their Crush Out:

Kaminari: Will you be my meme queen?

Kirishima: Would you let me treat you like a princess?

Tokoyami: Would you be the light to my shadow?

Sero: Can I give you all my love?

Midoriya: P-please go out with me!

Bakugou: I’ll pick you up at eight

Koda: -sends a bunny with a not attached to it saying ‘Will you go out with me?’-

Ojiro: I couldn’t tail at first, but I was falling for you. Would you catch me?

Shoji: Will you be the shining sun to clear my cloudy skies?

Sato: -bakes their favorite cake with 'You’re sweeter than sugar’ written on it in icing-

Todoroki: I like you, more than a friend. Would you like to grab a cup of tea sometime?

Iida: I have the upmost respect and admiration for you! Will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?!

Aoyama: You’re more fabulous than my laser! Come, let us be fabulous together!

Did you kiss me just to shoot me? (Jason Todd x Reader)

More love for Jason Todd.

Slight Nsfw mentioned.

On a particular boring day of laying in the Wayne Manor Dick burst through the door claiming that a group trip to a laser tagging place would be the best cure. You looked at Tim and shrugged. I guess that’s something to do right? Dick even managed to make Damian come along, but he didn’t understand why shooting rays of light at each other in a dark place was enjoyable.

-“Just think of it as stealth training.” You ruffled his hair after he put on his jacket.

-“I guess it could be seen that way.” Damian mumbled to himself.

Dick came back with a slight frown.

-“Jason says he doesn’t want to come.”

-“Good.” Damian replied.

You poked Damian in the cheek.

-“What no? That’s not good, Are you afraid he’ll beat you?” You teased.

-“No, I would beat him.”

-“Well lets see about that.”

You quickly jogged to were Jason was lounging on the couch. His eyes quickly met yours, but went back to the tv soon after. If you had to be honest with yourself you had an admiration towards Jason. Tim told you some things about Jason, the good and the bad. Damian told you every flaw Jason ever had. He didn’t seem that bad to you. Maybe he was considered the black sheep of the family, but ultimately he’s doing what he thinks is best. So whenever he came over the Manor you always tried to talk to him. Realizing that typical normal interactions wouldn’t work with him you tried a different approach. It was considered flirty but it always worked. Sometime you grabbed his hand out of nowhere and wouldn’t le go until he talked to you.

-“Jason.” You asked intently, both your hands holding his.


-“What’s your favorite color?”

You would be lying if you said you only touched Jason just to get questions out of him. His hand was warm and you loved the look he gave you when you touched him. It was a combination of curiosity and composure. One time he subconsciously licked his lips making direct eye contact with you. Embarrassed you awkwardly looked to his hands and continued talking. By doing this you didn’t see the smirk on his face.

You sat down on the couch next to Jason. A little too close for him Jason thought. He could feel the warmth of your body when your leaning against him.



-“You need to go Laser tagging with us.”




You dramatically sighed and laid your head on his lap. Jason tensed up when you did this. You head was lying way to close to places it shouldn’t be… yet. He noticed how your lips moved when you tried to convince him to go. He zoned out when your head tilted towards his stomach.

-“I’ll go.” Jason said suddenly.

-“Awesome!” You got up and pulled his arm to the door.

Whoever decided that laser tagging would be a fun game. It wasn’t. Jason was nowhere to be seen yet he had the highest score currently in the game. Trained vigilantes has nothing against this sharp shooter. All of you decided that whoever scored on Jason first was the winner.

It was pitch black except for the occasional neon lights and blaring music. You decided to walk on the edge of the game setup. You knew the rest of the boys were searching in the middle. You zoned out looking at the clock. 2 minutes left and still no Jason. Your head in the clocks you didn’t realize a figure crouching down until you tripped and landed on top of it. A low grunt was heard, but no reply was said. You knew who it was, his hands were on your hips.

-“I guess I fell for you Jason.”


There was a silence before Jason slowly moved one of his hands to your head. He gently pulled your head down to meet his lips halfway. After the first kiss he switched positions so that you were on the bottom The first kisses were slow and sensual, but as he continued it became more deep and passionate. You sighed into the kiss showing pleasure that Jason took really well. He slowly lead your hand under his shirt.

You see the clock it read 10 seconds. While you really enjoyed what was happening, your mind was foggy with feel good thoughts. You glanced at your laser gun near Jason’s knees.

4 seconds.

You pulled Jason into a deep kiss while you grabbed the laser gun.




You heard Dick groan in the setup and Damian yell with defeat. Your score had one red tick against it, signifying that Jason’s chest piece got shot. Jason looked down at you.

-“Did you kiss me just so you can shoot me?”

-“Well that wasn’t the plan, but the offer was to tempting.”

You quickly got up brushing the dirt from your pants. Jason followed taking your hand in his.

-“The kiss or scoring on me?”



This one is by far my most favorite scene of the whole trailer, because we have the opportunity to witness a totally weak and defenseless Link [just look at his deplorable condition], while his chest is being pointed by a red laser [coming from that huge guardian]. Just when that thing was going to shoot Link, we see Princess Zelda, who acted as his shield [blocking its lasers with the use of her magical powers derived from Godess Hylia], while she was screaming “NO!”.

Basically, if it was not for the assistance of Zelda at that precise moment, Link would have been killed without doubt.


Physicist Create a Fluid With Negative Mass

Physicists from Washington State university have created a liquid with negative mass meaning that when you push it, instead of accelerating in that direction, it accelerates backwards.

Matter can have a negative mass much the same way that particles can be negatively charged. Newton’s second law of motion (F=ma) tells us that mass will accelerate in the direction of the force so we can deduce that matter with a negative mass would do the opposite and accelerate against the force.

To create the conditions for negative mass, Peter Engels and his team started by cooling rubidium atoms to a Bose-Einstein condensate meaning they reached very near absolute 0. The researchers used lasers to trap the atoms in an area less than 100 microns across and allow high energy particles to escape cooling them further. Then to create negative mass, the physicists applied a second set of lasers to change the way atoms spin back and forth. They then removed the first set of lasers causing the rubidium to rush out and appear to hit some sort of invisible wall; behaving as if it had a negative mass.

What’s great about this is the control we have over the negative mass without any other complications. This gives us a new tool we can use to engineer experiments in astrophysics looking at neutron stars, black holes, dark energy and a lot more.

In step toward controlling chemistry, physicists create a new molecule, atom by atom

UCLA physicists have pioneered a method for creating a unique new molecule that could eventually have applications in medicine, food science and other fields. Their research, which also shows how chemical reactions can be studied on a microscopic scale using tools of physics, is reported in the journal Science.

For the past 200 years, scientists have developed rules to describe chemical reactions that they’ve observed, including reactions in food, vitamins, medications and living organisms. One of the most ubiquitous is the “octet rule,” which states that each atom in a molecule that is produced by a chemical reaction will have eight outer orbiting electrons. (Scientists have found exceptions to the rule, but those exceptions are rare.)

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Little details for your amusement...

Some detail stuff in Voltron Season 1 that may or may not have been noticed ut that I happen to get a kick out of…

1) Keith is ambidextrous. At least in regards to using his sword. (He favors the right hand but will use the left as well).

2) Lance’s bayard does not have a trigger. Presumably this means he’s shooting things with willpower alone.

3) Hunk’s bayard doesn’t use a trigger either. He also shoots with his MIND.

4) Allura never takes off her earrings. Even when sleeping.

5) Zarkon can either breathe in space, or just doesn’t need to breathe. (He’s not wearing a mask when he fights Keith/The Red Lion in open space).

6) Shiro’s arm is laser-resistant. He’s used it to block sentry shots once. He also appears capable of charging it, as he’s seen swinging it without actually hitting anything with it.

7) It’s never depicted in the transformation sequence, but the Green Lion’s shield actually moves when it forms Voltron’s arm.

anonymous asked:

You said real snipers wouldn't use a laser pointer with a rifle. Because it's useless on great distance and you don't want to announce yourself to your target. So what are laser pointers on guns good for? Because obviously they exist, but what for? Thanks for your blog, it's very interesting and helpful!

Lasers are intended for short range target acquisition. That is to say, knowing exactly where you’re pointing the gun. They can be a useful aid for inexperienced shooters, though anything that speeds up your ability to put a bullet into someone is an advantage in a firefight. This is the same basic idea that makes reflex sights useful. It gives you a clean aim-point, and if that shaves a fraction of a second of your reaction time, it may save your life.

Of the two, reflex sights do the job slightly better, with less visual noise and without announcing that you’re about to shoot someone. Okay, the, “slightly better,” part is personal preference. If you really want, you can take the belt and suspenders approach and slap both of them on your gun, but you’re only going to be using one of them at any given moment.

Part of the reason I’ve said lasers are for amateurs is because, in most cases, if you’re sighting your weapon properly, you usually won’t see the laser. The front post will obstruct it for your dominant eye. (Your off eye will see it, but it’s just going to confirm what you already know.) If you’re sighting down the gun incorrectly, or not looking through the sights at all, then the laser will help your aim.

For an inexperienced shooter, in a crisis, a laser will help them put the round where they want it. For someone who knows what they’re doing, a laser is a much more situational tool, and not something they’ll need most of the time.

The major benefit for an experienced shooting is snapshots. This is where you rapidly bring the weapon up and fire without taking the time to aim properly. In this case, the shooter will probably be sighting incorrectly for speed, and the laser can give them a clear idea of what they’ll hit without actually needing the sights to verifying. To be fair, this is another thing you can use a reflex sight for. You can also snapshoot without either.

Finally, lasers can make switching between targets faster. Again, it lets you know where you’re aiming slightly faster than iron sights. Strictly speaking, lasers are also more forgiving as a sighting element than most optics. Even if you’re holding the gun incorrectly, the laser will tell you where you’ve pointed it.

The takeaway is that, lasers can be useful for shooting people in the same room, especially if you don’t really know your way around a gun. Not so much when you’re trying to put a round in someone half a block away.


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pomono500  asked:

You are SO gonna have Sans come back. Ever since you showed that Akumu had Sans' SOUL i knew it! It's like a message. PLEASE DON'T HE IS SO OVERRATED AND OVERUSED!!!! DON'T GET CONSUMED BY THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FANDOM!!!! THEY PLAY SANSTALE NOT UNDERTALE

Y’all should stop letting people affect your opinion on a character

Sans is everything but overrated, he’s one of the characters with the saddest backstory I’ve read and is an amazingly deep and well designed character

That fact that you all use him as your pet for nonsense ships and that people fangirl just because he uses lasers is not his fault

I will continue to have him as my favorite character but not because of his power, but for how he was designed.