laser fly

NAME: Neil

AGE: Young Adult


SPECIES: Superhuman

BACKSTORY: Undergrad at Superhero Community College.

CHARACTER BIO: Neil aspires to be a comic book-style superhero. He’s super boring, though, and nobody cares about him.

ATTACKS: Laser vision, heat breath, flying, all that stuff.

WEAKNESSES: Robot limbs are always falling off.

FUN FACT: He minored in Latin.

VOICED BY: Chris Niosi

team ironman | jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff + drabble

Word Count: 608

Author’s Note: *cries* this one was hard to write in Y/N’s POV bc ya girl here is 100% on team ironman and totally sides with kookie on this one buttttt still enjoyed writing it cuz I mean who doesn’t like the Avengers now ;)

Reader’s POV

“You’re kidding me.” you exclaimed, as you gave him the deadliest glare you could possibly muster, your eyes shooting lasers at the boy sitting across from you.

“Actually, I’m not.” he said defiantly, crossing him arms against his chest, giving you an equally intimidating glare.

Grabbing your remote from his side of the couch, you paused the movie playing in front of you, stopping it right before it’s most climatic fight scene.

Looking over at Jungkook, you scoffed, “Wow, you’ve actually lost it. It’s obvious to anyone that Captain America is much better!”

“Um, hello? Who has an awesome suit that lets him fly, shoot lasers, an-”

“You don’t need mechanics to be a hero Jungkook!” you retorted, “You need to be a role model to people around the world, putting yourself ahead of others and-”

“Iron Man does that!” he argued, letting out a huff as you raised your eyebrows.

“Last time I checked, all he’s want to do surrender to UN and their stupid Sokovia Accords and make them essentially powerless! I mean do you think they’ll actually call in the Avengers after that? It’s bait Jungkook!”

The both of you were finally having a night to yourself after a long and busy week of him running around with his busy schedules and you jam-packed with essays and homework from all your college classes. But yet here you were watching Captain America:Civil War because the both of you were major Marvel freaks.

“It is not bait Y/N, it’s called being smart! What if something were to happen to them, you know SHIELD isn’t there for them anymore with everything that’s happening.” he countered.

You remarked, “That is if something were to happen in the first place.”

“You well know they’re not going to stop having problems.”

“Right, with Iron Man’s stupid evil machines there will always be problems.” you said sarcastically, when Jungkook shoved your legs off that were draped over his lap, a whine escaping your mouth at the sudden contact of cold air hitting your bare legs.

“Yah!” he exclaimed, “Take that back.”

“You know I’m right.”

“Nuh uh!”

“Yuh huh!”

The two of you stared at each other when you felt a chill run down your body as you pulled your legs to your chest, sulking, “Great now I’m cold…”

Jungkook’s eyes softened at you as he saw you shiver slightly, before sighing and grabbing your arm, a small yelp leaving your mouth as he pulled you across the couch into his warm chest. Wrapping the blanket around the two of you, a wave of warmth fell upon you as you snuggled closer into his chest.

“Is that better now?” Jungkook whispered into your ear, your lips tilting into a small smile.

Looking up at him, your fingers reached up to his neck as you pulled him down to meet your lips in a short kiss, your heart fluttering as you could hear his own thundering in his chest pressed up against yours.

Pulling away, you brushed your lips against his as a small sigh left his mouth when you whispered against them, “Captain America’s still better.”

Earning a groan of disapproval from him, you laughed in response as he gave you a disappointing look,“ I don’t even know why I’m dating you.”

Turning back to face the screen, you pressed the play button, the movie continuing to play out in front of you when you replied, “It’s because you love me.”

Letting out a soft chuckle, he nuzzled his head into the side of your neck, placing a feathery kiss there as he whispered softly, “I guess I do don’t I.”

Someone get me a man who will watch all the Marvel movies w me pls

  • Danny: Okay, now. These are called after dinner conversation cards. Let’s try one. [reads] If you were a bird, where would you fly? Claire?
  • Claire: Um, south?
  • Luke: I’d fly to Laser Floyd.
  • Matt: Can I be a monkey?
  • Jessica: If I was a bird, I’d fly into a ceiling fan.

Superman can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, has ice breath, and once destroyed an entire galaxy by sneezing (Google it, it happened) but the second Godzilla or literally anything large takes one step on land suddenly every nerd pulls that fucking square cubed law out from their asses and complains that it’s “unrealistic” and “makes the story unbelievable”.

Fuck you, science fiction was built on unbelievable shit, that’s what the word “fiction” means you morons.

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will you write another The Last Jedi kylux drabble? please!! any situation!

Hux’s nerves are like steel when he’s at the helm of the Finalizer during a battle, gazing over his troops and his ships like he’s the master of the board, watching his strategy unfold.

Usually, his nerve is held. Usually, his belief in their victory is unwavering.

But today is not a usual battle. The enemies that Kylo Ren and his formidable TIE silencer face are not usually his own mother.

Hux’s cold gaze follows Kylo’s path as best as he can, heart fluttering every time the ship spins and comes too close to being shot down. The TIE approaches the grandest of the enemy ships and no defending X-Wings are nearby to protect their General from Kylo’s shot.

A shot that never comes.

“Come on, Ren,” Hux whispers through gritted teeth, imagining Kylo sat in his cockpit and hesitating. They can’t afford hesitation, not now.

“General!” A shout comes from behind Hux, from one of his officers. “Enemy reinforcements dropped out of hyperspace! Orders?”

Hux’s mouth falls agape to give his orders but he feels something cold in his chest that keeps him silent and takes his gaze away from his officer and back out into the vastness of the battle, eyes searching for the one thing he prays he never has to lose.

“Ren.” The word is a gasp on Hux’s lips as all colour drains from his face and the last of his hold on his nerves slips.

“Orders, General!”

The Finalizer shakes then as a boom sounds from the lower decks, and suddenly everything in Hux’s world is in panic.

“Retreat,” he says, hating himself already for using that blasted word. “Get our TIE’s back and make the jump to hyperspace, regroup with the fleet. I won’t lose anymore men today.”

The officer sends the order out to all of the Order’s TIE’s and they begin to pull back, though more are lost against the fresh onslaught of Resistance firepower. Bright red lasers fly past the Finalizer’s viewports as their TIE’s flock back into their hangar bay and Hux drops all his tension when he sees Kylo’s distinct fighter fly by and dock safely.

“Hyperspace, now!” Hux barks as he leaves the bridge in a hurry, breaking out into a run in complete desperation to see what sort of state his Knight is in.

The hangar is in chaos when he arrives down there. Medics bustle about, pulling wounded pilots from their ships and pushing stretchers off to the medical wing but Hux passes them without concern. He has to find Kylo, he has to see that he’s alright–

He spots him then a little way across the hangar, staggering out of his TIE as though he’s got no strength in his legs, his cheeks lacking any sort of colour but his eyes hold all the rage and sadness that Kylo has ever felt, setting the calm hazel of his soft eyes into black.

Hux follows him without caution, pushing past medics to get to Kylo before he locks himself away to deal with whatever he’s just experienced.

“Ren,” Hux calls, struggling to match Kylo’s long strides. “Ren!”

Kylo seemingly slows when he hears Hux’s voice and his shoulders relax only slightly yet his fists remain clenched, back still turned.

“Leave me be,” Kylo growls but he stops in his tracks, and Hux knows that everything about Kylo’s body is telling him to come closer, to not leave him alone.

“Never,” Hux steps around Kylo to face him, seeing angry tear stains on his pale cheeks, wetting the healing bacta patch on his face. “What happened, Ren? Breathe. Just breathe.”

Kylo swallows hard, lips pouring, but he shakes his head. He’d gone out into the battle with a fresh face and a fiery stance, kissing Hux with vigour and promising to bring him the final victory.

The man before Hux now is a shadow of who he was earlier. This isn’t Ren, fearless warrior and berserker fighter. This is Ren, wounded boy and lonely soul.

“I-I couldn’t do it,” Kylo says, and Hux takes hold of his arms in a futile attempt to steady him. “She was on that ship. She felt me, she knew I was there, I know she did–and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill her, Hux. I’m sorry, I’ve failed you.”

Hux can almost feel Kylo’s distress radiating from him. Raw, untamed power with so much descriptive potential turned inwards into self-hatred and disappointment until Hux is worried that Kylo will suffer the same fate as Starkiller; collapse.

“Never, Kylo,” Hux leans in and tries to catch Kylo’s downcast gaze but he doesn’t look up. “You could never fail me.”

Kylo closes his eyes as more tears fall but Hux wipes stray ones away and presses his forehead against Kylo’s.


“Kylo. My Ren.”

They kiss softly, and Hux wishes he could steal Kylo’s sadness away from him and keep it, keep him safe. But Hux knows better than most that the past must die for the future to live. He reminds himself to tell Kylo that once he’s in a better state.

Maybe then, and only then, will Ben Solo truly die and Kylo Ren will become who he’s meant to be.

klance dream I had a while ago pt 2

For what felt like hours, he ran down every hall and the device Pidge snuck on him hadn’t beeped once. It was useless. He groaned frustratedly, turning on the radio again. 

“Pidge your—” he stopped when he heard a dull, rhythmic beeping over the static. So, he’ll just have to deal with the static. Wonderful. He sighed. “Never mind.”

He followed the device, making turns and having to turn back around when the beeping slowed down.

Finally, he was led to a hallway that split into two. He could see prison doors down the hall to the left, but when he started running towards them, the beeping slowed. He furrowed his eyebrows and retreated back to where the hallways intersected. He contemplated retracing his steps all the way back, in case he missed something, but his instincts told him to take the empty hall. So he started walking. The heat signature module was increasing in speed rapidly until it was almost a solid ringing in his ears. He looked up, looking around the hall.

There was nothing. No door, no hatch, not even a window. He practically growled to himself. The device was as useless as it could get. It led him to a dead end. He glared angrily at the wall to his right, desperately wanting to punch it, but resorted to slapping a hand against it. He glared at the ground between his arms and agitatedly tapped where in morse code on the wall. He clenched his teeth, wishing he could burn holes through metal with his glare. 

When he looked up, he noticed something different about the wall, like there was a small dent in it. If it was a dent, it was evidence of a weak point in the wall. He narrowed his eyes and looked closer, pressing a finger to it to see if it was a dent.There was a click, like a lock unlocking, and a grinding sound. He turned around, finding a section of wall on the opposite side sliding open to a room no bigger than a broom closet.

“Lance!” he gasped, dropping to his knees, looking at him and not knowing what to do. The new red paladin looked up at him, miserable, as if he couldn’t see him. That’s when Keith took in his full appearance.

He was bruised, bloody, dirty, tied up, gagged and stark naked. Cuts, scratches, burns, bruises, scars and dirt covered his bare body. For a moment, a flash of surprise crossed Lance’s face before the broken and hopeless expression returned.

Keith swallowed, biting his lip and gently putting a hand on Lance’s leg, where there seemed to be a pretty intensive injury. “Can you walk?” Suddenly Lance’s lip started trembling and his eyes watered. Hope flickered back in his eyes and he stared at Keith through tears and mumbled what Keith guessed was his name through the gag. Untying the gag from his mouth, he did a once over of his face. Keith’s first thought was they had blinded him, but he didn’t think that was the case anymore. Everything seemed to be fine.

“You came,” Lance muttered with a soft, shuddering voice. 

“Of course I did, you idiot,” Keith replied, his voice shaking a bit with a soft smile, taking out his marmora blade and cutting the rope tying his wrists, ankles and every other part of his body. Lance continued to stare at Keith, as if he wasn’t real. Keith stood and offered him his hand. “Let’s get out of here.”

He smiled, lip still trembling and took Keith’s hand. He pulled him up and he weakly limped over to Keith, who wrapped Lance’s arm over his shoulder.

“I’ve got him,” Keith said into the com. “When we get back, uh, have a change of clothes—”

“Blanket,” Lance muttered quietly. “Just a blanket.” Keith furrowed his eyebrows hesitantly. 

“Have a blanket ready,” He corrected and turned off the radio so he didn’t have to hear the beeping or the static. They started back the way Keith came. Lance didn’t have the strength, nor a leg he could use to help them go faster.

As they turned the corner, a squad of centuries turned the corner on the other side. Keith bit his lip and looked around panickedly. 

“Sorry,” Keith said quietly to Lance. “I’ve got to run.” Lance smiled, but didn’t reply and held onto Keith tighter. Keith took that as Lance bracing himself and broke into a sprint, running back down the hallway he found Lance in.

A few centuries turned the corner in front of them, coming right at them. Keith saw no other option than to fight them one handed. He tightened his grip on Lance and summoned his bayard, slashing through the first one that came near them. He stabbed and slashed through them, seeing a laser fly past his head from behind. He turned around, bringing out his shield on the arm he was holding Lance with to protect him. Keith twisted, running a century through with his bayard. 

“We won’t be able to get out of here if we don’t get rid of those guys,” Keith said. Lance reached for Keith’s bayard. 

“Give it.”

“Lance, are you crazy?” he demanded, pulling it away and blocking a shot. “You’re injured to who knows what extent. You’ll only hurt yourself more.”

“Keith,” he said desperately. “My bayard is a gun. Let me help.”

Keith glanced behind him, seeing the scattered parts of the centuries he demolished. He glanced back at Lance, who was staring at him desperately. He sighed and reluctantly handed Lance the bayard. Instantly, it transformed into the energy rifle. He grinned, turning around, balancing with Keith’s help, and shooting at the small squad of centuries with one hand on the gun. Within seconds, the centuries were obliterated. Keith stared at him wide eyed. He never really took the time to admire Lance in his zone, and he was glad he finally did.

Lance groaned and winced, dropping his arm and favoring his shoulder. He handed back the black bayard. When he saw Keith staring at him worriedly, he grinned reassuringly through his wince. “I’ve felt worse.” 

They found the pod loading bay and Keith ran to the closest one. 

“The pod I came in was destroyed,” Keith explained when Lance didn’t see any of the lions.

“You came by yourself?” he asked weakly. He limped toward the pod and, with Keith’s help, climbed in, sinking into the seat and growing obviously weaker.

Keith shrugged, getting ready to jump in himself. “I’ll explain later.” An energy blast shot past Keith’s head, hitting the pod next to his hand. He jumped, climbing into the pod as fast he could. 

He slammed his hand on the button and closed the hatch. Keith shoved the controls forward, jerking the pod forward and through the bay doors.

Even with the slowness of the pod, Keith managed to maneuver around them and made it to the border. Surprisingly, they passed through easily, almost too easily. Maybe Zarkon wasn’t notified after all.

It didn’t matter though, he had Lance and they were heading back to the castle.Lance groaned, sliding down in the seat. 

Keith glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and put a hand on his good knee. 

“Hang in there, we’ll get there soon.” Lance looked at Keith, almost disbelieving. 

“Thank you.” Keith didn’t reply, he shouldn’t be thanking him yet. They weren’t to safety yet. “Not for saving me,” he said, earning a glance from Keith. Lance was smiling tiredly at the sky. “For coming to get me in general…” He closed his eyes and relaxed. If it wasn’t for the gentle rise and fall of his bare chest, Keith would’ve thought he died. Whatever he went through on that ship, it was mentally taxing on him and he deserved the peaceful rest.

The entire time, Keith tried not to look at Lance. Not because he was cut up and burned, but because of other reasons.After a few minutes of peaceful silence, Lance suddenly jerked awake, causing Keith to jump as he scrambled into a seated position, breathing heavily. 

Keith turned to look at him worriedly. He took a shuddering breath, pulling his knees towards his chest.Keith opened his mouth to ask if he was okay, but decided against it. 

For the next few minutes, he noticed, it looked like Lance was hiding from him. It broke his heart, the boy couldn’t even sleep peacefully.

Finally Keith put a hand on Lance’s back, making him jump. 

“You’re alright, we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

The control room doors hissed and opened. Keith helped Lance limp into the room. Immediately, Shiro wrapped the blanket around Lance, who smiled gratefully.

“Welcome back, buddy,” Hunk grinned, hugging him tightly. Lance winced, but hugged him back.  He winced, but hugged back.

“Our goofball’s back,” Pidge laughed, noticing his wince and gently elbowing Lance’s arm.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Shiro smiled.

Lance’s smile fell. “I wouldn’t say that.” Everyone’s smiles fell as well, looking at each other. Lance indicated to the stairs. “Help me sit.”

Keith helped him over to the steps, carefully sitting him on the top step. He pulled the blanket around him tighter, cuddling into himself and taking a deep breath.

“Lance you don’t have—”

“I need to,” he replied. “For my own sake…please.”

They all looked at each other, reluctantly falling silent.

“Haggar pulled me from Red during the battle,” he said, they started to object to him telling them now. “No, I want to…they interrogated me. They tortured me.They beat me, b-b-burned me, c-cut m-m-me—” he shuddered a little, unable to get the words out. Everyone waited patiently. He finally looked up at all of them with teary eyes. “T-they r- They all looked at each other, feeling sorry for him.Tied m-me up and rrape-d…m-me…”

The room went dead silent. It felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the castle and was slowly suffocating them. Lance looked down at his hands, tears suddenly rolling down his cheeks.

Anger didn’t begin to describe what Keith felt for the Galra. He was almost so angry he felt numb, which was never a great feeling. He was prepared to lead the team to Zarkon and destroy him. Hell, he’d go and do it himself. He could feel that same anger rolling off his friends. Maybe not the Alteans, considering they weren’t from Earth and wouldn’t understand.

But when Keith saw Lance’s face, he realized that wasn’t what he needed right then. What he needed was his friends and to be reassured that they were there.

So Keith was the first one to step up, sitting next to him and wrapping him in a comforting hug. “It’s not your fault,” he said quietly, looking up at Shiro for help comforting him. He felt so out of his element.

Hunk sat on the other side of him, hugging both Keith and Lance. “Yeah, man,” he said. “You’re alright, you’re home.”

“Well, it may not be your home,” Pidge said, sitting in front of Hunk. “but you’re here with us.”

Shiro and Allura crouched in front of him, smiling comfortingly. “They’re right, you know,” Allura said. “This may not be your home on Earth, but it’s your home when you’re here.”

Lance bust out laughing, looking up at them. “Sorry,” he said, smiling brightly. “I’ve spent all that time convincing myself you all were figments of my imagination to keep from breaking.” A small sob escaped his throat. “It…feels unreal.”

They all stayed silent, letting him take in the moment of having them all there for the first time in weeks. He looked down at his hands again.

“She would…” he trailed off, gathering his thoughts. “She would show me illusions of you coming to save me.” Keith winced visibly. He knew he was talking about him specifically, especially after he said “you came” in the happiest voice he’d heard from Lance. “Except instead of saving, you told me how much of a failure I was as a paladin. You told me I didn’t deserve to pilot a lion, that I was weak and useless.”

Keith stared at him, wide eyed. Did he believe that he’d actually say those things to him?

“That’s why Red never went after you,” Allura muttered. We all looked at her, waiting for her to explain. “You started to believe it. She didn’t come after you because you didn’t believe you were worthy.”

He lowered his eyes.

“Lance, I would never tell you that you’re a failure or weak and useless,” Keith said, searching his face for any sign that he didn’t believe Keith would actually say those things. “You know that, don’t you?”

He avoided Keith’s eyes. “She wasn’t wrong,” he finally said. “Haggar, I mean. I am the weakest of you all.”

“Lance, what are you talking about?”

“Of course you aren’t.”


Keith grabbed his chin, forcing him to look Keith in the eyes. “No,” he said sternly. “you’re not. Without you, I would be dead a million times over because of my stupid impulses. The team would be dead a million times over because of me. Millions of lives would be lost. Even if you are obnoxious at times, you still know when to pull it together. You were the first paladin—chosen by the blue lion and the red lion. We were all given our lions. ” Keith let go of Lance’s face, but Lance kept staring him in the eyes. Keith’s own stare softened. “You’re just as valuable as any of us.”

Before Keith realized what was happening, Lance pressed his lips to Keith’s. Keith’s eyes widened, staring at him and his heart jumped. He felt a small blush creeping up his cheeks.

He pulled away, blushing lightly and smiling. “This whole thing made me realize that life’s too short to dwell on the future and what could happen.”

Keith smiled and, without hesitation, pulled Lance’s face towards him, kissing him gently. His lips lingered on Lance’s before he pulled away fully. They smiled at each other, hearts swelling.

“God, took you guys long enough,” Hunk sighed.

Hunk said.

Pidge stood up, stretching and heading towards the door. “Well, it looks like Lance is going to be okay. If you need me, I’m in the lab.”


part three is next

astroquestions  asked:

hi, what would you say are the hobbies associated with the signs?

Check out your 5th House and rising sign too! 

Aries: Sports in general but there is an emphasis on boxing, wrestling, martial arts, paintball, laser tag, skydiving, scuba diving, and bungee jumping. Car collecting or auto work, gambling, hunting, fashion, traveling, and working out. 

Taurus: Associated with any sport that is team oriented and usually consist of a large team. Aesthetic arts like painting, interior design, or jewelry making. Cooking, homebrewing, soap, candle, or perfume making, gardening, singing, shopping, collecting items, and playing musical instruments. 

Gemini: Associated with sports like gymnastics, skiing, skating, throwing, tennis, and badminton. Writing, blogging, taking in a lot of media like video games and movies, debating, reading, chess, puzzle games, board games, and if socializing could be considered a hobby. 

Cancer: Is associated with team sports, is associated with ALL artistic hobbies especially drawing, photography, and painting. Cooking, scrapbooking, crafts of all kind/DIY activities, collecting items, sewing, knitting, crocheting, repair work around the house, and homebrewing. 

Leo: Dancing, drama, cheer leading,  gymnastics, fashion, painting, creative writing, movies, T.V. shows, reading, hunting, baton twirling, video games, traveling, gambling, celebrity watching, cosplay, LARPing, and working out. 

Virgo: Golf, skating, badminton, tennis, bird watching, collecting, working out, nutrition, couponing, reading, calligraphy, crafts, knitting, sewing, crocheting, gardening, chess, debating, puzzle games, and board games. 

Libra: Badminton, volleyball, tennis, figure skating, anything aesthetic such as painting or interior design. Fashion, drama, musical instruments, celebrity watching, and is loosely associated with poetry. 

Scorpio: Sailing, scuba diving, paintball, laser tag, flying, skydiving, bungee jumping, racing, para-sailing, swimming, anything artistic especially photography and poetry, fencing, chess, homebrewing, and ghost hunting or anything occult. 

Sagittarius: Hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, skateboarding, snowboarding, archery, horseback riding, geocaching, gambling, traveling, running, kayaking, billiards, darts, climbing, disc golf, and amateur astronomy. 

Capricorn: Hiking, mountain climbing/climbing, spelunking, hockey, fossil hunting, metal detecting, antique collecting/hunting, history driven hobbies, collecting items, genealogy, and is HIGHLY associated with working with their hands so hobbies such as pottery, sculpting, candle making, woodworking, jewelry making, metal work, origami, and Lego building. 

Aquarius: Surfing, snowboard, long board, skateboard, hockey, skiing, any “odd” sport, computer programming, amateur radio, amateur astronomy, debating, astrology, anything occult, dog breeding and shows, graffiti, parkour, cosplay, LARPing, yoga, and Tai Chi. 

Pisces: Swimming, surfing, fishing, scuba diving, diving, boating, water-skiing, amateur meteorology, anything artistic especially poetry, painting, and photography, whale watching, video games, movies, reading, and all types of gaming. 

K A R A M E L (Supergirl)

What people need to realize about Mon-El is unlike Kara.. he grew up on his planet.. where as she was sent to earth at 13! She grew up on earth she’s completely assimilated to earth & it’s ways. Mon-El has been here for what 2-3 months? Maybe less? On Daxam he was a prince.. he was conditioned to like he said “objectify women & not care about anything.” He was taught he that he didn’t have to work or try or care… yet Mon-El on earth for this short period of time has come to care about more than himself.. he cares about Kara, J'onzz, Alex & even livewire & he’s showed that. So instead of judging him bc he’s not completely respectful. Why can’t you guys give him props? He tries he truly tries to listen to Kara bc he DOES respect her. In 3 months this guy has completely thrown his Daxamite ways out of the window & has tries his hardest to be a better man.. and yes he’ll make flaws & yes he will be a guy… but he has become selfless, caring, understanding, kind, gentle, noble.. I could go on.. Kara doesn’t deserve anything less than what Mon-El is… he is perfect for her & on that note.. he understands her, they’re both Aliens who got sent away from their homes they understand eachother they swear to the same God & they’re so different that they balance eachother out fitting like a puzzle piece. He fell in love with Kara’s graciousness & kindness while training him, helping him have a place on earth & just being his friend & Kara fell in love with Mon-El watching him become who he is, watching him become this thoughtful, brave guy.. but she also fell in love with his smile and his humor and his warmth and carefree soul. She said she wanted a partner who knows her & understands her.. other than Alex, who was the ONLY other person to point out the crinkle Kara gets when she lies? –> Mon-El, at this point he probably knows her more than he knows himself.. he’s honest with her, he respects her & he cares about her. I’ve never seen a couple fit together more perfectly & Mon-El is everything Kara deserves in a man. It’s almost like the writers used this tool called Character Development? P.S. Kara falling in love and letting man change the way she thinks does NOT make her AT ALL weak. If anything it makes her STRONGER. Vulnerability takes strength, more strength then flying and laser eyes.. she had to put herself out there even though it’s never worked before she is risking her HEART bc she chose to Mon-El bc she believes he’s worth it. She CHOSE him, he respected her decision he apologized to her, he admitted he was wrong & told her he never felt those feeling before & it was a new thing to adapt to and she UNDERSTOOD bc they understand eachother, they comfort eachother. KARA DANVERS IS HAPPY. MON-EL MAKES HER HAPPY. He isn’t going to make her weak, she’s still supergirl & they both know she could destroy him. Let them be happy ✋🏾

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Blue’s star Part 1/2

I saw this post a couple days ago by @hot-mccall about lance humming to blue and really wanted to write something! This is my first fic ever so I’m really sorry if this doesn’t do the prompt justice

Singing had always been a way to calm Lance down. His Mom sang lullabies to him when he was a kid and he often found himself humming when he was stressed. After the whole “You are now a paladin of Voltron” thing he now went and cleaned Blue when he was stressed. Somewhere along the way he combined the two. Late at night when homesickness really hit him, he would go to Blue and clean her of all the dirt and ash from blowing up another Galra ship. He would hum and sing to her the same lullabies that his Mom sang. Sometimes he even threw in a couple songs that his sisters listened to. It made him feel closer to home

The first time Blue sang back to Lance, he screamed (not that he would ever admit that). He had just gotten in another fight with Keith. It had started with a small jab and ended up in both of them yelling at each other. Lance was too upset to sing to Blue and was just glaring at her reflective surface when he heard a Lady Gaga song out of nowhere. He fell of her head- thankfully she was laying down so he didn’t get too hurt- and scanned the room. Slowly he turned to Blue and broke into a huge grin when he realized where the music was coming from.

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Haylen is too damn loyal for her own good.

That’s one downside of learning from Danse. He inspires the kind of personal loyalty that isn’t good for a Brotherhood soldier, something that goes beyond loyalty to your commander. The moment Danse was discovered to be a synth, he stopped being a Paladin and Haylen’s commanding officer. And yet Haylen remained loyal to him, loyal to Danse the individual, not Danse the commanding officer or Danse the brother-in-arms.

Rhys doesn’t understand how she can do it. Not only did she risk her own neck helping Danse escape, she’s still risking her neck sneaking messages to and from him. She thinks Rhys doesn’t notice, hasn’t noticed the holotapes that she opens on the terminals and then wipes immediately after, typing in her own message on the freshly-blanked holotape before ejecting it hastily and sliding it in her boot.

She doesn’t trust Rhys enough to tell him. Or maybe she’s just trying to keep him safe from the secret. If he doesn’t know, he can’t be implicated too. That seems a little more like Haylen, actually, but she also hears Rhys unflinchingly speak curses with his fellow soldiers when the topic of Danse comes up. He snarls his disgust the same way they do, disbelief at the synth could slip between the cracks, for so long.

He hates himself for saying it. But he can’t really leave the Brotherhood, can he? What else does he have? What else does Danse have, for that matter? It’s a thought that haunts Rhys, knowing that Danse’s world revolved around the Brotherhood as much as his own does. The new knight-turned-paladin, the de facto replacement for Danse (even though nobody says it, nobody makes any official change for the commander of Recon Squad Gladius) is taking care of him, as far as he can tell from the sneaking glances he’s gotten from Haylen’s exchanged holotapes.

Haylen’s going to get herself killed if she keeps that up. What the hell is Rhys supposed to do then?

Someone catches on, eventually.

Rhys is in the vicinity by sheer accident, actually, as Haylen’s arm is grabbed and she makes a panicked grab for the holotape yanked out of her hands. At first Rhys is furious at the sheer audacity that anyone, much less one of their own, would lay their hands on her like that, but his anger turns to terror as he realizes what’s going on. The knight gripping her arm doesn’t see Rhys from this angle.

It’s almost too easy to shove the knight off of Haylen and put himself between her and the knight. He can’t grab at the holotape in the other knight’s hand, but his own barked demand as to what they think they’re doing is enough to give them pause.

“She aided the synth that infiltrated our ranks.

Rhys has never been exactly all that gifted in the art of bullshitting. Haylen can’t see his face when he goes very still and she seems to think that Rhys is about to turn on her too; she begs Rhys to let her explain, but the knights in front of him already can tell that Rhys doesn’t need an explanation.

It’s definitely too easy when he takes a swing at the knight holding the holotape.

“Nobody saw anything, but we need to get off the Prydwen now.”

“We can’t take a vertibird down,” Haylen says, the panic rising in her voice. “Rhys- they’ll ask us why, they won’t just let us leave.”

“Then we find another way down,” he replies, wracking his brain for a different plan. He wishes that Kells had positioned the Prydwen a little bit closer to the water rather than directly over the airport, because even at this height maybe they could have jumped into the water and suffered a broken leg or two instead of completely disintegrating against the concrete.

Jumping into the water wouldn’t have worked anyway. The only way down is through a vertibird or jumping.


“We need a suit of power armor for you,” Rhys says suddenly. “The paladin’s suit is always on the Prydwen, it hardly ever gets used. It’s not a perfect fit, but-”

“What? Oh my god, we’re not fighting our way through the ship,” Haylen answers, on the verge of tears.

“We aren’t fighting. We’re getting off the ship.”

“What? What do you mean-”

Rhys doesn’t wait to explain. He drags her along immediately, knowing that every moment they stall is a moment longer for someone to set off the alarm. He has his own power armor, and getting into that isn’t exactly suspicious, but Haylen getting into the paladin’s armor? Very much so.

“Get in, and if anyone says anything just run,” Rhys whispers in her ear. He climbs into his own armor easily enough but Haylen takes a moment to make sure she’s not pinching or catching any of herself in the locking mechanisms.

An aspirant starts to walk in their direction.

Rhys grabs for Haylen’s armored arm.

“What are you doing with-”

He starts to run.

He feels somewhat bad for blindsiding a scribe in his haste to get the fuck out, but this is a little more important. Someone yells for them to stop, but Rhys doesn’t hear the words at all. Haylen’s legs aren’t doing a great job keeping up while encased in the heavy metal but she’s keeping up without tripping.

They make it to the back of the ship with at least four people hot on their heels. A pistol gets drawn from behind them and Rhys sees the laser fly past his head.

“Haylen, JUMP!”

Haylen doesn’t even bother trying to climb over the railing; she takes an enormous leap over the railing with both feet, and Rhys watches her plunge just before he does the same.

Rhys swears softly to himself, and wonders if he’s fucked up his leg beyond repair somehow considering that the pain in it won’t go away.

Haylen is doing her best to support his weight but it’s exhausting to walk and have someone lean on you at the same time. Rhys tries to keep his weight off of her, but she keeps pulling him closer whenever he starts to drift. Damn the hydraulics on his power armor, they had to fail the one time he needed them to hold up. Without it Rhys knows he would have shattered both of his legs, but it’s still irritating him that it didn’t work the way it was supposed to. And now he’s stuck with this limp that Haylen has to help him with.

“Almost there,” she tells him. The sun is starting to dip lower into the sky, somewhere beyond the broken buildings of the Commonwealth.

In the distance, Rhys can see the stone walls of Fort Independence. The Castle, everyone calls it now though, and while it’s not quite the regal fortress that the word brings to mind, it’s still impressive. The walls look like they could probably take some very strong hits, maybe even a few missiles.

They’re close enough now that Rhys can make out the forms of people, somewhat obscured by the dimming sun and the mist from the ocean. The light in the lookout tower in front of the Castle’s land-facing entrance flickers on, and someone’s shadowy form hurries down the outside steps and dashes to meet them.

Danse looks much different without the Brotherhood uniform. Now he wears the same clothing that the other Minutemen do, including the hat that he’s removed at the moment. There’s a crude-looking laser weapon strapped to his back, something that looks suspiciously like someone took apart a laser pistol and attached some wood parts to it.

“Haylen? Rhys?” he asks in disbelief. “You’re injured, what happened-?”

“We may or may not have jumped off of the Prydwen in power armor, sir,” Rhys admits immediately. Danse’s face blanches, probably at the jumping part but also at the “sir” part. Rhys reminds himself not to call Danse that anymore.

“I was caught,” Haylen adds, trying to shift the blame off of Rhys. “We couldn’t get down with a vertibird.”

“You need a doctor,” Danse says. “Here.”

He easily lifts Rhys up into his arms, and Rhys suppresses the undignified squawk that almost leaves his throat.

“It’s not that bad,” he protests, but Danse doesn’t let him down and he’s already being carried toward the doors. A few Minutemen question them, but Danse only replies with a curt “they’re with me” and the questions stop.

“It’s good to see you again,” Rhys says. He buries the old habit of “sir” somewhere deep, and replaces it with something more personal. “Danse.”

“It’s good to see you again too, Rhys,” Danse replies, and his grip tightens for just a moment.

Hi my name is Steven Dark’ness Dementia Nomad Way and I have short ebony black hair (it’s not blonde anymore) with vanta black streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Robert Redford (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Clark Gable but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a super soldier but not like flying or laser eyes. I have pale white skin. I’m also an Avengers and I used to live in New York with Tony Stark but not anymore and now I live in Wakanda. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Army Surplus Stores and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black stealth suit with matching gloves and a black leather jacket (I look super hot in leather) and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Wakanda. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about because Wakanda is a dessert. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Voltron - Lance/Keith - Some Sort of Injury Dealings - Part 4 of ??

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“Alright Paladins! Head out!” shouted Allura. Hearing her voice over the castle’s speaker system, Lance’s head perked up from where it was resting between his hands. Raising as quickly as he could, Lance took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

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The Jenga Code » Lee Minhyuk


summary: minhyuk has kept a secret that not even his fellow superheroes know about: he doesn’t have any powers despite having superhero parents. after keeping his secret for so long, a new villain in district x might just force him to show his biggest weakness
words: 4892
category: superhero!au, fluff
a/n: wow this is one of my favorite scenarios out of all the ones i’ve written ^ ^ and as always support monsta x!!

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Minhyuk walked into his basement, his gaze immediately going to his monitors. They seemed to be the only constant in his life; the only thing that guaranteed him they would stay, no matter what. Every day, they were there to greet him with cold faces.

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Slowly but surely getting back to writing something regularly. This is for the lovely @koshkavinni and based off her little comic. Enjoy Vinni~

Summary: On the battlefield, anything can happen. Never turn a blind eye to the possibilities.

Word Count: 1111 (i couldn’t do that again if i tried)

On Ao3

The mission was so simple. Get in, grab the refugees, get out. Simple.

But anything involving the Galra was anything but simple.

The timing was wrong. There wasn’t supposed to be a Galra squadron landing to take the prisoners. There wasn’t supposed to be a battle cruiser orbiting the planet.

None of this was supposed to happen.

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(some episode VIII musings)

So we know Rey and Finn are going to kiss in episode VIII (for 5 minutes in IMAX 3D, but I digress). HOW DO WE IMAGINE THIS HAPPENING? Should their first kiss be…


Rey and Finn are chilling under the stars between action sequences. They’re talking about plot related stuff, but the romantic tension is obviously there and has been ratcheting up all movie long. They’re playing with each other’s hands, inspecting each other’s palms, and then slowly… sweetly… they lean and kiss. Or…


Rey and Finn are in the middle of a thrilling action sequence! Laser bolts are flying everywhere, the good guys are locked in furious battle with the bad guys, and the air is thick with tension. Sparing a split second, Rey flings herself into Finn’s arms, kisses him urgently, and declares her love for him, before the two of them continue to fight the good fight! Or…


Rey and Finn are doing some plot-required shoring up of their resources. The air is once again thick with tension. Who knows if they’ll survive the upcoming battle? Do they even have enough time/money/resources/whatever to do it? In a stolen moment, they lean in closer and closer, until finally they’re locked in a passionate embrace! Then BB-8 interrupts them, because it’s time to get the plot moving. Thanks, dude. Or…


Rey and Finn are talking to General Organa about plot-related nonsense/her fierce hairstyles/gardening tips. They all need to part ways for a bit. “Later, babe,” Finn says, and casually pecks Rey on the lips. Rey smirks, yanks him over by his hand, and plants a good one on him.


songilegaia  asked:

I really want to know what Rasticore had to do to get a fucking chainsaw dimensional scissor from Heckapoo.

Given the amount of technology seen in possession of the lizards in this show (the locator used both by Toffee and Rasticore, laser shooting mechanical arm, flying eye cameras), it’s possible that the dimensional chainsaw is not something created by Hekapoo. Or it might be the result of stolen scissors being used to create a bootleg version of them.

I Will Find You - Kylo Ren

The Resistance manages to capture you, Kylo Ren’s love interest as well as a Major working under Capt. Phasma. The Resistance wants to use you as bait to finally get a grip on the First Order. a/n: – writing a lot of Kylo for the 4th.

You were out on a distant frozen moon scouting out possible tactical areas that the First Order could vitalize as observation pods and a safe enough distance from the Resistance to keep a close eye on them. You typically did not go out on your own but you have been to this moon several times so there was no significant danger, inside intelligence confirmed that the Resistance did not know about this moon. Speeding off on your hoverbike you coasted out to the small building that the Order has set up on the frozen planetary orb. As you were riding towards the building, several X-Wing fighters flew over your head; you knew that this only could spell for trouble and there was a rat in the system most likely. “Shit.” you cursed under your breath.

Just as you arrived at the observation building and hopped off the hoverbike, there in front of you stood several X-Wing pilots and one was the Commander that you have heard much of, Poe Dameron. “Well, what a surprise!” he smiled a cheeky grin, causing you to roll your eyes. Laser blasters pointed towards you, Poe motioned his laser towards you to drop your weapon. You raised your hands above your head and allowed your laser pistol to drop to the frozen ground. Dameron walked up behind you and with a pair of cuffs, binding your hands and walking you into the building. “This isn’t a good idea..” you slurred slightly to Dameron, who simply blew it off with a smile and a shrug. “I’ve run into him before.”

“Has Y/N returned yet?” Kylo approached Hux on the bridge of The Finalizer. “She has not.” this caused Kylo to shake with anxiety and then anger when Phasma informed Kylo that you have been taken by the Resistance. “She is being held like a sort of bargaining tool.” Phasma paused, waiting for Kylo to calm down from the temper that had began to boil. “If we leave the moon alone, which will cost us significant loss in tactical superiority. That is their demands, they know Y/N is a Major in The Order.” Before Phasma could finish what she was trying to explain to Kylo, he stormed out from the bridge, slashing the metal walls with his saber along the way.  He ordered several Stormtroopers to board an AAL, then taking off towards the moon where you were being held captive. 

“What do you really expect to get out of this?” you sneered at Dameron. You wiggled slightly in your restraints as the metal was digging into your smooth skin. “Maybe you Order assholes can get off this planet. Maybe or maybe without a fight.” Poe smiled slightly. The ship that carried Kylo inside of it landed about less than a mile from the building. Stormtroopers ran out from the open cargo door, blasters at ready. Kylo came stomping out, his saber in his one hand and the other was clenched tightly in a fist. “Here’s your friend.” Poe grabbed a hold of you, pulling you up off the cold metal floor of the building, taking you outside. “Ren.” you smiled slightly at the man you cared deeply for, he came for you. Stormtroopers lined up on each side of Kylo, blasters pointed at the Resistance fighters. “I want what is mine back.” he reached his hand out, asking for Dameron to release you. “You need to not return here again.” Dameron shouted his demands. This angered Kylo more, this was a good location to get closer to the Resistance and also is a tactical location for military purposes as well. Kylo did not speak, he simply used the force, grasping a hold of your body; using the force, he wielded it and pulled you towards him with the invisible power. 

Blasters began to shoot from both sides, the sounds of lasers flying past Kylo as he held tightly onto you. He held you close to his side, shielding you with his cloak. Pew-pew!  the sounds of the lasers was all that you could hear, you looked up to Kylo’s mask and was just happy to be with him. The remaining Stormtroopers fled onto the AAL and the ship flew back to The Finalizer. In the ship’s bridge, Kylo removed his mask and grabbed a hold of your face tightly. He placed a small, tender kiss upon your lips. The small kiss quickly turned passionate as his anxieties were calmed because you were there with him, safe.

.:Imagine Luke being protective over you:.
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The rebels were in between bases. Evacuating one and settling in the other before the Imperial Fleet could take them out.

Y/N and Luke were helping evacuate as much as they could. Running back and forth, helping people get on their way to safety. It was a trait Luke admired about Y/N. Her willingness to step up and help as much as she can.

Tension was in the air so thick, that you could slice through it. Y/N and Luke quickly passed by each other. Luke gave her a small smile, and she made a very amusing face at him, then ran past. Luke tried to fight off the smile, creeping up on his face. But in his trying, he failed. Y/N was always one to make everyone feel better, no matter the situation.
You could say that he loved her.

He would do anything to keep her out of danger.

Luke shook the thoughts of her out of his head so he could stay focused on the situation at hand.

Then he heard them the stormtroopers. He rushed forward to grab the last remaining supplies, and get out of there fast. He put them onto the ship, and raced back towards the Millenium Falcon, where he and Han and the gang could high tail it out of there. Y/N would be going with her friends. To safety. Hopefully.

Do you think she needs help? Do I need to find h-
His thoughts were interrupted as he saw many red lasers fly by while hearing the white troopers coming closer.

He started for the Falcon when he bumped into someone, falling to the ground. It was Y/N.

“Y/N what are you doing we have to go.” he said frantically, helping the woman off of the chilled ground.

“What about everything else?” Y/N asked. “Is everything that we need all ready?” She asked looking around. The lasers flying closer then ever, one just barely missing Luke’s head. (Oh you stormtroopers and your shitty aim.)

“Yes. Let’s go. Come on!” He lightly grabbed her arm as they raced towards the hangar with all the ships.

While running, Y/N grabbed out her blaster, just in case. Luke subconsciously slid his hand in her hers and held her hand tight.
Then he heard it. The blast. A trooper shot Y/N in her side.

She let out a yell and fell down, clutching her side that was bleeding oh so heavily. “Shit…” She breathed lightly. The troopers were so close.

Luke quickly lifted her up into arms. His mind frantically trying to process what had happened.

Not Y/N. Please not her. Don’t take her. Please!

She passed out in his arms and he carried her on board the Falcon.

He ran into Leia. “Help me please.” She quickly nodded and helped them down to where they could address Y/N’s wound.

Luke was breathing so heavy. Y/N began to shake in his arms. Shock? Blood loss? He didn’t know and he didn’t want to know. He was so scared.

They lay her down on a table and quickly began to address the damage.

“What’s wrong? Is she gonna be okay?” Luke asked. Leia put a hand on his shoulder. “She’ll be okay, Luke.” He nodded and began to help Leia.
Luke sat by Y/N and held her cold hand in his warm one. He wouldn’t dare leave her side, afraid that if he did, something would happen to her. Holding her hand to his mouth, he pressed soft kisses into it and whispered comforting things softly. He didn’t know if it was meant to comfort him or her more.

Y/N woke up harshly, coughing and confused. Luke reacted fast. He removed the oxygen mask off her her beautiful face and ran his hand down the side of it.

“Hey, hey Y/N. It’s okay. You’re safe. You’re on the Falcon. You’re safe.”
Y/N began to cry and it killed him to see her like this.

“Hey it’s okay. Don’t be sad. I won’t let anything happen to you okay?” Luke said, running his hand through her sweat soaked hair.
She closed her eyes and nodded softly, suddenly feeling tired. “Thank you Luke.”

“Anytime Y/N” He kissed her forehead softly, and started to fall asleep himself. “I promise, I will keep you safe. I love you.”