Laser Engraving



#laserengraving a grip of @ravencresttactical goodies for the #boysinblue


laser engraving on metal (via wrightamory)

(Happened at a charter school so idk if this counts)I still don’t have too many details about this story, but here we go, because it’s a wild ride. I went to a v small middle school, tuition was free much like all charter schools, but somehow the school was able to afford like a 3 3D printers, a flight simulator, and a laser engraver. After a while people just sorta got used to it. That all changed when one day, some vans (like the navy blue, big, governmental vans) were parked out in front of school, and our principal was arrested. At the same time, our school quickly began to sell all of the fancy electronic items. (The rumor was he was arrested for tax evasion, or even money laundering). The next principal we got seemed normal enough, until I got called into his office (I had made some dumb joke about a girl, and she got offended, entirely my bad) and when I was in his office, I’ll never forget what he said to me, he leaned in, smiled, touched my leg and said “sexual assault and rape laws are heavily biased against men in this country… so stay safe”


Laser Engraved Boba Fett

  • Handmade custom laser engraved bounty hunter Boba Fett on 1"x4" redwood. Each piece is just a little bit different since it is handmade.
  • Very easy to hang on the wall by a nail or screw. 2 hanging options, can be hung on wall with twine showing or with no twine
  • Goes great with many styles! Rustic, modern, contemporary…
  • Approximately 14" tall and 14" wide. Protrudes off of wall by 1 inch to add depth and feel to the portrait.

By Empire Art | Available via Amazon


So I created a Spike Spiegel light box with my laser. It has a led tea light inside it, and I made it to where you can remove the paper in case you just… Didn’t want it. It has a inner box that is removable that the vellum is attached to. I may remove that in other boxes. I’m not sure yet.

But I’m completely done designing these! They are so fun but so hard to make! This version is ten inches tall and six inches wide. (Absolutely massive.) I have them for sale on my Etsy. Also I’m going to try and make some other light boxes soon, maybe Pokemon. I’m not sure yet!