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Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-5

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Kris Pov.

“What do you wanna do Y/N?” I asked the ten year old, not looking at her from my work papers, filling in my signature where it was needed and going over documents. “Teach me how to shoot a gun” I stop what I’m doing to look up at her. She stared back at me with a stare that seemed too serious to belong to a ten year old. “No Y/N” I said letting my leader tone leak into my voice so she knew I was serious. Looking back down at my work letting the discussion be over. “But why not?!” she said sounding a little whiny, “because you don’t need to know how to shoot a gun Y/N that’s why” I said not looking up this time. “Please, Kris?” she asked desperation seeping into her voice. Growing tired of her question and nagging I set my pen down leaning forward on the desk, I look up at her again and raise my brow at her. “And Why do wanna learn to shoot a gun so bad, hmm?” I ask her, watching as uncertainty grows on her face “because what if you guys aren’t around to protect me at some point, and I need to protect myself?” she said looking down at her hands.

I got up out of my chair, walking around the desk so I was standing in front of her. I got down on my knees when I was positioned in front of her and set my hands down on her legs “Y/N we are always going be with you, there’s no reason to be afraid or to learn to use a gun ok?” I ask tilting her chin up so she was looking at me.

“But what if something happens to you or one of the guys?” her eyes grew glassy as she spoke “trust me, that won’t happen” I spoke to her in a stern manner. “But what if-” she started again “It won’t.”

“Hey Kris, do you think I can throw this paper ball into that garbage can over there?” I heard Y/N ask from the other side of the couch. I turned my head to look at her, noticing the crumpled piece of paper in her hand. Her eyebrow raised at me in the form of a challenge “sure, I guess” I answer watching her toss the ball lightly in her fingers.

She threw the ball across the room, the ball landing short and off to the right of the trash bin. “Damn Y/N, you suck. You need some target practice” I snort lightly looking back at the tv. “I do suck, maybe you could teach me… with like a gun or something” she tried to be casual about the way she said it but I could still hear the slight plea in her voice. “Seriously Y/N, with this again! I’m not teaching you how to shoot a gun!” I yelled sitting up. “Please, Kris! I really want too, what’s the harm in teaching me?!” she whined getting closer to me, looking pleadingly at me. “No. You don’t need that knowledge in your life ok, because you are never going to use it.” I said standing up and walking away from Y/N still sat on the couch.

She got up too, following after me into the kitchen. I pulled open the fridge trying to ignore her stare, pulling out yesterday’s leftovers. She stood in the doorway staring as I opened the leftovers container, she shifted slightly then opened her mouth to speak “No Y/N my answer is final, you are not learning to shoot a gun ok. Not from me and I will tell the guys not to teach you either, don’t think you can get around my rules by using the guys, alright.” I spoke before she could continue.

After not hearing her say anything I looked up at her from my food. She stood in the doorway looking down at the tile. She shook her head before turning around and walking away “where are you going?” I called out to her as she walked. She turned to look at me over her shoulder but never stopped moving “to my room”. 

“Alright Y/N when are you going to talk to me again?” I ask the girl, who sat on her bed reading a book. She glanced over the book but said nothing, looking back down at the worn pages. “Come on this has gone on long enough. I thought your fit would last a few hours, but a few days is excessive. Talk to me” I said more sternly to her. I expected a little bit of reaction but to my dismay she didn’t even flinch.

Tired of her attitude I strode forward grabbing the book from her hand, putting my thumb between the pages so she wouldn’t lose her page. “Hey!” she exclaimed as I put the book face down on her dresser, in one quick movement I lifted her body over my shoulder and started to walk to my office. “Where are you taking me?” she yelled “oh so now you finally speak to me?” I say ignoring her question. I marched into my office, her still over my shoulder. As we approach my desk, I threw her down into my chair and stood back up with my arms caging her in so she wouldn’t get up. “Talk Y/N, why are you ignoring me?” I asked sternly, she looked down at the floor, then glanced back up at me. “Because you won’t listen” she said in a quiet voice “what do you mean?” I asked furrowing my brows “I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun, but you never listened to why. Its… its just I’m scared ok? I’m scared Kris” she said.

I sighed looking away from her “ok fine” she looked up to me excited “listen don’t be so excited, I’m not teaching you how to shoot a gun, maybe you can learn when you’re older. But I will teach you some tricks for when you get there alright?” I say looking at her trying to make her understand what I was trying to say.

She nodded her head, looking up at me hopefully. “Ok fine, go get ready and then meet me at the front door.” I said, getting up onto my feet and heading to the door.

“Ok Y/N, so remember when you’re moving, stay light on your toes so people can’t hear you moving, Keep your gun close and ready to shoot at all times, never stay in one place too long, keep moving. See you on the other side” I said as I ran into the dark room. Illuminated by glowing lights, flashing greens and reds. My own chest glowing faintly with a red light. I looked around the room looking for the small girl with a glowing green armor.

I rounded one of the various pillars used for hiding, and caught a flash of green go by my left corner. I turned quickly to point my gun at the spot, waiting for her to show herself from behind the pillar. She made a quick move to run behind another on the right.

Before she could make it behind the next one I shot forward, her chest going from green to a flashing red. “Come on Y/N you gotta be a little better than that if you wanna beat me. Remember keep on your toes, move lightly” I said before taking off away from her, hiding and letting her armor reset before I look for her again.

When I had waited the 30 second reset, I took off to look for her again. I ran around the perimeter of the room first to see if she was being obvious, but there was nothing. I kept moving slowing working my way into the center of the room. While I was sneaking my way around, I heard a slight creak behind me, like someone stepping down on a bad floor board. I whipped around to face the sound but just as I turned Y/N shot me in the chest. I looked down at my chest to see the red flash to a green and a giggle sound out in front of me. I glanced back up to see if I could track her down as soon as my gun reset, but she had already ran off before I could see where she went.

I glanced back up at the clock near the door to see how much more time we had before the game ended. 5:00 minutes before we were called to a tie, I couldn’t let it stay that way. I started to run around looking for her as soon as my armor and gun had reset, taking off where I could only assume she went.

The timer clicked down to 20 seconds before I became frantic, I had to finish this. I looked around still running but as the speaker went off signaling 10 seconds, I realized I wasn’t going to find her in such amount short of time. Right before the 5 seconds were up, Y/N stepped in front of me and in one swift motion shot me straight in the chest. “Player 2 wins” a mechanical voice rings out above us.

I look down at Y/N who was smirking smugly up at me “you weren’t very light on your feet” she said triumphantly swinging her laser gun around her finger. “You little-” I was about to say before the door to the laser tag room opened. She walked ahead of me and started to lead the way back to the car after we took our armor off.

“Maybe you should listen to your own advice Kris” she said smugly as she walked to her side of the car. “Oh shut up, you brat” I replied refusing to look at her as I got into the car. She hopped into her side and looked over at me. “Seriously though, thank you Kris” she said smiling lightly. I reached over ruffling her hair, her swatting at my hands “your welcome, love you kid.” I turned back to look at the rode and started the car, making our way back to the rest of the family.

the most unbelievable thing in xenoblade is the fact that shulk can even fucking wield the monado. scrawny-ass little fucking nerd boy stays inside all day building robots suddenly has enough upper body strength to swing a laser sword into the air? nice fuckin try, but i see u monolith soft

16 people are meeting the gang.

“Alright Sly! You have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to do all this!”

“Right, open the window, being dragged down and turn of the lasers by swinging to the security board and put in the code while swinging. Easy as cake!”

“Your enthusiasm still amazes me Sly..”

“Part of the job! Cmon! It’s going to be like everytime!”

“But we are talking about the a black diamond here that was stole by that boss guy!”

“No worries! Done it many times!”

“Don’t worry Bentley! The Sly can handle this!”

“Yea, I know I know..”

“Alright guys! Let’s do this!”

So it begins. Sly as pulled down the old fashion way, with a rope! He grins as he was getting closer and closer, Sly takes out spray and holds his nose, spraying it into the air and showing the lasers. It was going well so far. He slowly starts to swing himself as he was getting closer and closer to the securaity board. He lets out his finger.


He presses


and again until he gets the code right. It was hard as he couldn’t miss or the alarm would go off! He sweats a drop from the excitement. Now to the diamond! He turns around and sees the a iron box, it was filled with locks.

“Ehm, Bentley. You never told me about a iron box with 13 locks!”

[“What?! But, but?! They must have changed there plan just today! I didn’t see it coming. Oh god!”]

“Don’t worry Bentley! I still have 1 minute and 45 seconds.”

No time to talk, he turns it off and starts to pick of the locks, it was quite easy ones, they couldn’t get good ones in time it seems.

1 minute and 3 seconds, 5 locks left.

He lets out his tongue without even noticing, He breathes slowly put grins as it was done! He slowly takes the iron away.

40 seconds.

He takes out the laser tool to make a hole in the glass. He makes a circle and placing it on top of the glass.


“Bentley! I got it!”

[“Great! Now get out of there Sly! You have 10 seconds!”]

He pulls himself up

0 seconds.

The time was up and the door opens, revealing a guard.

“THERE IS A ROBBERY!” The guard shouts and aims his gun at him. Sly quickly pulls him self up as he dodges bullets, this was a close one! But it wasn’t over yet!

“Murray! Turn on the van!”

Bentley says with a worried tone as he turns to Murray in the frontseat.

“Already on it Bentley!” Murray answers with a chuckle turning on the key.

[“Sly! Are you there?!”]

“Yea, I am alright, just running away from those pesky guards!”

[“Hurry Sly! They are coming to us!]

And with that the call ended and Sly hooked himself to a power line, sliding on it and then onto the van, as sly pushes himself inside The car started to go, but it was not over! The guards went after them with their own cars. It was a hell of a ride until Murray quickly turned the van into a little alleyway. Putting the guards of the tail.

We high-five after yet another successful heist! But all jump at once when they hear someone coming. Sly takes off his usual clothes and goes into grey pants and black jacket.

He walks towards the way, not knowing who was coming.

"Hey there!"