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Art Prints PSA

This is a semi-rant/semi-PSA about prints. There’s a tl;dr at the end:

The other day, I bought a print from an amazing artist online. They’re a primarily grayscale artist and I love their style! It’s quite unique and I was so excited to hang this print up on the inspiration wall. When I opened the print, it was just a laser-copy on 24lb standard copy paper… It looks okay from a distance as it’s in black and white, but up close it’s disappointing. Another example: A year ago in an artist alley I was anxious to buy a print from another great artist. The print I wanted was on display at their booth and it looked really nice! But when I paid and received a copy it had some noticeable lines running through it, with very uneven borders…
I’m happy to support fellow artists, for sure! My office is covered head to toe with art bought straight from the artist online and at cons. But I just had a feeling of getting “ripped off” with the paper quality lately.

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warwinterwolf  asked:

Sup :)! I saw your stuckony work (and it's oh so fuckin fab i loved it) Anyway me and my friend @fallenangelcastiel where super pumped up by stuckony avengers academy edition. You if we may suggest a prompt... "Bucky is still strugglin' with his memories even with Steve's and everyone help in the Academy, and sometimes he needs to be left alone so Bucky tends to sneak around at the back of Stark Tower writting songs and singing, cue on Tony loving every minute of it because it helps him (...) concentrate on his work. Iron man doesn’t really want to interrupt Bucky but one day there’s mild explosion and TWS comes up to see what is happening. He and Tony bond over tech and their mutual “Oh god Steve shut up, but also don’t because you have a nice voice I mean what”. Steve starts seeing them hanging around, but he has no idea why he feels like a hydra’s henchman kicked him in the guts, he later determines he is jealous but he isn’t sure of whom? Meanwhile Tony and Bucky enjoy singing Twenty One pilot songs and tinkerin’ with tech and after TWS determines that Steve is acting weird (more weird than usual) and findin out what Cap’s feelings are about. He sets up a surprise DATE! For the three of them. It goes to shit when Red Skull appears to fuck shit up (fuck that angry skeleton btw) and tries to get both Cap and Buck to Hydra (also Iron man gets really beated up by him) but slightly hurt Tony saves the day with science and an epic line like like Surprise bitch, you though you have seen the last of me” rad momentum and gets them back to finish their date. All of them bloody and covered in scratches end up eating giant burgers on the corner store and decide that this seems to be like a great idea on the good run (cue Bucky and Steve kissin’ all that sweet geeky Tony finally)” Sorry if its hella long, Hope this is okay, and long live stuckony and your amazing writting skills in every universe! <3

Oh wow you are so sweet thank you so much. Thanks for the prompt! I have been looking for some AVAC Stuckony to no avail, may as well write it!


James Barnes. That was the guy who had been on the Hydra platform for weeks now, rolling his eyes and shaking his head when he thought no one was watching. As soon as Sharon had figured out who it was, Tony was among the first to find out and the first to help James get back to being Bucky again. Once he actually joined the academy, Tony stepped back a little. Steve was the guy’s best friend, he should be the one helping him, not some random guy who knew how to break a bit of hyper-weak-ass brainwashing. Steve had made his peace with Tony but still wasn’t talking to him as much, avoiding really was the term. So when Tony learned he was helping Bucky with his memories, he guessed the new guy wouldnt be talking to Tony too much either. 

Tony shook his head and tried to focus on his work. His Iron Defenders needed upgrades, so did Rhodey’s suit, hell so did his own suit considering he spent so much time on the joke-suit of the Capbuster. He smiled, still funny though. He was nowhere near in the zone, the zone was a distant memory to him, how the hell was he supposed to focus? He was tempted just to head up to the hot tub when a low, gravely voice and a hushed guitar broke his train of though. 


Steve was great. No really, Steve was amazing at the moment with Bucky. He was helping his with old memories, encouraging him in anyway he could, but even his ‘best friend’ (was he? was this just a ploy from Hydra to ensure compliance?) had little time for his music. He wanted to play sports like the used to, or reminisce about old times, or live in that damn club. So, every now and then, when he could Bucky would sneak behind Stark Tower. Steve hated the building so tended to avoid it on his walks, especially since Tony planted a statue of himself there ( “Cap has a statue! Fair is fair!” He had argued) so he knew he wouldnt be bothered.  He could just sit and play his music, take his mind back into his own hands- not Hydras, not The Red Skulls, and not Steve trying to get his best friend back. He didn’t have to be Bucky or a Soldier, he could just be James.

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developments for the Hippocratic drones i drew earlier.

the police drones are equipped with complete databases of the city and are quick to help citizens and tourists. in return they get a feedback scan which will help towards their upgrades/promotions. citizens have a tradition of giving the police custom badges and patches as gifts. the officers are friendly, Hippocrates designed them with progressive AI to give them a sense of individuality. they are equipped with standard lasers and will give offenders three warnings before shooting on sight. the police chief is in charge of calling in riot drones from CHAOS HQ when a situation gets out of control, making it the main target of criminals.

Zentrum celebrates national police day on the 21st of May, the marches are mandatory and it’s the only day when the police from every faction are not being assholes to each other.


Laser And Plastic Sheets Make Cheap, Powerful Energy Storage Device

by Michael Keller

It was just a month ago when we reported researchers had discovered they could cheaply make graphene by firing a laser at common plastic.

The Rice University scientists who took the innovative approach to easily make the supermaterial have been hard at work ever since. They say they have already had success turning their laser-induced graphene into advanced energy storage devices.

Chemists in the lab of James Tour fired their laser at both sides of a polyimide plastic sheet to create layers of graphene flakes sandwiching the polymer. They then stacked the graphene and plastic sheets on top of each other to create three-dimensional supercapacitors, power storage devices that charge and discharge electric current much faster than batteries but can hold less energy.

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Droid #282

Heavy Compliance Unit.

Built by Hurricane Industries for Law Enforcement, Riot Control, Crowd Suppression and Compliance. Strong and agile, with a high category A.I., the H.C.U. is equipped with both lethal and non-lethal tactical weapons, including: Low Velocity Kinetics, Tasers, Sonic Cannon, Microwave Lasers and standard MKIV mobile Rail Gun.

Drawn in blue pencil on good quality cartridge paper, then inked with Pigma Microns and a Pentel Pocket Brush.

Probably my favourite droid so far out of all 279. Definitely my best drawing.

Can We Eavesdrop On E.T.?

by Gabriel Popkin, Inside Science

It may the biggest and oldest question in science: Are we alone in the universe?

If the answer is no, a second question arises: Who else is out there?

Such questions have motivated a decades-long search for radio and light signals from intelligent beings on other planets. In a recent paper, Duncan Forgan, an astronomer at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, analyzed how likely we are to intercept light beams sent between advanced civilizations in our galaxy. The short answer is: not very likely.

But, Forgan argues, alien civilizations may choose to send their signals in a way that makes them easier for a third party to spot. If so, astronomers can still increase their chances of detecting intelligent life by designing searches to intercept such communications.

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