Strap A Laser To A Bat. Hit Record.

If you strap a laser to a bat, we expect that you’ll see a highly entertaining series blips of light cutting through the darkness. The artist Laserbat describes his music as such.

If you like 8 bit music and/or the idea of strapping a laser to a bat, we recommend this new album of effervescent originals, all demos from an in-progress top secret videogame project.

Laserbat - Proxy Demos


I wish I could think like Vi Hart. Incredible stuff.


This is best video. Watch.

Really really rough thing I threw together because I felt like it.

I haven’t had the time/energy to work on Funeral though lately. Hoping to find time for that soon! I hate having to split my time between drawing and music and my crappy job. I wish I could just be making art and music all the time and not have to go to work, but oh well lol.

I still haven’t figured out the song 100% but I did this after work and spent way too long on trying to fix it. The mix isn’t all that great either, but I gotta get to bed. I’d love to do a proper cover of this song sometime.


This was just a bunch of clips I spliced together of random recordings I made on the fly. I might refine it for the album since it has a different vibe than the rest of the stuff on Funeral. We’ll see. I’ve got quite a few songs I am still messing around with to spice it all up.

This song has a different structure than usual and is more ‘noisey’ than usual too. It was fun to kinda dick around and make.

Okay so this isn’t quite the final mix of this song, but its close! I’ll probably still tweak it. I had to re-record the rhythm guitars since they weren’t of the best quality last time around. I also finished adding all the synth and now I’m super proud of this.

For all the delays so far, I’m really glad it all happened. I am not going to release this album in full until everything sounds as good as I can reasonably get it to sound. I want to make something I can be personally proud of.

Just started this track today, it has a long way to go still as they usually do. But I’m really digging the vibe SO FAR. The loop back into the ‘chorus’ area is just placeholder. There is a whole other segment supposed to go before there but I didn’t have a lot done on it so I just cut it out of the preview.