So I created a Spike Spiegel light box with my laser. It has a led tea light inside it, and I made it to where you can remove the paper in case you just… Didn’t want it. It has a inner box that is removable that the vellum is attached to. I may remove that in other boxes. I’m not sure yet.

But I’m completely done designing these! They are so fun but so hard to make! This version is ten inches tall and six inches wide. (Absolutely massive.) I have them for sale on my Etsy. Also I’m going to try and make some other light boxes soon, maybe Pokemon. I’m not sure yet!


Laser Engraved Boba Fett

  • Handmade custom laser engraved bounty hunter Boba Fett on 1"x4" redwood. Each piece is just a little bit different since it is handmade.
  • Very easy to hang on the wall by a nail or screw. 2 hanging options, can be hung on wall with twine showing or with no twine
  • Goes great with many styles! Rustic, modern, contemporary…
  • Approximately 14" tall and 14" wide. Protrudes off of wall by 1 inch to add depth and feel to the portrait.

By Empire Art | Available via Amazon


A small run of convention character badges. Laser etched wood, with goldleafing details.

Currently open for commissions for these, if you are interested, please fill out my order form.
Found here!
Base cost for these includes shipping within the US, if you are outside the US, please let me know on the form were I am shipping to, so I can calculate the extra costs.

Turn around time on these is roughly a month, as the staining and clear coat processes takes about a week to cure between phases. 


Got this a while back, but I haven’t posted my thoughts yet.

So, yeah, Kill la Kill 3DS XL case! What can I say other than “Awesome!”?

Now that I’ve been using this a while, I think I can rightfully say that this is a fantastic case! Made of anodized aluminum and a nice velvet lining on the inside, this case has been etched in the image of the one and only Scissor Blade. Seems perfect for any fan of the popular anime, Kill la Kill, however, at first, I was a bit skeptical. When I first opened it, the metal case itself seemed a bit flimsy. In fact, the half meant to cover the top half of the 3DS was actually bending inward. For all I know, this could be on purpose to help the case hug the system better, but it bothered me personally, so I just bent it back in.

Next up came the fitting test. At first, all went well until the case itself started popping off in random places! This, however, is another minor inconvenience. All you need is a little patience and fiddling with the item, just to kinda break it in, and you’ll have one hella-rad 3DS case to enjoy while you game!

Overall, this is a very nice item and I’m glad I ordered it! It serves as a nice change of pace from the old, scratched-up design of the limited edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL I got for my birthday a while back.

I would definitely recommend this wonderful item, along with anything else in lightningandlace’s store! Seriously, drop in there and pay them a visit! They got some awesome stuff for sale!

Sorry for the delay in posting anything about my actual artwork recently. I’ve been pretty burnt out from my show and SGC and the stress of finishing my senior year.

Here’s a sneak peak at some laser engraved doilies I’ve been working on. They are photogravures printed on Hosho Japanese paper. It’s been fun learning how to use the laser engraver, but it requires a lot of patience to wait for it to cut.